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Real Name: Dredrick "Dread" Wilson

Born and raised as a cop's son, Dredrick was always taught to do what he felt was the right thing by his own moral compass; his father, an Chicago police officer. Teaching him basic hand to hand combat training with a street fighter's style like no other and how to fire a handgun. Just the day right after he turned thirteen, his father was tragically murdered during a routine traffic stop. To this day the killer was never found.Short period afterwards Dredrick was just taken from one foster home to the next until he met his "sister" Laurie who ended up becoming the second moral compass in his life. However during his long mourning process he had ended up joining a gang known simply as the 'Stars'. His own initiation process was most unique due to that he personally defeated every single "tester" with his bare hands. Ever since then he has been given the nickname "Dread" due to his very ruthless fighting style. Not to mention he was quite proficient with a firearm. For a good duration of his teen years, he had grown a pretty respectable rep among his peers and other various groups that noticed his talents. One night the leader of the Stars decided to pull off a job that he felt would put the gang in a higher light and get far more recognition. It involved breaking into what was a supposedly hidden military facility. Many members felt uneasy about it but Dread was one of the first to volunteer for it. Once the group had began their operation they knew there was no turning back.
Unfortunately what the small group didn't anticipate was the large amount of security and MP guards once they had snuck themselves inside. And just like that, it suddenly became everyman for himself. The operation was an immediate bust. Dread was abandoned by his so called 'family'. In order to avoid capture he evaded security until coming upon a hidden facility room where he found a particular pair of blue goggles and matching metallic shoes. For some reason he just couldn't explain he had a sudden urge to just put them on.
After donning them, Dread soon discovered that it activates based upon an individual's 'soul' or rather from one's own bio energy. Granting him an immense power of energy while wearing it. Easily escaping from the facility to avoid his own capture. However things didn't really go as planned when later he was captured by the local authorities back at the foster home he lived in. Before his arrest to juvie, he managed to get a hold of Laurie and explain to her exactly what went down and she repaid his trust and loyalty by hiding the equipment in an undisclosed spot. After serving a short sentence in juvie due to lack of evidence and good behavior, Dread was approached one final time by the Stars leader as to where he had hidden away the equipment he took. Dread's refusal to answer lead to him receiving several mortal wound to the chest and a three week stay in the hospital. It was a miracle at all that he even survived such an ordeal.
Seeing this as an opportunity for redemption, Dread vowed to never ever let himself be manipulated by anybody ever again. Finishing up highschool and taking up a major in Architecture at the University of Chicago, Dread had a new lease on life and a new person to look in the mirror.
(Highlight below for spoilers to past)
The truth is Dredrick Wilson was originally created as a clone of one of his most hated enemies, Chalk, sometime back in the mid 1920s under a disclassified private project known only simply as "Project Dread". Chalk, being a near immortal mage self taught in the practice of Voodooism dark arts, had a goal of creating a new body for himself to pass onto for incase something were to ever happen to his own. The main problem he had with the clone was that for some reason it never seemed to be able to ever respond to him despite the fact that its latent energy siphoning abilities were, at the time, off the charts. The fact that he could never get the child to break out of being in a dormant stasis resulted in him keeping the toddler sized carbon copy of himself within his disclosed laboratory for several decades. All the way up into the modern day of the very early 1990s when the now defunct and nearly abandoned lab was found during a police investigation. One of the officers, Isaac Wilson, found the containment unit in which the child had remained dormant inside of after all that time. However the kid awakened once he was within close proximity and seemed to had quickly imprinted him from there on.

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When wearing his specialized goggles and shoes SoulStar is able to both manipulate and control bio energy (or 'soul' ) from any living being nearby including himself. It can be extended in several different ways.

This includes but not limited to creating force fields, energy waves,releasing energy shots, an energy aura,an healing aura, and able to boost the powers of himself and others. The limits of this power is still undergoing and hasn't been fully explored yet. Without his equipment he is still able to use his powers but they tend to grow out of control and unfocused.

Weapons of the Soul: SoulStar will be able to mimic an offensive superhuman attack or tactical maneuvers based solely upon whomever is close by him of his choosing (50 feet) using energy taken directly from his own life force. This temporary ability will also grant him to generate any type of energy that is related to said person he is mimicking from. (elemental,kinetic, spiritual,light, etc)

Drawbacks: It is limited to only one person of his choosing. The time frame for this power is limited to once per day and can last ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, whether or not said person is within range after the mimickery has occured. If the person he is connecting to gets injured too bad or knocked out then this occurrence will instantly be cut off from him. Depending on said power level of this power replication, his control will vary. Limited to organic living beings only.

