Universal Investigations

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Universal Investigations
"We solve problems, not create them"
Leader(s): Eric Deringer@rasos - Owner

Tigerlily@ebonwing - VP of Operations

Base of Operations: Office in Downtown Millenium City
Concept: Investigations company
Founded: February, 2010
Website: Click Here
Members: ~150

About Universal Investigations

Universal Investigations is a premier private detective and research firm located in Millenium City. The company specializes in dangerous and often mystical cases involving the arcane, VIPER, and other highly dangerous work.

Types of Services

  • Lost Item Retrieval - Finding mysterious, dangerous, or highly guarded items for respected clientelle or governments. The company will not steal rightful property without a warrant from the government or deemed a danger to society.
  • Missing Persons - Family or loved ones can hire the company to find persons of note and see to their safe return.
  • Arcane Research - The company employs several arcane specialists who can be hired to research issues or texts for a fee.
  • Information Gathering - Retrieval of sensitive or guarded information for clients with proper need or government contract.
  • Classified Missions - The company is reputed to perform missions of various types for the government and hold long-term contracts with UNTIL, PRIMUS, and MCPD.
  • Bounty Hunting - Experts in locating and capturing fugitives are employed in the company, often used to track down and bring in high-profile criminals and terrorists.


  • Investigators - Majority of the staff are investigators, used to track down fugitives, missing persons, lost items, or information.
  • Researchers - Both Arcane and mundane research staff are employed at the company.
  • Specialists - Known to employ hackers, subject matter experts, lawyers, doctors, and other specialists to assist cases.
  • Management - The company is run by its owner, Eric Deringer, and his elven VP of operations, Lily.

The company is hiring for all positions, please contact Eric Deringer@rasos or Tigerlily@ebonwing for details.