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The Unyielding
Gwen Frost Logo.png
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"Ice... can burn. It is hard for the warm-blooded to distinguish one sensation; like fire, from the other; frost..."
A.S. Byatt
PLAYER @SuperGwenny
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Rank Confidential
Current Affliations UNTIL
Former Affiliations Black Sun Rising, Dark Enforcers

Real Name Gwendolyn Diomedes
Known Aliases Frost
Gender Female
Species Meta-Human
Birthdate 15th of August, 1992
Place of Birth Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Ignatio Diomedes (Father, †),
Elena Petrova (Mother, †),
Nicolas Diomedes (Brother, †)

Apparent Age Late 20's
Height 5'2" (162cm)
Weight 114lbs (52kilos)
Eyes Glowing amber
Hair Chestnut
Complexion Fair
Build Athletic
Notable Features Glowing Eyes,
Hypothermic lips

Identity Known
Citizenship Flag CAN.png Canadian
Flag USA.png American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Teacher
Education Chemistry


Ice Logo.png
Ice daggers
Frost resistance spandex suit w/ custom pattern

ProtectorsBox Template

You would assume she's disabled because she wears a blindfold, but then I compensated it by giving her other abilities and that makes her that much more interesting of a character. She is one of the stronger characters in the Champions Online universe and you wouldn't think so if you see her for the first time, thinking she's blind.

Gwen Frost 1 History.png

To understand the history of Gwendolyn, we need to first understand her father, Ignatio Diomedes.

Ignatio was a strong idealist who believed in all the good he could offer the world. He was a brilliant biochemist who valued innovation, inspiration, creativity and freedom. At the time of his son's birth, Gwen's older brother, he was working on mapping the superhuman DNA and believed he could enhance it to create stronger Superheroes. Because of this, Ignatio started to collect investors to fund his research. The Largest investor being a man named Allen Winston, a wealthy man with a similar vision for the future. During Elena's pregnancy with Gwen, Ignatio made considerable strides in his research, earning him accolades with his peers. However, at the time, he was unable to produce a viable means of enhancing Superhuman abilities, but was confident he was near a solution. At that time, the life of Ignatio couldn't have been any better, he had a loving family, supportive friends and the mains to continue his ambitions.

But, when Gwen was born, complications at childbirth caused Elena to not survive the labor and she passed away moments after. Later, shortly after Gwen was born, Ignatio suffered another devastating blow. His peers debunked his research and claimed it to be "pseudoscience". Ignatio now faced failure at nearly every turn. Terrified of failure, deeply in debt and with nowhere to turn, he became overwhelmed with desperation. To cope with all his problems, he developed minor schizophrenia and began to lose touch with reality. But, because of this mental twist, it allowed him to make real strides in his research again and, in turn, earned another large grant from his friend Allen. However, paranoia struck and he fired all of his employees in order to isolate himself to complete his research. This caused him to completely lose touch with his humanity. His reasoning would be "If no one appreciates my work and they all live to mock me, why should I even... Consider them?"

Alone and without human resources, he turned to the child he believed started all of his tribulation, Gwen. Allen kept funding his twisted friend who had sequestered himself from the outside world to finish his research. To keep his experiments on Gwen a secret and avoid Allen finding out, Ignatio took increasingly evil actions to save his research because for him, the ends justified the means. In the end, Ignatio became a crippled and shattered soul. He was no longer Human, he became an isolated host of demons that were amplified by his fears.

Gwendolyn doesn't remember much during her time in her dad's laboratory. The brain has a remarkable way of coping with trauma. What Gwen does remember is that somewhere around the age of 8, her powers spiraled so out of control that she created a vortex storm, destroying the facility and was able to escape. Gwen's escape made headlines, further debunking the science Ignatio was researching and grabbing the attention of Allen, his friend and biggest investor. Displeased with Ignatio, Allen dropped the funding and cut all ties with Ignatio. Ignatio started developing insomnia out of fear that Gwen would return to have her revenge. Delirium became both his only friend and his deadliest enemy. As a slave to his fears, his research, and his demons, he became more and more unpredictable and monstrous, eventually, he suffered a psychotic outrage and forced his son into the project simply as a disillusioned form of revenge for all the rejection he faced.

