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Player: @Vincyre
Biographical Data
Real Name: Akiko Shimizu
Known Aliases: Lightwave, AK, DJ Brightchild
Gender: Female
Species: Human / Mutant
Ethnicity: Japanese
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Chie Shimizu: Mother, Deceased

Masato Shimizu: Father, Deceased

Yoko Shimizu: Grandmother, Deceased

Toshiyuki Shimizu: Grandfather: Deceased

Rei Kobayashi: Grandmother, Deceased

Shin Kobayashi: Grandfather, Deceased

Midori Shimizu: Guardian Spirit, Deceased

Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Black with White Tips
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Fit
Physical Features: Bioluminescent eyes, snakebite Piercings, ear piercings. She has no tattoos. Her most noticeable natural features are her white hair tips, dark skin, glowing eyes, and the faint glow given off by her body in the dark.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 2 1/2
Citizenship: United States, Japanese
Occupation: DJ
Education: GED
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Light Projection/Manipulation, Super-speed, situational Super-Reflexes, Light-based Healing Factor, Fast Metabolism.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Phone, super-suit: Re-breather/O2 system, Psionic dampeners, video/voice recorder, communicator, basic HuD/GPS, internal temperature control, ten-minute jetpack, nanite-based armor repair system.
ReldinBoxMini Template

All information contained in this is considered to be out-of-character. Only very basic information of Lightwave is kept on file, and only her allies and some villains know the specifics and extent of her powers and equipment. If you want to contact me regarding more information on Lightwave, feel free to send me an in-game mail, and I will do my best to get back to you as quick as possible.

Basic Information

  • Generally speaking, Akiko looks like an average human.
  • She is five-foot-ten, weighing generally about one-thirty-five.
  • She works out regularly, but she is no bodybuilder. She has a toned, slender body.

Akiko's strange genetics cause her to have a few physical oddities, however.

  • Her skin color is naturally very dark.
  • Her hair is completely black, but bleaches completely as it grows. This causes her to have white tips to her hair.
  • Her eyes are silver, but have a strong, white glow.


The good old days

Akiko was born on July 15th, 1987 in Tokyo to Chie and Masato Shimizu, unaware of the great responsibility that was to be placed upon her shoulders simply because of her blood. This was a huge event for the family, as the Shimizu family was a well known family of priestesses, only teaching their warding and slaying arts to the next daughter in line. Knowing what would befall their daughter, her parents moved to California in 1990, leaving the family shrine, and her grandfather, Toshiyuki, behind. Chie and Masato had allowed their daughter to visit her grandfather every summer, however, under one condition. He was not to teach Akiko any of the family's arts and tradition until she was old enough and responsible enough to make the decision for herself. This proved to only worsen the relationship between Akiko's parents and her Grandfather.

Physically speaking, Akiko was...different, as were all the females born into her family. Her skin was much darker than that of a normal person of Japanese descent, and her black hair could not maintain it's color for long, fading into a bright white as it grew. Her eyes were a soft silver, but as she grew, they took on a strong white glow, as did her body whenever she was in the dark. Oddest of all, she was born mute, but developed the ability to speak as she hit about four. Mentally and emotionally, however, Akiko was a happy, healthy, normal girl...This, however, would not last.

Akiko's abilities began to manifest at a very early age. While this alarmed her parents, they did what they could to help her keep them under control, taking her to specialists and trainers. She was granted, by some unknown mutation, the ability to generate, absorb, and manipulate light, and to a lesser extent, sound. The abilities slowly became more and more powerful over the years, until she was physically unable to contain or control them, and they became hazardous to her own health. She soon discovered, however, that constant noise helped to stimulate the area of her brain in charge of the powers, allowing it to shut long as the noise was always there, she could control her them. This made school somewhat difficult for her, however, as the headphones made it rather hard for her to concentrate. Because of this, she was forced to visit tutors constantly, and paired with her daily training schedules, Akiko soon became overwhelmed. This overstressed Akiko, and her grades continued to fall, regardless of how much time she spent with tutors. Because of this, she was forced to quit the school's track team, which was one of the few things she looked forward to, next to visiting her grandfather.

The fall from grace

At about age eighteen, Akiko made what would become the worst decision of her life. Her constant stressful lifestyle pushed her to resort to drugs, and she was quickly addicted. She snorted cocaine, took pills, and smoked, using her powers to do whatever she could for that next fix. She stopped going to school and visiting her trainer, all the progress she made towards finally controlling her powers thrown out the window. This continued for the next two and a half years, her life quickly dropping downhill.

