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Stephan Pagodis
Player: @flakyolly
Steph pdb gnx6.jpg
Stephan Pagodis photographed at the Renaissance Center parked illegally
Biographical Data
Real Name: Stephan Pagodis
Known Aliases: Steph, Stephy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Greek
Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None Known
Age: Unknown, estimated to be early 20's
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Unknown, estimated to be 140-160 lbs
Eyes: Right Gold, Left Green
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair, unusually smooth
Physical Build: Lithe
Physical Features: Normal
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: Greek
Occupation: Hotelier
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: See "Known Information"
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength, super dexterity and agility, regeneration, heightened durability, reads body language, extraordinary pain tolerance, multiple martial arts
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Variable, most often two kukri
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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The Imperium Hotel and Resort began construction of its Millennium City location in 2007, and opened its doors in September 2009, but began taking reservations in June of that year. It is an interplanetary corporation with locations on several other worlds, including Malva, and its documentation is legitimate.

Pagodis has been on our planet since 2006, though it is unclear what he was doing at this time. Conversations indicate that he was scouting out locations at this time, and he claims to have been all over the planet. This claim does not seem fallacious, however, airline records are unclear at best, so it cannot be substantiated.

Like most information about him, his origins are unclear. He has stated that he is from Athens, Greece, but came from an alternate version of earth. It is unknown whether this is true or not. We have been unable to obtain cooperation from the Athenian authorities as we do not yet have permission to run an international investigation. Pagodis is not considered important enough.

It is unclear how old Pagodis is, but visual evidence indicates an age in his twenties. Though he frequents Club Caprice, none of the bouncers say they have seen any form of ID. He often pays with a credit card, but again, we have not obtained authorization to subpoena his credit records yet. If he is from our version of Athens, this leads to even more questions about what he was doing before he ran the Imperium.

Known Information

Real Name

Though he introduces himself as Stephan, Stephy, or Steph, his name is actually Stephanos. The only reason we know this is because of a being named "Grimstar" constantly referring to him as this even though she has stated that he does not like her to do so. Pagodis has been observed to confirm this is his actual name himself. It is unknown whether he has a middle name.

Heroic Status

Pagodis is not a registered hero. Ironically, snippets of conversations indicate that he thinks the hero registration laws are a good idea. And while Pagodis claims that he is not a hero, he frequents heroic social locations. Most heroes who have met him seem to like or at least tolerate him. He is quoted as saying "I am not a hero. I do what's right." The section labeled "Speculation" posits possible meaning for this line. He has been observed to more than once incapacitate villains and aid civilians on the street as well as other heroes (for the purposes of this dossier, Stephanos Pagodis will be referred to as a hero). Pagodis claims to have killed those he deems worthy in the pursuit of justice, but this is an unsubstantiated claim. Evidence has never been found that he has killed anyone. However, his skill in combat indicates it is not improbable.

Marital Status

Pagodis is a notorious philanderer. He has been observed stating that he prefers this over the term "womanizer", as he says that this implies he uses women. On the subject of his marital status, Pagodis is unmarried, but states that he has three girlfriends. This claim is confirmed; these women are named Kimberly Inara, a genetically spliced individual with shark and wolf traits, a synthetic elf-like being known as Kelhia, and an elf named Jen Quartermoon who aids in the training of newer heroes.

Pagodis also claims to have two "pet" Drow. However, this appears to be some form of fetishistic play, and at this time action does not appear to be needed in order to liberate the aforementioned Drow. Pagodis claims this is a voluntary relationship, and it is hitherto substantiated based upon observations of his known "pet" Drow, one Tyria Dudden. The second Drow is male according to Pagodis, but it is unclear who he is. A female human with red hair was also observed to be wearing a collar similar to those possessed by his Drow, and it is believed she is one of his pets, as well, though she is not often seen in public.

Pagodis has also been observed in the company of numerous other female beings of various species and it is probable that he has many more regular female and male partners than have been seen in the club where most of our observations are made. Suspected and confirmed individuals are listed in a separate document.

