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NOTICE: The point behind the West Side Location Page is not to provide an Atlas, but to provide tools that foster the planning and execution of role play events in that setting and zone. Please evaluate any addition you would make on the basis of questioning, how will this help?


RPcentric Places of Note

1) Carl’s Gym: The gym has a similar layout to the Fight Club and has the advantage of holding a large number of people (20?) and has the layout with a boxing ring for dueling.

2) Sherrera’s: A deep dive bar.

3) The Dojo: Primary use is Arms, Martial Arts training. But this shard does a great job presenting a warmly lit rice paper and bamboo oriental dojo for RP needs.

4) The Gene Vat: Primary use is Science, Mutations training. Again, another wonderful looking shard for RP needs that features a giant glass tank of green science project.

5) Arms Dealer: Primary use is Arms, Ordinance training. And again, another shard that looks great for shady tense arms deals.

6) Fight Club: Gym with box seats and a cap of (5?) players. RP advantage is that is chock full 0f Cobra lords for grinding on and of special note they seem to have much stronger proximity agro, so you can’t just walk past them ignore them.

7) Mage Forge: Primary Use, Mystic, enchanted Weapons. This shard has an interesting pool, and steps up around it as well as big forge. Not quite as generic as the book store for sorcery related RP.

NOTE these places of interest are marked by number on the map below

West Side Turf Claims

West Side Mill City step Fin.jpg

Note: That the areas that each adversary type haunts are keyed above Note: Demonic Presences are keyed as infernals above Note: This map is accurate for badge hunting and factual spawn placement. The West Side RP community uses the territory map in the Player Created Section to describe the current state of affairs.

RPcentric list of Cryptic created adversaries


The Black Aces

The Cobra Lords

The Cult of the Red Banner

The Maniacs

The New Purple Gang


Demonic Presences

Escaped Convicts

Foxbat Fanboys and Foxbattlebots



West Side Graffiti

The West Side Graffitipage is an index of the street tags found around the West Side neighborhood.

00player greyline.jpg

A Political Activist Overview

The West Side neighborhood of Millennium City is known for having some of the most impoverished residences and families in all of Millennium City. The West Side’s borders are easy to establish. To the north is Millennium cities freeway access, to the south is the river. To the east is the bulwark that builds up the underpinnings of the Renaissance Center. To the west is the detritus of the city, a belt of smashed buildings and rubble.

Further aggravating this situation is the transportation network. The interior roadways are mostly based on the footprint of old Detroit. Getting around motorized in the West Side neighborhood requires persistence and patience as the interior though ways do not match up to the ramps and tunnels that exit to the remaining city above. Those same ramps and tunnels when followed out to their natural end , quickly lead only to piles of rubble and impassable streets.

The conditions have deteriorated beyond dilapidation. The West Side is functional living space that still looks like a warzone. This goes well beyond the traditional urban blight of demolished parks and burning abandoned cars. There are cars perched on and in buildings, there are container trucks planted in the ground. There are six abandoned commercial boats lodged in the waterway and a harbor tug nested in rubble, 4 blocks from any open water.

Adding to fuel to fire in this wonderland of the bleak are the gangs that operate nearly unchecked. The New Purple Gang, The Cobra Lords, the Cult of the Red Banner, The Black Aces, and the Maniacs are operating in the open and pursuing their vice of interest. Be it money, power, or chaos.

Whether the Gangs are a symptom or the cause, West Side Graffiti has become an oversized and mostly baffling expressive medium. There are pieces that cover over 100 square feet on some walls of the West Side, and no one is doing anything about them. Why should they when there are more pressing concerns like a semi truck falling into the street.

The promise of rebuilding does seem to be in process with three construction sites, on the old foot print of the city. And yet for the average West Side resident, when they look up and to the east, that is not enough. They know that perched high above, and yet looking the wrong way, is the Renaissance Center. That statement sums up politely, the feelings of some the West Side’s residents toward the supernatural and paranormal that have come to make Millennium City their home.

2010 First quarter and Second Quarters

Vigilantee activity in the West Side plummets as the Blue Family falls apart and Ms. Enchanted I dissappears. Prevoius gains by the blue Family are lost back to the gangs that seem to be ever present. The Centurion is sighted often, intervening on behalf of individual citizens but making no punative strikes on the gangs.

Looking for earlier info

See PRIMUS ARCHIVE: Millennium City : West Side

Vigilantees Operating on the West Side

Noteworthy Criminals

  • The Dark Death Gang a.k.a. Oscuro de la Muerte, working for Crowley a nemesis of Ms. Enchanted

Locations of Note

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