Her parents, having never dealt with such a problem before, had no clue what to do. Akiko constantly fought with them and refused to go to rehab, she even struck out at her parents once. They felt trapped in their own home, prisoners to their daughter's addictions and unstable mood. Eventually, enough was enough, and Masato decided to call his father, the one person Akiko still respected. Toshiyuki left for their California home as quickly as possible, unwilling to let his Granddaughter continue to dig her own grave. Upon arriving, Toshiyuki was appalled at how bad Akiko's condition was, and why her parents let it get to such a sorry state. Toshiyuki waited for Akiko to return home that night, and ended up waiting until about four in the morning. Akiko was caught off-guard, in the middle of a high...she was ecstatic to see her grandfather, but her high came to a grinding halt as they began to talk.

They talked for about three hours...Toshiyuki did not yell, nor did he fight, he just...talked. Akiko fought and screamed as much as she could, but being the one person in the world she respected most, his words got to her. They dug deep, burrowing their way to her heart, which was until now, buried deep down under cold, cruel addiction. She broke down and begged her parents and grandfather for forgiveness, swearing she would never again fall prey to her twisted appetite. It was then that he decided to propose to her the chance to return to Japan, to begin her priestess training.

She accepted, and was trained to handle her addiction, and entrusted with the secrets of her family. Her training took about four years, and on her twenty-third birthday, she left for Millennium City to start a life of her own. She believes that had it not been for her grandfather's teachings and support, she would have not been able to break out of her life of drugs and crime.

The Here and the Now

Out on her own

Akiko didn't live very well for the first six months alone...She struggled to find jobs, and she fought the constant urge to do drugs again. She would not let her will be broken, however, and she pushed on. Luckily enough, she had brought her tracks and DJ equipment she had back home for her downtime, and managed to find a gig. It didn't pay particularly well, but it provided her with the exposure she needed to get other jobs. She started out DJ'ing for mainly underground venues, taking the pay to get herself a small apartment and better gear. With that, she was able to expand her collection of tracks, and began getting requests from bigger and better jobs, such as from Club Caprice and Incubus Dance Club. While her apartment hasn't improved much, her gear, computer, and tracks have considerably. More importantly, she had enough money to afford an actual super-suit to replace her makeshift superhero getup.

A year and a half later...

Today, Akiko couldn't be happier...she has friends, well-paying gigs, and she uses her powers to help, instead of harm. While she doesn't have the nicest apartment or the most stable job, she is definitely living a respectable, drug-free life.

On top of that, Akiko received a call from Sapphire, regarding a demo-disc she had given the superstar. Apparently, Akiko's tracks caught the Starlet's attention, and she got in touch with a few business contacts. This was much to Akiko's surprise, and she fainted when she received the call from Sapphire about the good news.

Thanks to Sapphire, Akiko now has a record contract, and is releasing CD's of her Electronic music. This has lead to her having a much higher amount of money in the bank, and she is living considerably better than before. She's moved to an upscale place in downtown, she's got gaudy clothing, and an assortment of random expensive crap that she couldn't possibly use. She is not completely selfish, however, as she is constantly donating to various children's and drug-rehab charities.

A light extinguished..?

It was turning out to be the best days of her life...her music career had taken off to a whole new level, she was in a stable relationship, she had caring friends and allies. It almost seemed like things were finally going right for Akiko, until she left to visit her grandfather on their family shrine in Japan, as she did at least once a month.

Upon her arrival, she saw the Shimizu family shrine in ruins...the only place she could really consider home, up in flames before her. Her grandfather, nowhere to be seen. As if that wasn't bad enough, a figure could be seen walking out of the burning ruins. It was the sorceress who had made it her life's goal to end the Shimizu bloodline, the ageless Black Oni.

Gripped with rage and sorrow, Akiko attacked the woman...a heartless witch who far outclassed Akiko, in both skill and power. The fight lasted only a few minutes, but the outcome couldn't have been more clear.

On the ground, dead in a pool of her own blood, lay the hero, Akiko Shimizu, slain for acts done by her ancestors.

After generations of fighting, had the sorceress finally achieved her goal?

A new sun rises

Thanks to the efforts of some of her closest friends and allies, Akiko's spirit was brought back from the shadowy hell that was the Black Oni's realm, and rejoined to her body. She's since picked up the shattered pieces of her life and reassembled them...She's got her music career back, her home, her heroing career, and most importantly, her life.

Who knows what other crazy shenanigans fate has in store for her, eh?

