Rift Raft

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Rift Raff
Player: @alexicare
Class Focus: Tank/DPS
Power Level: 39
Research & Development: Mysticism (Arcana)
Personal Data
Real Name: Raffaella Sinclair
Known Aliases: Riftie, Raff
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 21
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 101 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown, dyed black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Struggling musician, part-time superhero
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Paul Sinclair (father), Isabel Leone (mother)
Known Powers
Arcane potential, dimensional manipulation
Known Abilities
Basic self-defense and rudimentary kendo training
Enchanted costume

Psychological Profile

It should be noted that the following psychological profile is corellated from the personal notes of Doctor Jacinth Grey, who Raffaella Sinclair had a few sessions with back when she was still in highschool, and recent observations surrounding her application to the Guardians. The information presented here should be considered accordingly as it is undoubtedly outdated or based on superficial evidence.

Raffaella Sinclair is a troubled young woman. She has obvious anger and trust issues, consistent with a low self-esteem. She also has difficulty relating to authority or parental figures, around which she is outwardly disrespectful or at least nonchalant. She is, however, capable of individual respect, and this could positively affect her behavior towards Guardian officers who have earned it directly or through reputation. Indeed, the subject seems to be extremely reactive to social pressure, adopting expressions, opinions, and trends while at the same time simulating a somewhat uncaring and ironic attitude as a defensive mechanism. Given proper incentive, Raffealla Sinclair could very well be tempted to work against her allies or even her own interests to avoid humiliation. This is once again consistent with low self-esteem and an unfulfilled need to feel appreciated and accepted.

Although she is clearly intelligent, Raffaella could not be described as intellectually curious or ambitious. She cares little for academical knowledge and tends to abandon most long-term projects she embarks on. She does, however, show great creativity and adaptability in spur of the moment situations, and a natural affinity for "thinking outside the box" when it comes to short-term problem-solving. Recent data shows that she has developped increased attention span and a very high degree of concentration; high enough that one could theorize this as a side-effect of her newly awakened paranormal abilities. Further investigation of this matter is required.

Her past and current profile also indicate that she has strong propension for addictions, although her recent blood tests seem to confirm that she has ceased to use drugs, except for legal ones. Coworkers and close friends are encouraged to be wary for early signs of alcoholism.

Abilities, Powers & Other Resources

Arcane Potential

Detection and observation by qualified members of the mystical community rate Rift Raff's arcane potential as exceptionally elevated even by superheroic standards. Such inherent arcane aptitude is usually hereditary in nature, and yet neither of her parents show any signs of arcane potential. In theory, this could be attributed to a powerful magician or extradimensional ancestor. For the time being, however, no further conclusions can be drawn as to the exact origins of Rift Raff's potential. Further investigation is strongly recommended.

Although Raffaella had never received any formal sorceral training up until very recently, she had apparently been able to develop her gifts in a previously unrecorded manner, as will soon be discussed. Additionnally, she had been seeking help and guidance in her exploration of the arcane arts since she joined the Guardians and has recently begun training under the tutelage of Alexander Harper (brother of Celestien Harper). Any progress in this field will be closely documented in the current file.

Dimensional Manipulation

Rift Raff claims she can mentally control the laws of one of the many Qlippothic realms. More concretely, this means she has the ability to form ruptures and tears of different sizes between our world and this distant dimension. Her favorite expression of this gift is to fight with sword-shaped dimensional tears, but she has also been able to create vacuum effects to quench fires or manipulate the battlefield with powerful winds by causing vast differences in the air pressure. She is also capable of crossing great distances by traveling through the other realm and opening new temporary ruptures to different places in our dimension.

The limits and eventual applications of this unusual ability remain to be seen, but even feats such as demon summoning or reality alteration could be theorizable if her control on this otherworldly dimension were ever to rise to levels high enough to establish a stronger and more durable connection with ours.

Combat Training

Most of Raffealla's combat skills come from the time she spent on the street, she is a decent streetfighter with surprisingly high reflexes and strength for one that, in retrospect, never received any formal combat training.