These experiments Gwen suffered left her powers unstable and the smallest use of her power would be enough for her to lose control and cascade into something far greater. Gwen began to live a nomadic life, going from town to town only to leave when her powers got her into trouble. She wished to do good, but her lack of control usually proved them to be a danger instead of a benefit. After a while, she became reluctant to use them. But, on one faithful day, she met another hero that changed her life forever; Mender Koralith. After only a few short years, Gwen seemed to command much more control over her incredible powers. Once old enough, Mender Koralith deemed it fitting for Gwen to return to Civilization and she decided to move to the city of heroes, Millennium City.

Gwen Frost 2 Appearance.png

Frost's appearance is seen as dark and mysterious. Her superhero outfit is mostly made up of her favorite colors; Black and Blue – with white trim. She usually wears a black blindfold to cover her eyes as they tend to be so bright they temporarily blind people.

She also wears, what appears to be, magical trinkets. These are a gift given to her from her mentor, Mender Koralith. These aren't used to aid her in battle, but rather protect the people around her. If she ever loses control again, the trinkets will activate and suppress her powers to a nigh inert state.

Gwen Frost 3 Personality.png

Frost is perhaps one of the most mysterious characters you'll ever meet. She is quiet, studious, sarcastic, distant and a tad anti-social. A dark character, but one everyone can relate to. She's a recluse and sort of to herself and generally stays calm and collected, even in desperate situations.

She's often portrayed by others as being overly pessimistic and regards everything as “Black and white,”. But despite her seemingly unfriendly attitude, Frost does care greatly about the people she feels attached to.

Overall, Frost is not coldhearted, merely introverted, caring deeply for those close to her.

Gwen Frost 4 Powers.png

Frost attacking.png

Cryokinesis: The power to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning she effectively makes things colder and is capable of generating and sending forth various freezing effects. She also has the ability to transform moisture/water into varying forms of ice to control and manipulate by pure thought; meaning she doesn't need to be physically active to move her ice. This power also grants her the ability to manipulate and lower temperature to the point where precipitation begins to freeze, and crystallize, becoming snow. This power opens the door to many abilities including, but not limited to;

  • Cryo-based Picnokinesis: The power to manipulate the density of ice and thereby hardening or softening it. She can make ice as strong as Neutronium or as brittle as glass.

  • Limited Hydrokinesis: The power to manipulate liquid matter. Although limited, She has the ability to control liquids that are under 32°F (0°C); the colder the liquid, the more control she can exert. Using liquid nitrogen instead of snow or ice, she uses this ability only against the most dangerous foes.

  • Cryokinetic Breath: The ability to manipulate the air within her lungs to exhale a stream of freezing wind.

  • Cryokinetic Martial Arts: The ability to utilize Cryokinesis with her physical combat, allowing her to both create tools and weapons for attack and manipulate the environment to her advantage; freezing the ground, sudden ice-walls, creating daggers, darts, etc...,.

  • Congelatikinesis : The ability to freeze anything and make it fragile or to induce Rigor Mortis in an organism. When used on organic material, this ability causes cellular disintegration by destroying cells beyond repair.

  • Cardice Manipulation: The ability to manipulate dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is colorless, with a sour zesty odor, non-flammable, and slightly acidic.

  • Cryo Recovery: The ability to heal by using ice to recover from severe to minor injuries on herself or others. Although not as effective as true healing powers, this ability allows her to reduce swelling and halt bleeding.

  • Ice Beam Emission: The ability to produce pinpoint accurate beams of ice or sub-zero energy that freezes everything it hits instantly. This grants her the ability to create a sudden dramatic cooling beam. By making a sudden demand in heat by freezing particles in a single localized place she can effectively create a "Laser" beam that freezes anything in its path.

  • Cryokinetic Aura: The ability to surround herself in cryokinetic energy, allowing her to use cold and ice in various offensive ways.

  • Cryokinetic Immunity: The ability to be completely unharmed by cold, making her invulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite.

  • Cryokinetic Exoskeleton: The ability to create cryogenic armor around her body for protection.

