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Player: @Danzaiver
Character Build
Class Focus: Power Armor
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jon Lucas
Known Aliases: Jon, Rocket, RC
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic American
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Base of Operations: The Phoenix Building (Guardian Tower), Millennium City
Relatives: Hector Lucas (father, deceased), Elizabeth Lucas (mother, deceased)
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, Short
Complexion: Deep Olive Skin
Physical Build: Athletic, Toned
Physical Features: No Tattoos
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2004-Present
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Celebrity, Adventurer
Education: College Bachelors
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Keen Intellect, Power Armor
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Guardian Power Armor
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"Hero, Legend, Celebrity, and Icon to Millions... words cannot begin to express how we the people of this fair city recognize him." - Victoria Crownstone WCOC

Character Biography

Picture Op From SUPER Magazine 2010 Edition

Origin Story

The year was 1992 when the city of Detroit was demolished at the hand of Doctor Destroyer. It was also the day my parents Hector and Elisabeth Lucas had died as well. I had been living in Manhattan during that time when my parents had decided to move to Detroit to live out their glory days, little did we all know how short their time was. I watched the destruction of old Detroit and my parents on television. You weren't able to flick through a channel without coming across the devastation that Doctor Destroyer had unleashed that day. It was beyond comprehension.

The wake for the people that were lost was held a month later. I went back home, and fell into quite a depressing portion of my life. I devoted all of my free time to understanding why such a devastating event like that could even occur. I eventually realized the unquestionable reason was because not enough good people did anything to prevent it. I found my goal, and that was to be one those good people that did something about the evil in this world. I sold most of my possessions and began investing my meager earnings into small companies that I saw a certain amount of potential in before I went on a walkabout to prepare myself to what I knew would become my ultimate next step, and that was to become a hero of justice.

Sadly I may never know what happen next exactly...

You see I was found washed ashore on the Coney Island Beach about twelve years later, and I didn't wake up until I found myself in a hospital bed. It was the strangest moment in my life. One second I was on my journey to become the hero I sought out to be and the next thing I know twelve years had passed in a blink of an eye and I hadn't the faintest idea what in the world happen to me. After an extended stay in the hospital I was eventually released into my own care. I tried to piece together a form of a life after regaining a sense of understanding. I looked up my investments and discovered much to my surprise that I wasn't bankrupt. The money I had invested actually increased about ten-fold and I found myself actually better off, but sadly the world wasn't. It had seemed to actually be worst for ware, but it did seem to be off on a better foot then I had left it.

I eventually bought a building on the corner of 22nd and 7th with my earnings and turned it into my workstation. It was hard work to dedicate my time to my goal but it was only the beginning and I had a lot of catching up to do. I bought all the technological materials I could, mostly from outlets I had known who were still up and around. My first notion of what kind of hero I could be came to me out of the blue. It was just a sensation of flight and the freedom it brought, I don't know why, but that is where my mind went so I fashioned a twin turbine miniature ramjet engine, basically I made a jet-pack. But of course I needed some offensive capabilities so I made a long range defensive pistol to go along the jet pack. It was the best I could come up with in such a short notice I was really eager to start my new line of work.

Of course I probably should have waited... I began my line of duty around the lower West Side near the waterfront where by sheer happenstance I found a bunch of what I thought at first to be thieving bandits, boy was I ever wrong. It so happen to turn out that I had stumbled across a operation being held by VIPER to say the least I was ill prepared. My weapons were ineffectual against there superior shielding and my jet-pack disabled by gunfire. I was in dire straights here; I was beaten and propped like a trophy on display on top of a chain link fence as they laughed. I was lucky enough that I survived just long enough for a local hero to arrive and rescue me along with defeating the hordes of VIPER. However what came next was the real blow to my ego. This hero who I'm forgetting his name at the moment began to say how I should just give up this line of work and go home. I was inexperience, an amateur, and a liability. Suffice it to say I really did go back home, but only to scrap the jet-pack. I mean what the hell was I thinking!

