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-- Unknown character --
Personal informations
Name Classified
Current alias Warhawk
Surname(s) Classified
Identity status secret
Date of Birth -
Nationality Presumed American
Affilitation(s) -
Sidekick(s) -
Enemy(ies) -
Reputation local
Base Field
Operations field Millennium City
Activity 2009 -
Hero/Villain Type First Strike Offensive
Alignment neutral
Powers -
Level 4
Origine -
Height 6'6"
Weight approx. 400 lbs
Body type normal
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
physical attributes
Constitution 3stars.png Resistance 2stars.png
Stamina 3stars.png Strength 3stars.png
Speed 3stars.png Fighting 4stars.png
Armour 5stars.png Weapons 5stars.png
Animalism 2stars.png Accuracy 3stars.png
mental attributes
Enrg manip. 3stars.png Intuition 2stars.png
Sorcery 1stars.png Knowledge 4stars.png
Objets 1stars.png Bravery 5stars.png
Mind Manip. 1stars.png Charisma 2stars.png
Intelligence 3stars.png Composure 5stars.png
Creator @monkeyhead (NPC)

Warhawk supervises clean-up on a meteor strike in Burbank, CA shortly after his public debut.
Warhawk was a controversial hero with questionable ties to the U.S. Government. Active primarily from 1976 to 1987, Warhawk's most infamous missions were at the behest of the armed forces as advance firepower in places like the Falkland Islands, Beruit, and Grenada where police actions were sanctioned by President Reagan. These shows of force were lightning rods of controversy, and did much to force Warhawk out of the skies during the Clinton Administration. The armor was conceived and developed at Strathmore Industries. See Project Thermal for more current information.

Warhawk breaks the sound barrier over the Arctic pole (photo courtesy of Strathmore Industries).
Speculation was rampant as to who wore the Warhawk armor when he was active. Isaac Strathmore was the most likely candidate, but elaborate photo ops were taken of the two of them together quieted most speculation. De-classified documents now suggest that Isaac was, in fact, the primary pilot. Laslo Stepka stepped in to fill the role of Warhawk in the event that a press conference was necessary and Strathmore was to appear with Warhawk at the same time. If this is the case, Isaac's son Eric Strathmore, merits a closer look.


If you are interested in using Warhawk or any other aspect of this character in your back stories (did Warhawk bomb your country or torch your village? Have you sworn revenge?) Please contact me in-game. I'm happy to work with you on this! --Monkeyhead 17:24, 22 December 2009 (UTC)