(( Example: If SoulStar chooses to mimic a superstrong indestructible bruiser type, then he will be infused with high concentrated amount of kinetic energy throughout his entire body possessing high defenses and strength during combat.))

Travel Power:
Soul Ride
; Uses the energy he collects to create an transparent platform under his feet as a sliding/gliding mechanism. It can increase in velocity and speed depending on how much energy SoulStar has absorbed thus far. The gliding mechanism of the power allows him temporary flight as long as he is directing it skywards. The sliding mechanism allows him to move across any type of surface like a sheet of ice; even lets him be adhesive onto virtually any surface as well.

His powers do not work very well against either non living or undead things; Unable to siphon from them at all.
Also if there are virtually no sources of life close enough to him he will be forced to use his own life force which will both highly increase his power ten folds but will cause him to become fatigued much faster than normal.
OOC Note: To clarify think of it this way;The more living things around him(people,animals,plants,etc) the more fuel he has for his power. The less living things around him(machines,barren wastelands,undead/zombies,etc)the harder it will be for him to even use his powers.

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-Open minded-
Despite his default demeanor he is very much accepting of others and newcomers all around. Just don't try and push it too far buddy.

Known to be quite hasty in decision making. Perhaps a little too much at times.

This guy is just not afraid to die. Bring it.

-Colorful talker-
Like it or not he is a bit of a talker both in and outside of combat.Sometimes it can be very frank and other times it can end up being insightful. No contest that he can both walk the walk and talk the talk.

-Quip maestro-
He's like a late night comedian sometimes and just doesn't stop with the jokes. But he does at least know when to pull back. Known to use this humor to get over any obstacle or situation that presents itself to him.

-Lone Wolf-
Dread's been on his own for so long that he tends to like to do alot of things more on his own terms.While pretty recognizable amongst the superhuman community, he is commonly viewed more as a "lone wolf" type. Always purposely down playing just how powerful he truly is all the time.

-Cowboy Mentality-
Tends to occasionally approach situations as well as combat with a cowboy sort of mentality. It is believed he is doing this subconsciously so just ignore it.

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(Place IC comments here)

"I like to think SoulStar and I have become kindred spirits of a sort over the time we have worked together. There are few I would trust to have my back as much as him and less I would trust to do so as competently." - Cadence

"His personality can be a bit grating... he has more quips than a late night comedian. It's to the point I wonder if he has a writer helping him with material on standby. There is no doubt, though, that he has a sharp mind and keeps his eyes on the prize. People underestimate him, I think, but he is A-league material through and through. SoulStar is powerful, and I'm glad he's one of the good guys. He definitely keeps you on your toes." -Sparrowhawk

"Fair enough. Your toes will be put to the test!"

"Guy's like a walking blaxploitation character. And he keeps calling me 'brotha'. Other than that, I guess he ain't too bad." - All-Star

"So maybe I watched few one too many Sweetback's Sweet Sweet Song and Rudy Ray Moore flicks. It's bound to affect a guy's noggin eventually."

"Seems like more and more heroes are having amazingly witty senses of humor. SoulStar is no exception. On the good side, he does kick ass. Good for him." - African Violet

"Straight up. Mad respect Thandi."*Pounds chest*

"Met him in passing once. Decent sort. I was afraid he was going to call me giant honky by how he spoke...but. Nice guy." - Persephone

"Who the hell is.... oh right that chick built like a semi truck. Amazonians man I tell ya.."

"I hate disagreeing with Sparrowhawk, but Soulstar? He's really, really sweet. He's like that big brother I never had but wish I did. I think he's the first guy friend I ever had who wasn't like, you know, right? He holds nothing back and I can ask him anything....anything." - Magpie

"I ams what I ams"*Does a mock Popeye the Sailorman voice along with chuckle*

"SoulStar for the most part is someone I can trust to have my back if he's not already taking the lead. He's also pretty cool besides that. But if I ever hear one of his quips'll be too soon." - Black Sigil

"If you were a woman I'd slap you for that. See? Now I'm edgy too. You're welcome BS"

"SoulStar is a pretty awesome guy. Cool powers, laid back dude and a good fighter. A lot of people don't like how silly and whatever he is but I think he gets a good enough handle on it when things get serious!" -Dobergirl

"Sunny? Never change girl"

"SoulSTar is freakin' SWEET! He has this badass affro and he's like all zoom zoom and kickin' ass and takin' names! I LOVE HIM! I mean! YEAH he's soooo coooooooooooool. Go SoulStar!" - Doe Nut

"That's...sweet kid. "*Whispers*"Ritalin is your friend. Hinty hint hint"

"Dread is a great person, i'm glad to know such a nice guy. Always ready to help his friends. Dread, Stay yourself, don't change, you're amazing Dude." - Quintessence

"Aww I miss ya too Manny. Come back and visit sometime ya hear?"

