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Player: @speedgrab
"So sometimes you just gotta drift about."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Peter Smith
Known Aliases: Swarmer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: Astral plane/Mill City
Relatives: Mother and father in England
Age: 29
Height: 6ft
Weight: 196lbs
Eyes: Blue, no pupils
Hair: Blonde, short
Complexion: Pale skin, few scars around arms
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Missing left arm up to wrist and right arm completely. Both replaced with cybernetics.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Semi-secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: England/American
Occupation: N/A
Education: University degree in Engineering
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Connection to the Astral plane
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Power Armour, two enchanted revolvers. His right is named Wallet, and his left Wits.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Publicly known facts and rumor

The list below is for those of general public or little interaction with the mystic world or Astral planes

  • Hero - There is a hero who pops up in Mill city every so often by the name of Swarmer
  • Name - People don't know why he is called Swarmer. Some estimate it is due to past military career
  • Suit - Some say that he ventures around dressed as a cowboy.
  • Weapons - Carries a revolver, seems to fire blue bullets that disperse. Some say Blue ice Bullets.
  • News - Has made a couple of appearances on the news caught on camera's though never personally interviewed.

The list below is for those who have minor to average access to the mystic world, or Astral plane

  • Hero - There is a hero who drifts around on the Astral plane though his goal is unknown
  • Name - People don't know why he is called Swarmer. Some estimate it is due to past military career. Some call him a fanboy of the drifter.
  • Suit - A dress
  • Weapons - Do not fire standard ammunition and do not need time to reload.
  • Rumor of residents - Ghosts residing on Astral Earth and people from The Even Wilder West will know of Swarmer for being a drifter. Moving about for his own agenda but stopping to help others.

The list below is for those who have Average and above access to the mystic world, or Astral plane

  • Hero - There is a apprentice sorcerer who ventures around the Astral plane, to assist or aid spirits or residents from danger. He spends time mainly in the 'Even Wilder West' and the 'Dreamzone'.
  • Name - He is known as Drifter, Swarmer or Smith.
  • Suit - His suit is enchanted leathers and cloth. Embuded to help resist more magical attacks and some mundane ones.
  • Weapons - His revolver are connected to the Astral plane itself and feeds off of magical energy as ammunition.
  • Goal - Astral Bounty hunter for the Even Wilder West among other things it appears.
  • Rumors - Even if he is on the Physical world he is always on the Astral Plane at the same time. Eternally connected. He appears to be entirely based in the Astral plane, though visits the Material plane.

Abilities and weaknesses.

Swarmer does not live on the material plane like most people do. Instead he lives upon the astral plane, traveling mainly between "The even wilder west" and "The Dreamzone". As some mages can project themselves onto higher planes, Swarmer has a inverse ability and can project himself onto the material plane.

Swarmer has two cybernetic arms. His right goes to his shoulder, while his left stops at his bicep. These allow for abnormal hand movements, and extreme finger movement. It also allows him to be able to use it for added strength, however his legs cannot support weight for him to lift up or have super human strength.

Swarmer has a abnormal amount of luck. He is the kind of person who would duck to tie his shoelace when the assassin fires his gun. Most of the time he seems to be able to avoid injury when moving about or in a fire fight.

Swarmer's guns are highly enchanted to not need to use ammo. Instead they seem to use a raw magic grafted straight from the astral plane to a much higher standard than Swarmer can normally bring forth or project items. Instead of just penetration from bullets, they create a force of impact similar to a powerful punch. Because of it not being bullets he can vary how hard he needs it to hit, just as a magician can very their magical potential. When he means to cause more harm than normal, scorch marks would be left from the heat generated from the impact and subsequent vacuum.

Swarmer may enchant a few non-magical items on the material planes with simple spells. He can for example, make a item produce light, or temporarily feed it magical energy. Once the energy he produce to enchant the item has been used the enchantment fades and the item is considered non magical after a hour.

Swarmer may transport willing participants to the Astral plane, and the other way around as well.

Public knowledge

Known to those with no to average astral knowledge, or no to average involvement in the mystic world.

Guy with a gun: He carries two revolvers with them, and seems to be quite good. His skill with reloading seems to be incredible and never quite seen by anyone. Or his clip seems to never run out.

Lucky warrior: Swarmer is a incredibly lucky person. Some serious blows seem to just nick him or outright miss him completely.

Blink: Can teleport, seems to take a while to reappear the further he moves.

I've got a funny feeling about this: Swarmer has a knack for guessing when something is about to go wrong. Can't say what but has a hunch.

Known to those with heavy astral knowledge, or major involvement in the mystic world.

Enchanter: Swarmer is a enchanter, therefore needing material components to be on his body somewhere to cast any spell.

Guy with the Gun; Expanded:He does not fire standard rounds, or seems unable to. Instead the Peacemakers he wields are heavily enchanted to use magical bolts, as energy pulled from the Astral plane.

Inverted Astral Form: Swarmer can create a physical form allowing him to appear and interact with things on the material plane. Anything that happens to this physical form also happens to his natural body and spirit. While he is in this form his Astral form is in a coma like state.

He takes anything he has on his Astral self to the Physical world. He can only take items he has been given by the owner or taken if no owner is known back to the astral world. Therefore he may purchase items or receive gifts on the physical world for his astral form.

Blink Expanded: Swarmer quickly removes his physical form and brings it back in a short distance away or the same location but in a different stance. This allows him to dodge certain attacks. This is a form of reusing Inverted Astral plane quickly.

Saffron Sphere: Makes a light, a floating blue light orb that follows or stays upon it's casted location. Requires one glass ball, or gem. The orb uses this to emit light and float from, though drops afterwards. Can be reused if undamaged.

Others view of Swarmer