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Player: @Bluhman
"I am poison. You can't be friends with poison. I'm sorry." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS (DEX/Avenger/Guardian)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Janet Slimm
Known Aliases: Quarterlife, 'G-Bomb'
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated Human
Ethnicity: American Caucasian
Place of Birth: Deming, New Mexico
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: None Living
Age: 15
Height: 5'2
Weight: 118 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Complexion: Greenish
Physical Build: Slim, short
Physical Features: Malformed foot, bone deformities on hands and arms, glowing eye
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Test Subject
Education: 4th grade
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Radioactive emanation, Explosive force, Forcefield generation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Containment Armor
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Quarterlife is an escaped scientific anomaly from Roosvelt City. Having been lead through a long series of hardships has left her fairly unstable, both physically and mentally, but she has managed to find acceptance and protection within Millennium City.


Crash and Burn

Janet Slimm was born to a high-class family living in New Mexico. Being an only-child, the daughter of the Slimm's was very well treated and was highly encouraged to participate in the community at an early age. She took part in school plays, had close childhood friends, and took part in the US scouting movement. Her parents, due to their status, also frequently took their daughter on vacations to various foreign locations to broaden her world view.

At the age of 7, the Slimms took a vacation to Mexico to see the Aztec ruins. Their trip was scheduled to take a stop at Houston, then fly south to Mexico City. This would have gone perfectly well, had a wave of force not shook the plane to Texas out of the sky over Burning Sands. Seeing the plane crash from the base, Project Greenskin soldiers were sent out to find any survivors of the crash within the Atomic Wastelands. There was only one; Janet Slimm. Severely injured, she was sent to Greenskin's medical ward.

Already, she had become highly disfigured from being exposed to the radiation within the Atomic Wastelands. Her foot's tissue swelled to an abnormal size, while her bones began to contort and jut out at strange angles. When Janet came to, she was delerious and teary-eyed, begging the guards to let her go and find her parents. After numerous attempts to inform her that her parents had died, she let loose a destructive wave of force that blew a hole in the ward's wall, escaping to the west.

Greenskin put a notice up for the lost child, and she was eventually found by ARGENT within a crater that had seemingly been produced by explosions that had centered around Janet. It was from ARGENT that Janet managed to get the name Quarterlife, for her volatile nature and tendency to explode violently at any given moment. With no way to reliably contain the waves of destruction, ARGENT did the only sensible thing; auction the child off to somebody who thought they could.

Roosevelt's Dark Legacy

Quarterlife in Containment Armor, inside her base near Millennium City.
This all was well before the complete construction of Roosevelt City, back before the city's energy infrastructure had been properly created. Being a highly experimental and scientific community, however, the city officials saw their chance to put the child's energy to the test. Buying her up, they proceeded to engineer an underground chamber that would not only contain Quarterlife's disastrous explosions, but also harness them as energy. As long as nobody found out about their exploitation of the girl, they would be free to use this amazing source of energy.

Needless to say, the chamber was a success. Quarterlife was contained to a small central room within a larger chamber. When she let loose an explosion, the walls would let the force permeate their surface and fly towards receptors at the edges of the chamber. From each explosion, the Roosevelt City powergrid could accept enough power to keep the entire city running for 2 years. Scientists were consciously working on an analog to replace Quarterlife with, but with the immense power they were harnessing from their techniques, they did not see the possibility of it happening, nor an inherent reason for doing so; Quarterlife's explosions certainly weren't showing any signs of slowing down.

On the other side of the wall, Quarterlife could not be more miserable. All she was allowed to do was eat and sleep within a living space of 8 square feet. With nobody to talk to nor anywhere to go, she grew more and more stressed until she forced herself to explode again; a process that proves extremely painful to her. All she could hope to do is accept her lowly and inescapable circumstances.

Ethics in Question

Quarterlife's chambers were located underneath the city, alongside the other tunnels that ran to various locations and labs. At a point in Roosevelt City's history, the law-enforcement of the city set up a superhero group called the Alpha Force, who set up headquarters in a base 300 feet below city surface. Later on, the revival of the E-Team, lead by Dr. Voltsz, set up their infrastructure in the various subterranean tunnels of the city, many of which had access to Quarterlife's chamber. The E-Team's goal was highly specific: Find where the criminals of the city might have set up a Singularity Bomb.

