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OOC Notes


The Protectors of the World (or known simply as The Protectors) are a super group in the same vein as The Champions, a coalition of heroes who are tasked with taking on world scale events. They have an extensive variety of different skill and power sets in order to deal with conflicts as they arise. Their missions take them from covert operations in faraway countries to fending off large scale, Earth threatening villains. When the stakes are high, it is the Protectors that are called to the scene. This super group takes cues from teams such as THE AVENGERS and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. It is very much a 'capes and tights' organization with a modern spin.

The roster of the Protectors is composed of charter members who are permanent fixtures in the Protectors. There are in addition Honorary members and Reservists that help out when possible. Charter members are the main force of the team. Each one has the ability to access the Protectors communication hub and utilize the Barlowe Building for every day tasks. Some members even choose to live within the headquarters while others simply use it for professional purposes. Honorary and Reserve members are utilized in a more support capacity, dependent upon specialization and need on any given mission. While Reservists have access to the main communication systems, Honorary members do not. Honorary members are also not limited by their involvement to any other super group they may work for.

Please do not solicit us to join as we do NOT openly take applications. We are more of a 'we will come to you, please don't come to us' organization and constant requests to join the team detract from the fun of playing the game, to be honest. When we wish to add to our ranks we typically look on our own for more established players who fit the tone of stories we enjoy telling. Most of our team is comprised of individuals who are already comfortable with each others' play style. We also have in place a soft cap of around twenty five individual players with a 'no alts' policy in place barring Honorary status. This ensures that everyone can participate and never quite feel out of the loop of the goings on internally within the Protectors (or who is playing what character, what story lines are going on, etc etc)... as is often the case with large super groups. Players who are not part of the team may from time to time join in Protectors of the World adventures as Honorary Members, which is always a great way to meet new people and share in the fun. These events are posted on CORP from time to time for members of the public to participate in as opposed to just our own website.

To learn more about the Protectors of the World, click on the Protectors logo below to head to our website!




The Protectors of the World were formed in 2013 when the heroine Sparrowhawk saw the need for a group of heroes which could fend off threats on a global scale. Mostly a solo crime fighter, Sparrowhawk constantly found herself drawn into conflicts with villains who necessitated an entire team to stop them. She briefly worked with the UNTIL affiliated Rising Force whose doors closed early in their inception. Taking a cue from this, she decided to strike out on her own, forming an organization of veteran heroes, up and coming rookies and heroes she had previously worked alongside. Enlisting her then partner, All-Star, she began the arduous task of reviewing individuals that would mesh well both personality and power wise. Some of the early members included African Violet from South Africa, Katsuo from Japan, the robotic C.O.P. from America, Canadian legend Thundrax and even former teenage ingenue Dobergirl. Using a sizable amount of financial assets and with the backing of UNTIL, she set up their primary headquarters in Millennium City's famous downtown Barlowe Building. Renovating and occupying its uppermost ten floors, the team was outfitted with a state of the art base of operations and a place to call home.

The first year of the Protectors was extremely busy and quickly tested the mettle of the newly formed group. They were taken to task before their headquarters were even completed and the roster finalized by the 175, which was the number of secret identities compromised during an attack on PRIMUS. This was followed up by battling everything from African gods to World War 2 villains with a score to settle against old foes. The Protectors earned a sterling reputation for these successes. Hailed as heroes across the globe, UNTIL ensured the Protectors were on the first lines of defense when situations would arise. New heroes continued to join their ranks as their team expanded, such as the well known heroine Razira and the mystical aquatic hero Seadragon.


The beginning of 2014 was marred by the apparent betrayal of the team's own leader, Sparrowhawk. In actuality she was captured, tortured and outfitted with a neural inhibitor which effectively controlled her actions against her will by members of the Apotheosis Project, an organization established to ridding the world of super human influence. They used to her to attempt to turn public opinion against super powered beings under the guise of an anti meta heroine named Virago. After an assault in which Sparrowhawk single handedly defeated most of the group, the Protectors were in in a state of shock and tried to quickly rebound. Problems further intensified as All-Star, taking on leadership of the team, suggested they kill Sparrowhawk, not aware of her current state. This created a rift within the Protectors, causing Thundrax to question the morality of All-Star's methods and resulted in him leaving the team. There were other challenges as well. From Canadian Fist losing her powers and going on a mission to restore them to discovering a gene bomb that could readily kill off most of the Earth's super beings, the Protectors persevered. Founding member Black Sigil sacrificed himself to save the lives of the Protectors and Xanthe was taken out of commission by an attack from the villain Cassowary. After Sparrowhawk freed herself from the mental thrall she was under, she joined her friends just in time as a monster known as Leviathan attempted to destroy Millennium City. The collected forces of Protectors both charter and honorary faced him down, and both he and the Apotheosis Project were toppled, though at a great cost.

The events of the last few months being known as The Eugenics War, the Protectors struggled to stay together as internal strife and distrust ate at them. All-Star took a more proactive role in leadership while Sparrowhawk took it upon herself to bring the rest of the Apotheosis Project to justice. Katsuo upgraded his armor as Canadian Fist took the new identity of Artifist. The Barlowe Building was renovated and upgraded even further after Leviathan's attack. The alien heroine Voreen was brought into the fold as a new member, helping to revitalize the sense of camaraderie just as Sparrowhawk returned to the team as active leader. They fought such enemies as the Children of Prajna and stopped a multidimensional device from tearing apart time and space itself.

Months later All-Star was reportedly killed fighting an old adversary of his with the aftershocks leading to Sparrowhawk taking an unannounced extended leave from the team. The Protectors, losing both their main driving forces, focused less on the Protectors and several of their members went to other endeavors as the Barlowe Building grew silent. It was months later when Sparrowhawk chose to return, determined to re invigorate the team and rally them once more. The first order of business was to add new blood to their ranks. Members were inducted such as veteran powerhouse The Peacemaker, second generation hero Stonemason, the tempestuous aquatic heroine Fathom and the effervescent Cosmic Glory. Zwein found himself working alongside both the Protectors as well as temporarily leading a group of Westside heroes as Honorary Protectors. The mantle of Field Leader was passed to Razira in recognition of her accomplishments and dedication to the team, moving them into a new era.

Their timing could not have been better. The threats faced by the team seemed to grow exponentially. The cosmic cult known as the Almagest and the return of the bizarre Kaptain Komics were just two of their new battles. The Protectors clamored to save the world and civilization from being destroyed by a terraforming, near planet sized space ship and then took on the responsibility of keeping said planet safe as it harbored millions of life forms aboard. Razira became both its protector and custodian. Cosmic Glory dealt with graduation and the move into adulthood only to find her secret identity compromised. Thundrax, the Canadian hero who had left the team the previous year, was seemingly killed and not only returned to life but to the Protectors as well. They have found themselves working undercover to retrieve DNA samples of super powered beings to dealing with the evil designs of the villainous Captain Conquest. New recruits such as hacktivist turned hero Tesseract, gunsmith Armory and war veteran Captain Adamant joined the fold.

An attack which crippled and nearly destroyed Millennium City, carried out by a super- charged vampire named Adrian Arkwright, was fended off by the Protectors. While successful, the Barlowe Building's upper floors were severely compromised. This was compounded by an assault from an entity called Husk resulted in further destruction of the team's headquarters, which resulted in a complete overhaul and upgrade of its systems when it was rebuilt. Imp joined the Protectors just as cyber villain M.E.K.K.A. attempted to take control of the planetoid spaceship Avestus, which Razira was guardian of. A reality shaping relic called the God's Eye was uncovered, only to find itself in the hands of evil... and which led to Sparrowhawk taking it upon herself to recover. Kara McIlroy's father was killed in action as the Protectors worked alongside the Freelancers, resulting in the young heroine taking up his name as Keioseth II.

The Protector's membership continued to shift, with a few individuals leaving the ranks of the team as newer members introduced themselves to the experience of global crime fighting. War Hawk joined heroes like South Africa's Jinn and Germany's Fahrenheit in taking up membership to espouse the tradition of those joining from countries about the world. VIPER, the vicious and diabolical Dr. Kaufmann and even troubles from Peacemaker's past quickly reared their heads. Cosmic Glory found herself finally tying the knot with her long time love, Brad, in front of her fellow friends and allies alongside a host of other heroes. Razira continued to play 'Mother Wolf' by ensuring the Protectors' morale continued to flourish even in darker times and welcomed former villain turned hero, Native American skinwalker Witchery Way to their ranks.

Atomac soon joined, 'graduating' from the teen heroes known as the Young Sentinels to join the Protectors after working alongside Captain Adamant. Peacemaker was assigned to head over security at the Barlowe while Adamant became responsible for the training of the team. Tesseract's chronokinetic powers over time were too much for her physical form, and for nearly a full year was lost in the time stream as the team searched in vain to locate her. Space cowboy Ironhide formally joined the Protectors, lending his keen marksmanship abilities to fight injustice. Cosmic Glory was briefly thought dead after one battle and was mourned by most, though her body was magically reinvigorated and she quickly returned to active duty. The Protectors saved the city of Pittsburgh from descending into chaos as a war raged within it, and it was slightly afterwards that some of the team was thrust to the future. Finding a world that was horribly warped and devoid of most super humans, the Protectors not only overcame the person responsible for this, Rift, but also found the means to save Tesseract and bring her (and themselves) back to the present. Shortly after this event, Sparrowhawk chose to step down from her leadership role, passing the torch to Thundrax and setting the stage for a new era.

The Protectors continue to be at the forefront of the crime fighting teams in the world, ready to rally together against any crisis which might rear its head.


The Barlowe Building

The Barlowe Building serves as the current headquarters for The Protectors. The building, primarily an executive hotel, has had its uppermost ten stories redesigned and outfitted to accommodate the super team's needs. This has transformed the building into one of the most popular landmarks in the country (as well as notoriously difficult to actually access for what was a public establishment). The headquarters is run by an artificial intelligence known as Mother, a more intuitive version of the program designed by Sparrowhawk for herself to aid in crime fighting which was co-created by UNTIL contractor Simon Reynolds. Mother handles every day tasks as well as more specialized functions, such as controlling PORTAL (see below). Security, currently overseen by Peacemaker, is extremely tight and incredibly advanced and with good reason given the tenants are a world renowned crime fighting unit.

The upper floors contain the following:

Several Protectors (Aura, Tesseract, Captain Adamant, Thundrax and Sparrowhawk) ready for action in front of their main headquarters, the Barlowe Building, while the Valravn flies overhead.
  • Living Quarters. The residential facilities of the Protectors is composed of twenty four 900 square foot residential suites. These are for reserved for the active members of the Protectors of the World and constitute two of the lower floors that the Protectors utilize at the Barlowe (the lowest floor actually is home to their security network). Some members use these as full time living quarters; others are used intermittently by certain members when in town or merely as a home away from home, decorated as they wish. Certain rooms are tailored towards an individual's specific needs. Former member Seadragon, for example, once had a large water tank in his personal quarters.
  • Common Room. Wide and expansive, the Protectors of the World common room possesses a flat-screen satellite television, numerous sofas and chairs, a warm fireplace and access to a variety of media from movies to video games. With a direct link to the dining area, it acts as the main social hub for the Protectors of the World when they're on and off duty. This is usually the first place recruits are shown courtesy of Razira, whose job it is to act as mentor to those new to the team.
  • Dining Area. With a fully stocked kitchen with access to a wide variety of supplies and a table large enough to accommodate most of the team, the dining area is one of the main social hubs for Protectors spending time at the Barlowe Building. Cosmic Glory can often be found within, trying out new culinary techniques to the delight of most of the team.
  • Gymnasium. Outfitted with all the finest exercise equipment and facilities to help the Protectors tune their bodies and minds, the gymnasium of the Barlowe Building caters to humans, meta-humans and extraterrestrials looking to get a good work out. With an Olympic-size pool, a sauna and studios for acrobatics and dance, the gymnasium has everything you could need to stay in shape -- and then some. It is not uncommon in the gymnasium to find Razira or African Violet in the pool doing laps while Thundrax and Captain Adamant are boxing.
  • Rec Room. Much like the common room, the rec room of the Barlowe Building was made with socialization and easy entertainment in mind. With a fully-stocked bar, a pool table, a media center, an arcade, a state of the art sound system and a library of books and files, the Protectors are free to kick back, relax and enjoy their free time in luxury.
  • Crime Lab. With enough top of the line equipment to put the FBI to shame, the crime lab offers the Protectors ready access to all the fixings they need to tend to the investigative side of their work, be it autopsies, crime scene investigation or substance analysis. Though, for all intents and purposes, it can very well act as a regular lab for more scientific Protectors, calling it the 'crime lab' just makes it sound cooler.
  • Medical Center. Attached to the crime lab, the Barlowe Building's medical center is a facility equipped to deal with the medical emergencies of even the most esoteric members of the team. With medical equipment and supplies suited to human and alien biology and flash-freeze storage for the dead and the unconscious, it serves the Protectors well when things take a turn for the worse. The Medical Center is overseen by the Mother AI.
  • Mystics' Room. An area slightly off the crime lab and medical center, this room houses a number of trinkets and books which benefit the more mystically inclined Protectors and is equipped with supplies which would benefit any mystic from an alchemist to a dimensional wayfarer. It has been specially warded against intrusion and scrying, safeguarding it against any particularly sneaky magic-types. Mostly used by Fahrenheit though Witchery Way is known to be located here from time to time as well.
  • Tech Room. An area beside the Mystics' Room that serves as a hub to repair, creative or investigate items of technological origin. Various schematics are available of numerous devices villains have created and used from UNTIL files. Prototypes and other interesting things are about the room in various phases of construction. A former service bay for C.O.P. was transformed into a R&D area for Peacemaker which he now employs for the entire team with assistance from Wildeye.
  • Counseling Office. With the obvious stress entailed by a life full of combat and high stakes, a counseling office has been set up in the Barlowe Building This provides a safe location for the Protectors to vent their worries, frustrations and hang-ups to the team's resident counselor, Aura.
  • Briefing Room. A moderate circular room containing a large table with a holographic display in the center of it, the briefing room acts as the main rendezvous point for the Protectors before and after missions. Here, they make ready use of their access to a relay of worldwide news and events to brief and debrief on upcoming missions, organize strategies and assign roles. Lockers containing primary and spare costumes/gear allow the Protectors to suit up before charging in to battle.
  • Training Room. A hi-tech facility which makes use of a combination of hard-light, holographic projections and more traditional mechanical systems, the training room is outfitted with advanced combat simulation technology which allows it to mimic the dangers and intricacies of actual combat scenarios within a .001 margin of error. From the control tower, scenarios can be programmed and fine-tuned via a user friendly command interface overseen by the Mother AI and data from the the Protectors' various field missions and training sessions can be analyzed and implemented to keep things challenging. Captain Adamant has been placed in charge with training the team and using this room to monitor their progress.
  • Hangar. An expansive hangar which stores the Valravn and the various vehicles the individual Protectors regularly make use of. Access to a large supply of tools needed to maintain said vehicles is also a given.
  • Mission Control. Usually manned by Sparrowhawk (and Tesseract, given her computer expertise), the mission control room acts as the communications and observation hub for the Protectors of the World. From here, all the technological facilities of the Barlowe Building can be controlled and scrutinized and access to satellite transmissions allows the Protectors to maintain visual and audio coverage across the world via the Mother system. When an outside party wishes to contact the Protectors directly, this is where they're usually put through to.
  • PORTAL, or Photonic Operated Remote Teleportation Arrival Link. The PORTAL system is a large, arch like device located off the main meeting room. Maintained and operated by the Mother program and activated by voice command, Portal uses orbital way-points keyed to the Protectors of the World's holo-badges to allow for instantaneous teleportation to most locations around the world. While once only activated to main cities, the system now utilizes a satellite link up that only needs coordinates to ensure safe travel. The PORTAL system can therefore grant the Protectors the ability to respond almost instantly to the global threats they often find themselves facing. Despite its efficiency, however, the PORTAL system is both expensive to use and prone to causing nausea and dizziness in some. As such, the Valravn is the more economic choice when time isn't of strict importance.
  • Defensive and Offensive Systems. Due to its very public location and the value of many of its interior facilities, the Barlowe Building is outfitted with a number of offensive and defensive countermeasures and apparatus to help keep the enemy out (or, in some cases, in). With powerful weaponry and defensive systems courtesy of both some of the most brilliant minds on Earth and some even not of this Earth, the Barlowe Building is more than capable of holding its own. All members have been trained in its use.
  • Trophy Room. A stretching hall full of glass cases and displays, the trophy room is home to the collection of trophies, souvenirs and gifts the Protectors have received during their missions. With security measures put in place for the more dangerous items, the trophy room offers a nostalgic walk down memory lane for any Protectors in the mood. Jinn lingers here often, kind of torturing himself due to the 'Look, but don't touch'-policy that was put in place (at least for him).

In addition to the Barlowe Building, there are nine small underground bunkers (labelled 'Nests') around the world for the Protectors to utilize as off site headquarters for the team. These allow the team to be stationed almost anywhere at any time. Each one is outfitted with a meeting room, weapons bay, computer system and small living quarters complete with an eight bed dorm. They are situated in every continent and can be accessed independently or through the PORTAL system. Each Nest is maintained primarily through the Mother AI system like the Barlowe Building has. Two of them contain hangers with a back up Valravn. Nests include: Canada, Argentina, Algeria, South Africa, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Antarctica.


The Valravn



The VALRAVN is the Protectors' personal state of the art jet and primary mode of transportation when PORTAL is not necessary or available. Initially designed by Alex Harper (Sparrowhawk) and her friend Simon Reynolds, the team's jet was originally named the Peacekeeper by former member (and one time Field Leader) All-Star. The Peacekeeper was used sparingly and carried little in the way of offensive measures. This vehicle was used by the Protectors until its destruction during their mission in Savage Beginnings, Finale, when it was decimated by vessels deployed by the planet Avestus.

