Midnight Brawler

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"DUDE, DON'T MAKE ME RAISE MY VOICE."Musicthemeicon.png
PLAYER Pallaslogo.png
Super Group Westside defenders header.png
Rank Member
Current Affliations Protectors of the World
Former Affiliations N/A

Real Name Evan Samuels
Known Aliases Awesome Man, G- Stringed Justice
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate Feb 14th
Place of Birth Millennium City, MI.
Current Location Westside, MI.
Relatives Sarah Samuels (Mother), Traci Samuels (Sister)

Apparent Age Early 20s
Height 6'6"
Weight 245 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde
Complexion Tan
Build Muscular
Notable Features Muscular, Boyishly Handsome

Identity Secret
Citizenship Citizen of the US with no criminal record
Marital Status Single
Occupation Dancer, Super Hero
Education GED, HS Dropout


Low Level Super Strength, Slightly Enhanced Reflexes, Hypersonic Yell. Gift of Gab. Also highly proficient in several forms of unarmed combat such as judo, boxing and krav maga.
Cell Phone, Shurikens, Motorcycle

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Evan Samuels is the MIDNIGHT BRAWLER, one of Westside's guardians against the forces of evil. As a youth he longed to be a super hero, wanting to one day join the ranks of those idolized and adored by millions. Undeterred by his own issues growing up, he trained dutifully for years and upon adulthood took the super heroic mantle of AWESOME MAN! When he discovered that his fight against crime was less than awesome, Evan was forced by circumstance into financial hardship. Crushed and desperate for money, he discovered something he was good at... being a male entertainer. This eventually (and oddly) resulted in him rediscovering his love for battling the criminal element. A foiled robbery was the catalyst for a second chance at wearing a mask to take down evil. A tragic occurrence led to another series of events, granting Evan super powers. Surely, he thought, this was a sign of fate that he was destined to be more than a nobody. He was to be a HERO.



Evan Samuels had been enamored with super heroes as far back as he could remember. He idolized them, as many of his peers did, but it was almost an obsessive pleasure. He saw how they made a difference in others lives and the adulation they received from their deeds. Growing up was not easy for him. Like many from Westside he came from a a broken home. He family was poor and growing up for him was having to deal with a succession of new boyfriends or husbands for his mother, many who were abusive. Still, he had his heroes, and it was through what he read in books or saw on television that gave him hope that life could be better and worth aspiring to be someone.

As he reached his teens Evan decided to make his dreams reality. While he lacked powers, he had ambition on his side. Genetics also helped, and after years of eating right, training at Carl's gym (in return for keeping the lockers clean) and reading up on everything he could on how to make this dream reality, he grew to be a mammoth of a man. His grades suffered due to his preoccupation, and he left high school early. A few months before he turned 18, Evan moved out of his mother's home to live as an adult. Finding an apartment, securing a job as a janitor and promptly designing a home made outfit were the next things to happen. It was time to become the super hero he knew he was destined to be. He called himself 'Awesome Man'.

Evan spent the next four months on a crusade battling gangs all over Westside. While he made a dent in the crime there, heroes with powers and far more interesting stories garnered attention over what Evan was doing. He became frustrated and upset, bitter over his own work not receiving any recognition like the heroes of his youth. It was at this time that things went from bad to worse for him. His constant campaign against crime as well as his lack of education hampered his ability to hold a decent job and as such was kicked out of his apartment. With the double hit to his ego, the identity of Awesome Man was retired for good.

His mother, newly divorced yet again, was living in a one bedroom apartment in one of the roughest sections of Westside while working part time as a waitress. His sister was just seven and he was forced to move in with them. Jobs were difficult to come by and he desperately needed some form of income. It finally came down to him responding to a wanted ad for a male revue. He had years of gym training and boxing and it was with those skills he knew he could move like a dancer would have to. He also knew he was built good and considered relatively attractive by most who knew him, being quite popular with the ladies. He responded and found a new vocation... with money, to boot. It was a choice that proved popular and he became an in demand entertainer in Westside. In some way still pining for the heroes he worshiped, Evan chose to wear a domino mask during his shows, adding to the mystique. He even went as far to call himself 'G Stringed Justice'.