This is not to say that her chamber was not well-guarded. The passages leading to the chamber were highly-defensible, with security doors and live patrol guards stationed, few had a hope to see what lay beyond them. This was hardly a problem for E-Team's Idaten, who easily infiltrated the hallways and went for Quarterlife's chamber to search for signs of a bomb, unknowing of the girl's existence. His presence within this restricted area lead the Alpha Force to be contacted to investigate the chamber, sending Chisoku and Tri-Emerald for the job.

The Alpha Force and Idaten faced off within the chamber, eventually ending with the Alpha Force forcing the lone ninja to flee. However, Tri-Emerald's empathy began to pick up on Quarterlife's presence; a feeling of apathy and despair she had never experienced before. It was with this occurrence that the secret of Roosevelt City's power was unveiled. Many of the city's more influential figures, including Bluhman, knew about the ethical ramifications and benefits of Quarterlife. Now, it was time for the city to face the cold, hard facts: They had held an innocent girl in isolated confinement for 7 years.

The information quickly became a sensationalist national news story: "Roosevelt City Alpha Force discovers Underground Girl in Bonds" headlines read. There was public outcry among many cities, and even among the people of Roosevelt City, the call to take action against this injustice was strong. Eventually, Tri-Emerald could not take it, and made the decision to let Quarterlife free. Understanding that she was still highly volatile, Quarterlife took a spare suit of radioactive containment armor and fled the city.

Now a wandering vagrant, Quarterlife's control of her power has gotten marginally better; to the degree that she does not explode periodically, and only upon willful command. She has made her base within Millennium City's outskirts, and usually takes part with the bio-labs in West Side to make income and find ways to improve her condition.

Detailed Information


O - ■□□□□
C - ■■□□□
E - ■□□□□
A - ■■■■□
N - ■■■■■
Quarterlife is extraordinarily shy and self-aware of her horrible disfigurement. Her isolation and mistreatment have left her in a scarred and unstable state, and she is prone to breaking down at seemingly the most inconsequential of occurrences. Various aspects of denial, such as her parents death, are an especially contentious subject to her. At the heart, all she wants is for people to like her like they did back before her disaster, and she realizes she needs to stand up for herself and fight if she is to get to such a condition.

Quarterlife managed to pick up a very small aspect of Empathy from Tri-Emerald, the person who freed her from Roosevelt City and whom Quarterlife considers to be her closest friend. As such, she does have some capability of picking up autonomously on other peoples' feelings, and is also able to speak directly with Tri-Emerald about her experiences.

Combat Attributes

If the initial particle barrage doesn't kill you, the dying mutant cells probably will.
Quarterlife is physically diminutive and insignificant. However, the small stature belies her ability to let loose deadly waves of Radiation. Her emanation of heavy particles causes disastrous damage to any living beings nearby, wearing down average humans in seconds if she does not keep her powers in check.

Quarterlife can also concentrate molecular energy to form Force Explosions. These blasts send enemies flying away from her, and also cause incredible damage to surrounding objects and walls. These explosions take a lot of tension or concentration to build up properly, however, and so Quarterlife rarely uses them in combat.

Quarterlife's training with molecular abilities have lead her to discover how to manipulate her abilites to create Forcefields. These fields, which she uses to protect both herself and others, provide excellent tensile strength and deflect most physical blows. As an added benefit, however, the forcefields also effectively shield users against any radiation that might come her way, allowing normal human beings to get near her without fear.

To help protect others from her radioactive nature in casual circumstances, Quarterlife can wear Containment Armor. Though her suit is worn down, the combination of her personal control over her radiation levels and the coverage of the suit is enough to make her near-harmless to anyone within arms distance of her. Part of the reason Quarterlife's armor has ended up so broken, however, was that she mistakenly thought it would provide actual protection from physical assaults.

By directing molecular energy in a single direction, Quarterlife can propel herself through the air in flight, at a speed of 38 miles per hour.


Quarterlife's oldest look; all that really changed is the hairstyle and sleeves a bit.
  • The 10th 40. Has regularly switched between using Fire and Infernal.
  • Was made in a time where the winner of Costume Contests were almost invariably underaged girls. Fancy that; she actually won a couple of them back in the day, despite her very bizzare theming.