After it was destroyed, the jet was given a complete overhaul from the ground up by Sparrowhawk, who brought Protectors Zelara and Voreen aboard and used their interplanetary expertise to redesign something far more functional. The trio integrated various alien tech in its systems, and Sparrowhawk added to its weaponry and defense capabilities to make it more viable on the battlefield if necessary. Since that time, it has continued to have its systems improved, and currently is more of a project between Sparrowhawk and fellow Protector, Peacemaker. The two of them are responsible for its most current iteration, which the majority of the team employ.

All Protectors are trained in the Valravn's basic use, though it has a built in user intuitive interface to aid those whose experience in flying may be a little less informed. While this is a boon to some of the less experienced, others continue to have issues while at its helm, such as Jinn (though if this is willful ignorance or unintentional, no one seems to know). It is responsive to all current charter and reserve members of the team should they need to operate it. Typically, the Valravn is piloted by Sparrowhawk, though Razira, Peacemaker, and Captain Adamant are notably proficient in its use. While there is only one Valravn located at any one time within the Barlowe Building's hangar, several others Valravns are situated throughout the world, located in the Nest bunkers. Eight others currently exist in the Nests that the Protectors are aware of, while a slightly modified ninth one is situated in a Nest that the majority of the Protectors are unaware of, used by the Secret Protectors for their missions.

Capabilities include:

  • VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capability
  • Can operate in and withstand deep ocean pressures; cabin has been built to regulate decompression
  • Has a flight speed of 4,200 mph inside the Earth's atmosphere (slightly over mach 6)
  • Can be fitted for outer space travel, reaching faster than light speed outside of Earth's orbit.
  • Can fit comfortably a flight crew of two and four passengers
  • Kendrium armored plating along the hull for maximized natural defenses
  • Nanite infused repair system to minimize structural damage and possible decompression
  • Repulsor projectors: Enabling a form of stasis to immobilize items and people
  • Gadroon modified force field system
  • Repeating pulse lasers on its sides
  • Air to Air and Air to Surface missile systems ("Kunai Missiles", x6)
  • Magnetized under hull
  • Plasma Cannon on its underside
  • Kendrium Alloy Cable/ Winch
  • Worldwide satellite interface for tracking, coordinating and relay
  • Screechers: Sonic wave devices capable of emitting several types of sound to disable and incapacitate large groups
  • Holographic and stealth capability
  • In the interior of the ship is a number of UNTIL issued weaponry at the Protectors' disposal
  • PORTAL enabled technology, allowing it to open gateways between most large cities
  • Remote voice activation system. Valravns can be controlled remotely by a series of codes, though these are only known by the Field Leaders of the team to prevent any possible misuse. The Secret Protectors' Valravn can only be controlled remotely by Sparrowhawk.




Name: Craig Carson
Abilities: Embodiment of the 'Living Thunder', Super Strength, Invulnerability, Flight, Weather Empathy

Thundrax is a veteran Canadian superhero who's associated with the RCMP, UNTIL, and a reserve member of Toronto's Starforce team. Formerly a politician, he now runs a large energy and mining corporation, Flux-Carson Enterprises, as well as the Carson Foundation charity. He is a friend and confidante of many superheroes in Canada and Millennium City.




"Make no mistake, lives are on the line. Saving them may take all the sweat and blood we have. I've still got plenty of both to give. Do you?"

Name: Carter Williams
Abilities: Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength, Military Training

Carter Williams served in the United States Army as a commissioned officer for five years. He was injured during an ambush attack in Afghanistan, and though he saved lives with an act of supreme courage, he was injured and honorably discharged.

Eager to serve again, Carter volunteered to test Dr. Jasper Helm's wondrous suit of armor, and became Captain Adamant, the Unbreakable Man. Encased in the ATHENA, Carter becomes the backbone of any task force. His durability and strength are useful additions to the Protectors' arsenal, as are Carter's military discipline and uncanny willpower.




"As long as I live, I will fight for the innocent and the weak. And I'm not dropping dead anytime soon."

Name: Sebastian Steinman
Abilities: Super-Intelligence, Telekinesis, Power Armor

The Peacemaker is a Millennium City based metahuman who's been active as a superhero for the better part of a decade. Originally made to serve as a successor and counterpart to a hero from another world, he was sent to this universe just in time to witness the Battle of Detroit. Left injured and in stasis for many years, he re-awoke during the Qularr invasion, initially with no memory of his origin - only his real name and his superhero alias. While struggling to come to terms with himself and the burden of his mantle, Peacemaker has become not only one of the most brilliant scientists and engineers among the superheroes of today, he's also an incredibly powerful psionic whose mastery of telekinesis, assisted by his power armor, also makes him a powerful force to be reckoned with.




"Do not underestimate the wolf inside of me, or else you will get burned."

Name: Confidential
Abilities: Fire/Ice Manipulation, Lycanthropy

Razira, unlike all of the others of the Protectors' team, has her past and civilian life buried behind layers of 'need to know'. What little she has said include that she was born in Florida more than 30 years ago, moved to Millennium City to get away from it all, gained a college degree in Business Management, and became a barista at the main coffee chain least until she was kidnapped, genetically altered, and eventually became the Hero she is today - a werewolf with the powers of oxygen based temperature control. Now a five year veteran of the heroic lifestyle, she was approached out of the blue by Sparrowhawk, inviting her to the Protectors. Despite being a lone wolf type through her former job at UNTIL, something deep down told her to accept. Now she finds herself as a Field Leader hoping she can keep the team in one piece through their many dangerous adventures across the globe and beyond.




"As a Protector, I specialize in making sure any innocents are out of harms way."

Name: Thandi Wessels
Abilities: Dark Energy Control, Dark Energy Blades, Teleportation
Rank: Member

Thandi Wessels. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Thandi is the descendent of a line of magic linked to ancient energies of the African continent. When her magical abilities came of age, Thandi was able to use her dark energies to assist others, and became a local hero in the Johannesburg area. Over the years, she participated in the 2004 Tsunami relief efforts and eventually was chosen to receive UNTIL training. For several years, she participated in international humanitarian efforts and UNTIL-sponsored activities. She has been a part of several international superhero groups and in 2012 was part of an UNTIL effort to repel an attack by Warlord in Okinawa. Her name was offered by UNTIL to Sparrowhawk and Thandi accepted her invitation to join the Protectors of the World.


Potw ato.png


"Why don't you pick on someone my size for a change?"

Name: Ralph Matheson
Abilities: Quantum Energy Manipulation (Giant Growth/Shrinking, Density and Mass Manipulation, limited Force Projection)
Rank: Member

The son of an accomplished physicist and engineer, Ralph gained his abilities as a result of accidentally mishandling one of his father's inventions-- at the time believed to only be a model of the device-- during a convention photo opportunity. As his finger slipped over the on switch for a split second, he was blasted with an empowering jolt of quantum force. Encouraged by his father to put his newfound powers to use for the greater good, Ralph invented his heroic persona from his aptitude at altering his size at will.
Atomac previously counted himself as a staunch member of the Young Sentinels for several years. However, his diligent work ethic caused him to distance himself from his easier-going allies as time went on. As several of his friends became fully-invested Sentinels, Atomac sought his own "graduation" to the big leagues-- which led him to ask for the advice and patronage of Thundrax, himself an ex-Sentinel and sometime sparring partner and mentor to the junior hero.




"If I was -really- angry, I'd start with your fingers."

Name: Alexis Talia Monroe
Abilities: Weather control, Energy Projection and Manipulation, Superspeed
Rank: Member

A New Vigil alumni, Blue Freedom struck out on her own when the team fell into inactivity. During her time working independently from a team, she managed to harness her rage and turn it into a clear focus for her crime-fighting endeavors. This allowed her to start taking on greater challenges and push her abilities to their limits and beyond. It also allowed her to not worry about property damage she didn't cause. For a time, Blue Cyclone also was a member of the Progeny, another teen group. Differences in moral attitudes in relation to crime fighting left her to reconsider her membership, leading to her decision to exit the group. She has since taken up the fight against crime alongside the Protectors.


Bombshell squared.png


"Hammer down!"

Name: Jocelyn Marie Oliver
Abilities: Regeneration, Super Strength, Flight
Rank: Member

Joss was raised in a home with strong antimetahuman sentiments. So when powers of her own emerged in her teenage years, her socialite parents did everything they could to hide the matter. But when Joss stumbled on a box that held evidence of yet another family member with metahuman abilities, she discovered that there were some skeletons in the closet. She decided to leave her home in California, to move to Millennium City, where others would accept her. And maybe she could put those powers of her to good use.


Centurion squared.png


Name: Centurion
Abilities: Kinetic Absorption and Redirection, Rocket Fist, Modular Design
Rank: Member

Centurion was created in 1938 by a brilliant scientist. Fearing that his creation would be used as a weapon by against Allied Forces, he sealed away his android and the blue prints to create more. Centurion's creator was killed by German soldiers, and the machine remained sealed away until decades later when he was located by UNTIL. He was reprogrammed, and awoke with a simple task: to protect the helpless and continue his father's research.




"Make a wish!"

Name: Faye Carrano
Abilities: Super Strength, durability, flight & Cosmic Flame
Rank: Member

When you wish upon a star, all your dreams should come true or so the rumor goes. Faye Carrano saw just that past the smog of Millennium City and wished to be a super hero. Faye's wish came true and the Cosmic Glory came to be! She comes in like a bright comet in the sky, surrounded by her cosmic flame. It fuels her super strength, take hits that would knock a normal person down, fly through the sky and in space. As her days as a child and teen end and adulthood begins, Faye is still wary of the future and what "fame" may bring her. The people, however, matter the most and she is ready to fight to protect one and all!




"I would consider surrender. You can neither fight nor outrun wind and rain."

Name: Kaspar von Schneider
Abilities: Weather Manipulation, Magical Knowledge
Rank: Member

Born into an old family of German nobles, Fahrenheit has a heavy burden to carry. For centuries his family has used its natural affinity for magic to help, protect and serve the greater good. Honor, honesty, kindness and awareness of etiquette and reputation have been the governing principles of the von Schneider family for over 600 years and Fahrenheit is working even harder at upholding them since the last prominent member of his family - his grandfather - fought on the side of the Nazis in WW2, believing to be serving the interests of the German people. Determined to make up for his grandfather's mistake and to make the von Schneider family known as a force of good again, Fahrenheit uses his inherent talents for magic and weather manipulation in the way most appropriate for modern times: being a superhero.


Ironhide yj squared.png


Name: Connor Roja
Abilities: Cybernetic Enhanced Abilities, Minor Super Strength and Durability, Specialized Ammo
Rank: Member

Connor Roja was born in 1831. This veteran, ranger, and lawman stumbled across an alien crash site, where he rescued the injured pilot, and was mortally wounded when hostile aliens came searching. He awoke later to find that the pilot had managed to save his life by bringing him to his home planet, where the ravaged parts of his body were replaced by advanced cybernetics. They traveled together for nearly 200 years, before Connor finally decided to come home. In a world with no more cowboys, Ironhide seeks to prove to the world that good old fashioned justice is alive and well.




"C'mon, who doesn't like a good redemption story?"

Name: Aron Johnson
Abilities: Air Manipulation, Cantrips, Flight, Smoke Mimicry
Rank: Member

Aron Johnson, now also known as Jinn, is a former street kid who unintentionally gained the powers of the air jinn. It would almost be a modern retelling of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, were it not for the fact that in this story the protagonist ended up actually becoming the genie.

For a while Aron was the unwilling accomplice of a supervillain, but he was eventually freed from his master's evil influence.
As a condition of the pardon for his crimes and his newfound freedom, Jinn agreed to be monitored by UNTIL. He later went on to reinforce the Protectors' team.




Name: William Pepler
Abilities: Strength, Invulnerability
Rank: Member

A member of UNTIL, Noble spends much of his time a 'test subject' for various weapons and their effects upon super powered individuals. A father and husband, he also makes time to assist the Protectors when necessary, lending his awe inspiring strength and incredible physical fortitude.


Sherwood squared.png


Name: William M. Prescott
Abilities: Peak Human Conditioning, Mastery-level Marksmanship, Honed eye-hand coordination, Trained Gymnast
Rank: Member




"A capable leader needs to excel in numerous roles. That's my specialty."

Name: Alexandra 'Alex' Harper
Abilities: Polymath, Genetically Enhanced Human Attributes

Sparrowhawk is one of the world's most dangerous combatants and a master in a multitude of skill sets. After traveling the globe for years as both an agent of UNTIL and as a costumed crime fighter, Alex saw a need for a strong and efficient team which could handle world wide crises or threats. Thus she created the Protectors of the World, a group who would be on the first line of defense to tackle such events. Often Sparrowhawk works behind the scenes in a supervisory capacity, ensuring heroes are sent out and tasks completed as efficiently as possible.


Tess squared.png


"It is far more important to do the right thing than it is to hold to the letter of the law."

Name: Imani Abbot
Abilities: Duplication, Teleportation, Chronokinesis
Rank: Member

Imani Abbot is the daughter of Texas Congressman Malcom Abbot. This hacktivist turned hero gained her powers during a freak accident while visiting a dimensional travel testing facility. The incident caused the entire south Texas town of Frontera to simply disappear, with her as the only survivor. Accidental exposure to dimension particles has left her with the ability to change the vibration of her molecules in such a fashion that she can put herself into a state of tetra-dimensional existence. Up-and-coming with a lot of potential, she now uses her talents to assist the Protectors in their mission.


Tracer squared.png


Name: John Upshaw
Abilities: Vector Manipulation, Physical Fitness, Military Training
Rank: Member

John Upshaw, a Marine Corps veteran and former DIA operative, was captured by mercenaries in 2013 and held captive for 4 months while ransom demands were made. When no ransom came, his captors finally decided to execute him on live television. It was in that moment his latent metahuman abilities emerged, allowing him to eliminate the mercenaries and managed to signal for rescue. Too overqualified to continue his work as a DIA operative, he decided to head for Millennium City, the pinnacle of superhuman activity.




Name: Voreen
Abilities: Super Strength, Shape Shifting, Plant Based Powers
Rank: Member

Voreen was born on a planet known as Sha-Prylen. It's a word of botanoid aliens who can grow themselves into any shape they wish. Usually this process takes days. For voreen it is mere moments, she was born a mutant, her metabolism was on overdrive and she was capable of even absorbing plant-matter and incorporating it into her biomass to aid in the recovery of any beating she had taken. The later ability had caused a fair portion of the population to regard her with some fear, but her dedication in fighting for what's right generally kept her viewed in a positive light.




"The difference between you and I is that one of us is nothing more than a filthy animal who learned to walk on two legs. The other is me."

Name: Hermes Balewa
Abilities: Cybernetic Enhancements, Super Speed
Rank: Member

Dragged from his home on Monster Island by ARGENT, and used as a test subject for some experimental cybernetics to enhance his speed and combat capabilities, this cheetah manimal escaped his captors shortly after being relocated to Millennium City. After H.E.L.I.X., the supergroup that had first rescued and recruited him, disbanded, Wildeye drifted from team to team, eventually becoming an agent at UNTIL for several years, and finally finding himself among the Protectors.


Witcheryway squared.png


Name: Johnathan Naswood
Abilities: Shape Shifting, Regeneration, Occult Knowledge, Survivalism, Tracking
Rank: Member

Witchery Way, real name Johnathan Naswood, was born in the early mid twentieth century in the Alamo, New Mexico. A member of the Navajo Nation, a climate of systematic racism and the suffering of his own people influenced Naswood to take up crime. Using a dark ritual and sacrificing his own brother for the power of the legendary skin walker, Naswood spent the early sixties fighting against what he believed was to be the eventual death of his people. In truth, he became little more than a violent domestic terrorist.

Captured by none other than Vanguard himself in the late sixties, Naswood spent the next fifty years of his life in federal incarceration. It was only when Naswood single handily an attempted prison break at Stronghold and saved the lives of several Primus officers that he earned parole. Since then, he has dedicated himself to fighting alongside those he'd once consider his enemies, hoping that it will be some small step of cleansing his soul of his sins.


Reserve Members



Name: Dr. Jacqueline Whitelock
Abilities: Empathy, Telepathy, Telekinesis
Rank: Reserve Member, Psychologist

Aura, an UNTIL costumed hero/ agent from Great Britain, was relocated to the United States after the anti-meta 'heroine' Virago began a crusade against the super heroic populace. Setting off a chain of events where the heroes of Millennium City were facing severe issues of mistrust against each other, Aura stepped in to provide support to the struggling Protectors of the World. Her chief role is as both counselor and therapist, but she isn't opposed or shy from assisting with combat related duties, if and when she is needed.




"The Shining Knight always Slays the Dragon"

Name: James Richardson
Abilities: Galahad Powered Armor, Golden Sword
Rank: Reserve Member

The persona James adopts as Chivalry is, while not exactly different from his normal personality, far more extroverted. Chivalry is loud, boisterous and straight-forward. He's well known, especially in the Millennium City area, as a resolutely heroic figure. He's taken down more than one giant monster and has racked up a good number of villains defeated. Many heroes remark on his thickly put-on Early Modern English dialect, sometimes leading to confusion, but usually leading to amusement.


Minimal psion.png


Name: Audrey Peplar
Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Empathy, and Martial Arts Training
Rank: Reserve Member
"You will learn more from the mistakes you make in life than you ever will from the things you've done right."

Psion - previously known as Psioni-Gal - is a former teen hero from a now disbanded group known as the Teen Wardens, with a career that goes back to 1997. When her former team parted ways, she stepped into a solo career and pursued academic pursuits. Along the way, she reconnected with former teammate Noble, married, and became a mother. Now, she is the owner of a highly successful coffee shop chain (Super Latte), set up a network of heroes operating in Westside (known as the Westside Defenders), and has joined her husband in the Protectors of the World.




"Whoever fights monsters something something something. Whatever, I never liked Nietzsche anyways."

Name: Wolfgirl
Abilities: Lycanthropic Regeneration, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Senses, Mastery of Archery and hand-to-hand combat
Rank: Reserve Member

A heroine operating out of the West Side of Millennium City, Wolfgirl is a powerful lycanthrope, her natural abilities perhaps surpassed only by her analytical mind. These traits, coupled with formidable skill in combat both hand-to-hand and ranged, make her a powerful ally and a dangerous foe. Spoken of in whispers in the criminal and supernatural underworlds, she has joined to fight for justice alongside the Protectors when the world calls for her.