((More information regarding Akiko's current situation will have to be discovered through Roleplay.))

Personality and Interests

DJ Brightchild and DJ Thanatos at The Minefield!


  • Akiko is constantly making new tracks in her downtime to use for her DJ gigs and CDs.
  • She likes to particular, nightclub dancing.
  • She exercises regularly, mainly to cope with excess energy.
  • She loves playing videogames, though she is not very good at them.
  • If Akiko has the free time for it, she can often be found meditating...the only thing she can sit still for.


  • Electronic music- Trance, techno, that sort of thing, whether its her own mixed tracks or one made by someone else.
  • Videogames- Particularly, anything simple, because her temper gets in the way with more complicated games.
  • Alcohol- She prefers fruity drinks, but if she really wants to drink, she'll go for the heavy liquor.
  • Food- She likes asian food, ironically enough, and anything that is simple to make...she's a terrible cook.
  • Outdoor activities- Swimming, running, that kind of stuff. She'll even try something crazy like base jumping.
  • Clubs- Akiko frequents the nightclub scene, whether its while she's working as a DJ or there in her free time.
  • Super Ultra Kitty Juice- An extremely potent energy drink that Akiko has imported from Japan.


  • "Bad" music- Akiko is generally very open-minded with music, but there are some types she flat-out just doesn't like, primarily rap and country.
  • Reading- Akiko barely has the focus and patience to sit in one spot, let alone sit there for hours to read a book.
  • Cooking- Definately not one of her strong points, and this frustrates her. Greatly.
  • Tentacles- Anything with tentacles, really. She finds them creepy.
  • Bugs- The oh-so-stereotypical girly fear of bugs.
  • Dark Beasties- Ghosts, demons, lycans, vampires, that sort of thing.

Powers and Abilities

Akiko's powers stem from an inherited mutation passed down through her family. The results of the mutation focus around generating, manipulating, and absorbing Light.

Light Generation/Manipulation

Firing off a barrage of Light blasts at an evil Vampire!
Lightwave's Lightform grants her temporary flight.

Akiko's strongest ability is her light projection abilities, which encompass the entire visible spectrum of light, ultraviolet light, and infrared. She can focus this ability from harmless to extremely lethal, and potent enough to melt metal. She can even go so far as to shape light into various shapes and constructs, in both intangible and hardlight forms. While fighting, she prefers to keep as non-lethal as the situation allows. She excels at ranged combat, and prefers to use projectiles even at point-blank range. Her hardlight manipulation grants her a potent form of telekinesis.

Akiko can also absorb, nullify, and redirect light, and is nigh-invulnerable to any light-based attacks. She can go as far as to temporarily transform herself into a Light-form, leaving herself intangible, though this puts a great amount of strain on her body and can only be maintained for a short amount of time. She can also cauterize and heal open wounds with her light powers.

It should also be noted that Akiko's body is charged by light. If she is in bright enough light, she will take much longer to become physically tired, and her powers generally increase in strength. While in complete darkness, her powers function normally. Her light powers are extremely focused and accurate, as opposed to affecting a large area. Because of the nature of her powers, Akiko is able to see a wider view of the light spectrum than normal humans, having the ability to see ultraviolet and infrared light. This grants her near-perfect night vision.

Healing Factor

Akiko's body is able to mend it's own wounds while she is in strong light. The stronger the source of light, the faster her body heals. While she can heal -most- wounds this way, it should be noted that she does not usually instantaneously heal, nor does she have the ability to regrow limbs. If the dismembered limb is held back in place in some way, however, strong light will mend the limb back into place. This could theoretically work on more vital parts, as well, such as a severed torso or head.

Even though she cannot instantly heal under normal conditions, if she is hit with a potent enough light-based attack, she can regenerate wounds at an almost instantaneous rate for a short time.

Super-Speed Aura

Few can run faster than Lightwave, or so she says.

Akiko is naturally a good runner, and this is enhanced tenfold by her powers. By generating a potent aura of light, she supercharges her body, allowing for near-impossible feats of speed and awareness, as well as eliminating friction and the harmful effects of inertia on herself. This includes, but is not limited to, running across water and running up surfaces and short distances along ceilings, and even flight at incredible speeds. While charged, her reflexes, response time, and thought-processing speed are greatly improved.

When paired with her light-form, she can technically reach the speed of light, though she has never actually done so yet. Doing so is incredibly difficult for her, is physically draining, and can cause devastating amounts of damage to anything nearby due to the spatial distortion generated.