I spent the next month licking my wounds while doing my homework and research all over again. Learning all there was on my enemies and future enemies I may encounter along my way. I also began to learn and look into what new tech was now available to me. I began to slowly realize that I had gone about this the wrong way in my pursuits. A Power Suit was more to my speed, and better on the offensive and defensive side. I began my work on it adding a pair of power gauntlets, miniaturized my design for the twin turbine ramjet and formed them into jet boots, and created a helmet capable of high speed combat data. Soon as I was ready for a field test I went right back into the fray, as I heard that some kind of disturbance was being brought about in the middle of time square. Some sort of creature had ripped out from underneath the city streets and it was causing all sorts of havoc as it started to destroy the neighboring buildings. Of course I forfeited the field test and donned my suit while I ran to my rooftop to either kiss the ground below or zoom off looking like a hero. Suffice it to say... I looked like a damn hero. Bolting onto the scene I surveyed the area as panic surged through the streets. For only a split second did I think maybe I was way over my head here. But seeing the mobs of screaming people running for there lives I flashed back to my original resolve "If just enough good people stood up to prevent moments like this tragedies would be avoided." So I steeled myself and turned my attention to this monstrous behemoth and began unleashing short bursts of particle energy gaining it's attention which really worked out for it's favor really. I was able to dodge a good deal of it's over grown attacks but I was still new to the jet boots so it was only a matter of time before it caught me and was about to use me as a swatting stick and try to use me on the people running below its feet. I managed to reroute my power from most of my suit into the gauntlets which I then unleashed into the behemoth's eyes blinding it and probably injuring the living hell out of it... oh yeah and also freeing me from it's grasp, but once I saw it was about to buckle over onto two bystanders I shot down and safely tackled them out of the way of the timbering giant. It hit the ground and I landed safely with the bystanders telling them to get out of area. As I brought my attention back to the monster ready for a second round I faintly began to hear yelling through my audio receiver. Pinpoint the point of origin I triangulated that it was coming from a nearby building and thats when I spotted an old man with a staff going on about how this was his time, and a glory that he was about to fulfill. Suffice it to say... I blasted up the side of the building and gave the mother of all double fisted uppercuts to this old coot and knocked him out. Lifting the staff up and analyzing it I realized that it was emitting some sort of ultrasonic frequency that was resonating with the monster below and of course realizing this I broke his staff in front of a bunch of a people and next thing I know the creature slowly begins disappearing and that's when I begin to hear it. Clapping. People were clapping, cheering and hollering like a damn parade. Slowly people began to emerge from there hiding spots and there dark corners and gathered in the streets in front of the building I stood on top of and I have to tell you it was a great experience. To see the masses breath a collective sigh of relief and look up to someone that stood there ground and fought back for the little guy it was such an experience, and then came the news crews and reality came crashing back. I blasted off the rooftop like a rocket and got out of there; I wasn't in it for the glory or the fame.

But I won't lie it felt pretty damn amazing.

For the next few months I became what some might say a sleeper hit even a cult hit really. I was the underdog hero who comes and goes like a speeding rocket. The Rocketing Crusader of Justice one headline called me it was pretty cool, not going to lie. Next thing I know while out on patrol around the upper east side I'm rescuing a media agent from the clutches of some thugs. The moment I was about to blast off she wouldn't stop going on and on about how she could elevate me from cult icon to megastar. I turned her down, but she would not let a sleeping dog lie. She even went as far as staging her own mugging just to meet me again, and that was almost disastrous as it turned out the so called hired help she found actually were VIPER agents trying to use her to capture me in an attempt to steal my tech It was a bit nerve racking. She just wouldn't let me go even after that and eventually we sat down for a cup of coffee thinking what could it hurt to just hear her out and then let her down gently. She let me hear her whole schtick and I was reluctant but she got to me. She told me I would be doing this to be a role model for the next generation of "good people" a model of what it would mean to be a person that stood up and fought for what was right. Next thing I know, I have movie deals being thrown at me, television spots, billboards, I was a rock star... it was pretty crazy.