Protectors Missions/ Events

Protectors Missions, 1-15


Founders, March 2013. Sparrowhawk, Dobergirl, Particle Man, Thundrax, Howitzer, Riptide, All-Star, C.O.P.
  • Heart of Darkness (Parts One and Two): African Violet, along with several Protectors, returns to South Africa to face the mystical threat of Tsetse-Bumba. (-Featuring: African Violet, Howitzer, Xanthe, Dobergirl with Honorary Protector Extractor)
  • The Devious Dr. Ashe and the Mag Men!: The Protectors make their way to an island off New Zealand, where a rescue operation turns out to be more than they bargained for as they battle the volcanic powered Dr. Ashe and his Mag Men. (-Featuring: All-Star, SoulStar, Black Sigil, Dobergirl, C.O.P. with Honorary Protector Extractor)
  • Depths of the Kraken: A specialized and heavily armed submarine like vessel is taken by the villainous Kraken in order to annihilate a Canadian City. The Protectors prevent it but pay a heavy price: Razira, their newest recruit, makes an incredible sacrifice almost taking her life. (-Featuring: Riptide, Zelara, Sparrowhawk, Razira, C.O.P., and Xanthe)
  • To Hollywood, Love Ada: An interview with sensationalist television show SUPRCHAT (courtesy of Ada Clover) turns deadly as the Protectors square off against the Kailai, quite possibly the cutest, furriest sixty foot terror to rampage in Los Angeles. (-Featuring: Canadian Fist, All-Star, SoulStar, Thundrax, Black Sigil alongside Protectors' PR Rep Ada Clover)
  • Savage Beginnings: The Protectors discover ancient technology that seeks to de-evolve parts of the world as a bustling vacation paradise is turned into a savage prehistoric jungle. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Xanthe, Razira, All-Star, and Zelara)
  • The Collector, Parts One and Two: New Vigil and the Protectors investigate a rash of hero abductions. Their combined efforts reveal the Collector, a villain from the future hell bent on taking the abilities of super powered individuals, even if it kills them. (-Featuring: Black Sigil, African Violet, Xanthe and C.O.P. alongside New Vigil's Mercy, Galactigal and Crimson Mage)
  • Nuclear Winter: The Protectors journey to Russia to confront a potential thermonuclear threat and end up bringing a sense of closure to a father and daughter faced with insurmountable obstacles. (-Featuring: Kaira, SoulStar, Katsuo, Thundrax, Xanthe and Dobergirl)
  • Dickman Cometh!: The Protectors get called in to deal with a powerful superhero who has suddenly become a douchebag and end up tussling with an extradimensional, reality-warping comic book affectionado. (-Featuring: Dobergirl, Zelara, Katsuo, Black Sigil, and Canadian Fist)
  • It's A Dog's Life: Dobergirl and a few Protectors take a little road trip to Flat Lake, Michigan for the first annual 'Doberman Appreciation Day'. The city is nearly destroyed by an old villain named Winged Terror with a score to settle, hoping to draw Doberman out of hiding or kill Dobergirl. Sparrowhawk discovers the shocking truth about her super heroic canine friend's former mentor. (-Featuring: Dobergirl, Razira, All-Star, Keioisis, and Sparrowhawk)
  • Operation: Leviathan: An escort mission from Greece to the United States to transport the omega level villain Leviathan goes awry due to the intervention of the power armored female assassins known as the Furies. A fight over the Atlantic Ocean is fought to keep Leviathan, currently in cryo stasis, from waking up or being freed. (-Featuring: Black Sigil, Zelara, Katsuo, Sparrowhawk, Xanthe, and Dobergirl)
  • The Beginning Place: Higher Planes Drifters: After Thundrax's soul is stolen by the sorcerer Josiah Brimstone and consigned to the torments of Hell, the Protectors and several allies strike a bargain to remove the amulet of Luxon, prized artifact of Thundrax's archenemy Zorasto and lynchpin of Zorasto's power play in the Netherworld. The team ventures to the Library of Kryptos to uncover the amulet's secret: that it is an ancient psychopomp of Death's Domain. Travelling next to Death's Domain, the heroes overcome numerous obstacles to receive the aid of Luxon's wife, the Eternal Mourner.
  • The Beginning Place: The End Time: Learning that Zorasto's traveled back in time to 1938, where Zorasto was attempting to alter the timestream so that anyone with a heroic nature would not receive superpowers. Fighting their way through everything from demons to a deadly sharknado, the heroes managed to remove the amulet and beat the tar out of the demon before the dukes of hell grabbed the renegade demon lord and consigned him to torment. As per the bargain, Thundrax's soul was freed, though the time travel paradox caused Thundrax's brother Jack to be hurled forward in time to an unknown date.
  • Savage Beginnings, Part 2: The Protectors trek to South America to follow up on a signal being relayed from the rainforests. Something is amiss when they are ambushed by strange, prehistoric like creatures. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Dobergirl, Razira, All-Star, and Black Sigil)


Protectors Missions, 16-30


  • God King of the Forgotten Islands, Part 1: The Protectors were called to look into strange sightings of armed, birdlike creatures flying over the city. These creatures turn out to be Eagle Warriors in the service of Tartolmec, a powerful extradimensional lord and former hero who hasn't been seen on Earth since the late 90s! They soon found themselves facing down the God King himself, who was on a crazed rampage looking for one of his wives! The Protectors found themselves stuck with the poisoned and weakened Lord of the Five Wells when something drew his transport back into his home realm and left him stranded. Who is Lindy Okida and what exactly is going on back in the Forgotten Islands? (-Featuring: Zelara, Canadian Fist, Fantasma, Xanthe, Katsuo and Keioisis)
The Protectors circa late 2013.
  • God King of the Forgotten Islands, Part 2: The spirit of Tartolmec's wife, Ianthe, speaks through Lindy and gives a dire warning: His high priest Acutl is unhappy with the way things are run and has decided to initiate a power grab with the help of a powerful demon called Tzanthl. This threatens not just the Forgotten Islands, but Earth as well. The Protectors get a taste of what's to come when a mystic well forms in Heathesville, Ohio and begins spreading poison and corruption through the surrounding area. After dealing with the wells guardian and a squad of rogue Eagle Warriors, the team was ready to head to Tartolmec's realm and put a stop to this. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Fantasma, Razira, Keioisis, and Canadian Fist)
  • God King of the Forgotten Islands, Part 3 and 4: Finding the Forgotten Islands to be a gloomy and horrible wreck on arrival and Acutl unwilling to step down from his stolen kingdom, the adventure ends with a fight for survival against the empowered priest Acutl and the demon god Tzanthl himself! While the team faces down the combined fury of the usurper and his demonic god, Fantasma helps Lindy and Tartolmec infiltrate the palace and shut off the device Acutl was using to steal his power! Without the might of the Forgotten Islands behind him, Acutl folds and must flee with Tzanthl. Thanks to the Protectors, the Forgotten Islands are safe... for now at least. (-Featuring: Grimoire, Fantasma, Katsuo, Razira, and Canadian Fist)
  • THUNDRAX: NOT JUST THE MOVIE: Several Protectors (and a few additional heroes) accompany Thundrax to the blu ray extended edition screening release party of his self titled movie. Things go awry when a powerful villain known as The Irrepressible Id shows up to make the night living hell for those in attendance. Thankfully, Thundrax and company are able to keep Id at bay, though he does raise puzzling questions as to who he is and why he is doing the things he is. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Thundrax, Dobergirl, Razira and Canadian Fist)
  • Watery Graves: What happens when an army of mystical sea creatures attack coastal cities off Burma? The Protectors of the World and the Young Renegades are on hand to find out. Chinese villain Ao Guang, in possession of a mystical staff that controls such beasts, creates all out war for the teams as they must seal a rift in the fabric of space/ time! (-Featuring: Seadragon, Razira, Sparrowhawk and Canadian Fist alongside Young Renegades Devil Ray, Wavegirl, Victory with Honorary Protector Midas)
  • Romper Room Ruckus: The entire city of Evansville, Indiana goes missing and all that is left is a comic book calling card. The Protectors of the World travel to a four colored world run by the insidious KAPTAIN KOMICS filled with both good little children and 'bad' adults. Trapped in the bodies (and minds) of children themselves, they don't exactly have their work cut our for them until Kaira uses some science know how to save the day. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Canadian Fist, Razira, Dobergirl, Sparrowhawk, Kaira with Honorary Protector Falconet)
  • Most Happiest Yelling Discomfort Land: When Japan's newest amusement park, YUM YUM HAPPY ROBOT TIME, comes under siege by the villain known as M.E.K.K.A., the Protectors of the World must face off against robot janitors wielding lasers, deadly ferris wheels and spheres of doom! (-Featuring: Razira, Canadian Fist and Jade General with Honorary Protectors Tengu and Nightstrike)
  • A Very Protective Christmas (Part One): A magical imp invades the Barlowe building during the first ever holiday party. Its demands are simple: bring her Nate Carter (who decided to opt out for Las Vegas) so that the entire team can learn the true meaning of Christmas, or spend an eternity trapped with her. Naturally, the team goes to on a manhunt to retrieve the gunslinger while learning a bit about themselves in the process. (-Featuring: All-Star, Jade General, Seadragon, Kaira, Sparrowhawk, Canadian Fist, Katsuo and Dobergirl)
  • Virago: A trio of electrically charged villains, THE TRANSDUCERS, take over a power plant and those inside as hostages. A new heroine by the name of VIRAGO steps in to save the day, though the night culminates with the most horrible of things: Razira, her powers somehow activated to unheard of levels by one of the villains, causes destruction and mayhem. The end result is the deaths of one of the villains as well as several people. Virago proclaims that both villains and heroes are a threat to the stability of the world. (-Featuring: Razira, Keioisis, Jade General and Canadian Fist)
  • Crystalline Chaos: A massive monster made out of a seemingly-organic form of sapphire material and its army of smaller creatures is rampaging through Millennium City, smashing and crushing its way through to Downtown. Something seems... off, though. It seems to be moving with a purpose. What could the monster be hoping to achieve? (-Featuring: Sentinel, Dobergirl, Katsuo, Razira, Canadian Fist, and Lifebinder)
PotW RRR.jpg
  • Snowblind: Philadelphia hero Snowblind goes out of control, sending a good portion of the city into a frozen wasteland. The Protectors of the World take him down, securing the safety of the City of Brotherly Love while raising new questions that all is not what it possibly seems with this robotic hero. (-Featuring: Xanthe and Zelara with Honorary Protectors Katerra and Keioseth)
  • How To Get A(bobble)head In Business: Protectors' PR Rep Ada Clover assembles the team to see her newest marketing plan: Protectors of the World bobble heads! Unfortunately, these little buggers are not just adorable, but deadly... and together they plan to kill our heroes! The Protectors afterwards realize that this was all a set up, and someone is definitely gunning for them. (-Featuring: Seadragon, African Violet, Katsuo, Sparrowhawk, Canadian Fist, Razira, Jade General and the lovely Ada Clover)
  • The HALCYON Conspiracy: When UNTIL registers strange trans dimensional energies coming from a remote area in northern Canada, they ask the Protectors to look into it. This takes them to a HALCYON research facility, who dabble in a number of esoteric ideas and programs. Recently raided by a group of high powered mercenaries, it fell prey to the accidental opening of The Cthulhu Project, a dimensional doorway to a netherworld. The group brings their A-game to find a way to victory, facing off against the eye of the storm. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Razira, Black Sigil, Seadragon, Canadian Fist, Sparrowhawk and Sentinel)
  • Spring Forward / Fall Back: A crowd of mysterious strangers gathers at the Millennium City Convention Center, which is hosting an exhibit of the Gems of the World, a collection of some of the rarest and largest gems! With security beefed up, everything looks to be in the clear, but Sentinel isn't so sure. Contacting her fellow teammates and a local hero to investigate the scene, they soon find themselves facing a collective of goons with odd masks! When the crowd suddenly attacks and the goons make All-Star forget his team, everyone is left wondering exactly what they were after... (-Featuring: All-Star, Canadian Fist, Xanthe, Lifebinder and Red Rush)
  • Accipiter: A journey to a deserted HALCYON base leads to more than what the Protectors bargained for. Sparrowhawk shows her true colors, neutralizing the Protectors she has traveled with while taking with her undisclosed information retrieved from their database. Was Sparrowhawk also the anti-meta heroine Virago? With Canadian Fist gravely injured, Katsuo's tech destroying him, Razira's mind once again tampered with and C.O.P.'s systems compromised, the entire team worries that things will get worse before they get better... especially with Sparrowhawk still on the loose. (-Featuring: Razira, Sparrowhawk, C.O.P., Katsuo, Black Sigil and Canadian Fist)


Protectors Missions, 31-45


  • The Ties That Bind: The Protectors make their way to Houston, Texas when a distress call to UNTIL goes unanswered by the ILLUSTRIOUS THREE. Under attack by soldiers with access to high tech weaponry and equipment, they manage to kidnap two of them as a fight between the Protectors and villains commences. Their leader showcases amazing physical talents as well as a mastery in combat, taking down Wolfgirl and forcing Xanthe into cardiac arrest... resulting in him falling into a coma. A 'tachyon grid' is discovered that somehow disrupts dimensional fields. Not our heroes' best day. (-Featuring: Seadragon, Xanthe, Razira, Canadian Fist, Aura and Kaira with Honorary Protector Wolfgirl)
The Protectors circa mid 2014.
  • Revelations: After a man dies under mysterious circumstances passing along a cryptic message, the heroic Harrier uses his detective know-how to discover an uncanny link between ten exceptionally well off families across the country. Each of them possesses a child of the same age who is incredibly gifted beyond the norm... and also currently missing. With possible ties to Sparrowhawk, her father being one of the ten, the Protectors begin to start piecing together a puzzle that may have dire consequences. With half the team going to talk to the families, the other half choose to learn a bit more about them behind the scenes. (-Featuring: Harrier, Razira,Aura and Riptide with Honorary Protectors Black Dog and New Vigil's M.E.D.I.C.)
  • Go Henshin Katsuo Super Mode! :
    PotW GHKSM.jpg
    When a strange bomb of unknown origin erupts in downtown Tokyo it somehow removes the powers of everyone with superhuman abilities for miles around. A terrorist group takes advantage of this, causing UNTIL to be at its wits end and finding its resources stretched to the limit. The Protectors are called in but find themselves powerless. They must rely on the old gear of a team known in the 1970s as KAMEN EIYUU. Using their special 'Flurry' belts, the team possess several abilities which assist in taking down a host of cyborg-insect mutations that are causing havoc in the city. (-Featuring: Katsuo, Canadian Fist, Black Sigil, Razira with Honorary Protector Ada Clover)
  • JAILBREAK!: Sparrowhawk, freeing herself of a mental device controlling her, takes down a remote island facility in South America and frees numerous heroes, including Dobergirl, who have been held captive for the past few weeks and experimented on. While Sparrowhawk falls to a neural implant attempting to kill her as well as a severe beating from a villain known as Cassowary, Dobergirl sets off a signal to the Protectors to locate them. The team heads out to find themselves in the middle of a war between captive super heroes and high tech soldiers. Sparrowhawk, Dobergirl and several heroes are rescued, but not before a strange bomb is detonated. Black Sigil manages to contain the resulting explosion and saves the Protectors though at the cost of his own life. The team's dynamics fray as tensions rise between its core members. (-Featuring: Dobergirl, Sparrowhawk, All-Star, Black Sigil, Razira, Canadian Fist ,Seadragon with Honorary Protector Riptide)
  • Going For The Gold: Canadian Fist leads a group of Protectors on a mission to Arizona to locate a mystical dagger that may be her only hope of recovering her powers. It takes the love of her man, special guest star THE FLEA, to bring her back to life after an attack almost kills her. (-Featuring: Razira, Canadian Fist, Katsuo and Aura with Honorary Protectors RoboGirl and The Flea)
  • Enter The Leviathan: The monstrous Leviathan is teleported into the heart of downtown Millennium City. The Protectors lead the battle above as Sparrowhawk and a second team work on dismantling a gene bomb located under the city. The Protectors, aided by a whos whos of past and present Honorary members, save the day and the threat of the Apotheosis Project is removed... for now. (Featuring: Dobergirl, Seadragon, Katsuo, Canadian Fist, Sparrowhawk, C.O.P., Zwein, Razira alongside numerous guest stars such as Katerra, Thundrax with Honorary Protectors)
  • Roses are DEAD: An odd plant creature obsessed with despair calling itself la Fleur de Misere attacks Paris, France on Valentines Day, causing couples to fight and slowly infecting the rest of the populace with hopelessness and rage! The Protectors were forced to overcome the wicked weeds hypnotic pollen and save the most romantic city in the world! (-Featuring: Keioisis, Katsuo and Canadian Fist with Honorary Protectors Temezca and The Flea.)
  • A Streetcar Named DESTROY: When a group of disgruntled scientists hijack an experimental super car loaded to the brim with dangerous weapons and gadgets, the Protectors must engage in a city-spanning chase to stop the out of control vehicle before it causes any damage. (-Featuring: All-Star, Katsuo and Sentinel with Honorary Protector Red Rush)
  • Birds of a Feather: The Protectors go undercover in India posing as anti meta human agents to infiltrate the sky carrier of the villainous Crimson Fury. Their newest recruit, Grey Osprey, is on hand to ensure that information pertaining to gene bombs devised by the Apotheosis Project will never be used again. (-Featuring: Grey Osprey, Harrier and Sparrowhawk aided by Honorary Protectors Violet Mask and Knight Watch)
  • Conundrum: When an ambassador is kidnapped in Millennium City, the Protectors learn of his past which involves the murder of a young girl. What happens when the law can't protect those it is supposed to? (-Featuring: All-Star, Dobergirl, Keioisis and Razira with cameos by Sparrowhawk and Henchman)
  • The Chinese Room: A rogue AI with a chip on its shoulder holds Millennium City hostage by turning its electric appliances into dangerous sentient weapons and it's up to the Protectors to fix its mess. (-Featuring: All-Star, Dobergirl, Keioisis and Fantasma with Alec Baldwin as Katsuo)
  • The Great Beasts: All Star heads up a team of Protectors to Greenland, where they face off against a demonic entity after discovering their original quarry are actually the ones they are sworn to protect! (-Featuring: Grey Osprey, Sparrowhawk, Razira, Phenom and All-Star)
  • Miskatonic Mayhem: When the Protectors are called in to supervise the unveiling of a device in New York that can actually let others peer into another new dimension, they have to face off against terrifying creatures from beyond that want to kill and feed off anyone they can. (-Featuring: Voreen, Razira, Zwein and All-Star.)
  • Body Doubles (Part One): Razira, whose life was under threat by a supposed alien from within UNTIL, learns a far deeper involvement into hidden affairs. The would be killer alien is actually a human with aberrant DNA, devised by the Apotheosis Project for... something. The team heads to Taiwan to seek some answers, only to find a scientific lab and research center with three very bizarre canisters... each containing something living in it. The Protectors take said canisters back to Keioisis' asteroid base to open, unsure what lurks within. (-Featuring: Phenom, Razira, Keioisis, Voreen and Honorary Protector Wolfgirl.)
  • Body Doubles (Part Two): On an asteroid lab, Keioisis opens the containers found in Taiwan... leading to a knock down, drag out fight between the Protectors and something that looks very much like Craig Carson, Thundrax! (-Featuring: Phenom, Razira, Katsuo, Keioisis and Honorary Protector Wolfgirl.)