Another document lists the names of many female PRIMUS agents. Please understand that it is purely based upon objective evidence, and that these lists are only available to select personnel, so the names therein are not publically accessible.


The Imperium's profit has increased steadily over the years, indicating that Pagodis is skilled at his job. He appears to have carved a niche for himself within the company; he states that he is more or less the vanguard of management. His actual title is "Business Optimization Officer", though for the moment, his job has him acting more as the senior manager of the Imperium.

Normally, Pagodis's job has him taking charge of new location and opimizing the hotel's practices, service, and publicity for the local demographic and attunes the hotel to its environment, putting together a staff best able to serve, thereby maximizing both customer service and profit. This would explain why he is paid well. Pagodis has stated that he generally is not at one location for so long, but that Millennium City's unusual nature (with an incredible number of different sorts of beings coming and going) means it needs his help more than any other branch at the moment.


He drives a 1987 Buick GNX, bought from an individual in Virginia, one Carl Andrews. Michigan plate number S3K 5D06.

He has been observed to speak Greek, English, Italian, German, and Spanish fluently, and it is likely that he speaks other languages as well.

Pagodis's ever-present suits are all custom tailored and most of them were designed by Spanish designer Santiago Del Lobo, so-called "Lone Wolf" of design.


Important Note: We do not have any concrete knowledge or evidence about the extent of Pagodis's abilities. All statistical information to that effect is conjecture based upon agent observations and/or based upon observations made by other witnesses.

This agent has only observed Pagodis in action three times, and has relied on possibly unreliable eyewitnesses to compile this information. It is very important to understand that we have no concrete knowledge about what the true extent of his abilities is. Pagodis is nothing if not enigmatic.

He has been observed to use a highly unusual style of martial arts that bears vague similarities to certain Earth styles, but has not been observed on this planet before. It appears to be specifically tailored for use by a super-strong practitioner. Pagodis appears to be able to predict most of his opponent's moves and use his incredible speed to his advantage.

Agent Observations

Agent Observation 23:28 05/18/2009

This agent was tailing Pagodis and observed him meeting several individuals clad in suits near Dock 15 on the West Side. These individuals arrived in a convoy of BMW 7 Series sedans. They appeared to be discussing something in a crate that was placed on the floor. For unknown reasons, the unknown parties opened fire, and Pagodis fled behind cargo containers, with the assailants in pursuit. This agent moved in order to obtain a better vantage point, but was unable to see all the action without also being seen. There was a large number of gunshots, and it was observed that an eighteen wheeler was at some point launched into the air by unseen means. Pagodis later returned to obtain the anonymous case once the scene had been cleared.

Twelve bodies were later found at the scene, but there was no solid evidence that Pagodis had killed them. It appeared that they had shot themselves, though bruising indicates that one or more of them were used as human shields at different points during the fight. Several men were found underneath a shipping container. Upon examination of the flying truck cab, hand prints were found molded into the metal that did not match any of the gunmen. There were no usable fingerprints. Bullets were also found that appeared to have been compressed by a human hand as if they had been caught mid-air, but again, there was no solid evidence linking this to Pagodis. However, none of the gunmen were observed to be super-durable, though several were super-powered, indicating that if one of them had tried to catch a bullet, it would have penetrated through their hand.

Agent Observation 02:46 08/12/2009

This agent was again following Pagodis. Pagodis was observed engaging in coitus with two females of unknown (possibly demonic) species on a bench in the middle of City Center Park. What appeared to be an angel arrived with a flaming sword and began attacking all three. It set Pagodis on fire, and he fell to the ground screaming. As the angel-like being began to move to engage the two females, Pagodis got to his feet silently. His clothing and skin had burned off, but the muscle tissue underneath seemed unscathed. Then, as his skin began to regenerate, he leapt upon the assailant's back, who flew into the air. They were moving too erratically for this agent to follow with a scope, but moments later, the assailant crashed to the ground nearby with Pagodis standing on top of him, apparently having ridden him down to the ground. At this point, his skin had been fully restored. As he stood and began to walk away, the assailant began to get up, only to have his flaming sword fall out of the sky pommel first, impacting the back of the angel's head. Pagodis was them observed to calmly put the two female beings in his car and drive away, presumably home. This incident means that Pagodis has what can only be described as an incredible tolerance for pain and only cried out to convince the assailant he was down. Several minutes after Pagodis left the scene, the angel recovered and flew away.