One night while dancing at a bar a local gang came in and attempted to rob the establishment and its customers. His years of training kicking in. Evan sprung to action and made short work of the felons. The local news picked up the odd piece, with the female reporter on the scene jokingly referring to Evan during the interview as 'G Stringed Justice' as if he was an actual costumed crime fighter. While intended as a novelty segment, Evan saw this as a sign that his work as a super hero was still in front of him. He was able and ready to again make a difference. That night he began to work towards a second coming, though not as Awesome Man... but as G Stringed Justice.

Choosing battle togs that would be more befitting a male stripper, Evan completely ran with the idea. His oddball tactic worked. Not only was this very unique crime fighting gear gaining him more attention, he even went as far as to continue to work as a stripper, selling 'G Stringed Justice' to bars and clubs in order to keep food on the table and help out his family. As his popularity in the area increased so did his revenue. The news reached promoters at several upscale clubs and they asked Evan to come dance at their establishment.


After a few weeks into his new found notoriety, Evan was on patrol in Millennium City when he attempted to stop a crime lord from exposing radioactive waste to the residents of Westside. During the melee, however, Evan was knocked into one of the barrels that were poised to be introduced to the water supply, contaminating him with a strange toxic substance. With an outfit consisting of next to nothing he had no protection and was gravely wounded as a result. The next two months his engagements were cancelled and he remained confined to the hospital. Evan thankfully made a full recovery and discovered something baffling, yet miraculous. The radiation somehow mutated his body, specifically his vocal chords, allowing him to project a sonic yell at close range. He also found that he had super human physical abilities and reflexes, though while not on par with most champions still greatly enhanced his skill sets and fighting prowess. The discovery of actual powers only worked to help increase Evan's resolve that he was destined for a life of greatness.

Evan returned to his round of clubs to dance once again as now he had a great deal of medical bills to pay on top of everything else. In between this he continued to battle crime in the seedier underbelly of Millennium City and Westside. It was at this time he saw one of his childhood heroes... Thundrax. He was in awe to be working finally among someone who was his childhood idol. Thundrax perhaps noticed some sort of fire in the young man's eyes and briefly took him under his wing to teach him how to be a better hero and combatant. Evan was ecstatic, and in a way it made him feel part of the super hero community as opposed to someone on the outside looking in.

Evan finally decided to take up a new mantle for himself and something more in line with a true crime fighter, the Midnight Brawler. While there will most undoubtedly be a part of him that rebels against the norms of most heroes, he thought making his own name would be a good start to elevate his status and be taken more serious about his dedication as a super hero. That is not to say he has dropped the dancing gigs... far from it. His profession has garnered him a very complex and elaborate system of informants who keep him abreast of the more seedy goings on within the city. Besides, he still enjoys breaking faces while wearing next to nothing, if only because he finds it so utterly hilarious.


Evan has a very imposing figure, standing 6'6" and weighing in at 245 pounds of muscle. It is apparent he spends a great deal of time maintaining his physique. His face is attractive and still has a boyish look to him, which stands in a marked contrast to his incredibly muscular frame. The bridge of his nose is lightly freckled. Evan has short, light blonde hair that he wears in a messy style. He prefers to dress very casual, mixing 'boy next door' with a bit of the urban Westside street look thrown in for good measure. As Midnight Brawler, he usually wears a black undergarment with black reinforced leather boots. It is complimented with white cuffs on his wrists (which he sometimes mixes with black leather gloves) and a black tie with white collar around his neck. When the urge strikes him, he sometimes chooses to go out and fight crime in even more impractically designed novelty gear that is often saved for his other job... which is not coincidentally that of a male dancer.


Evan is a huge young man with an equally huge heart. While lacking a decent formal education, Evan instead shows a great deal of empathy for others and a sincere interest in helping them. In that regard, Evan is very much a 'boy scout' in the way he conducts himself. He is, however, a bit naive and sometimes feels out of place in where he belongs in the world. He enjoys having a good time and is quite social, having a soft spot for the ladies (but is by no means a womanizer). He relishes meeting new people and trying new things he is unfamiliar with. Socially he lacks certain proper graces, filling his language with 'Dude-isms' and other such verbiage. It is well known through local hero gossip that Evan is not the most articulate of heroes that Millennium City (or Westside for that matter) has to offer. His decency and drive to do the right thing overshadow most of the negative qualities once people come to know him.