Protectors Missions, 46-60


  • 'Hench For A Day' or 'How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Sign The Contract': When a contract signed by Dobergirl comes back to haunt her, the Protectors are forcefully enlisted into the service of the mercenary known as Henchman. Their mission? To protect him from Ouroboros, GAIA, VIPER, ARGENT, The Mercenaries Guild, G-Force and The Society of Sin -- all of which are out for his blood. But as matters begin to spiral wildly out of control, the question of what it is Henchman has done to earn himself the ire of these criminal organisations becomes more and more pertinent... (-Featuring: Dobergirl, Sparrowhawk, Chivalry, Keioisis and Honorary Protectors Foxhound and Henchman)
  • The Great Stellar Escape: The Protectors are pulled out of time and space to quell a prison riot in the extradimensional cosmic prison known as the Hotbox -- home to some of the Multiverse's most dangerous cosmic lawbreakers and the enigmatic White Warden, who oversees the facility with rigorous adherence to the cosmic laws. Things take a turn for the unexpected, however, when the very prisoners they were summoned to incapacitate claim to be their universe's only hope of stopping a dangerous future threat. (-Featuring: Dobergirl, Voreen, Razira, Keioisis, Artifist and Katsuo))
  • Just Bee Yourself: A swarm of giant bees, released last year from a lab doing questionable genetic experiments, has returned to Millennium City and they're ready to settle down. Led by the villainous Queen Bebezzzal (or Princess Bebe, in her off days) the creatures tried to create a hive from available materials, such as local buildings, and set to kidnapping human subjects for their queen! With the help of PRIMUS and the slightly off Dr. Busby, the Protector's were able to rescue the civilians and capture the scientifically important bees for future research! (-Featuring: All-Star, Fantasma and Katsuo)
  • Throwback Thursday: Three years ago a portal opened up over downtown Millennium City, causing two large alien creatures to fall from the sky. When their fight caused confusion and chaos to erupt, it was up to the pre- Protectors of the World to put an end to it! Can a rough around the edges rag tag group (with an evil Katsuo for added measure) stop bickering long enough to stop this menace? (Featuring: Razira, C.O.P., Wildeye, Sparrowhawk, Katsuo and your Frenemy Neighborhood The Flea)
  • Fire Woman: The Protectors head undercover to Colombia, were a cult called 'The Children of Prajna' have relocated to start life in a compound called Utopia. Little do they know their leader, Dr. Martin Merriweather aka the Shining Son, really has plans to activate a doorway to another dimension and wreak havoc upon the Earth... (Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Zwein, Razira, Voreen and Keioisis)
  • Rebirth of the Beast, Parts 1-7: When people begin to disappear all over Japan and strange, fantastic 'Beasts' appear wielding an array of bizarre and awesome abilities, the Protectors are asked to investigate. Several battles wage as they diligently work alongside the Anti-Beast Taskforce to battle a variety of creatures that attempt to lay waste to the country. (-Featuring: Katsuo, All-Star, Fantasma, Artifist, Keioisis, Razira, Voreen, African Violet, Zwein and Honorary Protector Robogirl)
  • When Stars Align: A team of insane villains from Greece, the Almagest, want to capture the powers of the stars for their own selfish purposes. With their leader, who has harnessed cosmic energy, threatens Millennium City, its up to the Protectors to make sure this doesn't happen! (Featuring: Artifist, Razira and Cosmic Glory with Honorary Protectors Thundrax, Maverick and Fighting Eagle)
  • THE INCREDIBLE, AWESOME, STUPENDOUS RETURN OF KAPTAIN KOMICS!!!: Kaptain Komics returns to pester the Protectors once more! When the dastardly Kaptain escapes jail and becomes fixated on a long cancelled syndicated childrens cartoon called 'Princess Pufflewump's Magical Castle', he steals half a city and its townspeople to transform into his own version of the Magical Castle. Its up to the heroes to take him down and save the people he has kidnapped before he does much, much more harm! When they think its all over though, a city in the sky almost spells certain doom unless a last minute rescue can be found! (Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Razira, Cosmic Glory with Honorary Protectors Maverick, Killer Spider, Heat Screech and Colonial)
  • We Walk In Shadows (Part One): Zwein leads a team of Honorary Protectors to the underbelly of Westside to investigate several mysterious deaths of the homeless. What they find is an underground organization processing a new super drug which is a combination of blood and a mysterious chemical agent that bestows incredible addiction coupled with amazing powers. Is an actual ancient vampire named Adrian Arkwright responsible for this new and dangerous concoction? (Featuring: Zwein alongside Honorary Protectors Mutt, Brimstone, Clockwork and Michael Lawrinson)
  • We Walk In Shadows (Part Two): Zwein and his team of Honorary Protectors rally to face off against the forces of Adrian Arkwright at an old manufacturing plant. Soon it becomes apparent that the cargo they are retrieving is none other than dozens of human victims. From werewolves playing guitar on vans to the brutality of fisticuffs to the stopping of time itself, the team pulls no punches to free the innocents. They are left, however, with a promise from Arkwright that this is not the end... not by a long shot. (Featuring: Zwein alongside Honorary Protectors Mutt, Brimstone, Clockwork and Michael Lawrinson)
  • Savage Beginnings, Finale (aka Do The De-Evolution): When terraforming beacons of ancient and extra terrestrial design are activated and cause worldwide panic as the planet itself is poised to be terraformed into a prehistoric state, new member Peacemaker joins members of the Protectors go off world to confront the cause of this... in outer space? (Featuring: Razira, Artifist, The Peacemaker, Voreen, Sparrowhawk with Honorary Protector Kaira)
  • Savage Beginnings, Finale 2 (aka Do The De-Evolution): The Protectors race against time as a large space ship closes in on Earth to wipe out humanity. While the planet below continues to be terraformed, its up to Razira, who holds the secrets of the de-evolution, to step up and reveal truths two million years in the making. When the world is besieged by an army of war drones, the team fights in the stratosphere along side Star*Guard to secure Earth's defense! Finally, Razira learns that 'Mother Wolf' is in charge of the fate of a planet as the Protectors promise to secure and find a new home for the remnants of an entire civilization. (Featuring: Razira, Artifist, The Peacemaker, Voreen and Sparrowhawk)
  • Gadragon the Destroyer: In India, the Protectors face off against a man named Gadragon, who claims to work for a prison planet. When they stand between him and the alien life form which he is to return, the team realizes they've made a dangerous enemy. (Featuring: Artifist, Stonemason, Razira with Honorary Protectors Albatross and Heat Screech)
  • Avalon: When Silversmith, Boggart, Willow Wisp and Pace, otherwise known as British heroes The Adventurers of Avalon kidnap and hold hostage several members of England's Parliament, the Protectors are called in to assist. But what starts out as a fight between super teams ends with the realization they are being controlled by the evil entity known as Spring Heeled Jack! What turns from a simple hostage crisis at Stonehenge quickly escalates into a fight for their very souls! (Featuring: Razira, Zwein, Wildeye, Sparrowhawk and The Peacemaker)
  • Death Metal: The Protectors' resident counselor, Aura, decides to strengthen the bonds of friendship and teamwork with a fun night out to a rock concert. As luck would have it, however, the team gets involved in a hair raising battle when the band's lead singer is targeted for death by a number of high-priced assassins! What is worse, the music of Ava Adore and her band Resting B!tchface, or the insidious villains Pinball, Deathknell, Dark Animus and Klepto?? (Featuring: C.O.P., Wildeye, Aura, Razira, Cosmic Glory, Fathom and Zwein)

Protectors Missions, 61-75


  • Memorial for the Fallen: The team has a memorial for All-Star, aka Nate Carter, former Field Leader of the Protectors. Several heroes throughout the world pay their respects to him and honor his memory. The team convenes at Nate's favorite watering hole and discuss their future plans. Razira is given the promotion of Primary Field Leader, taking Nate's place. (- Featuring: Pretty much every current active Protector)
  • The Thirst: Hordes of starving humans, going into a terrible form of withdrawal from the so-called 'Vampire Meth', attack and loot every single place that stores blood in Millennium City. When Mercy Hospital is overrun, its up to the Protectors of the World (and friends) to prevent it! When the mysterious 'Lovecraftian Man' arrives, the team must wonder is he friend... or foe? A continuation of the Adrian Arkwright saga from WE WALK IN SHADOWS. (Featuring: Voreen and Zwein alongside Honorary Protectors Mutt, Biomorph and friend/ enemy The Lovecraftian Man)
  • Smoke On The Water: New recruit Fathom discovers an oil platform in international waters, thought to be abandoned, is actually active. In fact, it appears that a weapons smuggling operation is going on there courtesy of a villain by the name of Captain Conquest! The Protectors are taken to task to locate proof of this, handle numerous well trained soldiers and fight off the dreaded Killer Chrome. Their operations uncovered, a quick get away is made by Conquest, who almost gives the Protectors a free ticket to Davy Jones' Locker. (- Featuring: Fathom, Artifist, Zwein, Sparrowhawk and Voreen)
  • Everything Old Is New Again: When super villain the Time Bandit breaks into a research facility and collects the chronal energy of a space/ time invention, he drastically alters the world. The Protectors realize that he has went back to 1938, manipulating world events to remove super powered heroes as well as secure himself a top world authority. This makes the Protectors themselves travel to the past in order to stop him before he sets his plans into motion! (- Featuring: Tesseract, Sparrowhawk, Zwein, Razira, Artifist, Stonemason, Cosmic Glory)
  • Whatever Happened To Steel Champion?: When a town in Pennsylvania is under attack by two mystery men, the Protectors come in to investigate. When the antagonists refer to Cold War terminology, it is thought they are robots from decades ago. It is actually revealed that they are 1950s heroes Steel Champion and his sidekick, Scrappy. As a battle wages on, the truth is uncovered: both heroes were housed in an abandoned military facility for nearly forty years and that they are partly human! Decades of isolation had driven them to the brink of insanity to the point that the past was the present. After the Protectors snap them out of their fugue state the duo are returned to humanity, hoping to somehow forge new lives for themselves. (- Featuring: African Violet, Fathom and Voreen)
  • Race to Graduation: When Cosmic Glory graduates high school, the Protectors aren't the only ones there to cheer her on. It is brought to their attention via her boyfriend, Brad Jones, that an old enemy may be making an appearance. Two in fact, as Galtoid and members of TYR have it out for our cosmic cutie! After the battle is won, there is news that the Protectors may be in for further trouble. Who said life after school was ever easy? (-Featuring: The Peacemaker, Zwein, Fathom, Stonemason, Cosmic Glory and Chivalry alongside Honorary Protectors Thundrax and Lash)
  • Picnic on Planet Razira aka Avestus: The Protectors convene on the massive space vessel discovered during the finale of Savage Beginnings and which currently resides close to the moon. The group discusses their present course of action, the history of the space ship they have acquired and what the future holds. Zelara begins to work on understanding what secrets the ship may contain and how to deal with it while the team learns the affinity Razira holds for it. And C.O.P. even brought some beer. (-Featuring: Zelara, Fathom, C.O.P., Razira, Wildeye and Sparrowhawk)
  • Big Guns (Part One): A visit to a remote city leads to an underground hideout. Following up on intel after their scuffle with Captain Conquest, the Protectors stop a weapons shipment with some very hi tech devices. A fight breaks out in a hidden underground bunker against the conniving Lady Midnight and her guardian, the vampiric Bathory. (-Featuring: Sparrowhawk and Tesseract with Honorary Protector, the Freelancer SCRI)
  • Brazilian Shakedown: The Protectors travel to Brazil where are called to assist. A town is under siege by seismic activity that is in no way natural. A VIPER nest is discovered to be the culprits instead. Utilizing and testing a new weapon out they are unleashing it upon the unsuspecting public! The Protectors team up to stop this threat with the hero Armory, who is to become their newest recruit. (-Featuring: Armory, Stonemason, Sparrowhawk, Cosmic Glory and Razira)
  • The Requisition: In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Protectors must go undercover to infiltrate an exclusive party for some of the world's most prominent crime families. Why have they all convened at this gala? It is a cover for the silent auction and sale of usable DNA of some of the world's most prominent heroes (from genetic materials originally discovered in the mission Body Doubles) with the potential of cloning for their own use. It is up to the team to not only recover these but defeat the villains that stand in their way: the demonic enhanced Hellbent, probability manipulator Windfall, assassin sisters the Furies and the high powered Bifrons! (-Featuring: Stonemason, Fathom, Sparrowhawk, Razira and Zwein)
  • Once Bitten: The Protectors are given the location of a large supply of 'The Thirst', aka the 'vampire meth' that has afflicted thousands. What they do not realize until too late, however, is that this is all a set up. Their arrival was orchestrated by Adrian Arkwright himself to teach the team a lesson... one that almost costs them their lives. As they lie broken, the vampiric sorcerer begins to put his final plans into motion... (-Featuring: Tesseract, Zwein, Razira and Freelancer Havoc as well as an appearance by Stonemason)
  • Prelude to Nocturne: An assembly of heroes gathers in the Barlowe Building to discuss Adrian Arkwright. Sparrowhawk and Artifist relay information about the true nature of the drug known as 'The Thirst'. Several others supply insight in how to deal with this threat. It is noted that Arkwright is laying low and must be brought out into the open, as he is hiding something... though what it is exactly is still a mystery. (-Featuring: Artifist, Fathom, Armory, The Peacemaker, Zwein, Stonemason and Sparrowhawk alongside numerous Honorary Protectors)
  • Sanguinis Cruentatio, Part One: A Shadow Cast: A team designated "Team 3" are sent by Sparrowhawk to protect and defend the Millennium City Power Plant. A vast army of vampires, sent out by Arkwright and led by one of his top commanders, Javier Perdigon, are out to lay waste the city's power grid. With a city already fallen into shadow, the loss of the last vestiges of light would spell ruin. The heroes succeed as C.O.P., Razira and Cosmic Glory suffer almost fatal wounds from their encounter with Javier whose abilities are exponentially enhanced by exposure to "The Thirst". (-Featuring: Razira, C.O.P., Cosmic Glory and Honorary Protector Biomorph)
  • Sanguinis Cruentatio, Part Two: The Seal: Sparrowhawk sends a team of Honorary Protectors (designated "Team 0") to Romania, where they must seek out an ancient holy relic. What at first is thought to be a monastery is instead the harbinger of great doom. They must face off against a cadre of vampires who command mystical powers, and victory is the only way to get the one thing that may save all of Millennium City... and perhaps the entire world! (-Featuring: Honorary Protectors Dr. Kaufmann, Starlet, Bloodbath, Cantrip, Felix Delazar and -R- of the Snookii)
  • Sanguinis Cruentatio, Part Three: In Darkness: "Team 22", led by one of the Protectors' newest members, Armory, is designated to protect the thousands of lives which are seeking refuge within the Millennium Sports Stadium. When an army of vampires attack, it is up to only these handful of adventurers to provide defense. With the odds decidedly not in their favor they are faced with one true fact: kill or be killed. (-Featuring: Armory alongside Honorary Protectors Kid Ballistic, Shutter-Speed and Contratus)

