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Until's Elite Power Armored Soldier
Urban Commando
Urban Commando - FINAL .jpg
'Viper? Oh...This'll be fun..'
Player: @WarTornSoldier
Super Group
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Real Name
John Frost
Urban, Sir, Boss, Urbie, Frosty, Tin-Can,
April 4th, 1984
United Kingdom, London
British Citizenship
Legal Status
Military Peacekeeper
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Rose Frost, Younger Sister (Parental Guardian)

David Frost, Father, Deceased

Sarah Wright, Mother, Deceased
Physical Traits
Human (Augmented)
White British
Apparent Age
7'10(without Armor) 8'0(With Armor)
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Robotic Right Arm
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Mark III Peacekeeper Armor,Mark III Peacekeeper Helmet
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Pre-Urban Commando
Before Urban Commando.png

Before the powered armored soldier was protecting Millenium City and crushing Viper at every turn, David Frost, an Royal Navy Flight Serviceman, Flight Lieutenant David Frost met Royal Navy Lieutenant Sarah Wright aboard the HMS Elysium and served together. After both got closer after serving together for ten years, the two left the military to pursue a life of their own together back in England. After being married for three years, the two decided to have their first child. On April 4th 1984, John Frost was born. Early Life

During his early life, John was a quiet child. He showed a particular interest in the military from an early age. Both parents used to debate whether he would choose the Navy or the Airforce. As John continued to grow throughout school and college, his interest in the military, specifically the British army continued to grow. From the youngest of years in Primary school. To his adolescence in Secondary to his college years.

When John had finally reached the age of eighteen, he signed up for the British Army and began his training.

LeftMilitary Life

John joined the British Army and began his training. Passing tests and drills with flying colours, he eventually was designated as his teams grenadier in the field. With a mastery of firearms and explosives.

Travelling from combat-zone to combat-zone. John continued to uphold the expectations his superiors and his comrades had held in him. Never faltering in the toughest of disasters and the most dire situation, in one notable instance, his squad was under heavy fire and several members suffered injuries, he continued to hold the line despite taking several hits himself.

Even while deployed, John continued to keep in contact with his family, and heard of the news that he had a new baby sister waiting for him back home. Though with exciting news came with difficulty, his mother had passed giving birth to his new sister, Rose. Years continued to pass with returning visits home before being redployed. When he returned home the final time from his service, his father had been tragically caught in a car crash days after leaving him alone with his younger sister to care for.

Struggling to come to terms with the changes, John eventually moved to Millenium City and signed up to UNTIL. Aiming to be in the peacekeeping Corp.

Until Service

After completing his training with UNTIL, Frost once again found himself being redeployed in regions around the world in UNTIL's efforts for peacekeeping. With his sister in Private care and placed into a private school. He could continue his career while still being able to keep in contact with her to maintain a degree of family life. Time continued on until he finally found himself at the rank of Sergeant with UNTIL. His career seemingly continued to flourish, partaking in operations with ease. His homelife began improving when Rose found herself growing and achieving high marks in her education.


LeftMonster Island

Frost participated in assaults on monster island, fighting along UNTIL Forces, Heroes and Manimals. Being tasked with crippling Viper as much as possible to make the heroes fighting on the shores job easier, his team launched guerrilla attacks on the VIPER outpost in hopes of drawing out their leader. The attempts drew plenty of VIPER soldiers away from the main shore, buying the heroes valuable time to strike and cripple Viper's forces. During a tactical retreat, Frost was caught off-guard by an explosion, amputating his arm and leaving him in critical condition. The heroes managed to secure the shore and evacuated wounded forces before continuing the fight.

After intensive care and stabalizing. Frost was given the choice to undergo augmentation to return him to fighting standard, or to be let go. Not wishing to abandon his comrades in the field. He chose to undergo the augmentation and to take part in the power armored division's programme. Completeing the programme he donned his power armor, and adopted the monkier of 'Urban Commando' for his field name.


Urban continues to serve UNTIL to this day, bouncing from Special Operations to other groups to assist whenever he can. Though in more recent times he has slowly become more recluse and hidden from the public eye. Some say he went rogue, others say he still serves and they still see him. No-one truely knows where he is or if he is still serving.



  • Rage Breaking Point - Urban takes great care in controlling his temper when it comes to duty. However, even with all the cybernetics, He is still human. And humans have their limits.
  • Berserk Button - Making a nasty comment about his sister/family/friends can make a conversation go wrong VERY Quickly.
  • Jerk With A Heart Of Gold - While he seems like a jerk to most people. But usually he can be more kindhearted at some points when he's not on the job.
  • Lawful Good - A definite Type 3. Although he is employed with UNTIL, his orders are to do the lawful thing. However his conscience will get in the way. 'Save as many as possible.'
  • The Leader - Type 2. Urban prefers situations to be resolved with everyone still being alive. Except enemies. Especially VIPER, Those guys are jerks...
  • OH CRAP - Multiple Occasions. Anniversary Events. Aftershock. Monster Island. Many Alerts. List goes on when those two words are used.


  • One Way Visor - I can see you! But you can't see me!
  • Powered Armor - Who doesn't love a bloke in Power Armor?
  • Walking Armory - Dual Wrist Energy Bolters. Shoulder mounted Rocket launcher on his right. Shoulder mounted chain gun on his left. Energy Gauntlets. Chest Beam Blast. Violent shielding burst. Medical Nanites. Armor Maintenance Nanites...I can stop now right? Bloody Hell that's a lot stuffed into one suit, Ain't it?


  • Cyborg - Robotic arm. Cybernetic Implants. Several Internal Organs and bones have been replaced by cybernetic counterparts increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. One of his eyes has been replaced as well.
  • Eye-patch of power - Not an Eye-patch. One of his eyes has been replaced by a cybernetic version.


RP Hooks


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Public Opinion

(Good Lord Help Me)

G.I. Joan
  • G.I. Joan: "I've known Urbie for quite a while now, and I can honestly say he is a great XO. And overall a great guy. Well, at least I think he's a guy, I've never quite seen him outside of his armor yet... Could be a tiny little alien squid in there for all I know! Also weird he's not using a standard UNTIL issued power armor design, kind of confirms my alien theory, huh? ...Oh well, guy or squid, he's still great!"