She has been a frequent user of the Combat Simulation Room in the Guardians Tower and has recently started taking advanced kendo classes in the city, her skills have been rapidly improving. Her aggressive temper grants her a natural affinity for combat.


Raffaella Sinclair has no education. She dropped out of high school in her fourth year and has not shown any interest in resuming or pursuing any formal education. She is, however, rather knowledgeable in matters of rock music, gang criminality, drug traffic and street etiquette.


Rift Raff possesses little noteworthy equipment besides her standard issue communicator and a few sets of magically enchanted costumes that can adapt to varied types of relatively harsh environments.



Raffaella is the only daughter of Paul Sinclair, a very successful Harmon Industries financier, and Isabel Leone, a lawyer with the Millenium City Prosecutor's Office. She used to be a quiet girl with not too many friends, with the possible exception of her lifelong best friend Amelia Argosy (daughter of Cornelius Argosy) whose influence can be felt even today. Raffaella was a good student in elementary school, but things started going worse when she entered highschool.

Perhaps it was because her parents were a little too busy to properly care for her or perhaps it was simply bad luck, but she eventually ended up with the wrong crowd in highschool and dropped out, around the same time her best friend did. Her parents tried to help, but their relationship grew more and more strained as Raffaella sunk deeper and deeper in the rich kids' gang life of eastern Millenium City. When she turned 18, she disappeared from public records. It is assumed she started living on the street as of this period. The only traces we have of her between then and the most recent events were the public apparitions of the underground goth rock band Child for which she plays the bass.


The following section is based on Raffaella Sinclair's testimonies and is to be treated as an unconfirmed and biased description of the actual events that have really occurred. It is, however, the object of an ongoing MCPD investigation, and it should be corroborated or denied once additional proofs will have been be gathered and key members of DEMON, prosecuted.

Soon after she started living on the street, Raffaella began to spend time at known DEMON recruitment spots like the Hellion Club. She was quickly accepted and even adopted by cult members (something that could possibly be attributed to her formerly unknown arcane potential), she participated in a few ceremonies and was offered to participate in their less important criminal schemes: drug sale, breaking and entering, mugging, etc.

A little more than one year ago she was invited to a special ceremony and, despite Amelia's warnings, she decided to go, convinced that her friend was simply being jealous of her upcoming promotion within the cult. The ceremony was called "Reverence for the Great Hunger Beyond the World", and to Raffaella's great surprise, she was not invited to be promoted, but rather to be sacrificed.

She has few memories of the actul ceremony. She was attacked and possibly drugged as soon as she arrived on the premises (an old abandoned house in the east side), but she claims to have seen the silhouette of a very large, possibly overweight, man with a strangely familiar voice moments before she was untied and thrown into the greenish radiance of what looked like a Qliphothic tear.

Criminal Record

Following what Rift Raff has described as her "return to our dimension", she contacted her parents and attempted to mend the past. It is assumed from her frequent visits and her mother's support in legal affairs, that she was at least partially successful in this endeavor.

At her mother's suggestion, she surrendered to the MCPD and presented a full confession of the crimes she had committed while working with DEMON, including assault, drug traffic, racket, and theft. She managed to negotiate a reduced sentence in exchange for a promise to testify in court against her former associates and seek training and supervision in the development of her newly awakened supernatural abilities. In addition, the court has agreed to keep the whole matter private for her security as a key witness; this also kept open the possibility of her eventual need for a secret identity as a masked superhero.

The Guardians

Following the decision of the court, Raffaella Sinclair submitted an application to the Guardians and was accepted as a probationnary member. As part of the prestigious team, she has assumed the identity of Rift Raff, and serves on patrols and special missions alongside other heroes, while she continually trains and learns to control her newfound abilities.

The Guardians have been invited to monitor Raffealla very closely for signs of unethical or criminal behavior, and are encouraged to consider her work as a rather unusual form of public service and rehabilitation sentence.


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