Protectors Missions, 76-90


  • Sanguinis Cruentatio, Part Four: Finale: The Protectors are ready to face Adrian Arkwright, an ancient relic ready about to arrive and hopefully level the playing field. Unfortunately, Arkwright attacks first, destroying the Barlowe and almost killing the entire team. Only a last minute save turns the tide of battle and ensures that Arkwright's reign is short and that day is allowed to come to Millennium City. (-Featuring: Artifist, Zwein, Stonemason, Sparrowhawk and The Peacemaker)
  • When Werewolves Attack: The Millennium City Museum is under attack and being robbed of Lemurian jeweled relics. Who could be behind this? Perhaps Razira, mind-controlled by a powerful vampiric sorceress! The Protectors join forces with the Field Leader's pack to save their friend and stop their enemy. (-Featuring: Armory, Razira, The Peacemaker, Sparrowhawk alongside Great Lakes Pack members Wolfgirl and Mutt)
  • Black Sail By Starlight: Using information gathered from interrogating a villain, Havoc and Ice-Heart think they've figured out a way to break the magics keeping the members of the Freelancers held hostage in different dimensions. They take on assistance in the form of the Protectors of the World. (-Featuring: Armory with Freelancer Ice-Heart)
  • Homecoming: A team is sent to go locate Kara, Keioseth's (of the Freelancers) daughter and wayward member of the Protectors, in the dimension she has been stuck in. (-Featuring: Aura, Armory, The Peacemaker, Keioseth II and Honorary Protector Titanos)
  • Husk - Battle Of The Barlowe: When a demonic- infused villain targets C.O.P. and the heroine Feral, a war is waged at ground zero: The Barlowe Building! The Protectors are forced to use their home as a battleground or face the death of one of their own. (-Featuring: Artifist, Razira, C.O.P. and Cosmic Glory alongside Honorary Protectors Feral and Cantrip)
  • Isle Of The Damned: On a remote island a hundred miles off of South Africa's coast, a research facility is quarantined as a strange infection has overrun the location. The place... HALCYON, the strange and shadowy organization responsible for studying all things arcane and esoteric. What other secrets do they hold as the team must rescue any survivors from the clutches of the enemy? (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Razira, Zwein, Tesseract, Keioseth II and Sparrowhawk)
  • Westside Wendigos: A strange electromagnetic disturbance erupts over Westside, releasing a strange portal that plays host to otherworldly entities. Wendigos, creatures of horror and legend, attempt to lay waste to the area... only to be greeted by the combined efforts of The Protectors and The Progeny! (-Featuring: Razira, Armory and The Peacemaker alongside Black Ice, Cait Sith and Ace of The Progeny)
  • Breakin' The Law: The Protectors follow up from events which began in 'Isle of the Damned' and pay a visit to a ruined HALCYON research facility. When they attempt to gain answers they are met with creatures conjured from another dimension who seek to stop our heroes and wipe them off the face of the Earth! (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Tesseract, Zwein, M.E.D.I.C. and Wildeye)
  • Memories in the Endless Void Episode 3: End of the Line Part 3 - The Terror from Beyond the Stars!: The Protectors go to check out a distress signal at the edge of the solar system and discover a haunted space ship which acted as a trap to lure them in and capture the group before an alien invasion of Earth. (-Featuring: Razira, Cosmic Glory, Peacemaker, Zwein, Keioseth II)
  • Japan Bound! A Hiroshima Handful: The Protectors head to Japan to investigate strange disappearances and large holes appearing in Hiroshima. Some crews went down and never came back up. The Protectors must go down in them only to come face to face with a giant venomous snake and a young woman in need of some help. (Featuring: Razira, Imp, Stonemason, Zwein and The Peacemaker)
  • I Wanna Go To The Sun: When a vacation courtesy of the Peacemaker goes awry, the Protectors of the World are on hand to ensure that the isle remains safe. An invasion from a villain called Campaign as well as his minions puts all of their lives in jeopardy... but is this person the real individual behind this, or is there even something more suspicious and terrible lurking in the shadows? (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Armory, Thundrax, Sparrowhawk, Razira, Cosmic Glory and Tesseract )
  • Memories in the Endless Void Episode 3: End of the Line Part 4 - The Whole World’s Falling Down: After being captured by an alien race, the Protectors are forced to battle in a gladiatorial arena called BATTLE PRISON. After escaping, they discover there is more to this than they originally believed. (-Featuring: Keioseth II, Razira, Captain Adamant, Zwein, and Imp, with guest appearances by Tesseract, Armory, and the rest of the Protectors. )
  • Battle For Avestus: A series of strange things occurs on 'Planet Razira', aka the planetoid ship Avestus. When a series of drones are launched from Earth towards the ship, the Protectors are on hand to find out what is going on. The villainous MEKKA is actually attempting to upload a program into the ship, allowing him full control of one of the most dangerous weapons known to man! (-Featuring: Imp, Tesseract, Sparrowhawk, Razira, Keioseth II, Cosmic Glory and Wildeye)
  • Clean Up On Aisle 9: When a pair of C-List heroes named ARBOROUS REX and HARPY bring their posse into the Millennium City SuperSaver for their first big score, it's up to the Protectors to put a stop to them. The heroes receive assistance from an unexpected, very cute source. (- Featuring: Wildeye, Keioseth II, Imp and Captain Adamant, with guest appearances by Brianna Pepler, M.E.D.I.C., Psion and Noble)

Protectors Missions, 91-105


  • Mall Mayhem!: A day at the mall turns deadly when three supervillains go to war...with each other! The Protectors find themselves caught dead in the middle of a dispute between three powerful super villains: Goomba, High Sticker, and Rubber Band Man! (- Featuring: Tesseract, Armory, Captain Adamant, Imp, Fathom, The Peacemaker and Wildeye with guest appearances from Ultimate)
  • Toxic Love: A simple evening of drinking and socializing takes a very foul turn when the Protectors find themselves under attack by the madman Dr. Petroleum and a certain Malicious Gentleman. The joyful evening turns into a toxic struggle as the good doctor calls in his Oil Dolls and lets them loose on the people in the bar. (- Featuring: Armory, Captain Adamant and Tesseract, with guest appearances by Voukashin, Monster Mash and Anaconda)
  • Countdown to Chaos: When UNTIL asks Sparrowhawk to look into strange goings on at the famous Machu Picchu in Peru, she brings the expertise of the Protectors on board. An ancient astronomical device has a secondary nature, calling forth a being born directly of earth! When this colossal terror attacks, the team must combat it while ensuring a world heritage site is not devastated and the civilians there are safe from danger! (- Featuring: Zwein, Sparrowhawk, Razira, Tesseract and Keioseth II)
  • System Restore - Investigation In Greece: The Protectors, by way of Tesseract, travel to Greece to locate a member of the heroine's global hacking network. What they discover is not only the person in question missing but clues to a far reaching puzzle that needs to be solved. Where are Tesseract's missing companions? And where exactly is Armory in this mess, who may have ties to answering this conundrum? (- Featuring: Razira, Zwein, Captain Adamant, Sparrowhawk and Tesseract)
  • A Damsel for the Devil: A day of joy turned into a day of panic! Imp, after discovering a scrawled message along an alleyway she frequents in Westside, sends out a call for aid to the Protectors after a stranger kidnaps Captain Adamant! (- Featuring: Imp, Tesseract, Captain Adamant, Zwein, Stonemason and African Violet)
  • Big Guns P.II - Shoot to Thrill: The Protectors finally find traces of the missing chairman of Armstrong Security, the final piece in the puzzle to shut down a large Weapon Smuggling ring within the States. However, time is short and even when they make it, they're faced by the powerhouses Killer Chrome and Hitokiri, lead by the spider denmother Lady Silken. New enemies are made and the Protectors present may have ended up marked for life... (- Featuring: Peacemaker, Zwein and Tesseract)
  • The God's Eye: When an artifact that pre dates 'The Ban' is discovered to be owned by HALCYON and is the reason for the recent destruction at various facilities, the Protectors look for answers. Their search takes them to Japan, where a billionaire (who also is one of the heads of HALCYON) is keeping it in his possession. The team is beaten by a collection of villains including the armored Gauntlet, demon Lethal as well as past Protectors villains Ao Guang and Cassowary: all who seem just as intent on taking the artifact for themselves. (- Featuring: Razira, Captain Adamant, Tesseract and Sparrowhawk)
  • Memories in the Endless Void Episode 3: End of the Line Part 5 - The Fire on the Mountain: The Endless Void Finale, The Protectors attack Sei and his Capital Ship only to be greeted by his younger sister Lorelei and a Siris resurrected from Hell. They fought valiantly and Cosmic Glory vaporized the monster Sei turned himself into as it was crashing down onto Earth. The Day was saved, the heroes were alright save for Seth McIlroy, their only casualty. ( - Featuring: Tesseract, Peacemaker, Zwein, Cosmic Glory, African Violet, Keioseth II and special guest star Keioseth)
  • Birth in Blood: The Protectors have rescued a man from a DEMON ritual and bring him to the Westside Eastern Emergency clinic to try and save his life. They meet the Progeny there, before they learn in the most unpleasant way possible that the ritual hadn't been stopped - just delayed. The heroes find themselves fending off against a powerful, ancient, and bloody enemy! (- Featuring: Tesseract, Razira, and Black Ice, Blue Freedom, and Cobalt Crush of The Progeny)
  • All Hallow's Nightmare: Welcome to the Goodman Institute's famous Hallow's Eve Costume Party! Everything is set for a beautiful night as the Protectors join Tesseract for a night out. The only problem is the institute's recent research into other dimensions and correlations between magic and technology, which has a mystical key open a portal... right to Hell! Its up to the Protectors to ensure not only are they safe but that the world doesn't have to experience a literal Hell on Earth! (-Featuring: Keioseth II, Sparrowhawk, Thundrax, Zwein, Tesseract, Fathom and the death defying Imp)
  • Caught By Celluloid: When the movie awards known as the CHARLIES are invaded and interrupted by an ostracized former director now calling himself Celluloid, the Protectors must stage a major rescue. As they are digitized and brought into a realm filled with old television programs, they are forced to fight through nightmarish versions of favorite shows to return the ceremony to normal. (-Featuring: Zwein, Artifist, Tesseract and Razira)
  • System Restore - Hong Kong Hustle: Sparrowhawk and Tesseract head off to Hong Kong in search of LaoziRiver, the last member of Daemon Spawn that (hopefully) hasn't gone missing. Complications arise after the two split up, with Sparrowhawk encountering a group of unknown assailants and Tesseract disappearing after a communications black out. Could these people be tied to the Response Initiative, the shadowy government agency Armory belongs to? (-Featuring: Sparrowhawk and Tesseract)
  • Money is Power - The Enemy of my Enemy is the Enemy of my Enemy: A hostage situation at the Millenium City Grand Opera House! MCPD Chief Surhoff called in the Protectors to solve the situation, but things were not that easy. While it first appeared that the Doctor and his Men in White were testing one of their new drugs on innocent civilians it soon became clear that the Doctor was actually hunting for the shapeshifting terrorist Bai Gu Jing, an agent of the mysterious Golden Dragon. The Protectors reluctantly teamed up with the infamous physician. Together they managed to find and defeat the deadly shapeshifter and prevent her from wreaking havoc in Millenium City, but the Doctor escaped during the battle. However he left a note mentioning that he would contact the Protectors again when the time came to deal with the threat of the Golden Dragon himself. (-Featuring: Artifist, Fathom, Razira and Tesseract)
  • Dancing with the Moonlit Night: Four and a half years ago, many of the Protectors joined Thundrax and the Circle of Justice to investigate the Slumberer, an infant Galaxar who slept on the moon. Now they received a message from Keioseth, originating close to the area where the Slumberer was imprisoned. The heroes arrive to find Revenger's Amazons, now taking refuge with Keioseth, much to the Protectors' horror, especially Kara. After much turmoil, Ice-Heart reunites the dream shard with a tiny psychic wound on the titan, assuring the titan will not awaken. Keioseth, realizing what he is, says good-bye to Kara and tries to heal the emotional wounds. They part, leaving the dream-Keioseth to die.(-Featuring: Keioseth II , Cosmic Glory, Laser Knight, Razira, Peacemaker and Honorary Protector Ice-Heart)
  • Fresh out of Time : The Protectors got called to deal with some kinda disturbance at Stonehenge! Upon arrival they were flung into time where they joined up with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table, to fight the evil witch, Morgan Le Fay, who had been transporting mercenaries with modern weapons to the past to take over Britain! Having lost Imp in the travel to the past, the Protectors marched on with the knights, eventually overthrowing Le Fay and her army of modern soldiers and rejoining Imp, who had helped the misplaced knights stop the witch in the future. (- Featuring : Imp, Razira, Voreen, M.E.D.I.C., Fahrenheit and Tartolmec)

Protectors Missions, 106-120

MISSIONS 106-120

  • Money Is Power - Step 1: We prevent something bad from happening!: The threat of the Golden Dragon destroying not only Millenium City but possibly wrecking the economy of the US or even the whole world still looms. The Protectors have to ally with the shady Doctor and his Men in White once again to prevent that from happening. The first step was to protect the construction site of a high-tech oil processing facility in the icy waters of the North Atlantic from the Golden Dragon's troops. Multinational corporations and hedge funds had invested into the completion of this facility and the financial damage its destruction would have wrought on the world economy would have made it easy for the Golden Dragon to buy up several key assets all over the world. The Protectors along with several squads of Men in White and their field commander Tamara 'Cross' Aristopoulos managed to defend the facility from the Golden Dragon's attack. Missile attacks, teleporting cyborg shocktroops and finally the Golden Dragon's chief scientist Kanghui in his giant Kaiju battlesuit attacked the facility, but in the end the Protectors and their unlikely allies were able to successfully defend it. (-Featuring: African Violet, Fathom, Imp and guest-starring Robogirl)
  • Money Is Power - Step 2: We make something bad happen!: With the Golden Dragon's attack on the oil facility prevented, the Protectors have bought themselves some time to strike back! Now it is vital to weaken the Golden Dragon by cutting him off from his money. The Doctor had commissioned the notorious hacker Cybermind to write a virus which would do exactly that if uploaded to the Wall Street main servers; it will cut the Golden Dragon's access to his bank accounts, hedge funds and stocks for a few hours. Not only will this prevent him from using his immense wealth, it would also weaken the magical source of his superpowers: a blessing by Cai Shen, the Chinese god of wealth one of his ancestors received generations ago. It granted him ever-increasing superpowers the richer he was. The Protectors along with the Doctor's personal assistant Janine 'Red' Guiliani were the ones to infiltrate Wall Street. After a nerve-wrecking journey over Manhattan's rooftops they managed to upload the virus only for everything to go south: Cybermind wanted revenge on the Doctor for some slight in the past. His virus mistook the Protectors for the Doctor and captured them in a virtual reality bubble. They had to fight through a range of weaponized internet memes in a twisted virtual gauntlet to escape Cybermind's prison and make the virus work properly. (-Featuring: Keioseth II and The Peacemaker)
  • Money Is Power - Step 3: Something exciting happens!: With his plans thwarted and his funds cut off, it was time to confront the Golden Dragon himself in his palace in the Taihang mountain range in China. The Doctor had arranged to have the Protectors and his men smuggled into China, ever cautious of Chinese authorities, many of which were in the Golden Dragon's pocket. Arriving at his mansion, the Men in White distracted his guards by causing trouble in the nearby town, allowing the Protectors to infiltrate. It didn't take them long to find the Golden Dragon. Even in his weakened state, his wealth and thus power were still vast and the battle pushed the Protectors to their limit. When suddenly explosions destroyed a large part of his mansion, the Golden Dragon was unable to continue the battle and mysteriously fell to his death. Confused the Protectors and the Doctor searched for the cause of the explosions and the Golden Dragon's sudden demise. They found it in the form of Alice Preston, the Golden Dragon's lover. She had planted the explosives and stolen the source of the Golden Dragon's power: an ancient Chinese coin which contained the blessing of Cai Shen. According to the Doctor, Alice Preston was most likely behind the Golden Dragon's madness and desire to destroy Millennium City due to her own obsession with destroying it. Now she had to be stopped! But how did the Doctor know about that...? (-Featuring: Razira, War Hawk and Voreen)
  • Money Is Power - Step 4: Profit!: The Protectors and the Doctor managed to barely escape China undetected and track down Alice Preston in Vladivostok, Russia. She was preparing to board a flight to the US to exact her revenge as soon as Cybermind's virus would lose its effectiveness and she would be the rightful heir to all of the Golden Dragon's fortune and thus power. Additionally the distrust between the Protectors and the Doctor grew as they were unsure of his motives. They split up to find Alice Preston faster: The Men in White searched the city, the Protectors the airport. The Protectors found the girl first and made a terrible discovery as they cornered her. Not only had she swallowed the coin, she also revealed that she had been the Golden Dragon's prisoner for years after he had hired the Doctor to kill her father Cornelius Preston - a former superhero and rich Millennium City businessman - and kidnap her. When the Doctor used the Protectors to clean up loose ends, she took the chance to kill her tormentor and escape with the coin. As the Protectors prepared to take the treachorous Doctor in however, the truth finally came out: Alice Preston had plotted her father's murder together with the Golden Dragon and hired the Doctor to kill him and 'kidnap' her. When she didn't inherit her father's fortune and the Golden Dragon lost interest in her, her hatred for Millennium City grew and she convinced him of the whole mad plan to destroy it! As she prepared to escape the Protectors and the Doctor, her hate and greed caused the magic coin she swallowed to go out of control and transform her into a horrific golden demon. The Protectors and the Doctor fought a gruelling battle against the transformed femme fatale on the airfield of the airport and in the end managed to defeat her and put an end to this twisted conspiracy, but the Doctor and his Men in White managed to escape in the chaos of the battle. (-Featuring:: Cosmic Glory, Razira, War Hawk, and Voreen)
  • Brains from the Past: The Protectors were contacted by the Weird War museum in Washington, DC for a special case. Former super villain and current brain in a jar Dr. Munich, a fixture of the museum for years, needed to be moved back to Germany and requested heroes to keep him safe! The brain's fears turned out to be well founded as the team ended up facing mercenaries, cyber attacks, and a crazed clone seeking genetic purity at the expense of both the original and any other clones! After a fierce battle in the new Dr. Munich's lab, the deranged clone managed to escape, noting he had plenty of time to complete his goals. And that next time he wouldn't be so nice... (-Featuring: Razira, Mach V, Voreen, Sherwood, and Laser Knight)
  • Science: The Protectors are called out to Munich, Germany for.... a science fair? Things went horribly wrong when an experiment in growth serums pits a giant crab capable of crushing cars against a rebuilt secret weapon from World War Two with a howitzer for an arm! How much trouble can two teenagers cause in one day, anyways? (-Featuring: Keioseth II, Tartolmec, The Peacemaker, and Imp)
  • Starman: A call for help from Colombia has the Protector's flying to San Agustin to deal with an archaeological site that's suddenly come to life! After facing down a horde of rampaging statues and genetically engineered monsters they find that the culprit behind this chaos is an astronaut from the ancient past! Crazy hair and wild theories were required for this mission. (-Featuring: Keioseth II, Fahrenheit, The Peacemaker, Razira, and Imp)
  • Heartbreaker & Queen - My Bloody Valentine: WCOC is hosting a festival and series of concerts for Valentine's Day inviting couples from all over to join in. The joyous festivities were torn asunder by the villainesses Heartbreaker and the Queen of Hearts. The pair managed to cause massive damages including four deaths and the strange mutation of at least 10 people before the Protectors managed to take them down. (-Featuring: Cosmic Glory, The Peacemaker, Razira, Tartolmec, and Voreen)
  • Sudden Death!: Imp gets attacked and Paralyzed! The Protectors launch an investigation to see who did it, leading to a gauntlet of supervillains! First Darkblood, who gave the Protectors the serum to save Imp, then Goomba, who led them to Rubber Band Man after a fake throwdown in Chinatown. Finally, Rubber band man led them to Highsticker, the mastermind behind it all...and right into a trap. After a fight for their lives, the Protectors won when Highsticker took his own life with an explosive device. PRIMUS came to clean up the mess.... or did they? (-Featuring: The Peacemaker, Razira, Tartolmec Keioseth II, Tesseract, Fathom, Artifist, Imp, and guest starring Goomba)
  • Bazaar's Bizarre Adventure: The Protectors are called to a charming New England town called Lonewick. Normally it would be a great vacation spot but they found it covered in mysterious fog and full of hungry extradimensional worms! They had to deal with the crooked Merchant of Magic Bazaar to finally put the town right, but they lost the greedy magic man in the process! Ah well, at least no one important was eaten. (-Featuring: Razira, Chivalry, Sherwood, Mach V, and Honorary Protector Ice-Heart)
  • The Flexecutioner & the Armageddon Crew - Monday Night Combat: The Protectors are given tickets and asked to attend a wrestling event being hosted in Millennium City at the Joe Louis Arena. The team signs autographs and takes pictures with the fans before taking seats in the fancy box above the arena. Soon though the event is taken over by former wrestlers Meinos "The Flexecutioner" Starke and his Armageddon Crew who injure and nearly kill several wrestlers before being taken down by the Protectors! (-Featuring: Razira, M.E.D.I.C., Sherwood, and Wildeye)
  • Ride to Hell: The team headed out to Arizona to look into reports of a being riding a hellish motorcycle through the American Southwest! They confronted the Hellrider, a freewheeling demon rebel intent on having fun and unwilling to change his coarse for the Man! After a bit of a race the Protectors managed to put Hellrider's bike in the shop and save a small town from a demonic meltdown! Is this the last they've seen of the rebel rider and his supercharged motorcycle? (-Featuring: Sherwood, The Peacemaker, and Fathom)
  • Bubble, Bubble, Boil and Trouble: A lab which holds alien relics is actually infected by the villainous Warmonger who seeks to 'gift' the Earth with a vile curse. It's not only up to the Protectors to stop the spread of this before time runs out, but to also save those innocents whose lives are already in jeopardy! (-Featuring: Sherwood, Sparrowhawk, Thundrax, Cosmic Glory, Fathom, Imp and guest starring Razira)
  • Blue Steal: The Protectors are called to a Blackvault facility in Texas to face down a group of tech hungry mercenaries representing Cerulean Steel! After fighting their way through, and meeting a ghost from the past, the heroes encountered one of the companies managers! Though the Protectors managed to rescue the hostages taken by the thieving fiends they were unable to defeat their high ranking cyborg Dynamo in time to stop them from stealing what they were after using dangerous teleportation tech! What does Cerulean Steel have planned for their ill gotten goods and who is their mysterious client? (-Featuring: Sherwood, Keioseth II, Fathom and guest starring All-Star)
  • Girls Gone Wild: The team goes undercover to stop the sale of advanced weaponry and chemical agents that could destroy Tokyo, Japan. When two vying factions are at odds, the ladies of the Protectors are caught in the crossfire and must defeat all opponents... or else! In the aftermath, the Kraken has his sights set on the fall of three particular heroines. (-Featuring: Fathom, Sparrowhawk, and Razira)