It should be noted that she must be generating her aura to move at high speeds, and her extreme reflexes, reaction time, and speed are only active while the aura is active. Also, when fighting offensively, the effects of her aura are greatly reduced due to the energy needed to fuel her attacks.

Super-Reflexes/Reaction Speed

While Akiko's Super-speed Aura is active, she has greatly increased reflexes and reaction time, allowing her to move safely at high speeds without tripping or colliding with anything. She uses this to her advantage during combat, generally keeping her aura active all the time.

The Lightwave Suit!

Fast Metabolism

Akiko's abilities cause her to have an unnaturally fast metabolism. This is a double-edged sword for her, as it can both help and harm. She metabolizes toxins, diseases, and nourishment much quicker than a normal human, so she can bounce back from exhaustion much quicker. On the other hand, she also suffers the effects much sooner, but she always recovers from them much faster as well.

The Lightwave Suit

Though her suit grants her no powers, it is definitely not your run-of-the-mill costume, and therefore deserves explanation.

Akiko's suit is made entirely of a thick, protective material that blocks harmful UV rays from escaping, as well as giving minor protection to damage. It is air-tight and has built-in temperature-control and life-support systems, capable of giving her enough breathable oxygen to last her 12 hours. The suit's air supply relies on a sophisticated re-breather and a compact oxygen tank, located in her helmet and back armor, respectively. The suit's oxygen tank refills when not in use.

On top of the protective under-suit is Kendrium plating, though only on key places, to allow for maximum mobility. These plated areas are able to self repair to an extent, thanks to Nanite plating, courtesy of Silver Eagle. The plated areas include her neck, chest, shoulders, forearms, and legs. The back piece of her armor contains the suit's O2 supply and a jet booster, capable of ten minutes of flight per charge.

Her helmet is also made of Kendrium, and it attaches to the armor on her neck to form an airtight seal. The helmet has a built-in communication device, video/voice recorder, a basic HuD/GPS, and minimal psionic-dampeners. The helmet is retracted by pressing the pointer finger and middle finger of either hand to the armor on her neck. The suit's sensors in the gloves and neck armor are engineered so that it will activate only when she uses those two fingers, and only when they glow. This prevents the helmet from retracting when she simply touches the neck armor. It is removed by disengaging the airtight seal with the neck, which requires two coordinated hands to do.

Her entire suit is powered by flexible solar panels located within the under-suit, a primary battery, and a backup battery.

The suit's creator wishes to remain anonymous, but credit for the Kendrium armor plating and upgraded under-suit goes to Silver Eagle.

It should be noted that, in addition to simple clothing, the Lightwave suit is the only outfit that Akiko is able to change when entering her Lightform. This is due to her familiarity with the Lightwave suit. Other outfits will simply fall off of her, or in more extreme cases, be destroyed.


Darkness- AKA, Negative Energy. When used in attacks against her, the polar nature of the forces can cancel each-other out, but a potent enough attack can nullify her powers and make it harder for her to use them. This is usually never fatal, but it can, in extreme cases, cancel out her healing factor.

Physical damage- While she can regenerate, she is not very durable, and can be taken down rather easily with hard enough hits. Getting within melee range of Akiko can generally spell defeat for her.

Toxins/Chemicals- Because of her quickened metabolism, Akiko will succumb to toxins much faster than normal, and this is most noticeable with tranquilizers.

Overexertion- It should be noted that Akiko's most powerful attacks come at a price. They wear her down and can cause her to lose consciousness, suffer physical injury, and possibly lead to death.

Psychics- Akiko suffered substantial mental damage due to her ex, Simon, and is unable to fend off psychic intrusion on her own.

Death- Akiko is neither indestructible nor immortal. She is as susceptible to death as any normal human.


Chie Shimizu- Akiko's mother, formerly Chie Kobayashi, a Japanese woman of slender build who died at the age of 52 due to massive internal bleeding. She was a professor of Cryptozoology at the nearby college in California.

Masato Shimizu- Akiko's father, a 55 year old Japanese man of fairly average build who was mentally tortured to the point of insanity. He was a Doctor/Surgeon, and had his own medical clinic. He died of a lethal heart attack, finally joining his wife in death.

Toshiyuki Shimizu- Akiko's grandfather, a 78 year old Japanese man, surprisingly fit for his age. He is a Shinto Monk and caretaker of the Shimizu family shrine. He was brutally murdered on his birthday, at the age of 79.