Agent Observation 15:15 01/30/2010

This agent came across Pagodis already mid-battle with a super-powered sword using villain known as Quan. Quan is known to be incredibly fast and strong enough to stop a bus, and managed to keep Pagodis on his toes. Both individuals moved in blurs, incredibly quickly. Quan was observed to sever Pagodis's right arm at an angle. Without even stopping or giving any indication that this concerned him, Pagodis grabbed his own severed arm out of the air and impaled the angled bone into Quan's neck. The villain appeared to be shocked at this, and ran into the warehouse, Pagodis in pursuit. Sometime later, Pagodis came out, having his arm back and looking unscathed aside from torn clothing. When police arrived, they found a Russian APC inside the warehouse. Its armored hull had been torn open by what appeared to be a combination of an edged weapon and bare hands, and Quan was found inside, clinging to life with pieces of a towel and duct tape wrapped around his neck to staunch the bleeding. It should be noted that Quan later went on to become a model prisoner and is now a public servant, citing that experience as the turning point of his life. However, Quan has refused to answer other questions regarding Pagodis. The reason is unclear.

Criminal Observations

Criminal Observation Approx: 15:30 02/18/2008

A super-strong member of the Purple Gang named John Welsh states under oath that while pulling a heist at the Millennium City Aeronautical and Space Museum (MCASM), Pagodis dispensed the situation. He and his gang had gathered the patrons into the Space Shuttle hall and were holding them prisoner, when Pagodis simply vanished. A moment later, Welsh heard his fellow gangsters crying out, and he turned around to see them lying on the floor with ceramic tiles from the space shuttle scattered around them. He turned around, finding Pagodis standing directly behind him. He engaged Pagodis, but was far too slow. He claims that Pagodis was psychic and knew exactly what he was going to do, and ended up breaking his arm and four of his ribs as well as dislocating his right hip.

It should be noted that Pagodis has been observed to be able to read most peoples' body languages extremely well, able to pick up on subtle emotional cues that allow him insight into what that individual is thinking. It is not suspected at this time that Pagodis is psychic. His proficiency at deductive reasoning also adds to the illusion that he is some sort of mind reader.

Criminal Observation 14:17 03/22/2008

The super-fast criminal Peter Tanner (alias: Mayfly) was aiding the Black Aces in a bank robbery of the Wachovia (now Wells-Fargo) on 57th Street and North Pine Boulevard. Pagodis was apparently already in the bank and had been corralled with the other employees and patrons in a hall closet. The following is an excerpt of the transcript of the interview with Tanner.

EXCERPT DOC MCPD-CI-03232008-0931-B

Peter Tanner (PT): So when am I getting my lawyer, huh?

Detective Roderick Davis (DRD): We called him. He's on his way. Look, Tanner, if you wanna wait till he gets here to talk about what happened, I don't give a damn, but right now I'm interested in the fellow that busted your heist up.

PT: Yeah? Why's that? Some little fairy douche, you jackasses can't find him yourself?

DRD: PRIMUS wants to know about him. Some lady called. Real interested. She said if you don't wanna talk to me with my sunny demeanor she might come down here herself.

PT: Okay, that's kind of weird. What do I get out of this?

DRD: Tanner, we got two members of your gang testifying against you, DNA, and a video from the vault. Your ass is hooked, understand?

PT: (He laughs) Well, more reason for me to want something out of this. PRIMUS has power, money. Maybe you can score some free danishes, huh?

DRD: First of all, smartass, it's doughnuts. Fucking doughnuts. Get your stereotypes straight. Second of all, yeah, you're right, PRIMUS has power, and this lady said she can get your ass thrown in Stronghold if you don't play nice. I don't know if it's true or not, but I-

PT: It's bullshit.