Protectors Missions, 121-135

MISSIONS 121-135

  • Diamonds Are Forever: A trio of Protectors travel to Angola, where a warlord called Krugerrand is running an illegal diamond mining operation while forcing the masses to work for him. African Violet leads the team to take down this villain while having to free those people enslaved to do his bidding. (-Featuring: African Violet, Sparrowhawk, and Razira)
  • Fear and Loathing in Millennium City: When the Doctor and his Men in White attack Millennium City's Goodman Institute, home to some of the city's most advanced research in various scientific fields, the Protectors are called in to rescue the hostages and prevent the Doctor from stealing valuable research and prototypes. However it turns out to be a trap; Conner Blackwood, Tesseract's old nemesis who now calls himself Rift had hired the Doctor to free him and get revenge on the Protectors and Tesseract in particular; she is captured by the two villains and forced to watch while her friends are dosed with the Doctor's new Nightmare formula, a powerful hallucinogenic drug. The Protectors must fight through harrowing nightmares of vampiric Men in White, inspired by the Arkwright crisis one year ago. After a horrific battle against an imaginary vampirized Doctor, the drug wears off. While nobody got seriously hurt, the Protectors morale took a beating, Rift is free and the Doctor escaped with a powerful new weapon. (-Featuring: Tesseract, The Peacemaker, Razira, and Wolfgirl)
  • Why did it have to be VIPER? - Part 1: The Saint and the Snake: When called to investigate VIPER activity in Northern Ireland, the Protectors find themselves confronted with the mysterious Snakehead, insane leader of a splinter group within VIPER who worship snakes in a cult-like manner. Snakehead and his followers have the vague goal of 'bringing paradise to Earth' which involves snakes somehow and demands for the desecration of the grave of Saint Patrick, who - according to folklore - once banished all snakes from Ireland. Despite their doubts about the truth behind the legend, the Protectors confront Snakehead at the cemetery of the town Downpatrick, where the saint is supposedly buried. Fahrenheit and Cosmic Glory quickly realize that there is indeed some sort of magic at work here, but are unable to determine its nature. After battling Snakehead's followers and two Serpent Mages transformed into giant snakes, they confront Snakehead himself and War Hawk manages to kill him before he can desecrate the grave. (-Featuring: The Peacemaker, Captain Adamant, War Hawk, Cosmic Glory, and Fahrenheit)
  • Why Did It Have To Be VIPER? - Part 2: Kaiju Combat!: - After the incident in Northern Ireland the Protectors manage to track the last remains of Snakehead's cult to Australia. Their contact in Sydney is Erin Townsend, better known as the superheroine Reliquary, collector of ancient artifacts and magical paraphernalia and acquaintance to Fahrenheit's family. Upon reaching Port Jackson in Sydney, the Protectors are immediately confronted with two kaiju-sized creatures - a gigantic cobra and a mutated jellyfish - battling in the harbor. Assuming the snake to belong to Snakehead's cult the Protectors attack it first, only to be blindsided by the other creature. Fortunately Reliquary soon appeared on the scene and clarified that the cobra was indeed Nehushtan, one of her artifacts/familiars which she claimed to be an Aaron's Rod. Together the Protectors and Reliquary defeated the mutated jellyfish and Reliquary - however furious at the Protectors for hurting her familiar - promised to help them find the cultists. (- Featuring: Cosmic Glory, Jinn, War Hawk, Fahrenheit and guest-starring Cait Sith of the Progeny)
  • Why Did It Have To Be VIPER? - Part 3: Venom and Curses: - One day after the battle at Port Jackson the Protectors are to meet Reliquary at the outskirts of Sydney where she lost the cultists' trail. When they arrive at the meeting point there is no sign of Reliquary and upon investigating they find the cult's temporary hideout, albeit abandoned. They also find Reliquary there who had been ambushed by the cultists, had her familiar Nehushtan taken from her and had a strange curse placed on her which behaved more like a venom than magic. Fahrenheit agreed to stay behind to get her to a hospital and inform an expert on curses while the rest of the team pursued the cult into the Outback. After tracking the cultists for some time they found them conducting a strange ritual in a canyon; the two Serpent Mages were strapping on suicide vests and apparently preparing to sacrifice themselves to a sleeping Nehushtan. When the Protectors confronted the cultists, the Serpent Mages shifted into their giant snake forms again to fight back. The battle was a short affair though; upon waking up Nehushtan simply swallowed the two shapeshifting mages but paid for it with his life when they detonated the suicide vests inside him. More confused than ever before the Protectors returned to Sydney only to find out that Reliquary had escaped from the hospital Fahrenheit had brought her too, apparently possessed by some dark curse... (- Featuring: Cosmic Glory, Jinn, War Hawk, Fahrenheit and guest-starring Cait Sith of the Progeny)
  • Red Phase I: In Captain Adamant's first group training session with the Protectors, he subjects the team to a series of challenges in a holographic Sakura Park! The objective? Simple: cross from one end of the park, to the other. The catch? The team is forbidden from using any means of travel besides their feet! What appears to be the proverbial "walk in the park" becomes a march through hostile territory, taking on living lion statues, ambush explosives, and a team of Albanian speaking snipers! The team almost succeeds, but Captain Adamant ends the session before they all make the finish line. Pushed to their limits, many members of the team lose their cool, and after a litany of tactical errors and a near-fatal shot, the team comes face to face with harsh realities and their need to improve as a unit and as individuals... (- Featuring: Captain Adamant, Extractor, Jinn, Peacemaker, and Tesseract)
  • Chrome Clash: - Paranoia, missteps, and a case of mistaken identity pit the Peacemaker and Strong Suit against each other. When their respective teams arrive to help stop the combat, a small skirmish occurs. The Peacemaker believed Strong Suit was attempting to assassinate the imprisoned Leonardo Toledo, an employee of his whom he'd been tricked into framing as the suspect in a terrorist attack. Cooler heads prevail, as Strong Suit accidentally reveals herself as Toledo's daughter to the Peacemaker, convincing him that she's not allied with the villains orchestrating the persecution of her father. With tension eliminated, the Peacemaker and Strong Suit ask the heroes present to help them capture those responsible for the entire scenario. Part of the Metallurgy arc. (- Featuring: Fahrenheit, Razira, and Jinn, plus Faith, HexBane, and Ace of The Progeny)
  • Face The Future: Sparrowhawk assembles the Protectors together when an old friend of hers, Psion, has her daughter abducted. The group are faced with the revelation that the young girl they must save may in fact be destined to become one of the world's greatest threats. They find themselves fighting two individuals from the future who are excising this girl from all realities, and must rescue her before she becomes their next victim. It poses the question, however: does the sacrifice of one outweigh the possibility of the end of everything as you know it? (- Featuring: War Hawk, Wolfgirl, Razira, Cosmic Glory, Sparrowhawk and Honorary Protector Psion)
  • Bring In The Bioborgs: When the small fledgling country of Kradovia is attacked by bipedal animals wielding unusual gadgets and super powers, only one team can stop them: THE PROTECTORS. However, with everything from time travelling kangaroos to optical laser beam wielding bears, the team may find things are not quite as easy as they hoped! (-Featuring: Razira, Thundrax, Sparrowhawk and Tesseract)
  • The Spider's Web Part 1: Xochimilco: Two individuals with ties to Fahrenheit and the Trismegistus Council contact the Protectors, seeking assistance in tracking down the whereabouts of a sorceress by the name of Salei, who has come into the possession of a mask with ties to the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan. It has granted her a great measure of power, and she seems bent on 'creating a new age.' The team sends two groups, one of which is sent to a museum in Xochimilco, Mexico. Monsignor Michael Mendoza, accompanied by a team of Protectors and Honorary Protectors, arrive at the museum, only to find that someone has beaten them to the location. The team discovers that the museum is actually a front for cultists who are in the business of trafficking ancient artifacts of power. After a scuffle with some of Salei's spiders, two cultists are interrogated. It seems that Salei stole an item called the Brazier of Tlaloc, which can be used to gather and send out a great deal of power. So the question is, what exactly does she intend to do with this artifact? (-Featuring: African Violet, Extractor, Jinn, and Oculus, with Honorary Protector Midnight Brawler)
  • The Spider's Web Part 2: Gqokli Hill: While one team of Protectors are sent to Mexico, a second team takes the Valravyn to South Africa. Lady Claymore, with a contracted agent by the name of Sulphur Shock, accompanies the group as they head to Gqokli Hill, which was once the site of a bloody battle between the Zulus and rival tribes. Upon arrival, the group finds local militia in a losing battle against a horde of spiders. They fight their way through the horde, and face off against Salei, who was in the midst of sacrificing soldiers paralyzed by her spiders' venom. Though the group managed to halt the ritual before all the soldiers could be killed, Salei manages to escape...but not before she implies that she has found candidates for her 'new age'. Speculation among the group leads to the conclusion that the teen group known as The Progeny are in the sorceress's sights. The heroes are forced to make a hasty exit when Psion reports trouble in Plymouth, UK. (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Razira, and Sparrowhawk, with Sulphur Shock and Honorary Protector Ghostbird)
  • The Spider's Web Part 3: St Michael Ley Line: The Protectors race to the United Kingdom after reports surface of spiders assaulting Plymouth. By the time they arrive, spiders the size of buildings have already covered the city in thick webbing. Meanwhile, magic users are working desperately to keep a swarm of spiders from invading the nearby caves. While Sparrowhawk and Psion contend with the threats outside the caves, Razira leads the remaining Protectors into the caves. There, they encounter Salei, who is making use of the Brazier of Tlaloc and the sacrificial dagger she used at Gqokli Hill. The team find themselves on the losing end of the confrontation as the sorceress draws in power not only from the Saint Michael Ley Line running through Plymouth, but from the heroes themselves. They are forced to retreat when the cave begins to collapse due to seismic instability caused by Salei's drawing on the ley line. It becomes apparent that Salei is gathering in power for something much larger than previously witnessed, and that the Progeny are likely involved in whatever designs she has on the "new age" she intends to bring about. (-Featuring: Extractor, Fahrenheit, Kingdom, Razira, and Sparrowhawk with Honorary Protector Psion)
  • A Word of Warning: The Protectors with Ghostbird's assistance track down The Progeny as the teens are wrapping up a skirmish between local gangs in West Side. Though the meeting is initially tense, eventually cooler heads prevail. The Protectors pass along a warning that Salei has the teen heroes in her sights as candidates for her new age. It becomes apparent that perhaps Monsignor Mendoza and Lady Claymore know more than they are letting on. Several theories are floated, but it is agreed that Salei will likely make her big move on the next new moon. This leaves both groups too little time and too many theories to sort through. Both groups agree to keep one another in the loop until Salei is brought down. (-Featuring: Jinn, Razira and Sparrowhawk from the Protectors, Ace, Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic and Kl'vin from The Progeny, with Honorary Protector Ghostbird)
  • Collect Call: The Protectors are summoned to a remote UNTIL base in the Saharan desert, built around an ancient and imposing alien artifact. Having activated not long before, the team is surprised to find that it's been requesting their presence via Morse code. As they arrive, a countdown begins, and a holographic message appears - it's of the Peacemaker, who had been off the grid since the events surrounding the Toledo family (see Chrome Clash - Ed.) and had been exploring the Multiverse. The artifact is actually a sort of 'message in a bottle' through which the Peacemaker intends to return to our dimension - except he has company. A hulking Cyberdemon follows him through, but the Protectors are able to send him back to his realm. Unfortunately, Peace brings foreboding news - the walls between universes are weakening, and whatever the cause is, their Earth lies at the center. (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Cosmic Glory, Tesseract, Oculus, and the return of The Peacemaker)
  • Operation Blind Knight: When terrorists wielding cryoweapons seize the British Museum and take hostages, the Protectors are called on to resolve the crisis. Captain Adamant calls together the team to put together a plan of action, and upon arriving in London, the Protectors execute this plan. Sparrowhawk leads the strike team, going under the identity of a 'Miranda Chisholm' to negotiate with the terrorists, while Tesseract and Oculus use their abilities to reconnoiter and turn the museum's security against the terrorists. Razira and Extractor await the word to move in. When Sparrowhawk discovers that the terrorists have a bomb, the order is given, and with swift action, the Protectors retake the museum and rescue the hostages! The day is won, though the mystery remains as to how the terrorists could afford such powerful weaponry. (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Cosmic Glory, Extractor, Jinn, Oculus, The Peacemaker, Razira, Sparrowhawk and Tesseract)