Evan fully grasps that he is looked down upon by some adventurers in the Millennium hero hierarchy due to his odd approach to fighting crime and using his identity in order to secure employment. His lack of proper resources, his youth and his revealing attire sometimes work against him often with super heroic peers. Many do not believe he is serious at being a real super hero and write him off. In reality, this only drives him to be more focused. While being a hero is serious he also believes it is a great deal of fun. He is far from the grim and brooding hero that often seem to permeate the city. In fact, he's just happy to wake up each day and do what he loves.



Evan, as the super hero Midnight Brawler, has the following skills, powers and equipment at his disposal:

  • Superhuman Attributes: By way of his body being exposed to chemicals, Evan has gained low level super human powers. His strength has improved, allowing him to lift/press roughly around fifteen tons of weight (he can lift with some difficulty a full bus). With his increased musculature, Evan can run around sixty five miles per hour and long jump around 70 feet with a height of around 35 feet. He can hold his breath for up to 40 minutes. His endurance is about triple a regular human's. He is impervious to more common weaponry like knives and such and is able to withstand the impact of small caliber handguns. Brawler has a low level of regeneration, such as a bone break healing in roughly days instead of weeks. His reflexes have also been slightly enhanced, allowing better hand-eye coordination and reaction time than a regular human.
  • "Last Call"/ Sonic Yell: Evan's main super heroic power is a hypersonic yell which he has dubbed jokingly 'Last Call'. It primarily has two frequencies based on his pitch, though more may become evident as he learns to exercise greater control over this power. The first pitch is a tremendous yell which vibrates material on a cellular level, causing it to shatter or even explode. He can focus it in a narrow line in front of him or have it spread in a cone like effect based on how he moves his mouth. The sound it unleashes can also disrupt many forms of energy. A second yell, almost silent to humans, is actually a powerful assault that disrupts neurological functions in living creatures, rendering victims unconscious. This attack often is used as a finishing move by Evan (hence the name 'Last Call'). It takes effort to focus his sonic attacks, and as such often will prefer melee combat if he does not have the opportunity to use the power effectively.
  • Unarmed Combatant: Evan is a formidable hand to hand combatant. He uses primarily a blend of boxing, Judo, Krav Maga and Taekwondo when in combat. His training started when he was young at Carl's gym, inadvertently learning from several high profile super heroes in their civilian guises (though as a child he was oblivious to this). Evan has added a few other techniques to his repertoire since he has started fighting on the streets. While by no means a world expert, he definitely can hold his own against Westside gangs and experienced martial artists even without his superhuman abilities. He has also been trained in parkour, which he uses to get around town.
  • Networking: Though some may scoff at it, Evan has a rather impressive network of informants in Westside. These contacts that are also usually clients and pass along a great deal of information to him of what they see, hear or know in regards to criminal activity.
  • Detective: Though his skill and street smarts pale in comparison to others in the wider super heroic community, Evan has studied on his own about criminology and basic detective work. He is actually quite perceptive and often picks up clues and details that others might miss. That said, he still has a way to go before he is the next Sparrowhawk. Hey, at least he tries.
  • Equipment: Midnight Brawler equipment is kept to a bare minimum (no pun intended). Due to his combat training, his rather... unique... attire and his financial situation, Evan tends to forgo most items. Typically, Evan relies on his fists and feet to get things done. He has resorted to public transportation from time to time in order to get from point A to point B. Although he does indeed have a job, it is not the most lucrative of occupations. Contributing to the welfare of his mother and sister financially, also of meager means, leaves Evan with little money for flashy items. Because of this, he lacks many of the niceties that many other heroes have in their crime fighting arsenal. He does, however, carry upon him in his a few shurikens which he is fairly trained with as well as a cell phone and zip tie cuffs. He often rides a motorcycle when he has the money to afford one, though in this career field as a super hero such things never last long.