DRD: But I don't see any reason for you to keep eating shit. You don't know this guy, it's some hero, what do you care? You wanna risk getting mind-raped? I hear they got Menton locked up there after his little tiff got put down.

PT: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. What do you wanna know about him?

DRD: How'd he bust you guys up?

PT: It was real weird. I saw him when they herded everyone in the room. I knew something was fucked up with him when I saw him. This guy looks like a damn chick, not an ugly one either, a pretty one. No homo. But this little gay-looking fairy is in this really pimp-ass khaki suit, and he's staring at me, like... it was like ice. Like staring at pictures of Antarctica. You ever seen a snake up close? You can't fucking see anything in their eyes, they're cold, you have no fucking idea what they're thinking. I mean, he had some sunglasses on, but I could fucking tell. I couldn't see his eyes but it was real creepy at the same time.

Anyway, he was looking at Wendy. And I don't know what he said but he made her laugh. Then he takes off his glasses, and his eyes don't match. She's staring at him, talking with him. I was helping unload the vault, going back and forth to the truck, so I didn't know what they were saying. But she was looking more and more relaxed; before that she looked like a fucking baboon that snorted crack, ready to jump out her skin. Then Rich sees this and yells at them, and startles her.

But that was all this guy needed. I stopped running back and forth, and all of a sudden I hear this crack and Rich is lying on the ground with both of his arms wrapped around his back, screaming, and I go to help, right? I go into attack mode, ready to cut this fairy up like sushi, and then he trips Wendy so she's falling, and I go to avoid hitting her, and then he's got my arm and breaks my damn knee backwards. I mean, at the time, I was more freaked out that he had grabbed me than that he broke my leg. I'm a bullet dodging, hypersonic motherfucker but it's like he knew just where to put his hands to fuck me up without moving anywhere in my league of speed. Anyway, after that, he ran off and I lost sight of him.


Pagodis could not be reached for comment, but had successfully subdued 18 Black Aces, several super-powered, within the 5 minutes 35 seconds it took MCPD to arrive. He was nowhere to be found when MCPD arrived on the scene. 16 of the Black Aces were seriously injured and incapacitated with multiple broken bones (each) and concussions, but none were dead. This is highly inconsistent with statements made by Pagodis implying that he regularly kills criminals.

Criminal Observation 13:21 PM 04/02/2010

The Vibora Bay gang known as the Sovereign Sons had invaded a warehouse controlled by the gang known as the Dogz, and after killing many of them, had imprisoned the rest in large cages. According to the lycanthrope named Diana Mendez, a so-called "Vargulf", the Sons were searching for an item known as the Eye of Sobek, a crystalline artifact which disappeared from The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in May of 2003. Mendez turned herself in, and claims not to know why the Sons wanted it, or how it came to be in Dogz control. We do not currently have hard evidence contradicting this claim.

It should be noted that Mendez may exhibit a bias regarding Pagodis. Forensic evidence found on her person does confirm that she has had intimate contact with him, though an exact timeframe is not clear. However, this is enough to lend credence to her claims that Pagodis was at the warehouse.

EXCERPT DOC VBPD-CI-04022010-1015-A

Detective Elton Patterson (DEP): How long ago were you transformed, Mendez?

Diana Mendez (DM): Oh, about last July, so about nine months give or take.

DEP: And how long have you been with the Dogz?

DM: A bit over a year. But... now it's just like...

DEP: (Waiting)

DM: It's... well, he just pointed things out, you know?

DEP: Who pointed what out? The hero who liberated you? Tell me about him. And what does this have to do with the Eye of Sobek?

DM: This guy, this beautiful guy, he came out of nowhere... I think he took it. I couldn't see, it was in another room from where they trapped me. He came into the room and...well, I was freaking out, quite frankly. (Mendez laughs nervously). I don't think I'm cut out for this stuff.

DEP: Okay, you're saying this hero took the Eye? Is that what you're telling me, Mendez?

DM: Well, yeah. But he wasn't a hero, he said so. And...