Protectors Missions, 136-150

MISSIONS 136-150

  • Why Did It Have To Be VIPER? - Part 4: Snakes On A Skycarrier: - The Protectors are called to the rescue of the UNTIL skycarrier 'Tel Aviv'. Reliquary - still under the mysterious curse Snakehead's cultists have inflicted her with - attacked the skycarrier together with an army of homunculi and golems and took the crew hostage. Through cunning and a bit of magic, the Protectors manage to infiltrate the skycarrier undetected and make a surprising discovery. This skycarrier was used by UNTIL to test their new, top secret surveillance drone project; code named 'Cottonmouth' after the famous VIPER defectors who revealed much about the organisation to the public. However, when they finally confront Reliquary, who seems to be on the verge of death, the confusion only grows as the sorceress and her minions are busy destroying the drones by incinerating them and throwing them out of the skycarrier. Finally the truth was revealed when Snakehead was reborn from Reliquary's almost dead body. He revealed that he was still trying to bring about 'Paradise On Earth' and that everything up until now was part of a series of rituals to achieve that. As more strange and ancient magic was somehow released throughout the destruction of the drones, Snakehead managed to escape once more. (- Featuring: Cosmic Glory, Razira, Oculus, Fahrenheit and guest-starring Cait Sith of the Progeny)
  • Why Did It Have To Be VIPER? - Part 5: Paradise Lost: - After Fahrenheit and Cosmic Glory manage to combine their powers to track the ancient magic released by Snakehead's ritual, the whole truth is revealed. The insane snake cultist re-enacted and contradicted parts from the Bible relating to snakes, all in an attempt to defy scripture and open the doors of the Garden of Eden again and bring about literal 'Paradise On Earth'. The Protectors rush to the heart of the Arabian desert, the Rub' al Khali, where the ancient magic from Snakehead's rituals is concentrated and the alleged Garden of Eden is located. Before they can put an end to the Serpent's insane plan, they encounter magical sandstorms, ancient and mysterious ruins, and the wrath of a strange angelic creature... (- Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Cosmic Glory, Razira, Oculus, Fahrenheit and guest-starring Cait Sith of the Progeny)
  • Following Threads: Part 1 - Thomas Masev: Razira, HexBane, and Kl'vin are sent to Mexico City to find Thomas Masev, the archaeologist who found the Mask of the Great Goddess. When the arrive at his home, they find that the man committed suicide. They also find that the mask had consumed his life, driving him into despair and paranoia. The man's journals are collected and sketches on his wall are photographed for more research and analysis. (- Featuring: Razira of the Protectors of the World, with HexBane and Kl'vin of The Progeny)
  • Following Threads: Part 2 - Cecie Horner: Kid Ballistic and Jinn arrive in Libya in search of Cecie Horner. They find the smuggler in a black market pocket dimension known as the Hidden Souq (market). After a tense - and awkward - exchange between Horner and Jinn, they manage to get her to provide further information. It seems Salei was to deliver the mask to her coven, but apparently after the merchandise exchanged hands, Salei put the mask on. Horner confirms that likely Salei will show up in Mexico City, naming Templo Mayor specifically. She also mentions that the sorceress may choose Teotihuacan itself. (- Featuring: Jinn of the Protectors of the World and Kid Ballistic of The Progeny)
  • Following Threads: Part 3 - Templo Mayor: Sparrowhawk, Extractor, Miss Mime, HexBane, Faith, Kid Ballistic, and Kl'vin are tasked with guarding Templo Mayor, while a second team heads off to Teotihuacan. When the new moon rises, all hell breaks loose at both sites. A swarm of spiders flood the site, overtaking first Kl'vin and then Kid Ballistic. Sparrowhawk and Extractor work together to drive the spiders off, but not before HexBane dives into the swarm to go after her teammates. It seems that Salei has made her play, ejecting Protectors from the ruins at Teotihuacan and spider-napping Progeny members from both Templo Mayor and Millennium City. (- Featuring: Extractor, Miss Mime and Sparrowhawk of the Protectors of the World, with Faith, HexBane, Kid Ballistic, and Kl'vin of The Progeny)
  • Abaddon: When a villain from the Protectors' past comes to the United States, it is his intent to start a world wide catastrophe! Dr. Ashe sets his sights upon the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park, prompting the team's intervention to stop him from potentially destroying the entire planet. As several of the team fight from above, it is up to the Peacemaker to search for answers under the earth itself. (-Featuring: Noble, Thundrax, Cosmic Glory, Razira, The Peacemaker, Honorary Protector Psion and a cameo by Sparrowhawk)
  • Blood and Life - The Barrier: Captain Adamant, Oculus and Razira are joined by Sparrowhawk, Extractor and Faith inbound from Templo Mayor via the Valravn and Peacemaker, Fahrenheit and Cait Sith via the Barlowe's PORTAL system outside of Teotihuacan. The sorceress Salei has erected a powerful barrier over the ruins, which not only prevents entry into the site (and to the kidnapped Progeny) but it also seems to have a life draining quality to it. If that isn't bad enough, the barrier continues to expand. The Protectors swing into action, evacuating the remaining civilians and creating a burn barrier to choke off the supply of life around the barrier. After a tense battle first against Salei's spiders and then stone jaguars and eagles, the barrier is finally brought down by an UNTIL orbital strike. With the barrier over the site down, the assembled heroes head into the ruins of Teotihuacan...only to find a pocket dimension instead of the teen heroes. (- Featuring: Captain Adamant, Extractor, Fahrenheit, Oculus, The Peacemaker, Razira and Sparrowhawk of the Protectors of the World, with cameo from Faith and Cait Sith of The Progeny)
  • Nova: The Peacemaker wakes up in the med wing, having recovered from his defeat at the hands of the supervillain Campaign. Though he's concerned by lingering side-effects, the Protectors are distracted by someone entering the base using the PORTAL system. An armored man asks to take the Cosmic Glory with him, all the while displaying a worrisome amount of knowledge about the Protectors' identities and tactics. A brief fight leaves him against the ropes, but the tables are turned when the Protectors are exposed to his armor's power source - a gem that induces crippling feelings of despair. Having failed to capture the Cosmic Glory, the mystery attacker retreats back through the PORTAL system, leaving little clue as to his identity, but no doubt as to his impeding return. (- Featuring: Cosmic Glory, Razira, Thundrax, Tesseract, Jinn, African Violet and The Peacemaker )
  • A Fortune! ... for a Fortune, Darling: With everything happening as it is, crime has been given a dramatic boost with all of its activity and, worse, able to pull off their heists before the heroes could get there. At the same time, there are rumors of a seer or a self proclaimed "witch" offering her services to villains for a price... or some damn good sweets. It sounds very familiar to the Protectors. Can they put an end to the operations before she can foresee her own demise or will this seer do whatever it takes to get her way? (-Featuring: War Hawk, The Peacemaker and Razira)
  • Millennium Rock City!: As the Protectors meet to discuss Destroyer and the Trikon threat, the mysterious Engineer strikes, as she and her army of techno-elementals try to create the greatest monument the world has ever seen out of the City of Tomorrow itself. (-Featuring: Cosmic Glory, Razira, Sparrowhawk and The Peacemaker)
  • Hole in the Sky, Parts 1 and 2: Having saved galactic tourists stranded on their way to the paradise world of Club Caprice (just read the brochures), the Protectors must go to the edge of the solar system, to the wormhole allegedly made by the Trikon, and find out what they're doing. Are the Trikon really in system? And if so, what are they doing here? Who is Dessicus? And what is the fate of Grace Gallowglass, technopath extraordinaire? (-Featuring: Razira, Cosmic Glory, African Violet, The Peacemaker, Sparrowhawk and War Hawk)
  • Rogue Roulette: The Unbreakable Man, Captain Adamant, has a new training program set up to run at the Barlowe for the Protectors of the World. And what better way to try it out than on a new batch of recruits ready to prove their mettle with the team? (-Featuring: Y Ddraig Goch, Witchery Way, Captain Adamant, Sparrowhawk, Razira and Blue Cyclone)
  • Race Against the Witch of Time: The Protectors were having a normal day in the Barlowe before Razira, Peacemaker, Thundrax and Blue Cyclone realize everyone else had disappeared. Through investigating the temporal anomoly, it looks all hope was lost and they, too, would have been erased. It was stopped by the Progeny, Terrific Tiger and Fuliminate, and explain the situation. Dominatriea was trying to erase them from existence to bring back her unborn child and replace the Progeny in their stead. They were the only survivors. They were able to cross back to Dominatriea's pocket dimension with Thundrax and Peacemaker cutting off her power source while Razira, Blue Cyclone and Terrific Tiger try to talk Dominatriea down. Through their efforts, they stopped Dominatriea's plot though leaving the villainness emotionally broken and stuck in her cycle. It is a wonder if they will see her again. (-Featuring: Razira, Thundrax, Blue Cyclone, The Peacemaker and guest appearances of the Progeny!)
  • Operation Whisper Tide: A lone North Korean warship is found adrift only fifty miles from the Japanese coast, and while the Japanese demand to know why, the Koreans plead ignorance. Japan asks the Protectors to intervene. Captain Adamant assembles a team, consisting of Psion, Fahrenheit, Jinn, and Witchery Way. Using Witchery Way's shapeshifting and the Valravn's stealth and submersible abilities, the team boards the vessel. The team finds a dead crew, and the likes of Shadowdragon and Warmonger attempting to arm a bomb, the detonation of which would spark the flames of World War III! Narrowly, the team subdues Warmonger, but not before Shadowdragon escapes! Realizing that her mission has failed, Warmonger then disarms the bomb, and comes willingly into UNTIL custody. (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Fahrenheit, Jinn, Psion, Witchery Way, and Y Ddraig Goch)
  • Scary Things: What started as friendly turn for an acquaintance with the Millennium City Times, turns into a gruesome fight of survival for a team of Protectors when they are called to investigate a huge, old and supposedly haunted mansion in the Mississippi countryside. While the team first cautiously assumes the haunting to be nothing more than the imagination of the owner's daughter, they soon discover a far more disturbing truth than restless spirits: the mansion itself is alive. A living, breathing creature given life by some dark magic. The Protectors have to find their way through the rooms and corridors of a house that is intent on killing and digesting them, and even when they escape the confines of the house itself, the danger is not over. The monster house continues to stalk the heroes, who are forced to destroy the creature. With only some clues to the house's nature, origin and the identity of its mysterious master, the Protectors are left with more questions than answers. (-Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Psion, Y Ddraig Goch, and Fahrenheit)

Protectors Missions, 151-165

MISSIONS 151-165

  • A Throng Of Ice And Fire: Wildfire season in Canada is upon them, but one fire in particular is much further north than fire weather forecasts predicted. After investigating, the RCMP discovers an explosive device hidden in the forests, and call upon the Protectors to assist. When they arrive, it's too late - several of the devices detonate, and set football fields' worth of forest ablaze! The culprit reveals himself as Blowtorch, an infamous pyromaniac and mercenary, who almost smokes out the team before a second threat arrives, drawn by the raging inferno: Glacier, a monster made of ice once seen at the Battle of Detroit, but was thought to have disappeared into the Arctic! Caught between two foes, and a veritable furnace, things looked dire, until the RCMP returned with reinforcements from Blizzard Risk Control! With BRC's help, the Protectors focus on and defeat the two villains, while the freeze-weapon PMC puts the fires on ice. (-Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Jinn, Razira, and Thundrax)
  • Taskforce Hospitaller: Sparrowhawk, Captain Adamant and Psion meet face to face with Dr. Solomon Stroud as a representative of Operation Hospitaller, a task force that had been formed to put a stop to Kostadin the Black. While giving the Protectors information about the target, he provided confirmation that it was in fact Kostadin that the Progeny faced off against in Westside. He also detailed an operation his organization had undertaken in Buffalo, and that it was believed Kostadin may have numerous labs that are unaccounted for. By the end of the meeting, Sparrowhawk agreed to lend the manpower of the Protectors to what came to be known as Taskforce Hospitaller. (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Psion, and Sparrowhawk with Dr. Solomon Stroud of Initiative Black)
  • A Pit of Bones - Part One: Dr. Solomon Stroud calls in the Protectors to assist in breaching one of Kostadin the Black's facilities beneath Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario Canada. When the group is sent plummeting to the bottom of a pit due to a collapsing catwalk, they come face to face with a group of moss covered, animalistic servitors. Their haphazard entry allowed for other members of Taskforce Hospitaller to descend to the bottom of the pit with little resistance, allowing the Protectors to fall back and tend to their wounded. (- Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Cosmic Glory, Razira, Wildeye and Y Ddraig Goch)
  • A Pit of Bones - Part Two: After days of fighting within the tunnels of the Ontario facility, the Protectors are called upon to return to the lab upon the discovery of a large vault door hidden deep within. Once they manage to breach the door, they discover an effigy hanging suspended above a catwalk. They effigy is destroyed, which led to the shadows on the wall fusing together to form a towering black figure. With a lift of its hand, it summoned a powerful servitor, with massive size and strength. It took the combined efforts of both Cosmic Glory and Thundrax to destroy the creature's brain and stop its rampage. The horrors didn't end there, as the Protectors discovered a stone walled chamber at the facility's heart. Inside were twenty men, women and children hooked up to a Soul Siphon, which had fed for decades at this point on the misery of the victims. (- Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Cosmic Glory, Razira, Thundrax and Wildeye)
  • The Siege of Pittsburgh - Into the Breach: The Protectors, forming the tip of the spear for Operation Hospitaller, push their way into a breech made into a massive subterranean complex hidden beneath the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The heroes find themselves confronted by a massive horde of gray skinned beings, which proceeded to charge at them. In the fierce fighting that ensued, several National Guardsmen died. Captain Adamant is injured in the act of saving one last pair of guardsman, while Blue Cyclone unleashed her powers to conduct electricy through white fluid that had spilled out from the breach. When one of the creatures picks up one of the soldiers M4 and aims it at the incapacitated Captain, Psion unleashed her psychic abilities to order the undead horde to stop. Unfortunately, this drew the presence of none other than Kostadin the Black, using Psion as a link to exert his will over his minions and twist them into a form he could manipulate to battle the Protectors. The timely intervention of Initiative Black's Agent Jones - aka Echoes and Ashes - turned the tide in the heroes favor, but it was the newly added Protector Tracer that delivered the final blow. The Taskforce was able to set up a choke point, while the Captain and Psion were ushered out to be seen by the medics. (- Featuring: Blue Cyclone, Captain Adamant, Noble, Psion, and Tracer) with Echoes and Ashes of Initiative Black)
  • Ghost Images: The events happening in the world are already tense enough, even if one doesn't count the Siege of Pittsburgh that only recently came to a close. But when someone manages to hack into the Barlowe's systems and flood their network that provides evidence that contradicts reality, it looks as though already volatile situations in the world can - and possibly did - go much worse. It's up to the Protectors to find out who is responsible for the hack, discover if there is truth to the evidence they've been presented with, and - if possible- come up with a plan of action. (- Featuring: Captain Adamant, The Peacemaker, Sparrowhawk, Thundrax and Tesseract)
  • Ground Control to Major Tom: The Protectors are summoned by Project Stargazer to investigate one of their vessels lingering outside of Earth. The Palomino, a deep space research ship, has returned two years early from its mission. When they go to investigate they encounter the only survivor, Major Thomas Willoughby. What they find, however, is a ruse... and when he is intent on using their bodies as hosts for a malevolent power, they must fend him off. The team must pay a terrible price, however, as they lose one of their own in the struggle to save the planet! (-Featuring: The Peacemaker, Ironhide, Centurion, Sparrowhawk and Cosmic Glory)
  • End of HALCYON Days: During the Protectors search for Tesseract, a large signal appears in Iceland. Taking the Valravn, a group of Protectors discover an abandoned HALCYON research facility... and within, Tesseract's arch enemy, Rift. Attempting to find a cure for his own chronal illness, the villain has booted up a PORTAL device. This particular one, however, does not merely bend space but time as well. As Rift goes to the future, the Protectors follow. Unfortunately, the future is more bleak than anyone can imagine! (-Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Ironhide, Captain Adamant, Witchery Way and Jinn with cameo by Faith)
  • A Leap of Faith: The Protectors arrive in the year 2034 and are greeted by none other than Faith, former leader of the Progeny. The group is ambushed by civilian authority drones as she tries to usher them underground. After the scuffle concludes, the Protectors are brought up to speed: the infamous Doctor Kaufmann, head of the powerful Men In White Enterprises megacorp, runs nearly every aspect of this dark future. It is concluded that the only way the Doctor could have gotten as powerful as he could in such a short time span was the intervention of Rift. Outside help is brought in to get detailed information on MIW HQ, provided by Sid Mason - who has fallen into the mercenary ways his father had raised him in. Plans are made, but it is clear there is a great deal at stake, and failure is not an option. (-Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Ironhide, Captain Adamant, Faith, Blue Cyclone, Tracer and Jinn with cameo by Kid Ballistic)
  • Birthright: Thundrax, the Living Thunder, finds himself at the mercy of a much more powerful version of himself designed to kill him. The Protectors are warned his life is in danger and must come to his rescue. When confronted, the so called 'Jaye' teleports away, leaving the team to discuss their options. (-Featuring: Centurion, Blue Cyclone, Centurion, Razira, Sparrowhawk, Thundrax, and The Peacemaker)
  • No Simple Task: After Faith creates a diversion and Sparrowhawk disables the server, it's a full on assault against Men in White Enterprises research facility. The Protectors fight their way into the Quantum and Temporal Mechanics Studies section of the building, and confront Rift. In the course of the battle, Jinn is able to steal a device that could stabilize Tesseract's condition. The heroes manage to be Rift, but he manages to escape through a working PORTAL. A dying Dr. Gladwell manages to warn the Protectors that the chronokinetic has gone back in time, to 1963, with the goal being to kill Imani's grandparents in one last bid of spite to erase her from existence. (-Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Ironhide, Captain Adamant, Blue Cyclone and Jinn with cameo by Faith)
  • Wake Up Call: The Protectors answer a call by Captain Adamant to investigate Advanced Sleep Incorporated in lieu of a sudden power failure. ASI is where his friend and mentor, Frank Spektor, is being kept for study. The Protectors arrive to find a mysterious enemy, or two, that they did not anticipate... (-Featuring: Captain Adamant, Centurion, Ironhide, Jinn, and Psion)
  • Fugue: After the mysterious attack at Advanced Sleep Incorporated, Captain Adamant holds a debriefing and hopes to shed light on the case. The team quickly finds that they are at a loss for information, despite the combined informational might of PRIMUS and the FBI. Captain Adamant tasks the team with preparation and investigation, most notably Tesseract, who turns to her hacker skills to unveil the truth behind Frank Spektor's disappearance... (-Featuring: Ironhide, Jinn, Tesseract, and Witchery Way)
  • Our Future Begins In Our Past: Things get personal in the final chapter of A Future Imperfect, as a team of Protectors and former Protector Psion are thrust back to 1963 Birmingham, Alabama. They manage to find and subdue Rift, saving the past from being irreparably damaged and stopping the chronokinetic from taking out Tesseract's grandparents and thus preventing her from ever being born. (-Featuring: Sparrowhawk, Blue Cyclone, Centurion and Psion)
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Captain Adamant holds a special training session for six of the Protectors, dropping them into a scenario where VIPER has seized Millennium City, and the only option is to fall back and escape the warzone. The catch? One team member from either team of three must lose one of their main faculties: the ability to speak, their sense of hearing, or their vision. The exercise is mostly successful, until it is cut short by breaking news: an epidemic of sleepwalking strikes the nation. Even stranger is that they're gathering at war memorials, government offices, and military bases, almost as if on protest... (-Featuring: Atomac, Blue Cyclone, Centurion, Thundrax, Ironhide, Peacemaker, Razira, Tesseract)

