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Solar Aegis
Player: @Bluslate
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank (Ranged)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Drake Fitzgerald
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio (U.S.A.)
Base of Operations: Reclaimed Moonbase (Luna, Earth's moon)
Relatives: Tyler Fitzgerald (Brother)
Age: 32
Height: 6'0" (1.83 m)
Weight: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Lean, Fit
Physical Features:
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: United States of America
Occupation: NASA Astronaut; Armored Protector of Earth
Education: Ohio State University Graduate; Master's Degree (Engineering)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
None. Underneath the armor, he's just a normal human. (Nanites have been enhancing his natural attributes over time, however.)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Alien Powered Armor, Medical and Engineering Nanites. (The Armor is capable of slowly adapting to the situation at hand, tipping the scales in Drake's favor during most long-duration fights.)
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Background and Origins

(WIP; remaining major info to be filled out soon)

Before he became the Power-Armored hero Solar Aegis, Drake Fitzgerald was once one of NASA's astronauts - a pioneer bound for the final frontier with a desire to explore the solar system and possibly beyond. For all his training and preparations, however, what Drake found on his mission to the Moon would prove to be beyond his wildest expectations.

Shortly after the landing pod touched down on the lunar surface, Drake and his crewmates found a moonbase of unknown origin just several yards away from the landing zone. His curiosity getting the better of him, Drake proceeded to investigate the structure. After a brief examination, it became clear that the moonbase had been abandoned long ago - and that it was certainly not of human origin. He pressed onward, searching for answers to the questions that began to arise in his mind.

Drake eventually found a room filled with various high-tech machinery and tools as well as several pieces of armor strewn about. As he stood in the center of the room, looking around, Drake suddenly found himself floating just above the floor as the machinery sprang to life. By the time his mind could process what was happening, a swarm of nanites had already begun rapidly deconstructing his space suit, replacing it with a full set of powered armor. Once the process was complete, Drake just stood there for several moments, examining his new armor in equal measures of shock and wonder.

His thoughts were promptly interrupted by an unfamiliar female voice speaking through his new helmet; this voice, Drake soon learned, was Katah, his new armor's "Living Intelligence" (or "L.I.").

Gear and Equipment
Powered Armor

A product of alien engineering, this suit of weaponized armor is capable of slowly adapting itself as the situation calls for it - to a degree. While its design does not allow for major changes on the fly, the minor alterations it can make to itself enable the armor to excel in most long-term engagements and lengthy fights. Combined with the fact that this armor is made out of a resilient biosteel capable of repairing and regenerating itself, there is no mistake that it is built to take a beating and spring right back. The armor's design also makes it perfectly suited for both the vacuum of space and the deep depths of the ocean.

But even so, the armor does have its limits. While its biosteel plating can repair any damage it receives, it is outclassed by Questionite in just about every other department. The armor is also not quite able to handle the atmospheric pressures of a gas giant, such as Jupiter or Saturn. It is also heavily reliant on energy-based weaponry, reducing its initial ranged combat capability against those resistant to energy attacks.


In addition to his armor, Drake has a suite of medical and engineering nanites that help keep his armor in prime condition as well as maintain his personal health. While the armor's biosteel can regenerate, it's these nanites that guide the regrowth of the armor's plating, preventing some potentially fatal mishaps that would otherwise be inevitable. They can also slowly mend Drake's wounds, even in the middle of combat. While they can't heal anywhere near as quickly as a super-regenerator can, these nanites can make enough of a difference to help him survive some reasonably powerful attacks.

While the medical nanites are mainly there to keep Drake in good health, they have been gradually improving his physical capabilities by a small margin. These improvements may eventually push Drake's natural, unaided physique to peak human levels, but will likely never go beyond that.



As the "Living Intelligence" residing within Drake's armor, Katah is responsible for managing most of the armor's systems, be they permanent systems or temporary adaptations. Due to having been in stasis for an extensive length of time, her memory of events prior to her awakening is currently foggy at best - a fact that has not been helped much by the deterioration of the lunar base's database and records.

She is also capable of projecting an intangible hologram of herself next to Drake, should she feel so inclined to do so. Drake has taken to calling her "Kat" for short, or sometimes jokingly referring to her as "Navi".


OOC Notes

Given the nature of Katah's existence, she will always be present wherever Drake is. As such, they are basically a two-in-one character; in RP, the player will mark Katah's speech with the following: <" ">

Due to Drake and Katah working together 24/7, the name "Solar Aegis" actually refers to the two of them as a team rather than either as individuals. This distinction is public knowledge, as Drake's identity is also public.


SF-42X 'Solar Flare'
Interplanetary Fighter
Owned by Solar Aegis
Vehicle Statistics
Weapons Speed
Armor Maneuverability
Shields Stealth

Propulsion: Omnidirectional Thruster System; Hyperkinetic Pulse Drive
Power Source: Advanced Cold Fusion Reactor (Fueled with Hydrogen)
Origin: Alien Lunar Base (Same as Drake's armor)
Occupant Capacity: 2 (1 Pilot, 1 Passenger/Gunner)
Length: 37.1ft. (~11.3m)
Width: 50.9ft. (~15.5m)
Height: 17.2ft (~5.23m)
Weight: 38 Tons (Approx. 76k lbs. / 34.5k kg.)
Weapons and Ammunition
4x forward-facing plasma repeaters; 2x swarmer missile bays; 1x torpedo/missile tube; 1x high-power phased beam cannon; 1x plasma repeater turret (aft-mounted, rear-facing).
Other Capabilities
Interplanetary travel (can fly between planets within minutes via Pulse Drive), gradual adaptation and self-repair (same as Drake's armor), autopilot, and can launch its pilot forwards at high velocity via a 'Slingshot Cannon'. Also capable of diving into aquatic depths up to approx. 10k feet (~1.9mi/3.05km).
VehicleBox created by @Maekada

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