  • Cryophysiology : The ability to transform her body completely into organic ice.

  • Cryoportation: The ability to use ice to teleport, she can turn or merge into ice, melt and reappear a short distance away, growing as ice and shattering to be free.

  • Weather Manipulation: The ability to emit a sudden cold front in the atmosphere creating hurricanes, blizzards and hailstorms.

Gwen Frost 5 Weaknesses.png

  • Cannot manipulate Esoteric Ice.
  • The creation of ice depends on the amount of moisture available, dry areas make this harder.
  • Her ice is susceptible to heat- and electricity-based attacks.
  • Vibrations can shatter her ice, making sound-based attacks extremely effective against her.
  • Her Cryokinetic Breath fuels Pyrokinetic Breath, since it's a wind-based attack.
  • Her Ice Beam Emission can be reflected by mirrors or users with Reflection Manipulation.
  • Her Weather Manipulation is severely limited during the winter.

Gwen Frost 6 Friends.png

Frost Thumbs up.png

Mender Koralith

Mender Koralith was a nomadic spiritualist who had great knowledge of the Spirit World and its effects on superheroes. He was spiritually enlightened and helped several superheroes attain their full potential and cleanse themselves of pain and suffering. Koralith was willing to teach everybody who wished to learn from him. His origins are unclear, as he did not seem to hold an allegiance to anyone affiliation or supergroup and preferred to operate outside of borders.

When Gwen asked how he planned to teach her control, Koralith replied that she must first bring balance to herself before she can find a balance between her and her powers.

Seth, Lord of Sepermeru

Seth is the ancient Egyptian deity of darkness and chaos. A misunderstood god, Seth tutored Gwen in de art Combat. He tutored her in the style of Tai Chi, a defensive style that uses the opponent's own momentum against them. Seth praised her skill, mentioning that her progress hardly needed any help. But it wasn't until Gwen showed her bravery during the battle against Cosmos, a being with infinite power, and later showed her ability to defeat Calypso, a being that made up of eternity, that Seth concluded his training with Gwen.

Where Koralith taught her control, Seth taught her how to use it in combat.


Dominick was Gwendolyn's first crush. The two met at Club Caprice where Gwendolyn was talking to a friend of hers named Reiki Ken. Unbeknownst to Gwen, Reiki Ken was the father of Dominick. And from that moment on, Gwen was smitten. Noticing Gwen’s interest, Dominick asked her if she wanted to "hang out" sometime, but she was so shy at first that she turned him down. When home, Dominick was so frustrated with himself that he acted out several scenes on how else he could have asked her out in front of his mirror. When he heard some tapping on his window, he turned his head to see that Gwen was levitating shyly, with a sheath of ice covering her body, outside. Gwen apologized for rejecting his offer and asked if his offer still stood.

The two went to Gwen's favorite diner in Vabora Bay and later went to the amusement park. They had a lot of fun riding the bumper karts, taking a turn on the tilt-a-whirl, taking pictures in a photo booth, hitching a ride through the "Chamber of horrors", Dominick throwing a baseball at a stack of cans to win Gwen a huge teddybear, taking a stroll through the park and eventually ending up on a Ferris wheel by the time the sun settled. On the Ferris wheel, Dominick asked Gwen what changed her mind. Gwen confessed her feelings by answering; "Of all the things I could’ve done tonight, I realized all I wanted to do was spend time with you,"

And so Gwen and Dominick shared their first kiss hanging 200 feet in the air. However, due to their hectic lives, both Gwen and Dominick drifted apart and the only memento of that time is a dried mistletoe Gwen keeps in her wallet. A reminder of happier times.

Gwen Frost 7 Nemeses.png


Curien new.png

Name: Nicolas Diomedes
Powers: Electrokinesis, Invulnerability, Flight
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Frost's older brother and favor of the 2. Born with a mutation similar to his little sister, Nick's mutation was the ability to manipulate and control electricity. However, Unlike his sister that can create ice by manipulating atoms, he could not create electricity or electrical currents and thus had to rely on a nearby source. Because of this, he envied his sister, always seeing her as better than himself.