The Ultimate Guardian Years

Deciding to be a Team Player

The Premiere Super Group

I was able to join a pretty high profile team of superheroes. The Ultimate Guardians! Pretty crazy turn of events, wouldn’t you say? So let me explain a bit of what led my once solo career into becoming a team player.

As it would happen like anything else in a hero of justice life, it begins with a crisis. A pretty major one in fact I’ll tell you. So an evil so great appeared in the city of Millennium, which clouded the skies and turned the fundamental blocks reality on its head. I mean seriously the building blocks of known science was literally taken and punted out of our hemisphere for shits and giggles. It was insanity. I’m a man of science and technology so I did the only rational thing I could do. I figuratively laced up my rocket boots and told myself a being of immense power capable of distorting reality through an understanding of quantum mechanics was capable controlling the basic atomic structure of the universe through a finite radius had crossed over to our realm of existence and I ran right towards it with a pair of hand mounted blasters and a bucket on my head.

To say the least… this did not bold well in any regard.

So, here I was. The great Rocket Crusader. The Hero of Justice! The crimson star of home screen and silver screen alike. Faced with insurmountable odds in my opinion, and I did what I still think was the right move… I began blasting away at it. Too little avail I may add, but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying to save lives. The creature. For lack of a better word, began releasing hordes of reanimated corpses of fallen people. How? How do you ask? Well think about it as the human body being a car, and the brain being its engine so to speak. Well theoretically it wouldn't be that hard to restart an engine with the right spark. Highly unlikely though.

Anyway, I redirected my focus on the minions seeing that they were being let loose to run wild on the city streets. Managed to save who I could until I was blindsided by a stray blast from mister extra-dimensional menace knocked me for a whirl and crash landed into the street below at that point my boots were damage and the system repair in order to bypass the damage and reroute energy output for flight wouldn't be fast enough. At the same moment as I was grounded a father and his child were only a few yards from me and about to be overrun with a George A. Romero film. I let loose a particle blast, but was quickly held down by the mass undead bodies.

Things were looking grim...

But then the incredible happen just as all hope for this hero of justice was about to be lost. They came like a bat out of hell. Precise, resourceful, powerful and working like a damn well-oiled machine. It was a thing of beauty Suffice it to say I think I saw a talking bear. Also, this guy decked out in black dropped in and saved the civilians he was fast, also wore a beret. I could tell he knew how to accessorize. I was assisted... yeah assisted not saved. Okay maybe saved... but only a little, by a guy clad in cobalt and gold. He gave me a nod before zooming off and joining the others in the fray. They were like nothing I've ever seen... next to Defender and his Champions. It was a sight to behold. They saved the day, and the very next day the world kept spinning for another day. Of course I had to find out who these extraordinary people were.</div>

Adventures In Vampyrean Mythology

Am I Suppose to be Scooby Doo?
I'm not what you would call a believer. I'm a practicing scientist and engineer, and that means my faith lies in what I can rationalize with my own two eyes and what I can determine to be factual and or probable. So when I hear things like "magic" or "mystical" I roll my eyes pretty hard. So imagine the look on my face when I'm confronted with the so called "living dead" Remember when you were kid and you first watched I don't know lets say Bela Lugosi's Dracula based on Bram Stroker's Novel of the same name. Now when this movie first came out it was considered one of the best cinematic movies of its age not including Nosferatu, but anyway the funny thing about it even at a young age I looked at this movie and I laughed. I still remember my dad asking what was so funny? And I reply by saying its impossible for a man to exist in that state. I mean, seriously a creature that never ages, sustains its life through blood consumption and is adverse to sunlight and garlic. It just sounded silly to me. So lo and behold when I'm asked to help out a Ms. Taffy Winters.