"S-S-SOOOOOOOULSTAAAAAAR!....What is he? I can't tell." - Skull

"Dre... nice, witty, funny and good looking! Also very efficient on the field if I believe the various reports I got from MindTech who teamed up with on a few occasions. We should hang out more Dre I like your company. And don't get mad Jenny I'm not going to steal him from you." - Katerra
"Well shit how bout that? Yea Kat we cool. Don't mind hanging out one bit"

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And he rises from the mist by SoulStarisborn.png

- MMA Fighter-
He is a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter on the weekends in order to pay for classes and personal necessities. Got a knack for it.

-Loves that Jack-
Favorite drink: Jack Daniels. He's gay for Jack and Jack only.

When not superheroing, going to classes, or practicing his hand to hand combatant skills; He plays a ton of video games both console and on the PC.

-Stars Enforcer-
Has several tattoo stars all over his body. Each one represents a person he's..dealt with.
Permanent like.
As an enforcer for the once big time Chicago gang,The Stars, he was tasked with some unpleasant dirty deeds. He will forever regret doing them and now,as penance, wears those same tats of his as a reminder to never let himself be used like that again.

-Media Checker-
Is known to use some known and not so well known references from popular multi media. Alot.

-Never met his mother-
To this day he has no idea if she even exists at all.

He is well aware that people tend to underestimate him quite a bit. Due to misunderstanding of his own abilities or personality traits. Frankly he just ignores it and follows to the tune of his own beat.

-De Facto Leader in training-
There have been times when he will take over an operation right in the thick of things without him even being aware that the shift of power has exchanged to him. And he fits it very well. Although he has no base desire to be a leader: There may come a time when those skills will finally be put to the test. More than likely he will perform well.

-Good with kids-
Yea seriously.

-Short redheads-
Got a thing for them. Dunno why. Shut up.

-Got the moves-
Dances sometimes when off duty for fun. Keeps him limber.

-Accidental Muay Thai Street Fighter-
Dredrick never officially mastered any conventional hand to hand combat training. Instead he has been mixing in past police combat skill training from his father, on the fly street fighting skills back when he was a member of the Stars, and when he gotten into the Mixed Martial Arts circuit he practiced out the art of Muay Thai along with the skills he's already learned on top of that. It's not perfect but considering those skills combined makes him quite dangerous even if he didn't have any superhuman abilities.

-Capoeira Style--
Has recently been taking up lessons of the Brazilian fighting dance style of Capoeira due to a suggestion from one of his peers from the way he likes to move around during bouts. Not to mention his own natural dancing skills will also improve along with it.

-MJ fan-
When in certain situations he always asks secretly to himself "What would Micheal Jackson do?" More than likely will do the opposite.

-Former Gunfighter-
At one point early in his career, SoulStar use to carry twin magnum pistols into battle. But after some time spent thinking it over, and the notice of his powers evolving over time, he has discovered that the use or need for them have grown moot. With much consideration involved, he ultimately chosen to just simply retire them.

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Soulstar mock teaser by SoulStarisborn.jpg

- Seeking somebody to just talk to? Surprisingly enough he just might be your guy.

- On the look out for a character that's both powerful but down to earth to hang with? C'mon. This guy.

- Underdogs are always fan favorites. You know it's true.

- Live in places like Millennium City or Chicago? Never know you might've more than likely ran into him.

-Smooth and laid back is the game and SoulStar never falters from that too much. Relax m'man.

-Tend to just like to hang with characters with character or just need a good laugh? What the hell are you waiting for?

-Attracted to people with an off the curb personality that you just don't see too often? This is SoulStar we're talkin' baby.

-Really went out of his way to actually spell out his name in order to hook ya. That takes some kind of effort. Or insanity. Take your pick. C'mon it's SoulStar.