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The Mighty
“Right now, you’re getting something very rare: another chance. What to do with it is up to you.”
The Behemoth
Player: @falter223
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
William Pepler
Noble Boy
April 7th, 1982
Chicago, IL
US Citizenship
Millennium City, MI
Millennium City
Contracted meta-gear and equipment troubleshooter for UNTIL
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Audrey Pepler (nee Evans, wife), Brianna Pepler (daughter), Kurt Pepler (father), Pamela Pepler (mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
177 lbs
Body Type
Muscular, toned, fit
Dirty blonde
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super-strength, meta-level constitution, flight
· Equipment ·
Kendrium half-armour (chestplate, bracers, sabatons, belt, and faceplate), commslink
· Other Abilities ·
Brawling techniques, childcare

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Noble backstory.pngBackstory

Time in Teen Wardens:

Will’s powers started to manifest a few months before the founding of the group. With his steadily emerging abilities, he was deemed suited by Patrioteer, the team leader, to serve as the heavy-hitter. He’s been a living battery ram, a shield, an aerial scout, and many other things besides. While he revelled in his newfound powers with great glee at first, he had witnessed their potential for destruction first-hand, and that had given him enough pause to see them used with care and thought.

As the Patrioteer progressively fell from grace, Will held fast for as long as he could, looking on as others dropped out. He could see some of the reasons behind Patrioteer’s methods, even though he couldn’t bring himself to wholly agree. The last straw had been when the Patrioteer ordered him to bring down a building that served as the company office of a notorious crime lord, disregarding the dozens of civilian employees inside. After refusing and being heavily penalized for it, Will simply gave up and left the group.

Post-Teen Wardens:

After ending his tenure with the group, Will tried going solo. He formalized the hero name of Noble, which he thought up during his years with the Wardens. Getting his costume made, he registered the new identity with the government and went about doing cape-work. But the will was gone, and Patrioteer’s decisions were uncomfortable memories, echoing at the back of his mind. On his parents’ insistence, William managed through college, subsisting on various “cape” grants and bonuses he gathered as he heroed. But this lifestyle split proved harder to manage than he thought, and at one point, he was forced to choose. As much as he wanted to continue in costume, he considered studies a better and more long-term investment, so he went on to finish his degree and put Noble on hiatus. While doing his studies, he met his former team-mate and friend Audrey Evans, the former "Psioni-Gal", in the same college. They grew closer over time as they, and eventually began dating by the time they finished.

Present Day:

Up until the Qularr invasion of 2009, Will had lived a relatively quiet life, working and unobtrusively mixing among the common folk. The aliens have forced him out of his comfort, and to return back into the caped world. Joining with the sweeping wave of effort, Will helped beat back the Qularr, at the cost of getting his nature as a metahuman publicly revealed. It also caused him to finally propose to Audrey. While he had managed to preserve his exact caped identity a secret from the general public, he had to deal with a great number of inquiries from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances afterwards. Deciding to remain partially active as Noble since the incident, Will still runs patrols and missions to this day, while at the same time managing his off-duty routine and his fame as a meta-powered individual among the people in his life.

About a year after the invasion, little Brianna was born. With a family to manage, Will now divides his time between his daughter and wife, and his UNTIL contracts which earn his family the majority of its income.

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Eternals, INC:


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Noble rp hooks.pngRP Hooks

-Have a character in or closely affiliated with UNTIL, or a techie? Noble works as a troubleshooter of UNTIL'S meta tech, so there's a chance he knows them, or even helped test their gadgets.

-Noble had previously worked as part of the Teen Wardens, a teenage superhero group active in the 90s, and as part of COMPASS, an organized initiative to provide metas with social help, mentorship and counselling. If you character had worked with any of the groups, you may know Noble as either Noble Boy from the Wardens, or the public face of COMPASS from organization campaigns and events.

-There are rumors floating all around UNTIL about an infamous op in Budapest involving Sparrowhawk, the leader of the Protectors of the World, Noble, and Psion. Those rumors range from single-handedly laying waste to an army of mercenaries to stopping a cosmic level threat. No one else present seems to have the desire to clear the air as to what actually happened in Budapest, and the three involved in the rumors seem to have no inclination either. Chances are your UNTIL-affiliated character may have heard some wild, unsubstantiated rumors as to what happened (feel free to make something up).

-William Pepler can sometimes be seen at the Super Latte, a coffee shop in City Centre run by his wife, Audrey, as he helps in running the business.

Noble miscellaneous.pngMiscellaneous

Noble's casting choice is Nicolaj Coster-Waldau.

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