So I happen to be in Vibora Bay for a commercial shoot. Nothing big nothing major just a few picture opportunities and nothing else, but during the shoot certain occurrences began to come to light. Members of the staff began to show up late, or not at all during the three day shoot. I didn't really pay any mind to it, but I should have. Anyway during the last day I decided to head to one of the more livelier of Night Clubs in the city "The Minefield" It was a pretty eventful night. A lot of dancing and at least a bottle of whiskey. One girl was... you know what that's not important. But I will tell you that as the night went on I was approached by two of the loveliest looking girls I have ever seen before. Something about them was just so... intoxicating. Suffice it to say they made their play, and I went along. We found ourselves outside of the club around the corner and it was getting pretty serious. That was until one of them unbeknownst to me tried to have me for a midnight snack which normally I wouldn't be opposed too, but again they only got to try until Ms. Winters... Taffy managed to stake her through the heart causing her to degrade into a mass pile of ash in front of me. Freaky. The second made a break for it and managed to get away from Taffy who came back to obviously bask in the awe of a celebrity rescue... no actually she came back to toss me against a wall and make sure I wasn't a pincushion for sharp teeth. Of course I argued against the existence of the undead, but Taffy was a hard headed one. She ran off as soon as a few what I could only assume were friends of hers arrived. They of course were a little more happy to see a hero slash celebrity. And that's when I was asked to help Taffy out.

Missing Years


Known Enemies

Coming Soon

The Crusader Power Suit

The Crusader Suit. Created By Jon Lucas.
Crusader Suit MK II

The Crusader Power Exoskeleton Frame was first manufactured by Mr. Lucas during his days working and operating out of New York City. The components break down into three primary functional basic pieces. ANALYSIS, COMBAT, and FLIGHT.

ANALYSIS – The Crusader Exoframe's main processing A.I. Unit programmed by Mr. Lucas to act as a tactical field analyzer for on-sight multiple threat scenarios is capable of running about one thousand combat scenarios as well as search and rescue scenarios. Its behavioral predicting algorithm simulates cause and effect factors to determine the best course of action for close to any excursion. The unit is also linked to a wealth of information accessed from Mr. Lucas main database stationed in his private labs. Most information common and uncommon is readily accessible.

COMBAT – The Crusader Exoframe was design with the notion of rescue, but was intended for combat. Primarily the unit has one form of ranged offense. Particle Emissions. Focused particle emissions produce non-lethal tactical solutions for combat scenarios, but as well defensive means for rescue and protection. Expanded particle emissions focused and expended in density yield protective fields used for storage, capture and defense. Textile micro-woven stimulus fabric as well grants a level of protection as well as augments muscle strength.

FLIGHT – The Crusader Exoframe was built for flight and mobility. Basing his design on pervious schematics of Ramjet Engines. Mr. Lucas was able to improve and compress the design into a miniaturized more readily accessible method of travel. Establishing a link between A.I. Unit and flight computer the exoframe is capable of manually sustained flight as well as independent flight. Reaching speeds up to 770mph the exoframe is able to breach the veil of the sound barrier in theory, but has of yet been replicated in practice.

Crusader MK I

Coming Soon

Crusader MK II

Coming Soon

Crusader Stealth MK I

Coming Soon

Crusader Deep Sea MK I

Coming Soon

Crusader Defender MK I

Coming Soon

Crusader Defender MK II

Coming Soon

Crusader Arctic Response MK I

Coming Soon

What The Critics Are Saying


What can I say, Rocket came out pretty much exactly the way I wanted him to come out design wise. I wanted him to be simple and yet shiny, and have the look like he was wearing a jumpsuit, also the scurf was their before anything else. He's basically my Booster Gold, Wonder Man, and Zatanna. He's a corporate shill, a movie star, and a performer, but secretly he knows what it takes to be a hero and he tries to do it as much as he can before and after he has to meet his contractual demands. Honestly he's a hero through and through, but his image says otherwise, if you feel like teaming up, or using Rocket Crusader in anything just let me know in-game --Danzaiver

Common Knowledge:

-He's often talkative

-As of right now he has had 30 different commercials spots from a product of some sort to actual try to get the masses involved in the betterment of the world, 3 motion pictures, and has received 1 Academy Award for best New Actor.

-His Agents name is Marjorie Holt, but he calls her Maggie for short. She is his go to girl.

-Against the better judgement of his corporate supporters, and this could be seen in footage as the Qular invasion was happening that it would seem he was in a heated argument with them before sky rocketing off to fight for the city.