Protectors Missions, 166-180

MISSIONS 166-180

  • 49 Candles: In celebrating Craig (Thundrax) Carson's birthday, nothing could be simply mundane. A lost hero comes back to life, stories are told, and the Protectors' Team Leader steps down, giving Thundrax one of the most interesting birthday presents ever. (Featuring: Most current active Protectors)
  • Evacuation of Cherry Grove: Kostadin's armies target Allegheny Forest, attempting to destroy everything that comes between them and victory. This includes the small town of Cherry Grove, who face total annihilation if they aren't saved! The Protectors make a brave stand, though several of their own are wounded, including Peacemaker. The tide is turned due to a last minute save from Blue Cyclone. (Featuring: Blue Cyclone, The Peacemaker, Cosmic Glory, Razira, Tesseract and Captain Adamant)
  • Unto Dawn: Members the Protectors team up with the military and the covert ops group Initiative Black to stop the attack of Kostadin's forces on the Allegheny Mountains and the National Guard's own FoB Heart's Content. With several hundred men, Ironhide, Sparrowhawk, and a fleet of Black Valkyries, the stage is set for all out war. But hope, like dawn, is never far off. (Featuring: Ironhide and Sparrowhawk with Initiative Black's Warhound, Echoes and Ashes, and Moira)
  • Survivalism: A small band of Protectors fly down to the swamp lands of Louisiana, hoping to find answers for Captain Adamant regarding the so - called Sleeper's March. What they find is a woman and her two children who have hidden themselves away from the outside world. When it is brought to their attention that the woman's husband is in a coma in Millennium City, they make preparations to return... unfortunately with more questions than answers. (Featuring: Aura, Tesseract, African Violet, and Ironhide)
  • Man In The Machine: An evening in London, England, at the South Bank becomes a death zone when strange robotic things overtake and assimilate those in the area. A distress call is sent out to the Protectors, who arrive on the scene to witness the carnage. A battle against a horde of cyborg-ed humans results in discovering this is a ploy by MEKKA, an old enemy of the team, in order to trap Razira. His plans? To find the secrets of the planet Avestus, a long dormant travelling ship which holds the DNA of an entire world. Beating the team, MEKKA claims his prize, as well as over a hundred transformed Londoners. (Featuring: Razira, Wildeye, Atomac, The Peacemaker and Cosmic Glory)
  • The MEKKA Directive: Phase One: After the incident in London with the villain MEKKA and the disappearance of the 'planet' Avestus, the Protectors must seek out answers. A signal is discovered in Africa's Namib Desert by Peacemaker resembling one used by Avestus years ago when it attempted to terraform Earth into a place habitable for its life forms. When they discover an activated pylon receiving signals from space, they also realize that they have been possibly set up by MEKKA himself. A pair of giant robotic insectoids are set upon them. While they are destroyed, the team discovers that two of them - Razira and Peacemaker - have been infected with some sort of alien nanotechnology... which places them and their lives in possible danger. (Featuring: Razira, The Peacemaker, Thundrax, and Centurion)

The Trophy Hall


Some of the items in the Protectors' Trophy Hall include:

  • Illyana's slightly-charred doll from Nuclear Winter
  • A signed extradimensional copy of 'PROTECTORS OF THE WORLD #1' starring Dobergirl, Black Sigil, Canadian Fist, Katsuo and Zelara from Dickman Cometh!
  • A copy of the SUPERCHAT episode featuring the Protectors from To Hollywood, Love Ada
  • The disembodied head of Doberman's statue from It's a Dog's Life
  • A suit of battered power armor from one of the Furies in Operation: Leviathan
  • A library card from the library of Kryptos, keeper of secrets, from The Beginning Place: Higher Planes Drifters
  • A laser spear from one of Tartolmec's Eagle Warriors, from The God King of the Forgotten Islands
  • Holographic display of M.E.K.K.A. and an offline janitor bot from Most Happiest Yelling Discomfort Land
  • Broken bobble heads of Ada Clover, Sparrowhawk, African Violet, Jade General and Razira from How To Get A(bobble)head In Business
  • Kamen Eiyuu power belt (aka Flurry) given to the Protectors from Agent Ishinomori from Go Henshin Katsuo Super Mode!
  • Holographic Display dedicated to Black Sigil, who died heroically while saving numerous heroes on a remote island near Peru in JAILBREAK!
  • Dagger of Kryladar, currently inert with no obvious magical properties, from Going For The Gold
  • A potted flower with a disturbingly grumpy face from Roses are DEAD
  • Fragments of the dimensional device/ pineal cortex stimulator from Miskatonic Mayhem
  • Hench Co. security jumpsuits for Dobergirl and Sparrowhawk from Hench For A Day or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Sign The Contract
  • The Chauffeur's Used Golden Apple from The Great Stellar Escape
  • One of Princess Bebe's forearm stingers, with some poison still inside, from Just Bee Yourself
  • Princess Bebe's Mace from Just Bee Yourself
  • Netherworld Mystical Pendant of Dr. Merriweather, Shining Son, from Fire Woman
  • Vintage penny dreadful titled SPRING HEELED JACK, THE TERROR OF LONDON from Avalon
  • Signed CD from Ava Adore of Resting B!tchface's single, I Love You Like A STD, from Death Metal
  • TYR armor and weaponry culled from operatives in Race To Graduation
  • The charred remnants of the relic used to destroy Adrian Arkwright in Sanguinis Cruentatio: Finale
  • The left cybernetic forearm of the villain Campaign from I Wanna Go To The Sun
  • Killer Chrome's EMP Gatling Gun from Big Guns Pt. II - Shoot to Thrill
  • Ryoushii Attack Ship from End of the Line Finale
  • The now burnt out Coin of Cai Shen, former source of the Golden Dragon's power from Money Is Power
  • Dr. Munich's plaque from the DC Weird Wars museum from Brains from the Past
  • A reproduction of a pre-Colombian sculpture from Starman
  • The partially eaten sign of the town of Lonewick from Bazaar's Bizarre Adventure
  • A piece of Hellrider's bike from Ride to Hell
  • A high tech hockey stick from Sudden Death
  • A burnt out teleportation device dropped by Dynamo from Blue Steal
  • A small, empty gas canister labelled 'Nightmare 2.0' from Fear and Loathing in Millennium City
  • One of Snakehead's shed skins from Why did it have to be VIPER?
  • The front door key to the Garland Mansion from Scary Things

Villains & Foes

Battle Royale: The Protectors face off against some of their most dangerous foes. Captain Adamant, Cosmic Glory, Jinn, Sparrowhawk and Thundrax versus Adrian Arkwright, Doctor Kaufmann, Invictus and MEKKA

  • Adrian Arkwright: An ancient vampire who also commands vast mystical abilities. Adrian was able to create a drug called "The Thirst" which allowed him to tap into the humanity and energy of humans, adding to his own power considerably. It also created a form of quasi-vampirism for anyone addicted to it. Adrian led a full assault on Millennium City in the summer of 2015, nearly destroying it. His plans were thwarted by the combined efforts of the Protectors of the World and a gathering of Millennium's most powerful heroes. Arkwright himself was vanquished by a holy relic (a stake which was originally part of the cross Christ was crucified upon) that made its way to the team's hands, piercing his heart and saving everyone involved.
  • The Apotheosis Project: The Apotheosis Project was a vast organization of people scattered across the world whose purpose was to remove super human individuals from the planet. Many held high ranking positions in government and military organizations. Most of the names of those affiliated with this movement were discovered by the Protectors. After the fall of Leviathan in Millennium City, the remaining members went into hiding. Sparrowhawk took it upon herself to bring the majority of them to justice.
  • Ao Guang: Chinese mystical villain. He is well versed in the occult and supernatural. Often utilizes mystical objects and items to enhance his powers. Ao Guang was responsible for opening up ancient rifts deep within the ocean and attempting to wipe out parts of Burma before the Young Renegades and Protectors defeated him.
  • Cassowary: Jason Mansfield is Cassowary, one of the main players who was involved with the Apotheosis Project. Essentially a genetic 'brother' to Sparrowhawk, Cassowary has led attacks on the Protectors before. With the Apotheosis Project currently brought to its knees, Cassowary still is at large, using his power and talents to garner him favor in the criminal underworld.
  • The Conquerors: A team of metahumans and deadly mercenaries lead by the head of state of Buwugu, Captain Conquest. Consisting of 7 additional members among which the Protectors have thus faced Killer Chrome, Hitokiri and Lady Silken, the Conquerors also have an elite band of soldiers at their call and beckon, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their modus operandi is to secure powerful weapons and black market deals worldwide, and they will stop at absolutely nothing in order to keep the lands of Buwugu the most powerful military force on the African inland. Wether loyal to the cause or to the money they're provided, they're certain to not let any hero, not even The Protectors, get in the way of their business.
  • Crimson Fury: Crimson Fury is an Indian super villain who has created a technological empire in his home country. He sells weaponry to the highest bidder and was one of the vendors used by the Apotheosis Project. Crimson Fury used an air carrier about a mile in length to conduct his business venture. The carrier was destroyed by several members of the Protectors of the World, though Crimson Fury himself escaped.
  • The Datamen: A collection of six individuals who together have amassed a computerized criminal empire. Originally they were responsible for retrieving 175 coded named out of PRIMUS' files. The files were wiped, however, before they could be properly decrypted and sold to the highest bidder in an 'auction' of sorts for villains. The Datamen were foiled but currently still at large.
  • Doctor Ashe: Dr. Ashe was a scientist who heralded the Mag-Men, creatures of ancient power, in New Zealand.
  • Gadragon: Alleged alien jailor or warden of a prison planet. He was involved in one battle with the Protectors, but he made a hasty exit and a promise to return soon to Earth.
  • The Furies: Trio of Greek female assassins. They are sisters Aylala, Alissa and Ariadna Petros. Each one of them is highly trained and wields a specially designed suit of power armor. They work for the highest bidder, which has put them at odds against several heroes, most notably the Protectors. Alissa's power armor was recovered by the team during one fight, though all three have since upgraded their uniforms and fighting equipment. They remain at large.
  • Invictus: Invictus is former Senator David Sutherland, a super villain who poses as a super hero to mask his insane and diabolical motives. A worshiper of the cult of Sol Invictus and a gestalt with the spirit of an ancient Syrian sorcerer which gave him super strength, invulnerability and sun beams. At one time he altered the time stream in a bid to remove his former misdeeds which were uncovered and made public. Currently heads a team of roughly one hundred lower tier borderline low-end supers called the CenturyCorps which do his bidding. Invictus and Thundrax have clashed many times over the years, several of which have involved the Protectors.
  • Kaptain Komics: Kaptain Komics is Eugene Harris, your stereotypical slovenly comics reading nerd. What what he lacks in character, he makes up for in power. Kaptain Komics is a mutant, one who is actually able to slightly bend the fabric of reality to his own bidding. The only things he requires is an imagination and a focus to keep his powers engaged. In the past this has been such things as a pen or a hair ribbon. He often plays upon things he already knows about to shape his fantasies into reality like books, movies, cartoons and, you guessed it... comic books.
  • The Kraken: The Kraken is a notorious super powered pirate who has command of a fleet of a number of aquatic vessels. His men are fiercely loyal to him and well-trained. The Kraken himself is versed in armed and unarmed combat. He possesses the ability to lift around 40 tons, enhanced reflexes, the ability to survive underwater and withstand great pressures as well as a suit of armor which grants him additional protection. His favorite above-water weapons are two energy whips that he is incredibly adept at using. Some say his small army could very well number in the thousands and he has several dozen ships that do his bidding upon the high seas.
  • Leviathan: Leviathan is a villain of almost immeasurable power. His origins are unknown, and more monster than man, Leviathan revels in utter destruction. This villain is deemed to be one of the most dangerous beings on the planet, akin to Grond. Leviathan can grow to a height of around one hundred and fifty feet, lift over fifteen thousand tons and has the ability to release a poisonous, toxic gas from his pores. Currently Leviathan is held in stasis at an underground facility in an unnamed city in the United States.
  • M.E.K.K.A.: A technological genius and madman, M.E.K.K.A. began primarily as a nemesis for Sparrowhawk. He had runs ins on several occasions with the group Rising Force as well as the Protectors. Incarcerated in Stronghold, the villain committed suicide, uploading his consciousness into cyberspace as a way to free himself. Once free of the flesh of humanity, M.E.K.K.A. attempted to take control of Avestus, the small planetoid ship which was being guarded by the Protectors. Though that directive failed, both he and his mechanical minions have posed a threat to humanity that the Protectors are sworn to stop, wherever it may be.
  • The Men in White: A vast organisation under the leadership of the ex-assassin known as the Doctor, the Men in White are involved in a wide range of criminal activities: drugs and weapons trade, money laundering, illegal gambling and more. In comparison to other gangs and cartels they excel through superior training and equipment as well as subtle methods and careful planning, which makes them a noticeable threat to law enforcement and even superheroes. They have smaller operations all over the United States, but are most active in Hudson City, Vibora Bay and Millennium City, where their HQ is located. The Protectors and the Men in White have clashed on numerous occasions (and even grudgingly worked together against larger threats).
  • Red Mist: An invocation of the demon-god Baal Berith, Red Mist is a powerful entity motivated entirely by consuming as much blood as possible by any means necessary - the more violent, the better. His first appearance was after the Protectors attempted to rescue Patrick Marko, an otherwise nondescript accountant, from being the victim of a major DEMON ritualistic sacrifice. The ritual was interrupted, and Patrick was taken to a clinic in West Side. There, the Protectors and the Progeny learned that Patrick had in fact become something else, and defeated him after he managed to kill several of the clinic staff and enthrall several of the patients. His frozen remains have been locked away - but can an evil so ancient really be trapped like that?
  • Shining Son: Dr. Martin Merriweather was a cult leader whose influence led to the creation of the Children of Prajna. Merriweather, using a mystical pendant, took his followers to a self labelled utopia. His true ulterior motives were to summon a creature of great other dimensional power. Dr. Merriweather's hopes were dashed by the intervention of the Protectors and his pendant destroyed, thereby sealing the ability of the creature to pass into our world.
  • Spring-Heeled Jack: Spring-Heeled Jack is a demonic entity that may or may not be the same Victorian era monster from the 1800s. Spring-Heeled Jack inhabited members of the Adventurers of Avalon to turn briefly evil and kidnap several members of Parliament. He was using Stonehenge as some sort of mystical focus as he fought and was defeated by Zwein and several other Protectors in combat.
  • Steel Champion & Scrappy: Steel Champion and his faithful side-kick, Scrappy, were heroes that the government in the 1950s used to fight in the Cold War. When things subsided, the two were placed into a facility to be held. The facility was officially closed in 1978, but the two remained. They were at one time human, though treated very much like robots. For 37 years they remained awake, driven to a form of insanity from decades of solitude and inactivity. They fought against several Protectors after the two almost destroyed a small Pennsylvania city. They were awoken from their confused mental state and surrendered. Both of them now are free, working with UNTIL as well as receiving psychiatric treatment from the Protectors' own counselor, Aura.
  • Tsetse-Bumba: A mystical spirit deity of sorts, Tsetse-Bumba worked at destroying African Violet during a trip to South Africa. Her plan was foiled when her throat was ripped open by none other than Dobergirl... though it remains to be seen if you can actually kill something so powerful.


Comments & Opinions


"I'm quite proud of what the Protectors have accomplished since the group's inception. If you told me in the beginning of my career that I would be the head of such an organization I would have laughed. I always was the type who consciously shirked from such collectives and preferred to work alone. There has been a lot I've learned not just about others but myself as well from embracing a team dynamic. Together, we are unstoppable... and I think the world is safer for it." - Sparrowhawk


"I'm not sure if the team will ever fully recover from the loss of Thundrax's mullet, but they're quite possibly still the strongest hero team out there. At least until the new generation has had the chance to catch up to 'em." - Black Ice

"As a Honorary Protector... no really, I TOTALLY worked with them before... I think they are A-MAZ-ING. And Stonemason, CALL ME! I totally gave you my digits and haven't even heard back from you!" - Lash

"Sometimes I wake up and wait for someone to say 'just kidding, we really didn't mean to invite you.' I mean there are people on this team that completely outclass me, not just in terms of powers but experience as well. Even though I may not see eye-to-eye with all of my teammates, I know that without a doubt that they have my back." - Tesseract

"I'll confess that my experiences with heroes outside of my own team is limited. From what I can gather, I think we could learn a lot about teamwork by watching the Protectors at work." - Cait Sith

"After my last team went their separate ways, I thought for some time that maybe I was meant to stand on my own against injustice; that other heroes were less like friends and more like passing colleagues. Then I joined the Protectors, and they reminded me that friendship and teamwork makes us stronger. I owe all of them for that." - The Peacemaker

"I never assumed that I'd be working with such a large and impressive team as the Protectors...much less being a Field Leader of them. That said, I could not ask for a better group of people to work with. Everyone has something they bring to the team and as a whole we're downright unstoppable. I know I can trust each and every one of them to do the right thing and be at my back when we're out on the field." - Razira

"It's nice, y'know? Like, being part of a team and stuff. I mean, everyone's still got their own goals but when we can all like, come together and just put all that aside... I'unno, man. That's kinda cool if you ask me." - Stonemason

"Well I don't think they have as much fun as we do, but they are packing serious heat. There aren't many Y chromosomes on that team, I hear; maybe I should put in for a transfer. I bet I could learn a lot from their 'experience'." - Kid Ballistic

"The world left convention behind decades ago. It's a hard lesson, but the Protectors have learned it better than most. My membership among them is a proud one. I look forward to a long career at their side." -- Captain Adamant

"I'm still REALLY new to this group. I've butted heads with a couple of the more serious members, and befriended most of them. I'm not a hundred percent sure what my place in the team is yet, if there are things as places in this team. But I get a strong feeling of duty from everyone of them. We all act in different ways, but at the end of the day we make one of the strongest teams I've ever seen. I'm glad to be a part of them." - Imp (Angel Anderson)

"I am grateful for the chance to be a part of the Protectors. It is a great honor for me, and the von Schneider family and to pay homage to this partnership I vow to do everything in my power to ensure that the sun will always shine for this team. Figuratively speaking." - Fahrenheit

"Remember folks, always use Protectors! ...What do you mean that's inappropriate to use as our slogan? It's a valuable life lesson!" - Jinn

"If joining the Protectors has taught me one major lesson, it's that there's more to being a hero than proving you're capable of handling whatever the world throws at you. It's advice like that... that really makes me want to push myself to do things this team can be proud of!" - Atomac


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