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Player: @ChaosRed

Player: @ChaosRed
Vegenance and Victory!
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 11
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Victor Schalke
Known Aliases: Victor, Vic
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: 30
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Engineer
Place of Birth: Hamburg, Germany
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Power Armor
Known Abilities


An engineer gets hold of some advanced VIPER armor and re-engineers it for his own purposes.


Early Years

Victor was born in Hamburg Germany in 1980, son of Hans and Eva Schalke. The Schalke family immigrated to America in 1981, settling in Detroit, Michigan with Hans finding work in the automobile industry.

It was during the destruction of Detroit that Victor lost both his parents and was forced into foster homes.

To this day, Victor is angry about the incident and seldom talks about it.

Life as an Engineer

Despite the tragedy in Detroit, Victor grew up to earn a PhD in Engineering at Waterloo University in Canada. He joined PRIMUS shortly after graduation and began to specialize in alloys and bio-suits of various types and sizes.

Victor's engineering work was good, but never spectacular but his "discoveries" were often touted a great deal as PRIMUS often wanted to give the appearance they were winning the technology race.

It was probably due to this exaggeration of Victor's work that led to VIPER kidnapping him and taking him deep into the desert for forced research.

The Gigaton Incident

Dr. Victor Schalke was working on a top-secret project for VIPER. The project is rumored to involve alien technology in a secret and obscure region of the Arizona desert.

It was during this work that Gigaton unleashed a plan to take over the Arizona desert. Victor, recognizing Gigaton as a former minion of Dr. Destroyer couldn't resist the opportunity to avenge his parents.

Victor borrowed a powerful suit of armor from the VIPER laboratories and engineered a dashing escape from the VIPER lab. After he escaped he proceeded immediately to Gigaton's lair to confront him.

Little did Victor realize that the suit he borrowed as an early prototype of the VIPER-X suit and as such had advanced biotech engineering. The suit worked with the central nervous system to improve dexterity and to enact commands via symbiosis with the cerebral cortex. The suit however was tailored to VIPER-X's DNA and as such, Victor was rather clumsy in suit. This did not deter him however and he proceeded to confront Gigaton.

Alas, Gigaton's headquarters for his scheme was laced with dangerous levels of radiation. His mission failed and Gigaton discarded Victor's broken and defeated body, considering him irrelevant and proceeded with his plan.

Luckily, other super heroes were able to defeat Gigaton and they discovered Victor inside his broken VIPER armor and took him into custody. When Primus investigate Victor as a prisoner they identified him as one of their former employees and immediately attempted to save him from radiation poison.

Rescue by Genesis League

The radioactive poisoning however was severe. Victor's vital signs were weak and the VIPER armor he had borrowed had security systems that would self-destruct if tampered with.

PRIMUS knew that an organization called Genesis League had worked with the security mechanisms of VIPER before. They alerted Herman Bloom (the chief financier of the Genesis League project to the situation.

Herman Bloom dispatched Osprey, (the leader of Genesis League) to help Victor. They were able to disable the security mechanisms and treat Victor's radiation poisoning.

However the base mutations of Victor's DNA could not be stopped, his exposure to the DNA had gone too far. His DNA began to mutate to work more efficiently with the biotech armor.

Birth of Titan X

The combination of being inside a bio-engineered VIPER suit and long exposure to intense radiation had a unique effect. Victor found while he was inside the suit his DNA would begin to fuse with the technology and form a symbiotic link with the armor. In addition his skills as an engineer meant he could repair and improve the suit to work even more efficiently with his mutated DNA.

Grateful for his rescue, Victor asked Genesis League if he could stay and help them with their quest to destroy VIPER forever. After it was clear Victor's skill with his biotech armor was improving, Osprey agreed.

The armor was spray-painted white to distinguish it from VIPER armor and Genesis League assigned him to Abony Negative for light and low-level missions against VIPER.

Victor branded himself "TITAN X". He chose this name after Osprey revealed the armor he was wearing was originally engineered for VIPER X.

First Mission

Alongside Abony Negative, TITAN X stopped a Neutronium smuggling operation in the same desert he fell victim in.

While his knowledge and skill within the armor is still not very strong, he proved could fight VIPER operatives and win.


Will Victor's DNA continue to mutate?

What are the dangers of Victor's continuing to work inside a VIPER suit?

Will VIPER want the suit he stole back?


ISSUE 1 - This issue documents the birth of TITAN X, including the events of his childhood and the eventual failed confrontation of GIGATON. At the end of the issue his armor is painted white and he is adopted by the super-group Genesis League.