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Who is Cookiegobbler?

That's me! Got the name from someone I met in a game called "GuildWars". After I -- sarcastically -- confessed my love for cookies to him, claiming to love them "more then life itself", he started calling me cookiegobbler. However, We lost touch, but the name stayed.

I go to KU Leuven (which is a university in Belgium) where I major in Biological Sciences and Chemistry in the hopes of one day becoming an internist -- that's a doctor who specializes in internal organs. The reason why I'm also majoring in Chemistry is because later in life I want to be head of diagnostic medicin, trying to cure the uncureable...

I try to be active at least once a day, but there are moments (mostly during exames) where I'm not active for prolonged periods of time.

Cookie's in-house Projects

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Cookie's other Projects