The corporation their dad worked for was researching in ways to make superheroes more powerful. Ignatio, their father, always wanted a son. He was the father's favorite and, therefore, was not chosen as a test subject. That was set aside for Frost.

She was only 6 when she was taken to the facility. Experimented upon to brick of killing her only to justify if it was possible to strengthen superpowers. At the tender age of 8, she eventually managed to escape when she lost control over her powers. She was eventually found by Defender and brought to the champions HQ so she could study and learn to become a hero.

This is where Nick's true story begins; with his sister gone and his father fearing that she will eventually return to take revenge, Ignatio forced his son into the program. Fearing Gwendolyn's power, he made sure Nick excelled in every area.

And thus he became Curien, with a High level of electrokinesis, a Chest-battery that makes sure he always has access to his powers, no matter where he is and an impenetrable metal skin that will make any of his sister's attacks seem like a pointless gesture.

Curien's Lament: Linkin Park - What I've done Musicthemeicon.png


Monster Ignatio.png

Name: Ignatio Diomedes
Powers: Superhuman strength, Superhuman Durability, Healing Factor
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

My father, a brilliant scientist, forced me and my brother into a power augmenting program. First me, Gwendolyn Diomedes. He tested on me, experiments that took me to the verge of death. It left my powers unstable. However, I escaped and swore revenge for the years of suffering he put me through.

But, with my escape, I doomed my brother. He forced him, his one and only son, into the program. the goal was to make my brother stronger than me, to make him able to defeat me. Therefore they augmented my brother's skin, making it metallic. To make sure he wouldn't escape, they implanted him with a control chip.

Years passed and while I was training with Mender Koralith to control my powers, my brother was unleashed to pursue me. Eventually, he found me. By that time I had completely regained stability over my powers. The battle between me and Nicolas lasted several hours with neither him nor me backing down. In the end, when it seemed Nicolas' victory was assured, I placed my freezing hand on his forehead. The resulting brain freeze caused a short-circuit in the control chip."

"Nick regained his will and saw all the destruction he caused. In the end, Nick begged me to end his life for he did not want to live what he had become. Reluctantly, and with a heavy heart, I granted his wish.

With the death of my brother, known to the world only as Curien, my father became desperate and experimented on himself and his fellow scientists."

At least now, his face matches the ugliness of his soul.

I must stop this man, I must destroy... My father...” - Gwendolyn "Frost" Diomedes

Fatherly Hatred: Linkin Park - Plc.4 mie haed Musicthemeicon.png


Dark Frost.png

Name: N/A
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

"It is simple. There's good... and then there's evil. There are those who commit crimes... and those who stop it. The two sides are opposite... as different as day and night and the line between them is clear. Or at least... it used to be." - Gwendolyn "Frost" Diomedes

During Frost's escape from her dad's facility back when she was, she accidentally cut herself on a piece of broken debris in her cell. Her father found blood on the debris and through that was able to recombine her DNA and create a clone. However, because of Gwendolyn's testimony to Defender and the authorities, the facility she was in was discovered and the project was abandoned. Before Ignatio ran, he hid the clone somewhere in the bowels of the facility where it was allowed to continue it's growth, placing a triggering mechanism to allow the pod to "birth" the clone at the event of his death.

The pod's mental imaging repeatedly flooded the clone's conscience with horrible images.

Years later, Frost finally managed to trap her father in one of his underground facilities, Forcing him to stand and fight. Ignacio fought well against Gwendolyn and it seemed at first that her defeat was at hand, but the immense power and ferocity at which she fought soon proved to be overwhelming. At the brink of death, Ignacio begged his daughter to spare his life and to seek redemption for actions. Frost offered him her own version of redemption.

The moment she killed her father, it triggered an event that unleashed Dark Frost. Because of the pod's mental imagery, Dark Frost was evil-hearted. Now she stalks Millennium City, committing crimes in Frost's name.

Can Gwen defeat herself?

Frostbites: Two Steps From hell - Wrath of sea Musicthemeicon.png
Redeemed Heart: Sting - Desert Rose Musicthemeicon.png


Nemesis Cosmos.png

Name: Cosmos
Powers: Absolute Strength, Healing Factor, Materiokinesis
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Cosmos is a powerful cosmic being with near-infinite power. However, he will never underestimate an opponent, even if they are Human.

