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Player: @Lilt
Bite me!
Class Focus: Telepathy
Power Level: 17
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Tia, Tiana, Christiana
Known Aliases: Pixie, Glittersh!t, Tinkerhell
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Greek/Navajo
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 104lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Kayenta, AZ
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Living mother and father.
Known Powers
Mind reading and control, empathic reverberation, telekinesis
Known Abilities
Trixie is an accomplished dancer, tailor and photographer
No special equipment


Trixie is, for the most part, like any average teenager. She goes to school (usually) and does her homework (sometimes) while balancing a social life (facebook) and still managing to dress well (in her estimation). She does have the unusual distinction of being able to read the thoughts and feelings of others, as well as having bug-like antennae and wings. She thought initially that these traits were as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals on a visit to her father's ranch in White Sands, but she has recently learned that both of her parents are super powered individuals. This seems to indicate that her powers may be genetic, or in some way influenced by other factors.

Her mother is known to be greek, a mentalist, and quite attractive. Her father is less well known, however he is described as being Navajo and "into robotics" by Trixie. She has publicly refused to specifically name her parents, but it has become clear recently that her father is a robotics engineer for ARGENT. Her mother is said to work for a small self-help organization called Mind, Inc.

A few months ago Trixie was charged with misdemeanor destruction of public property, following an incident where her actions were reputedly being telepathically directed by another individual. Trixie claimed that this was as a result of her mother, and was removed from her legal custody. She now legally lives with her father in White Sands, but is something of a free spirit. She still uses the 'prodigy flophouse' in Millennium City when she feels like it, even though she has joined the The Prometheus Union. She's not sure where the other members of the prodigy group have gone to, and fears the worst has happened to them.. That they've "grown up".

Powers and Abilities

Trixie's powers appear to be mostly empathic, with some telekinetic and telepathic abilities beginning to manifest. Due to the uncertain origin of her powers, it is unknown how her abilities will continue to manifest as she gains more control over them.

Weaknesses and Limits

Trixie has described her powers as being "Like that car that won't start in one of those cliche horror movies." She has also claimed little ability in filtering out the thoughts and feelings of others, emphasizing that she literally cannot control her mood when around others who are strongly projecting their feelings.


Trixie used to run with a group of kids that call themselves The Prodigy - although none of them are named Firestarter, many of them appear to be punking instigators.

Following the custody battle which placed her solely in the care of her father, she moved back to the southwest and was unable to keep touch with her friends from The Prodigy. While living on his ranch she received a letter which directed her to members of The Prometheus Union, an association of mutants, aliens, and other metahumans.

Friends and Allies


Trixie and 'Trash appear to be friends, and seem to be involved in few activities of note to this database. This mostly involves a few 'run-by-ice-cream-coning" attacks on highschool cheerleaders during the recent football games. These attacks are the high speed launching of small-sized ice cream cones at the heads and torsos of cheerleaders.

Red Echo

Trixie's been seen in the company of Red Echo, who she claims to have encountered on her father's White Sands property. He was apparently being chased by men in military-grade body armor, though he has refused to comment on the situation. When both young heroes discovered that they both had copies of the same letter, they rode on Trixie's suped-up moped to Millennium City together.


Trixie and B-boy hero Technologic have been spotted hanging out both in MC, usually at the museum stairs and with skate boards (much to the dismay of security staff), and also in the desert. Trixie was last documented hanging out with him at Club Caprice, where they perfected the art of breakdancing on tables before being rudely ejected from the premises. Technologic frequently was quoted as saying the two were a couple, but Trixie has never confirmed this rumor.

Riley Nero

Bespeckled, biker coat wearing Riley Nero was spotted with Trixie and Technologic in the Westside recently, kicking the butts of hairy biker dudes at an underground fight club while shouting various LOLCAT phrases.

Bottle Fairy

Trixie has publicly announced, "Bottle Fairy ROCKS!" to a crowd of stunned reporters, who were trying to get her to comment on other issues. She then threw the horns, and kicked over a garden gnome, which was reputedly sitting nearby minding its own business. The garden gnome has not pressed charges, saying to reporters after the incident, "Dinnae tink she kneuw ah wus reaaal!"


Trixie's been spotted dancing at Club Caprice with members of the prodigy, and mega-sized hero Titan. When asked by a reporter for comment on whether their relationship was a friendly one, she just giggled crazily for five minutes before yelling, "DIET COKE!"


Trixie has been spotted hanging out with notoriously gruff Meta-SWAT strong-man, Flynn. When asked for a comment on their friendship, she stated simply, "Whaaat, like I can't go out for falafel?"



The organization PSI has shown interest in Trixie, although they would likely 'normalize' her appearance surgically. That and force her to wear a pink shirt and tie, ugh.

Foxbat meets his biggest fan: Trixie!

Alistair Salt

Trixie has publicly claimed that if she sees Grip around, she will make him assault himself. This is due to a petty altercation the two heroes had during a Destroid attack downtown. Reputedly, Grip goosed her, and she has declared that his reign of groping is over.

Fashion Business

Trixie known recently as a bit of a fashionista, and is currently taking requests for costume overhauls, or the construction of new looks.. be they casual, or cape-related. All she asks of her clients is a recent photo, with them in basic tights, emailed to her.

((PM me or email me through in-game mail! We can work out how to get the image to me from there.. Non-removable elements such as antennae, wings, etc, should be included with the tights. The tights should be colored in hues which you prefer. If you have no preference on colors used, feel free to let me know! Also, specify what kind of outfit you'd like.))


Fun Facts!

  • Prefers to make villains fight each other instead of fighting them directly.
  • Doesn't eat meat!
  • Drinks Orange Fanta.
  • Has an unhealthy fixation on clothes.
  • Her father currently has sole custody of her.
  • Used to have long blond hair, before someone swapped her hairspray for Raid!

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that...

...she may have a crush on someone.
...she is an actual fairy.
...she lays insect-like eggs at night.
...she will consume her mate after sleeping with them.
...she is probably going to have a growth spurt any day now and suddenly look very strange.
...her telepathy stems from her antennae and pheromones, like with bees and ants and stuff.
...her father is a villain, and mother works with UNTIL.
...she might be a mutant.
...she's from another planet where everyone is a bug-person, and a fascist.
...she's a huge fan of Eclipse's band Ask Mira, and also has a physical copy of his exercise tape Buns of Questionite.
...she can do five minutes of Eclipse's exercise routine.


If Trixie were played in a movie, it would be by the actress Xristina Stefanidi.

Theme Songs for Trixie:

The Obvious: Girls Just Wanna Dance

Fight Song: Junkie XL: Cities in Dust

Recent Activity: Strange Boy - Kerli

Family Theme: Ladytron: Destroy Everything You Touch

Romance Song: Emilie Simon - Flowers