Yoko Shimizu- Akiko's grandmother, who died at the age of 67 due to unknown causes. Some believe that her husband, Toshiyuki, killed her, but this is purely speculation.

Rei Kobayashi- Akiko's grandmother, who died at the age of 55 in a car accident.

Shin Kobayashi- Akiko's grandfather, who died at the age of 59 in a car accident.

Midori Shimizu- Akiko's exponentially great grandmother, who was murdered at the age of 26. She was the last priestess of the Shimizu family, and her son was the first male caretaker of the Shimizu family shrine. She was believed to be able to wield "blades of sunlight" and was able to call upon the "forces of thunder". Her spirit is bound to Akiko, acting as Akiko's spirit guardian and teacher.


Alex Flynn- Akiko's high-school fling. He dated Akiko for about ten months, their relationship ending due to Akiko's drug addictions. It was a standard high-school romance, and they weren't terribly good for eachother, and fought constantly.

Ashleigh Faye- Akiko decided to experiment for a while with this woman, and they were in a relationship for about a year. Their relationship ended in betrayal on Ashleigh's part when she had Akiko beaten to within an inch of death, thanks to a drug-related debt. Fun fact, if you've ever heard Akiko tell the story of when she had battery acid poured on her face, this is the woman who did it!

Simon Krueger- Perhaps the single worst person Akiko had the misfortune of meeting, the two of them "dated" for about two and a half years. Dated is not exactly the best term to use here, as Simon treated Akiko as his own personal slave, dominating her mind and abusing her, both physically and mentally. He used his mental abilities to rule his gang with an iron fist, using the enslaved Akiko and his underlings to perform numerous crimes. Akiko managed to break free of his mind control for just long enough to injure Simon, disabling his powers. Him and most of his gang were arrested that night, and ever since, he's sworn to get revenge, and to get back what he claims is rightfully his.

Hunter- One night in Caprice, Akiko met Hunter, AKA John Blackclaw, who single-handedly saved her from being eaten by the massive alien gladiator Duratok Gorehowl. He is the first decent man she's dated, and he was everything she needed at the time. While he may be almost twice her age, he was kind, supporting, and was always able to keep her feet planted on the ground. They had been through quite a good amount of trouble during their relationship, and always managed to overcome the obstacles that got in their way. Following her reported death, John left to live on his tribe's reservation as a tribe chieftain. A recent turn of events has brought the two back together as a couple, though they are taking it slow.


Freelancers- Another of Akiko's old supergroups. They kick butt...and stuff..? Not really sure here, but it pays!

The Hawthorn Consortium- Akiko's old group...a rather colorful bunch, really. Slayers for hire, they deal with the supernatural threats, as long as it pays.

Siren Squad- Akiko's current group, a female-only group of private investigators. She's mostly along to help with funding and for the added benefit of having a team, not to mention they are mostly her friends.


Revenant/Dark Akiko- The Akiko Shimizu from an alternate Earth dimension. She retains all of Akiko's powers, but instead of light manipulation, she can manipulate darkness. She has a darkness-based healing factor, immense speed and reaction time, and a fast metabolism. Her main difference, however, is that she has a huge resistance to toxins and chemicals. She is also skilled with creating designer-drugs, which she uses to instill horrid effects on her victims.

  • Status- Reformed

Simon Krueger- Akiko's mentally and physically abusive ex-boyfriend. He is a powerful psychic who has a particular knack for manipulation, having learned nearly every mental weakness of Akiko's during their relationship. Because of his knowledge of Akiko's psyche, he is rather good at dominating her mind, bending it to his will.

  • Status- Imprisoned.

"Black Oni"- A rather secretive figure that has made itself known only a few times. It is the very same villain that nearly killed Akiko's ancestor, Midori. The figure seems to have some connection to the spirits and demons that have been showing up to attack Akiko.

  • Status- Imprisoned.

Cesspool- An unstable, paranoid man by the name of Ronald Cruck who deals with volatile and dangerous chemicals. He takes up residence in the sewers and occasionally emerges from manholes to find 'subjects' for his experiments and 'company' for his disturbed loneliness.

  • Status- Imprisoned.

Other Stuff (Feel free to post here!)


Applause, by Lady Gaga. This is Akiko's general themesong.

Lightbringer. Light powers.

