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Background and Origins

By 2020, many of the heroic old guard and many other heroic organizations around the world had found themselves coming face to face with a new generation of people with powers that had popped up lately. Many new heroes, as well as many new villains, were beginning to surface, all at a rate previously unseen in the history of the superhuman scene, perhaps even the history of the world. Doctor Mentality, who was among these new heroes, realized that the current heroes could not be around forever, nor could they be everywhere at once.

To address this, he called some other heroes who he had acquainted with, including the Igbo deity Amadioha (who had fused with the body of a mortal anthropologist), Lady Gallant (a female knight revived in modern times), PRIMUS-built, government-sponsored combat robot-turned-hero Protectoid, female wrestler Luchadora, cryokinetic hero Night Frost, as well as Commander Robert Smith, to gather as many heroic superbeings as possible, from all corners of time and space, in an effort that transcends race, nationality, and religion. The coalition's objective: to face down superhuman threats that are already proving to be stronger, faster, smarter, more vicious, more twisted, and more dangerous than the previous generation and train the next generation of superpowered vigilantes in an organized effort, as well as act as a force for social change instead of merely protecting the status quo. From the meta-supremacist extremism of D.R.A.G.O.N., to Ten Gallon's corrupt oil corporation, to Lord Blackwright's sorcerous extradimensional forces, to the Great Elder's savage Bloody Maw werewolf pack, to the malevolent cyborg-turned-AI Circuitry, to the global mob dealings of the Diamante Syndicate, to the human-supremacist, imperialist rogue nation of the Hive Principality, to the amorphic, biological horrors of King Aberrus's hordes, to Empress Eterna's alien empire, to Urthumiel's demonic minions, and many, many more threats out there, Nex.U.S. is preparing tomorrow's heroes to make whatever sacrifices it takes to protect those who can't protect themselves... even the ultimate one.

((OOCly, this is an RP-based SG based around longer, more dramatic myth arc-based stories with the occasional crises. The main tone I wanted to go for is a Bronze/Modern Age kind of feel (leaning on Modern Age), and while plenty of it's traditional superhero fare, the majority of the larger story arcs will oftentimes be dealing in some mature, even dark themes and subject matter.
Think The Authority mixed with Justice League Unlimited, X-Men, PS238, Worm, as well as elements from Mobile Suit Gundam and you have the general gist.))

Who we are

We are an inclusive group, accepting of of all sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, etc. While Nex.U.S. does have a sizable population of teenaged heroes and is largely a technology-based paramilitary organization in the lore, heroes and anti-heroes of ages (teens, young adults, middle-aged, everywhere in between), walks of life, and types (mutant, non powered, alien, magical, you name it) are welcome (so long as the player isn't being disruptive/rude towards others and the character can occasionally accept the gravity of the situation). In-character personality conflicts are great, as long as they do not lead to OOC drama. Some characters will be more complicated than the simple "black/white" dichotomy you'd expect to see in something Silver Age (hence the Bronze/Modern age label for Nex.U.S.), but in the very end, the heroes are still heroes and the villains are still villains.

Team Divisions

  • NexU.S. Yellow:

    - The main branch of Nex.U.S., which handles the usual types of supervillains, such as would-be world conquerors, rampaging monsters and the like. A Primary Field Leader is needed.

Night Frost
Iron Lotus
Jade Dragon
Fire Ant

  • NexU.S. Blue:

    - The branch of Nex.U.S. dedicated to combating space-borne or otherwise extraterrestrial threats to global security. The position of Watch Leader is currently held by Exarch.

Solar Aegis
Dwarf Star
Azure Inquisitor

  • NexU.S. Silver:

    - The branch of Nex.U.S. that specializes in combating magical and supernatural threats, as well as its magical research and development department. Position of Head Arcanist currently held by Count Murcielago.

Count Murcielago
Sanzu of the Thousand Sands
Sister Shaman

  • NexU.S. White:

    - The branch of Nex.U.S. that is essentially their scientific research and development department. It also handles threats “super-scientific” in nature. As Doctor Mentality is the general leader of the organization, the Head Researcher is Doctor Theo.

Dr. Theo
Emilya & Bruiser
Stellar Core

  • NexU.S. Black:

    - The black ops branch of Nex.U.S. that is tasked with handling the dirty and secretive duty that comes with taking care of the kinds of threats that the Champions or other established players in the superhero business would not touch with a 20-foot pole. The Spymaster is Vira Siren.

Vira Siren
Crimson Cricket

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