He tends to have a very pious, almost theatrical way of speaking, with much of his dialogue being grand declarations, as if he is reciting prophecies.

His younger brother, Calypso, even mockingly imitates his manner of speech from time-to-time. But, Unlike Calypso, he respects the power of Mankind and is aware of their vast potential.

His powers grant him almost unlimited power as he has the ability to manipulate matter, even down to sub-atomic level. He can reshape anything that has a substance or mass, from the smallest molecule to Gas Giants or other astronomical features.

This power also allows him to manipulate the fundamental elements of Earth; fire, water, air and earth. Controlling the four fundamental elements allows him to restructure, create and destroy matter at will, create electromagnetic fields and electrical currents. He can make matter radioactive, manipulate gravity, emit enormous energy blasts and generally accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

He can manipulate the matter in his muscles to make himself strong enough to break Vibranium and manipulate the tissue in his body to recover from any damage he suffers, from a simple scratch to instantly regenerating a missing part of his anatomy. He can even reform himself after total particle vaporation as long as there is a single cell surviving.

His reason for attacking Earth is still unclear. He was defeated by Dark Frost, who had sacrificed herself in order to ensure his death, but was later resurrected by his brother Calypso. After Calypso was defeated, Cosmos decided to peacefully leave Earth behind.

Cosmic Battle: 2 Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth Musicthemeicon.png



Name: Calypso
Powers: Intangibility, Spatio-Chronokinesis, Teleportation, Chronolock
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

There is seemingly not much known about this powerful cosmic being other than the fact that he seems to have little-to-no respect for his brother, Cosmos. From time to time, he is seen mockingly imitating Cosmos' pious manner of speech and even looking down on his brother's caution towards Humans after Calypso resurrected him.

When it comes to Humans, he shows even less respect, believing them to be weak and have next-to-no potential.

He seems to expect all of his whims fulfilled instantly and has little patience for those that don't comply with his wishes. He only respects strength and is a strong advocate of "Survival of the fittest". The only reason he resurrected Cosmos was because he was family.

Although his powers are usually considered to simply be a combination of space and time together, it is fundamentally more powerful and complex, as space-time is the very fabrics of existence that separate different realities and timelines.

To control space-time is to alter the fabrics of reality, allowing one to erase existences and not just the flow of time, but also reorganize, alter and erase historical events. To move through space-time is more than simply teleportation or time-travel, as it allows one to connect to alternate realities, even metaphysical realms. Because of this power, he can make himself intangible and unaffected by user Chrono-users by existing outside of space/time.

During the first voyage to Earth, done by his brother Cosmos, Calypso watched the events unfold from the safety of his Space Fortress. When Cosmos was defeated by Dark Frost, Calypso was able to resurrect Cosmos be rewinding time in his fortress and teleporting Cosmos to his plane of existence.

For unknown reasons, Calypso than decided to venture to Earth himself alongside Cosmos. In the end, after a huge battle that devastated Earth, he was defeated by Frost. His death was an eye-opener for his brother, Cosmos, who later left Earth peacefully.

Cosmic Vengeance: Mark Petrie - Richat Musicthemeicon.png


Liath ComingSoon 150150.png

Leader Name: Ezekiel Eliphas
Powers: Chaos Magic
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

A supervillain group comprised of highly skilled and very dangerous individuals.

More information coming soon.

Dark Rise: Red Moth & Beyond Awakening - Darkness Below Musicthemeicon.png

Gwen Frost 8 Opinions.png

What does your character think of Frost?

RP Hooks
Gwen Frost 9 RPHooks.png

  • Does your character live near the downtown area? Frost owns an apartment dorm there and you might have seen her walking around the various book stores.
  • During Week-ends, Frost can generally be found in Club Caprice - dancing on the dancefloor.
  • Does (or did) your character study at The Ravenswood Academy? Chances are you might have seen her during class, in the hall or the school's library.
  • Were you there during the Qularr's invasion of Millennium City? so was Frost!
  • Be mindful of Frost's beliefs of justice. She considers herself to be the embodiment of vengeance, the anger of dead people, demanding blood be spilled for the blood they lost.

