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Player: @iSlinky
Class Focus: Salvaged Technology, Primarily Force
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms, Ordinance
Personal Data
Real Name: Cassie Baker
Known Aliases: Smiley, Cass
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 22
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde, Dyed Blood Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: New York City, Brooklyn
Base of Operations: Westside
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Using salvaged, faulty or prototype Technology Cass can produce vast amounts of kinetic energy. Sometimes the kinetic energy is directed in pure concentrated form, from fabricating weapons to concentrated beams, other times designed to knock back with almost super-strength like power. This equipment has been known to leak fluid and even cause electrical short circuits. Her boots were a gift and is the only part of her setup thats actually stable, one-off prototypes that use GPS signals and positions enable her to Teleport upto 400 yards.
Known Abilities
She can Swallow Swords, Juggle Chainsaws fit into a Suitcase and a wide array of other Circus tricks. Cassie is also pretty good at Art, specifically Graffiti Art.
'CAPACITOR PACK' - Two power packs feed into Smiley's suit. This pack contains force-projection technology. Anywhere the suit covers is protected by a thin sheath of kinetic energy, enough to stop bullets, a fist and even a tank-shell. This tech is dated and faulty often leaking, this is dangerous but somewhat overcharges the kinetic energy making it even more potent. The pack is her main source of power for all the other devices she carrys on her person. 'CYBERNETIC-CAT-TAIL' - Another old or unwanted prototype found in a scrapyard. The tails purpose is fairly simple, it contains a highly advanced gyro. In short this means Smiley can do Acrobatics with the greatest of ease seemingly agile and nimble without the slightest of difficulty. This tail has been modified to contain an antenna linking up to her boots wirelessly allowing her to teleport greater distances. there is a fatal flaw that could be exploited due to the wireless network. The tail hooks onto her Capacitor Pack and is powered by that. 'TELEPORTATION BOOTS' - These aren't salvaged or Faulty, unlike the rest of the tech Smiley uses. A gift from an aspiring inventor they are one of a kind Teleportation Boots. They may look heavy but in fact they weigh next to nothing. These boots house all the tech required to teleport long distances. Unlike most 'porters this does not require a dimension shift, using GPS co-ordinates she can port up to four hundred yards thanks to the booster in the Cybernetic Tail. Due to the wireless connection this could open her upto a hacker she could potentially lose control of the boots. Teleporting over long distances can bring on Teleportation sickness, similar to Travel sickness so she prefer to run or walk wherever she can.
Member of Etcetera


Smiley, is very Matter of Fact, to the point of awkward the type of girl who will say what's on her mind even if you don't want to hear it. She's alternative too, a thrill seeker, though she can have a serious glint to her at times. Her views on life including one as a hero is that if you aren't enjoying your life, why are you living it. She hates being called a Role model, or a Hero. She sees herself who has simply put on a costume and goes out looking for the next adrenaline rush, alot of the time she'll save several lives in the process and that's something she's very proud of.


Smiley's suit
Cassie weighs in at a very healthy 125 lbs, shes five-five and rather petite, alot smaller than most - she'll argue she's harder to hit than a six-foot Amazonian. Her looks suit her attitude, pierced and tattooed, her bottom lip is pierced with two silver rings, and her torso is laced with intricate colorful ink designs, the most notable being huge wings on her back running from her shoulder blades to her bum. Her Blood Red hair is the latest addition which only adds to who she is.

In Suit

Her costume is striking, bold colours mixed with dull black, in this case flames up her thighs, she has a habit of spray-painting her suit. The pack on her back connects to the latex looking suit and a cat-looking cybernetic tail. She uses a mask too a give-away that she has a secret identity to protect.


She is driven by the fact the world is corrupt, and she believes the same for the governments. As such she works unlicensed, but she is real good at hiding that fact, she doesn't fill out forms or bother with any paperwork, she puts on her costume and does what she does without pay, without a government backing. Some could call this Vigilante, Smiley will strongly deny this. What drove her to become what she is was her Mothers death and how the police force, or Heroes done nothing about it, her story isn't one of revenge, more to prevent other people going through the same situation, as such she'd be seen patrolling areas other Heroes might not venture into all that often, and sometimes she'll even get to know citizens on a first name basis. 'A local Hero' so to speak.

Technology, Faults, Abilitys

Force Powers

The capacitor on her back contains all the necessary components that allow her to project Force as a missile or as a protection. Concentrated beam of this energy is even enough to push a person back. A wide-arc explosion feels like a grenade going off. All this power is measured in G-Force, and the maximum output of the pack is 55 G's of Force, that's enough to rupture internal organs, and deform a body badly. The most a Human has ever tolerated is 22 G's, as such excessive Force is only used against Mechanical Constructs.

Capacitor Faults

The pack has a habit of leaking as pressure builds up, the Capacitor liquid inside is freezing cold almost like Nitrogen, though when the pressure is relieved the power output of the pack can double.

Cybernetic Cat-tail

It looks cool, and it's very very efficient, the gyro inside helps Smiley to pull of almost impossible leaps, back-flips and Olympic style manoeuvres without it there's no chance she could do all this. The tail also contains an antenna giving greater potency to her Teleport ability's.

Cat-tail Disadvantages

Slicing the tail at it's mid-section would render her Acrobatic movements useless, and it would also shorten the distance she could teleport by half, the thing is it's wiggling about so much in a combat situation it's hard to hit!


Cassie rarely has time to showcase her quirky ability's, but she certainly can swallow swords, juggle very well, and is incredibly flexible so much so she could fit into tiny spaces, from a suitcase to a chest of drawers. All this is from years of practice, street art, and even a year in an adult alternative Circus. Shes also a pretty good Graffiti Artist, the suit she wears was actually designed (Cosmetically) by herself, the spray-job is her own handywork.


Force Capacitor Pack which links into her suit.

Faulty, Prototype Technology

Some of her tech is highly experimental, obsolete, or dated. It doesn't perform as-well as a Billion-Dollar Power-suit, and sometimes the tech itself has some very quirky side-effects and faults.


Not a Vulnerability as such, but in a world full of Mutants, Aliens, Demons and Angels it's worth mentioning. A well placed bullet, Fist, Knife or any other means is going to kill Cassie.

Teleportation Weakness

Her Teleport tech is very dated, and because it works wirelessly Rogue networks could hack into it, hacking into it would be extremely hard but once control is gained Smiley will have no control over her Teleporting, the only way for her to free herself from this is by removing the boots.

Rumours, Gossip, Opinions, and Feedback!

Imp: "Who? That shiny girl? Uh... she's okay. Pretty fun. She's silly mortal, of course, but hey, noone's perfect."

Zarp Draken: "She's very expressive."

Jake Cross "Uh, why do we spend so much time together? Oh uh.. we're friends...*Cough* Really..Really..Good.. Friends.. partners in uh Crime Fighting...What? You Saw us Making out by the Fountain?!"

Blue Bruiser "Who?"'