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Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

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Ms. Enchanted
Player: @Mangle_Paw
"Ms. Enchanted sporting Blue Colors"
Class Focus: close quarters aoe damage and control
Power Level: 27+
Research & Development: Mysticism/Avatars
Personal Data
Real Name: Gabriel Carey
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Americian
Occupation: Scourge
Place of Birth: Millenium City, USA
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Surviving
Known Powers
Elemental Darkness, minor mystic rites
Known Abilities
Evasion, Security Systems
Blue Family jacket, bag of gris gris, lock picks and wire
noneBlue Family.



Ms. Enchanted is a vigilante operating within Millenium City's West Side and a member of the Blue Family.

Appearance & Personality

Gabriel Cary cuts quite the striking pose. A figure of graceful lines and a face like fine porcelain. But anyone that approaches her with the slightest normal empathy knows there’s something ugly and spiteful inside her that she constantly holds in control. Most when sensing this casually disengage and quickly get out of here presence. Only the dullest, the kindest, and the most arcane remain to attempt small talk and further connection only to find that she has no social skill at all.


Deep Past

Deep down inside Gabe likes to remember 4. Being 4 years old was incredible. There was cake and ice cream, and a purple teddy bear, and wrapping paper everywhere. But the bestest thing is that mom wasn't 'dirty' anymore, she was 'clean' and she was as happy as Gabe.

Before 4 is pretty nasty, as is the leering fosters, and Detroit Day is a nightmare. So like Gabe, it's all lost in the darkness Very little is known about Gabes past. Like many she became an orphan on Detroit Day. But no counselor has been able to get those memories out into the light.

Recent Past: Earth

Mercy General Hospital thought there was a problem. The number of cases of withdrawal complications had tripled, but only among the gang affiliated users of the city’s West Side. A street vigilante, Numm got word of this and started investigating. The incidences of the sudden withdrawal complications seemed to focus on the Maniacs, and suspecting a large shipment of bad drugs, Numm went to work. After providing several nutcases extreme beatings he had to change the course of his investigation and direct it at a novice heroine, traveling under the name Ms. Enchanted.

Recent Past: Realm of Fairie

While in process learning to access her gift for magic, the path of wisdom lead her away from Earth to the Realm of Fairie and eventually to Parthanon therein. As her tutelage progressed she met greater and greater luminaries, eventually coming to meet with Athena and agreeing to act her shield maid for a life and a day. Her service to Athena was suprisingly quick and violent. A force of Qlipphotic nighmares pushed their way into the Parthanon and Gabe gave her life to assure that Athena survied to structure the counter assault and reformat the defenses. Athena with the help of Hekate, brought her back to living and sent her back to Earth with the blessing of Zues (and of Fairie)

The Present

Gabe is living multiple lives at the same time. In the waking night, she is a member of the Blue Family. In the waking day, an active superheroine learning from and working with the Mystic Regal. And in dreaming resting times working through the experience of her service to Athena. Her service to Athena has ended in fact, but because it is in an astral parallel life the experiences are still being assimilated into cohernecy. By example, when Numm tracked her down and taught her about keeping her body weight 'stacked' as to better roll with an attack, Nike was teaching her the same thing with added benefit of a shield.

All of these 'lives' provide the weave that protects her form her own self. The search for the origin of her powers continues, but the earnestness that was present as a teen has dimmed away. For years she has felt that those that were instructing her knew more than they were telling. With the wisdom she has earned, she can see that her teachers have waiting for her to figure it out herself. Now, with the introduction of Crowley into her life, she intuits this as an unproven truth. Whatever the fullness of truth holds, part of it is enshadowed.


Ms. Enchanted seems to use some form of an Elemental Darkness, but does not scan as a mutant. Suspecting that her powers were supernatural in origin, led her to seek mystical training. She has proven quite adept at magic, but is still far from having earned the title Sorceress from her peers.

The Whole Story

The cold hard truth is that Gabe is not truely human. She is a Demi God and has manifest herself as an avatar of darkness. All of her teachers have been conspiring under the instuction of Hekate to make sure that when Gabe comes to understand the truth of herself, it will be on her own terms and in her own time.




  • Black Ace Gang
  • Cobra Lord Gang
  • Cult of the Red Banner
  • Maniac Gang (primary focus)
  • New Purple Gang
  • The Dark Death Gang
  • Crowley


  • Ms. Enchanted's creator and player is of the male gender. He believes the rule of "Better be happy looking at the ass of something your gonna be spending that much time behind" trumps the rule that "Friends don't let friends cross gender role-play" just barely.

OOC Information

Ms.Enchanted is played by @Mangle_Paw, and is his primary solo character. This incarnation of Ms. Enchanted is based on a Sorcery beta character, that turned into Darkness character to avoid the early sorcery gimping issues. She is built primarily for PvE dps and support.

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