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The Favored
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"Hold thine hope with a firm hand." "That others might cling to it also."
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Real Name Morhault Soren
Known Aliases The First Favored, The Last Favored, Son of Kilbern, Mordaks Bane, The Tower of Stonehearth
Gender Male
Species Demigod
Birthdate 2E 5424
Place of Birth Direrest, The Westerlands
Current Location Millennium City
Relatives Long Passed

Apparent Age 87
Height 7'6"ft
Weight 27 Stone
Eyes Steel
Hair Dark
Complexion Fair
Build Large and Heavily Muscled
Notable Features Piercing Eyes

Identity Public
Marital Status Unmarried
Occupation Paladin, Adventurer, Hero
Education The Rites of the High Faith, The Practices of the Favored of Kilbern


Super-strength, Durability, True Seeing, Slowed Aging, Divine Magics
The Plate of the Just, Judgement, Defender

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Morhault, Paladin of the Order of the Favored of Kilbern, Champion of the Blue Gods, and Son of the Skyfather. He was born and raised in the late Second Epoch of the Turakian Age. His mother was a mortal woman by the name of Maliene Soren, a widow and resident of the village of Direrest, and his father was Kilbern, Skyfather and the King of the Blue Gods. As the son of Kilbern, he was blessed with a strength and resilience beyond that of mortal men, eyes that could see through falsehood, and an inborn sense of right and wrong.

When he came of age he was truly called into Kilberns service, when his name was spoken by the Bonifect and he was inducted into the hallowed order of Paladins known as the Favored of Kilbern. He would adventure all across Ambrethel, combating all of Demon, Dragon, and Dark Lord. In time he became a mighty defender of good and a renowned slayer of evil.

At the very end of the Second Epoch the Ravager of Men, the dreaded Kal-Turak, began to conquer Ambrethel in ernest. This conquest continued for centuries, until the the Four Peoples of Ambrethel finally rose up in rebellion. Among them was Morhault, who soon would face his greatest challenge. In what would later be called "The Last Charge of the Favored", Morhault would lead the Favored of Kilbern, and an army of the Four Peoples in a desperate action against the largest army of Kal-Turak. It was a long, hard fought battle that was nearly lost several times as the forces of Kal-Turak unleashed greater and more terrible powers and creatures upon their foe. In the late moments of the battle, the very earth itself shook as the Avatar of Mordak, the incarnation of the Blackgod himself, was summoned. At the unimaginable might of the Avatar the day was truly thought to have been lost.

Until Morhault rose to meet this blackest of foes. Seeing this, Kilbern granted some of his power so that Morhault might stand a chance of victory. Radiant in the Skyfathers power, Morhault managed to duel with his foe for several hours. Each greatly wounded the other, and the outcome was uncertain. Though in the end, it would be Morhault who prevailed, and slew the Blackgods Avatar. In so doing, he managed to wound Mordak for all time.

As for Morhault, he disappeared in the energies released in the Avatars destruction...


Morhault is an imposingly large, powerfully built human man. His skin is the pale, fair complexion common to Westerlanders. He looks strong and tough with well-earned muscle, and lacks any sort of scarring, tattoos, or piercings. His hair is a very dark shade of gray, only a bit lighter than black, and typically worn short. He favors a short, well trimmed beard that covers much of his face. His eyes are a steely gray, and have a tendency to be piercing.


Morhault is generally a warm, good-humored, and open individual. He outgoing and fond of others, and is loose with a with his smiles and his laughs. In most instances, he will give the benefit of the doubt and is likely to trust new people.

He is also entirely dedicated to Good, and has a robust sense of justice. He has a tendency to view Demons and the Undead as abominations, dislikes Witches and those spellcasters he perceive as evil. He is more tolerant of mortal criminals, preferring to see them properly punished for their crimes.


