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Mira Aurea
Player: @ZydrateAnatomy
Biographical Data
Real Name: Mira Aurea
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated Human
Ethnicity: Canadian
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations:
Age: ~25
Eyes: Mutated
Hair: Red
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known to various sources
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: VIPER
Education: K12
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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The most noticeable feature is that her eyes are serpentine, specifically that of a snake. It would take someone of cosmetic knowledge to notice that they are definitely unnatural, and not simply special contacts she wears to look "distinguished".


Mira has been a VIPER officer for some years, joining it in her teenage years as her father was a Serpent Mage, and her mother was a technician. Both of those mixed into their child, where she is decent (but not terribly exemplary) at both of those skillsets. But her ability in various magics and psionics rose above her technical knowledge. This was seen by the higher ups in Viper hierarchy, and for that she was slowly let in some of the secrets of their past, specifically their cultish beginnings and worship.
Despite her increasing magical ability, she didn't really believe in the Serpent God (Or any of them, for that matter), and kept her job as a sort of Squad Leader for various operations in Canada.
And despite that, she was very loyal to her Viper comrades, for it was practically all she knew. Her parents were decent enough people, despite the questionable things they did for their cause. So she adopted the "means to an end" philosophy, for if an end goal is just, why should it matter how one gets there? For a long time she couldn't believe why nobody else outside of Viper thought this way.
At least, she was brought up thinking the Champions were the villains of the world, and all their acts of perceived "terrorism" were just attacks against them. To her, it was nothing more than a war.

Clearly, their propaganda proved to be successful.

It wasn't until the Serpent Lantern, just a couple years ago, where her devotion to Viper took an unfavorable turn. It was a mixture of emotions that she wasn't used to. She discovered the Serpent Mages, the secrets of the past and that the Serpent God was real. It seemed the farther up she met people, the more their fanaticism got and the more she worried.
Regrettably, she wasn't even given enough time to come around to the idea as Champions and Heroes stormed the Temples, capturing and arresting all they could find, or killing outright. As she saw many of her Viper Comrades commit suicide via cyanide or bullet, she alone valued her personal well being too much. She surrendered, and was taken to trial for warecrimes. She served in Prison for two years when they discovered her involvement was minimal, as a new arrival. She was released after two years due to lack of evidence, and was let off on the grounds of "Time Served".


This was given to her with a deal. After learning that the atrocities her comrades commit weren't of a higher power or noble goal, she became a kind of "double agent" for UNTIL and other law enforcement agencies. She is protected by law as a high profile informant, she remains under the guise of Viper Loyalist while leaking various intel regarding troop movements, deployments, and other.

She often surrenders and shoots her comrades when Champions storm a bunker that she is currently "on duty" in, and will kill any Viper who threaten to expose her. This creates a slippery line of loyalty for her, as she still has many friends within Viper.

Her cover is that of an Emissary, which is not altogether false. For the Viper who bother listening at all, she does try to settle some disputes and has prevented some shootouts. Some of the prevention doesn't last forever, as she's also sent to clean up the messes of her failures.

Personality and Lifestyle

Mira is a... conflicted woman. To people who don't know her as well, she may even seen outright mean. That's when she bother speaks up at all as she's smart enough to keep her mouth closed (generally), and knows that her uniform is a dangerous thing to wear in public.

She claims law protection, which is true to an extent as long as she does not purposefully cause trouble. This keeps her moderately safe, but will try to diffuse most situations by "backing off" herself. This attitude might be jarring, given her confrontational nature.

Like I said. Conflicted.

Powers / Abilities

As outlined in her history, she knows various forms of psionics and magics. On the mental powers side, she specialized in interrogation and tortured people mentally. With a little physical harm thrown in the mix.
She has a side interest in necromancy. Not the raising the dead per se, but she's interested in the science behind it. She has a secret lab, and has some of her Viper soldiers rob graves, and she experiments both for Viper and herself.

Some more explanation to come.

On the less magical/super-human side, she's a decent enough gunsmith. Little to add, really. It's not her focus, however.


Bullets are never nice. Her armor is powerful and augmented by technological shielding, but can be witted down to where she will flee a fight, if she gets in one at all. She's more of a back-seat leader, especially when there are Heroes reported in the area.
Though she will happily fight standard military grunts.

Beyond major magical ability and minor snakelike mutations, she's still mostly human. Standard humanoid weaknesses apply.

Nemesis Types

Almost everyone and everything.

There are some law enforcers that despise Viper so much, that they will not accept one as an informant and may not be far from going out on their own to move against her. Cops usually don't want to bother 'turning her in' to the Viper, preferring to cut out the problem itself.

Some Viper soldiers may find out her double agent status and make a move against her. Generally speaking, they try to profit off the information themselves rather than expose her. They don't live long. And even when they do go for the "Tell the boss" route, she has a few fail-safes in regards, with aid from Until/Primus.

And of course, there are heroes and champions that, once again, really really really do not like Viper. Despite her generally docile nature, UNTIL can only do so much to protect her.
But she does have some citizenship rights, and attacking her still may count as assault. Though, unlikely she'd be favored in that situation.

And then there's Johnathan. A different beast entirely (Nearly literal). See his page for details.




RP Hooks

  • Mira is a Viper, obviously. That opens a lot of possibilities.
    • I will not accept a Viper or Hero character RPing exposure without my say-so. It kind of ruins the whole concept.
    • The above aside, you can still RP her getting arrested, as long as you accept that UNTIL or some other agency comes to let her off at some point.
    • One can also roleplay some of the several friends she has among Viper. This includes both loyalists and fellow double agents.
    • How can she get away with public uniform? She's an Emissary. Which is a cover, but it's also a true one.
  • She is a high-profile informant, and anyone under the employ of specialized law enforcement may know of her, and can contact her via encrypted communications.
    • Anyone who is just casually looking her up in databases, will find everything BUT the double agent bit.

Theme Song(s?)


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