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Lord of Sepermeru
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Growth in consciousness doesn't depend on the will of the intellect, or its possibilities, but on the intensity of the inner urge.
Player: Dragonrider4000
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Super Group
Black Sun Rising
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Real Name
Set - Typhon - Sutekh - Setekh - Setesh
The First Rain
Millenium City, Alau
Eternal Tourist
Legal Status
Of Great Interest to UNTIL
Marital Status
He was once married
· Known Relatives ·
Amun-Ra - Kahi - Dominick - Methari - Cache - Allie
Physical Traits
Cosmic Intelligence
Apparent Age
12 Feet (366cm)
352 lbs (160Kg)
Body Type
Dark (Mostly)
· Distinguishing Features ·
For those sensitive his aura is dark indeed
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
His powers vary from witness to witness
· Equipment ·
Uses hand forged swords out of fondness for them
· Other Abilities ·
Swordsman Archer Conversationalist Chef


For me there has always been time. The ebb and flow from tick to tock before such things ever had a name. For how do you describe time?

Do you describe it from the elements and the life of such inorganic things? From how long it takes from atoms forged in stars so long ago to die? For they do. How can you measure them in half-life without giving them the honour of a death? Semantics of language perhaps, or I simply don’t understand you. It’s been thousands of years yet still those of your kind confuse me. Perhaps you always will.

Should we then use you, in all your frailty? For with all of your strength and vibrancy it too will pass. A measure of time from the beat of life within your chest, the songs upon your tongue. Every life the tolling bell of passing years, decades… centuries. Yet even that is not enough and I can see how the thought that your very existence is but a passing second of my own makes you balk. Makes the divide between us that bit worse again.

Yet what other choices do I have? Seconds pass into a blurring hum of ridiculous number by ridiculous number, the years and centuries following suit just with differing levels of insanity. How to explain to you how the passage of years is marked by the ever flickering shift of sun over sky. A blink of time measured not in lives but in civilisations because with every rise a fall follows so quickly. Their vibrancy brings them life and like all things brought life they die.

So how to measure time?

Tell me what would you choose? The death of the dust of atoms into the coming cold waste of the universe? The death of you? The death of your civilisation? The only measure of time is in the repeated loss of what is into what was. It is unconscionable and I am tired of its passage. The future is still a hopeful place to travel to. Yet now the line is drawn. You, your people, your civilisations; you are the heartbeat of humanity on a world that has long been my home. You have become the measure of my time.

I will not see its end.



TimeAbyss - Seth has been alive for billions of years.
Older Than they Look - Seth only looks in his mid thirties despite his age.
Complete Immortality - A given alongside Time Abyss.
The Sacred Darkness - Seth may have chaotic and dark powers but that does not make him evil.


A God I am Not - Whenever he is called a God he is the first to deny it, because he is not a god.
Sharp Dressed Man - Seth never dresses in any way other than his best.
Good Old Ways - Despite the passage of time he will always reminisce about Ancient Egypt and the people he once knew there.
The Omniscient - Simple age will do that to a guy. He's not so much Omniscient as very, very old.


Helping Would be Kill Stealing - At any time he could alter the events happening in his friends' lives, yet he does not.
Badass Grandpa - Acts the father figure to many characters, and works to increase their abilities. Mercy and Cache in particular.
Badass Baritone - Every time he speaks and is a peculiar take on this as he's chosen to be this deep in tone.


Weather Dissonance - Seth can cause this at times when he actually flexes his powers. A rare event.
Heroes Prefer Swords - Seth has all his power, yet chooses to fight with swords.
Don't make me Destroy you - Often Seth wishes to win a fight without the need to fight. Often works too...


Chaotic Good - Seth will always do the right thing his way.



"Hmm… Where do I Start? He is one of the greatest friends of a figure to me. So strong and yet gentle in his nature. I cannot express how much this man means to me outside of just being under his service as Avatar. We hold the best bond, heh. He is one of the reasons why I stand today, healthy and stronger than ever before. He is literally the toughest I have ever fought to this day, and I'm very grateful he's on the good side otherwise we'd be in huge trouble, haha. But yeah, he's also a great teacher. In fact, I am glad I am part of his family, and will do whatever it takes to always make him proud. I am well honoured to call him a father."


"Ha… the fox? -My- fox? He inspires me and my motives to make me the better person I wanna become. He can be a little pain in the ass sometimes with his innocence, but that’s what I love about him. I learned not to fuck around with him when he's tight. Piss him off, and your ass is grass. Lesson well-grounded. But other than that, he's like the pops I never had. When I'm around him, just his presence assures me that everythin'll be alright. If I hadn't bumped into him for the first time when I did I probably wouldn’t' a' been alive today to even comment about him. Strong motherfucker he is, I envy his strength and power. But its only the better reason for me to push my limits to be as tough as he is. He'll get it soon enough. Love him tho'."


The familiar patter of rain hitting glass rings out as the golden woman stares out into the grey city-scape. Sitting across from you, her legs crossed casually her posture is however perfect.

“I love the rain. Don’t you? Ah, but of course. You do not want to hear about that now.”

“So, what can I tell you about him? Much, everything perhaps; maybe nothing more than you know… I have known him for as long as I can remember and perhaps, I remember less than I should.”

“He is the complete selfless protection of those of his people caught in alien places. Wrath to those that mean his heart harm and protection to those that find themselves in its warmth.” She smiles, the love in her lining her soft expression.

“He is every meaning of safety and love I have ever known. My father…” She looks away now out into the city view, memory gripping her old heart.

“Set, my Seth. Typhon to those that may know him by other names, in truth he has many, all correct but none of them true.” She grins as she looks back at you.

“We’ve been to just so many places, met so many different people. Saved some and… Condemned others.” Even as her face twists slightly with bad memories she suddenly lights up again, bringing the entire tone of the conversation with her mood. She laughs a wonderful golden sound,“Ah, if you ever get the chance ask him about the ‘Prague Incident’.” She grins wickedly, “He’ll know what you’re talking about.”

“I don’t know what I would do without him. Often I fear I don’t show him I love him enough, don’t say it enough… Nefer ib.” She pauses, the final words a language long dead to the world but they have meaning to her.

Eventually she smiles, “Don’t let me prattle on, I am sure you have more questions; don’t you?”


This page is still undergoing changes, and the story is always changing. Because, in the end we are always changing.