  • If you are at Westside you may have either heard of him or actually seen him dance. He fully acknowledges the 'cheese factor' of his chosen occupation and laughs it off.
  • Evan is on the look out for established heroes. He still has a childlike love for the heroes of his youth. If there are major super heroic 'celebrities' about, he will gush over them like a little kid.
  • Wanting to be the best he can be, Evan is looking to train with other super heroes. Looking for a sparring partner? He would love to go a few rounds.
  • Evan finds himself drawn to novice heroes and heroines like himself. Any conversation he can have with someone in his same predicament is welcome.
  • If someone requires (masked) male dancing entertainment for the night, he is more than ready to assist.
  • Have a vested interest in making Westside safer? Evan would love to help. He is extremely protective of Westside as he still lives there, as do his mother and sister, both of whom he is close to.
  • Midnight Brawler is a member of the group Westside Defenders, a somewhat loose coalition of heroes in the area who deal with more street level crime.


Last call! Midnight Brawler unleashes a sonic attack at the enemy.
  • Midnight Brawler is my gender swapped, incredibly tongue in cheek homage of sorts to female 'bad girls', inspired by characters like Phantom Lady, Miss Masque and most obviously Black Canary. I threw in a bit of the 'lovable loser' like Peter Parker for good measure. To be perfectly honest, Brawler was at first conceived as a throwaway joke character in response to the multitude of barely clad, overly busty female characters run by male players. Somehow he evolved to something with depth and substance. Go figure.
  • Evan can eat like a horse. He's a big boy, he comes with a big appetite.
  • Is actually kind of a geek. He is an avid reader of comic books and loves action movies. He even has a discontinued Thundrax action figure roughly worth three hundred dollars that he refuses to part with.
  • Has a pet pitbull named Taco.
  • Most of his income goes to take care of his mother, a recovering alcoholic, and his sister, whom Evan deeply cares for. As such, very little of his money can be saved.
  • Though not the brightest by way of book smarts, Evan is actually fairly intelligent. He picks up on things much quicker than he realizes, especially when it comes to things like combat training and noticing clues at crime scenes.
  • Many male heroes seem to find Midnight Brawler immediately off putting due to his choice of costume, even though it covers as much as most professional wrestlers. Female heroes seem to overall find this less of an issue. He was once passed over for membership into a high profile super team for being too 'controversial' even though several heroines on their roster paraded around in little more than lingerie.
  • Avoids things like hand guns at all costs. Doesn't believe in killing.
  • Has a strange disposition towards a skin care regiment. Kinda goes with his job though... the job that pays.
  • Though supposedly a 'ladies man', Evan is actually fairly reserved off the clock and respectful of the fairer sex.
  • Is a pretty good singer, though he saves it for the shower.
  • Evan has huge self esteem issues, one of the reasons he works at seeming so extroverted in his Midnight Brawler persona. In truth, he is very insecure about his status as a hero due to his rough childhood upbringing, his financial status and his initial failure as Awesome Man. He tends to work at wearing a smile than belaboring his situation to others.


All Girls Want Hot Boys - Evan's Midnight Brawler identity gets him a lot of phone numbers. Sure, he may not actually BE a 'bad boy' but the image is still there.

Book Dumb - Most of his education came from life experiences, and his training to be physically perfect didn't allow him the time to take a crack at books in school. Evan is not dumb, but to those who do not know him might find him a little ignorant on things like science or grammar.

Chippendales Dancers - Fairly self explanatory. It pays the bills and led to Evan having a renewed interest in fighting crime.

Double Standard - Where women heroes who are barely clothed are in abundance, Midnight Brawler often finds his own costume a source of criticism.

Make Me Wanna Shout - Midnight Brawler's 'Last Call' is not for alcohol. It's a super sonic projection that can bust down some of the toughest bad guys.

Mixed Martial Arts - He knows them, and he knows how to use them. Coupled with his enhanced strength and agility, he is a much more formidable combatant than what one may think.



Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj

Cassius - The Sound of Violence

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Knock Me Down

Usher - Scream

Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy

Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj

Cassius - The Sound of Violence

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Knock Me Down

Usher - Scream

Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy

Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj

Cassius - The Sound of Violence

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Knock Me Down

Usher - Scream

Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy

Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj