Patrick "Grizzly" Cachia

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Patrick 'Grizzly' Cachia
Player: @Arkeyark
"1st URSA Division Commander Patrick "Grizzly" Cachia"
Character Build
Class Focus: Soldier
Power Level: Commander
Research & Development: Long-range weaponary and artillery.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Patrick Cachia
Known Aliases: Grizzly
Gender: Male
Species: Genetic Hybrid
Ethnicity: Maltese
Place of Birth: [Holding Chamber 1] UCOB (United Coalation of Organic Biogeneticists) Labs
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: "Fluffy" (Bio-mother), Chink (biological brother/brother in arms).
Age: 36
Height: ~2.4 Meters
Weight: Varies
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A
Complexion: Black fur.
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: N/A
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Lawful Evil

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Identity: Hidden
Years Active: 20
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Arms Collector
Education: Secondary and some Tertiary education
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced strength and accuracy.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Four knives (3 throwing, one CQC), One TR-X 229 Grade Assault rifle, two B.A.S.I.C grade pistols, one SOTORR Heavy RPG, multiple X-class grenades and an assortment of helpful gadgets.
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Patrick "Grizzly" Cachia

((This section is being told in the first person and through the use of 'documents'. This information is to help you get to know the character better prior to IC contact with him.))

INFO: Subject #202

Author: DR. Gabriel Cachia Possition: Head Scientist. ID: 422O22p55-ß

Experiment codename: Grizzly Experiment attempt: 5


  • To create a genetical wonder and super-soldier that can be used for multiple campains in woodlands and urban areas.
  • To create a new breed and species that may replace human soldiers in battle.
  • To establish a large population of these sentient beings and keep them under control.
  • To, in time, create the perfect genetic hybrid.

Subject Name: Patrick Subject Species: Ursaline (Black Bear) + Humanoid splicing. Progress: Embryo-Developing.

Scientist Notes:

The subject is developing rather well, we expect to have him ready for 'birth' within three weeks. After a quick evaluation ,we sexed the subject as male. He appears to retain the form of a normal human child. Though we predict that by the age of 3 he should show signs of his animalistic development (IE. Fur, claws, tail and so on) and should be in his fully developed stage by the age of 22. He should be fully ready for combat training in 13 years at the very least. This is considered a significant success considering that the previous 3 experiments did fail. Subjects 2 and 3 passed away during their 'birthing' process, due to a fault in their DNA sequence and subject 4 passed away two weeks after 'birth. Luckily, Subject 1 (Chink) managed to come out rather well. He is currently being kept in cryogenics and shall be released in a few years, once we know that subject 5 has stablized.

From our estimations, Subject 1 is a tad more mentally developed then Subject 5 shall be. While Subject 5's strenght is far superior, I am sure we can find work for Subject 1 as an engineer.

Personal Note, Darius Cachia:

I cannot stand it. Nor can I explain it. Ever since Subject 5's birth I have felt a bit too attached. Ever since I was given the duty to take care of him, I have not been able to pull myself away. It is increadable...he is a sentient being with intelligence, a sense of learning and immense innocence. They want me to take him in as my own 'son' and give him a proper education and a normal life...explain what is happening to him.

I want to do it. Me and Christa have always wanted a child...funny. If she where alive, she would be furious that our firstborn is going to be this furry.

URSA Video log #1

Camera on: A large man-bear in a white and black camo military uniform settles down upon a chair after turning the camera on, settling down upon it, leaning his elbow upon the butt of a rifle. He smiles to the camera, showing off his teeth

Commander Patrick Cachia reporting, that's "Grizzly" for those of you who know me. Well, it's the first time I'm making these...the point of these logs? To show you young cadets why you are here. That you're not alone. Lemme tell you all something, as one of the few of us that, prior to this ,has had a somewhat 'normal' life. Well, m'boys, it was not easy. You think school's hard? Try school when you're a hairy freak. Oh yeah, it was kinda bad at first. Of course, no one tried anythin' with me. I was way too though. Super strenght helped me loads! You'd think twice 'fore you pick on someone that can throw a freakin' car at ya'.

Well, eventually the Coalation got me a private school, thought me everything I NEED t'know, and sent me back home. Sounds great, eh? Well, two years later...I was 'bout 21. Woke up in the morning, damn! I find myself...well...

He spreads his arms, showing himself off

Everythin' you see here. Fur all grew in an instant, skeletal structure changed...I had this damn thing.

He prods his snout repeatedly, whincing before scrunching his nose

Not exactly the best way to wake up, I'll tell ya...Right then, as I was sayin'. The first thing you'll all be briefed about is well, your rifles.

He holds one up muzzle in one hand, holding it from the handle with the other

Custom grip, can be held with any sort of appendage. Hell, you could hold this with a stick if you shape it the right way. You've got everything you'll ever need in this thing. Portable two way radio, every sort of comm' you can think of, Global Positioning, Infared and Night Vision Scopes, two holders at the butt if the rifle for food and drinks...porta' of course. This baby can do anything but brush your teeth.

He promptly demonstrates another aspect, reaching for a button by a second muzzle, and pressing it. With a {FOOSH!} a short beam-blade shoots through it, like a makeshift bayonette

Multi-use energy blade. Slash your enemies is they get too close, or use it to cut your way through some obsticles. Just watch where you point that thing. Now. For your weapon, you will be using a multitude of bullets, ready to take down any foe. Superpowered or supernatural.