DEP: Not a hero? What does that mean?

DM: I don't think he really was.

DEP: Okay. And why is that, Mendez? What did he say and do?

DM: Well, I was chained to a support column in the room, and I could hear footsteps, roaring, shouting. Gunfire and explosions in the warehouse. Screaming. He came in, and I was freaking out. But a whole herd of the Sons came in, yelling and shooting guns in the air, and he started fighting them. He didn't have any weapons. He danced. He flowed through them like water. Like poetry. I think he could have killed them all easily, but, it's like... it was so beautiful watching him... and he was so serene, like he was at some kind of Zen feeling, so at peace, you know?

DEP: Zen peace? And what does that mean?

DM: Well, a lot of guys, they fight, they're screaming, they look angry, you know? Or sometimes you get crazy people that look real happy to be stabbing you. But Stephy looked like...he was meditating. There was just nothing but peace. It makes me think I could do so much more with my life...

Anyway, when it was over, he came and told me he had taken care of the Sons and freed the other Dogz, but that they ran off. I didn't believe it, I was there crying like a baby, you know? First I thought I would die, then I find out the gang abandoned me? But Stephy. He took off his glasses, and his eyes...they were so beautiful. They didn't match, it was entrancing, and he started talking to me, calming me down. He understood me. He could tell I didn't belong. He knew I joined for safety, and cause of Filbert. All he had to do was point it out. He made me realize I could do so much more. (Pausing)

DEP: Then what?

DM: But I was still crying. Then he kissed me to calm me down and unlocked my chains while he did it. He disappeared and the chains fell off. Then a week later he showed up when I was at Sherr's, and freaking out again. I went back to his place that night and the next morning is when I decided to come to you.

DEP: I see. What did you do while you were at his home?

DM: Well, that's hardly polite, Detective. (Mendez seems amused)

DEP: (He coughs and pauses) Uh, sorry. I didn't mean it that way.

DM: (She chuckles) I did tell you he wasn't a hero. Every hero I've met has been an arrogant ass in love with their own power. None of them could have gotten me to turn myself in. It doesn't matter how he did it. I'm here now.

DEP: Okay then. Well, it's a good thing you did end up coming here. I ain't talked to the DA yet but you may be able to get a deal out of this for info about that artifact. He told you to turn yourself in?

DM: (Shaking her head) No. I thought of it by myself. I can't start over if I'm running.


Again, Pagodis could not be reached for comment. This encounter does not seem to be atypical of his usual handling of female criminals. Members of the Sovereign Sons, Black Aces, VIPER, DEMON, and a number of other groups have claimed similar trysts, not to mention many unaffiliated female villains.

It should be noted that it does not appear that Stephan has ever aided or abetted a crime. It appears, in fact, that with many of the female criminals he has been intimate with, his relations with them may have actaully prevented crimes. This is consistent with statements made by Pagodis that he dislikes violence and that he legitimately cares for his partners.

Several dozen Sovereign Sons were found dead or dying when VBPD arrived, but there is no hard evidence that Pagodis killed them. All undead were killed in a thorough maner, as well as the crocodilian flesh constructs the Sons deploy. Amongst the living, human elements, it seemed as if only the leaders had been killed.

Many of the Sons were killed in spectacular fashion. One Houngan was found twisted and mangled, lodged partway in an air vent with its entrails spilling out while one of the Bokor constructs was found with its own jaw impaled through its chest and it had been lodged in a vending machine. A Vodoun Priest was found with his intestines wrapped around the throat of a lower ranking priest, both found deceased. Again, there is no fingerprint, DNA, or other forensic evidence suggesting Pagodis was responsible for these deaths. It is possible, though in this agent's opinion, unlikely that the Dogz were the ones who performed these kills. Pagodis's footprints were only found in one room of the warehouse.

This incident does fit the pattern of Stephan's alleged preference for nonlethal force. The Eye was recovered last month (March 2010) in a DEMON Demonhame which was raided by PRIMUS. The Morbane in charge of the Demonhame claimed not to know where it had come from.