Gwen Frost 10 Trivia.png

  • She's an avid reader. Her room is full of bookshelves flooded with novels.
  • Collects trinkets from fallen enemies, for example; She has a mirror in the shape of a Serpent.
  • She's ambidextrous, meaning she is equally adept in the use of both left and right hand.
  • Enjoys sparring with other superheroes.
  • When bored she rolls an icy coin between her fingers, similar to what poker players do with chips.
  • Dislikes Superheroes and villains that like publicity.
  • When her opponents have enough ice covered on them, Gwendolyn has the ability to propel her opponents in various directions. Lifting them over her head to slam them back on the ground, propel them behind her, push them forward, etc.

Gwen Frost 11 Tropes.png


Beautiful all along - Because of her eyes she had no idea what she looked like untill furr complimented her on her appearance.
Distinctive Appearances - Her cold body gives her natural blue lips.
Not so Weak - Villains have a tendancy to underestimate Frost's prowess when first met, thinking she's blind, only to find they're sorely mistaken.
The Fashionista - During her downtime, Frost attends Hero Costume contests and has won several so far, most noticably; for best costume.


Brilliant, but Lazy - Frost is highly intelligent, as indicated by her passing of the Mensa entry test, which places her in the upper two percentile on standardized intelligence tests, although she never actually joined Mensa. However, she rarely shows off with this, thus surprising other people when she does.
Defrosting Ice Queen - When you first meet her, she might be a tad hostile, but persevere and she will slowly open up to you.
Graceful in her Element - Frost feels more comfortable during winter.
My girl is NOT a slut! - Although Frost has trouble dating due to her personality, once she has a boyfriend she is very clingy and loyal and gets jealous very easily.


Picky Eater - Frost is a vegitarian and does not eat meat of any kind, but does eat cheese and eggs and drinks at least one glass of milk every day.
Chaotic Good - Frost is concidered to be an anti-hero, meaning; although still a hero, she has no qualms killing or maiming a villain.
Beyond Good and Evil - Most villains Frost is tasked down to apprehend are to dangerous to be put in prison and need to be destroyed outright in order for peace to persevere, example; Therakiel, Cosmos, Dark Seraph,...

Powers, Combat and Skill

Action Girl - Can go toe to toe with her male counterparts.
Blind Seer - She has to wear a blindfold in order to avoid blinding people with her glowing amber eyes, but she is not blinded by it. Her eyes lets her see the heat emitted from matter even down to sub-atomic level and see thermal and kinetic energies.
Fatal Flaw - Her immense power does not come without immense need for control. If she loses control she has the power to create elemental disasters, for example; If Frost were to lose control in the desert, the immense cold combined with the desert's staggering heat can create one hell of a vortex storm.
Hyperactive Awareness - Her eyes can see what others cannot and she is able to sense changes in air temperature.
Muscles are Meaningless - When covered in ice, Frost has the ability to propel the appendages of her body while fighting. Granting superior strength without musclegrowth.


Harmful to Touch - Frost's body maintains a constant chilly temperature so low that it is harmfull to touch her.


Bad Dreams - Frost's childhood memories surface while she sleeps.
Chekhov's Skill - Frost has had many tutors during her life and took the time to learn how to control her powers.
Misery builds Character - Her abusive childhood and misunderstood teenhood have turned her into a strong adult.


All part of the Job - Frost loves being a hero, having a life connected to her people and wouldn't want to trade it for any gold in the world.
Determined Defeatist - Even in the face of certain defeat, Frost will stop at nothing to protect the innocent.
Wake up, go to school and save the world - Gwen combines school with superhero activities.

Theme Music
Gwen Frost 12 ThemeMusic.png

Battle Theme: Ellie Goulding - Explosions Musicthemeicon.png
Meditation Theme: CONNECT.OHM - Snow Park Musicthemeicon.png
Ambition Theme: Pegboard Nerds feat. Elizaveta - Hero Musicthemeicon.png
Love Theme: Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) Musicthemeicon.png

Gwen Frost 13 Art.png

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