He de-activates the blade, putting the gun on his lap and brandishing three clear packs of bullets.

For special purposes only. This first pack contains what we like to call 'Ghostbusters'. They can harm the etheral, so there's no escape, even into another plane. This second one contains 'Banes'. These can tear through any demons or corrupted beings, banishing them eventually. And the most useful in the arsenal, 'Rogue killers'. These things are specially designed to tear through the more 'sturdy' heroes who just shrug off bullets. Boss says they can harm most immortals watch how you use this. There is NO friendly fire.

He shifts once more, his expression a bit more tense

Your first mission begins at 0100 hours, so be ready. Remember, there are ground rules in this camp. No talking back to the officers, keep your bunks tidy and no diddling in the showers...or in the barracks...or any where else, ladies and gentlemen. I'll personally punish you myself. And have ways of making you all keep in line...we're an army 'ere.

He nods slowly, finally smiling again

Hey. Chin up people. I'll be briefing you again before heaving out on the mission. Remember; we aren't just saving our own asses by doing this.

He leans over to the camera, fondling with a switch

Commander Patrick, out.

!!End of Message!!

URSA Video Log #2 + Battle results

Camera on: Patrick settles down infront of the camera again, wearing a different uniform then before. This one has much more high-tech, covered in small, glistening crome armor-plates, a small computer upon his chest and wires neatly tieing around his torso

Commander Patrick Cachia reporting again...for all of you that survived that, great job. You know what war means. We've lost quiet a few of us on this first operation, I ain't too pleased about that. You all don't really get it. To them, we ain't even soldiers. We're beasts in uniform. You ain't like that, so prove it. Don't rush into things alone, and at least capture someone for questioning when you get the chance...this isn't a kill 'em all mission.

Either way, your mistakes cost alot this day...let us observe a moment of silence for those who lost their lives today...and for the dufus who threw his own readied grenade into his own face when we got to their gates.

Patrick stood up solemnly, standing at attention, gazing into the distance for a few moments before plopping back into his chair

Right. Moment over. Now, onto our next discussion...the next mission is simple: Docotor Oros, a rogue geneticist who has been churning out others like ourselves...only in reverse. He kidnaps humans and turns them into manimal hybrids and cyborgs. He's in league with some big shot on Monster least we think. For all we know he could just be some adoring fan. Either way, the next mission is easy. Take down his guards, get into his tower and put the man down. He's caused enough death, suffering and sorrow already. Do NOT under any circumstances kill the experiments, even if they are used against us. Remember this: They're people just like us...they're still people being forced into situations they don't want to be in.

He gestures to his own uniform, tapping a claw against a metal plate

You'll be outfitted with these for the mission. I suggest wearing something under these...tight little buggers. They're outfitted to be bulletproof and fireproof...but that doesn't make your head bulletproof or yourself explosionproof. You'll be running into a lot of resistance. Let's take this guy by surprise...keep in mind though. The computer attached to your chest? That's a sort of radar. Your HUD should show you all the enemies in close proximity. Even behind those walls. Make use of it. And I don't wanna see any more stupid moves.


Camera off

!!End of Message'!!

URSA Instructional Tape

G'day men and women of URSA! Commander Patrick "Grizzly" Cachia here with a lil' instructional tape to tell you MORE about URSA.

First off! URSA stands for "Universal Racial Security Army". That's right, we're Earth's formost cross-racial security force, dealing with the works. Alien desputes, crazy scientists making evil name it!

As you know, not just anyone gets into URSA...which should be very apparent; we ain't all human. Infact, many of us might have been born human, but we've...changed for one reason or another. We're proud to say; we've even got some "aliens" amongst us. Friendly creatures who've chosen Earth as their new home and wish to defend it. After all, you'd defend your home, wouldn't you?

Now that you're part of URSA, you've recieved access to a multitude of weaponary and gadgets that will make your combat experiance just a little bit easier. We've built to slay any threat to our world, that includes demons, ghosts, villains and rogue superheroes! You never know when they can SNAP!

Upon arriving you should be escorted to your barracks. You'll each have your own bunks and dorms. As a rare case: men and women WILL be allowed to share dorms, but not bunks. This ain't Summer Camp or Band Camp. You're to keep your bunk and the area around it tidy, spotless and well organized. Should an emergancy take place while you are asleep, an alarm will sound and you'll be booted out of your beds. My favorate thing to watch...Your barracks should also contain TWO bathrooms and showers. One for each gender. And, er...what? Oh. Well, seeing as we've got aliens amongst us...and not all of them have either male or female...Just use one of 'em. You'll get used to it.

Right, you'll also have to get used to the daily training schedules posted at the doors of your barracks. Yes, we've installed actual notice boards. Each day goes roughly like this: You'll go through the daily warmup, a little exersize does wonders...then you're all with me for a bit of combat training at the firing range. Rest of the day's spent either visitin' whatever training courses you have, or tending to yer chores. We all have t'pull our weight here. Once per month we'll be holding tests to see if you've all learned anythin' for these courses. That's right, don't think that just 'couse you came 'ere you've except from actual education...

Right then, each one of you, depending on the evaluation from the tests you took prior to this have probably recieved your roles. I've godda say, I feel jealous of the lucky guy who gets sent to the Medic's Ward. Engineers and Techs are going to be spendin' most of their free time readying our equipment, making sure it's all in top shape, and of course; the rest of you will be here in the main compound. Get comfy, boys n' girls.