Personal Opinions

"Good kid. Can't research worth a damn, but that's what she has me for, I guess." -Loganius

"See, Her name's Akiko, but I call her A-K, 'cuz she's comfortable, and can be very dangerous if you get at the wrong end. Of her mouth. I kid, I kid. She's got a quick wit, great sense'a humor an' color, an' somethin' else that's harder ta place. Kinda a.. Genuine-ness." -Hunter

"We may annoy the hell out of eachother, but deep down, I care about Akiko like a Sister. She's funny, witty, and a good person. I've come to respect her, and im glad I know her." -Gunny

"Akiko kicks ass, and she's my best buddy's girlfriend. Lucky bastard, she's smokin'. Anyways, she's a damn good person, and makes hella good tunes." -Silver Eagle

"Ever heard the phrase 'crazy Asian'? Case and point. That said she a good person and a great asset to the Freelancers, also my daughter won't shut up about the fact she got to meet her. I like her, she's funny, fun to mess with, and helps me pick on Hunter and Eagle... Oh and I think long overdue on a raise, I should get on that." - Keioseth

"Spunky. Can't say I have much more kind words for kids who act like I'm gum on their shoe." - Blue Bruiser

"She's a good person...but sometimes she got mad at me and swore in Japanese thinking I didn't understand what she was saying." - Proud Patriot

"Owes me a new damn hat." - Everett Cole

"I'm always afraid she's going to give me a seizure just looking at her. They should put a warning label on that silly armor." - Nightfang

"She is weally nice and very shiny! She also fwom Japan so very anime and cool. I hope to be cool and hewoic like her one day!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"I was able to work with her once against Warlord. She has an amazing personality and is a great person - African Violet

"An anxious one, well meaning, though anxious. I pray the wounds of her mind heal with time." -- Ice-Heart

Tabloid Rumors

Some think...

That Akiko is possibly a bisexual.

That she and Hunter are either dating, or just sleeping together.

That she is possibly going to replace one of Daft Punk.

Akiko is actually from the distant future, but ran fast enough to punch through the space time continuum.

She may be secret twilight fan.

That she's actually quite famous in Japan, with Chibi forms of her armor decorating some music sites.

That Akiko wears a prismatic collar with a NyanCat logo.

She may have appeared in various magazines, in rather suggestive pictures and articles.

She may be wearing panties made of cloth from a certain associate's textile company.

That she has been seen grabbing a fellow hero named "Gunny" on the ass... Rumor states that he was commando style at the time.

There may, or may not, be a video of Akiko flashing her tits available on the internet... somewhere.

She's very big in Japan.

That Akiko was eaten by the dragon living in the lake behind the Shimizu family shrine.

That Akiko is currently dead, and there is an imposter claiming to be her.


Miko- Akiko served as a shrine maiden for her family's Shinto shrine on multiple occasions, and follows the stereotype of a shrine maiden given mystical powers in order to fight demons.

Hard Light- Most of Lightwave's attacks and defenses are in the form of hard light

Make me wanna shout- Sometimes...she screams at people. Never a good thing.

Light is good- She's a hero, 'nuff said.

Superspeed- She's not just fast, she's super-fast.

Ludicrous speed- Kick it up to lightspeed, woo!

Hot chick in a badass suit- 'Nuff said.

The Ojou- Akiko is a wealthy Japanese celebrity, and is definitely a royal brat.

Fragile speedster and Glasscannon- Akiko can dish it out, but she can't take a hit...if they can hit her in the first place.

Healing Factor- She has a light-based healing factor...good thing, too, she can't take hits well.

Action Girl- Akiko doesn't wait around to be rescued by the MEN, instead, she'll take the fight into her own hands and kick ass in all her girly style.

Broken Bird- Akiko's motivation for everything she does stems from her not-so-happy childhood, her past romances, and her old drug-related problems.

Sassy Black Woman- Akiko isn't black, but she sure is sassy!

Glass-Shattering Sound- 'Nuff said, eh?

((Feel free to post any that you see fit))

RP Hooks

  • Because of their monks and priestesses, the Shimizu family is well known in Ancient Japanese History.
  • Akiko is a fairly well known DJ, under the name DJ Brightchild, and has recently released two CD's of her Trance/Techno tracks. She's DJ'd at most of the more well-known nightclubs, as well as numerous underground raves and such.
  • Akiko's powers stem from genetic mutations. She's been to numerous power trainers to learn to control her powers.
  • Need help with a ghost or beastie? Akiko is an experienced monster-fighter, and she does very well against supernatural enemies!
  • During a not-so-favorable time of her life, Akiko was addicted to drugs, and was part of a rather large gang in California. Perhaps you have run into her, or notice her powers from a certain supercriminal in California?


Chinatsu Wakatsuki