"I am not a hero, I do what's right." This along with other pieces of conversations indicate that Pagodis believes the concept of the hero to be overall naive and idealistic.

It is likely that he is staying in Millennium City not only because he has no need to go anywhere else for the moment, but because of his love interests. Indications are also that he simply enjoys the milieu of the city.

In the Quan incident, it seems likely that Pagodis did not kill him because he believed that the villain would turn his life around. This is another observation that leads this agent to believe that Pagodis has a habit of risky behavior. Other agents have indicated that they believe Pagodis to be incapable of actually killing someone, which is another (though highly unlikely in this agent's opinion) possibility.

Pagodis's weight is speculation based upon footprints.

It is likely that Pagodis knows this agent has been observing him but it is unlikely that he has read this dossier. Though he is enigmatic at best, indications do not point to a background in computer hacking. This does not, however, preclude the possibility of him knowing a hacker.

This agent believes that Pagodis is likely an ex special forces, ex mercenary, or ex intelligence agent. This would explain his proficiency with a wide degree of weaponry as well as his worldly knowledge.

It is obvious the previous item clashes with estimates of his age, however, Pagodis seems, in this agent's opinion, far too proficient to really be as old as he appears. He may actually be decades older, possibly in his forties or fifties due to his regeneration. This is assuming for a normal human learning curve. Pagodis displays great intelligence and may in fact be some sort of combat savant, and may be as old as he appears. Our estimates of his age are all conjecture based on appearance. However, this agent does not believe that Paodis is as old as he looks.

He has an understated manner and does not brag often about his pay, women, or abilities. Though the subject does come up sometimes, he generally explains it in an unpretentious, plain tone and will generally circumvent questions about his superhuman abilities entirely. In fact, he very rarely displays his abilities. However, while not a braggart, Pagodis is very aware of his abilities and what he has. He is aware of his alpha male status but allows his actions to speak for him. This indicates a supportive family structure. He has stated that his parents are dead, but has never said why. This claim cannot be substantiated. However, it would seem likely that he has no existing family, which may explain why he gathers so many sexual partners, in an effort to fill this gap in. In fact, this may be why he first joined the special forces/mercenary group/intelligence agency. To maintain that sense of camaraderie.

Pagodis enjoys running his hotel now and is observed to be there an average of sixty hours a week, indicating his dedication to it. He regards his employees much like family. This agent believes this to also stem from the one he lost. Pagodis was recently observed claiming to have broken an individual's arm as retribution for stalking and striking one of his employees. This claim is substantiated. Witnesses say that the individual attacked Pagodis first after he attempted to speak to him.

Known Associates Within the PDB


Girlfriend. It is not entirely clear what a synthetic elf sees in him, but there is no denying their love.

Duratok Gorehowl

Acquaintance. Seems to tolerate Pagodis more than other humans, but does not seem to approve of his methods.

Lantern Jack

Friend and employee. Works Imperium metahuman security... MIA.

Lilian Zephyr

Friend. Appears to be quite fond of Pagodis, who seems to be very affectionate with her. Further details unclear.

Melissa Flynn

Friend. Seems to be some sort of confidant, likely due to empathic inclination. Details unclear.


Friend. Also quite plainly one of Pagodis's regular partners. Seems to trust him more than most people.

Public Opinion

A message from the player: Please feel free to insert whatever quote and snippets you'd like about Stephan in this section. You do not have to follow the format of the "observing agent".

"Total manwhore...He's like a businessman pimp with no standards." -Lightwave

"He's really considerate and sweet, and he knows just what to say!" -Lilian Zephyr

"He is a tiny mammal!" -Duratok Gorehowl

Concluding Remarks

Though many observations have been made, very little salient, substantiated information is known about Pagodis. However, being mysterious is not illegal, and as of August 2011 there are no indications action must be taken against Pagodis. He is a nonexigent issue. Though he may disagree, he is still considered a hero for our purposes. His skills and abilities make him demonstrably formidable, and he is dangerous on the personal level, but we do not believe him to be an issue on a larger scale. This document will be updated as more information is collected.