  • Super-Strength
    • As a result of his divine parentage Morhault is massively strong, easily capable of lifting a weight of 60 tons. With a great effort he could potentially lift something weighing 100 tons, though not with any finesse or a great length of time.
  • Durability
    • Similarly, he is exceedingly difficult to harm. In the Turakian Age, he was capable of enduring the claws and fiery breath of dragons, the dark spells of sorcerers, and the touch of a blade or mace. In the modern age, he has found that most common firearms are no threat to him and many energies do not cause him any great harm.
  • True Seeing
    • Morhault can see when a lie, or other falsehood, is told in his presence. He is only aware of conscious, deliberate attempts at deception, and only knows that he has been lied to. He also can see through illusions created by lesser spellcasters, similarly aware of an attempt at misdirection. Those illusions made by greater wizards function as normal.
  • Slowed Aging
    • The ravages of time have less of an effect on Morhault. Despite nearing 90 years of age, he continues to look like a man in his mid 30s


  • Divine Magic
    • As an experienced Paladin, Morhault is capable of many feats of Divine Magic
      • Azure Courage
        • His presence alone can reduce the effects of fear, caused by natural and unnatural means, inspiring courage in those near to him.
      • Disperse Dark Magics
        • Morhault can interrupt, if not entirely destroy, evil magics. Evil as defined as being Demonic, Necromantic, or Witchcraft.
      • Hands of the Healer
        • He can heal an injured persons wounds, though only several times in a day, and he cannot resurrect the dead or regrow limbs.
      • Harrowing the Blackgod's Legions
        • He can temporarily improve his ability to slay infernal beings and creatures.
      • Ophel's Holy Light
        • Morhault causes his body to glow a emanate a bright golden light, banishing shadows and darkness.
      • Sanctification
        • By concentrating and channeling the power of the Blue Gods he can create an area of sacred ground in a circle, centered around himself. This circle moves as he does, and allows for other rituals and spells that require sacred ground. The circle is also unpleasant, if not harmful to Demons and the Undead.
      • Scarlet's Bane
        • Conjures a holy flame that burns any evil being it strikes. Evil as defined as all Demonic and Undead creature, spellcasters utilizing wicked magics like Necromancy and Witchcraft, and potentially other even dark foes.
      • Shield of the Faithful
        • A holy aura that weakens the attacks of evil creatures. Evil as defined as all Demonic and Undead creature, spellcasters utilizing wicked magics like Necromancy and Witchcraft, and potentially other even dark foes.
      • Skyfather's Eyes
        • Allows the perception of evil creatures, and the perception of evil intent.
      • Steadfastness
        • Morhault improves his defense against magic, possession, and certain mental influences.


  • The Plate of the Just
    • A full suit of plate armor forged by Ishander, the Forgelord. It was crafted from esailite, and is of peerless craftsmanship. The armor is enchanted to resist damage, and is capable of repairing itself in time. Possessing a sort of rudimentary will and a fierce loyalty, the armor dislikes being worn by anyone other than Morhault. If worn by another, the armor becomes incredibly heavy and uncomfortable. If enough time goes by, the armor will seek to sabotage its wearer, with bindings going undone and its weight shifting unpredictably, even more so if in combat.
  • Judgement, Hammer of Kilbern
    • A mighty esailite hammer, believed to have been used by the Skyfather before he took up his sword "Justice". It is tall weapon, coming close to matching Morhault in height. It bares two heads, one the usual flat head of a hammer, the other the wedged blade of an executioner's axe. A fearsome tool of good, it seeks to do as much harm as it can to evil men and creatures. It is deeply bound to Morhault, and can be recalled back to his hand in instant, or he moved to it.
  • Defender, Shield of the Skyfather
    • The very same esailite shield wielded by Kilbern in his conflicts with Mordak. This divine artifact is a massive tower of a shield, though weighs much less than its size would indicate. Its front is a silvered mirror that reflects blows and projectiles that strike it.
  • Amulet of Teleportation
    • A seemingly simple iron amulet, bearing nothing in the way of ornamentation. It allows Morhault to teleport short distances, though it requires a period of recovery before it can be used again.
  • Cloak of Levitation
    • A finely woven cloak, bearing the blue and gold of the High Faith. It allows Morhault to levitate and rapidly move in a desired direction.
  • Everful Flagon
    • A wooden flagon, enchanted to never empty of whatever liquid it is filled with. When a new, different liquid is poured into it, the contents instantly change to match. Over time, the contents return to the original liquid, an Arnese nut brown ale.


  • Esailite is considered a "divine" metal, due to its association with the Gods. It is effectively just questionite that has been worked by Ishander.