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Cassius Sherman Keller
Warhound PDB black and white.png
De Oppresso Liber
PLAYER @Mountainhound
Super Group Initiative Black
Rank Senior Agent
Current Affliations Initiative Black, Task Force Hospitaller
Former Affiliations U.S Army
  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 10th Special Forces Group


  • Special Activities Division

Real Name Cassius Sherman Keller
Known Aliases Warhound
Gender Male
Species Human (Biologically Augmented)
Birthdate March 18th, 1968
Place of Birth Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Current Location Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives Living:
  • Robert Keller (Father)
  • Marie Nadeau (Sister)
  • Richard Nadeau (Brother in Law)
  • Joseph Nadeau (Nephew)
  • Daniel Nadeau (Nephew)
  • Marilyn Nadeau (Niece)
  • Laura Jackson (Ex-Wife)


  • Nicole Keller (Mother)

Apparent Age 50
Height 6'7 (2.01 Meters)
Weight 316 lbs (143 Kilos)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Complexion Weathered
Build Powerful
Notable Features Shrapnel, ballistic and additional scarring on forty eight percent of subject's body.

Powerful, muscular build. Hints of superhuman physiology visible to the naked eye.

Cauliflower to the right ear.

Identity Known by U.S Government and Law Enforcement Personnel
Citizenship American
Marital Status Divorced
Occupation Federal Contractor
Education High School Diploma

Masters Degree in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis




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Public information on Cassius Keller's background is extremely limited. Due to the nature of his work with both the U.S Army and the Central Intelligence Agency, his activities for a significant portion of his life are of a confidential nature.

What is known is that Cassius Sherman Keller was born on March 18th, 1968, in the small lakeside town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. He was raised by his father, Robert Keller, and mother, Nicole Keller. U.S.M.C records indicate that Robert was a machine gunner during the Vietnam War, and earned a living after his honorable discharge working with a logging company. Meanwhile Wolfeboro hall of records indicate Nicole, a night nurse, had become pregnant with Cassius prior to Robert's deployment and gave birth part way through. They'd have another child not long after, a daughter by the name of Marie.

Cassius, named for his maternal grandfather, was according to Wolfeboro school records a quiet boy with a small friends circle and little other extracurricular school activity outside of the middle school and high school wrestling teams. Interview with neighbors imply Keller spent most of his time outside of school either working with his father, or exploring the dense wilderness around his home.

Cassius Keller enlisted in the United States Army in 1986, some time prior to the Gulf War. After three years of service as part of the 1st Infantry Division, Keller was approved for additional training for assignment to US Special Forces. Upon graduation, Keller was assigned to the United States Army's 10th Special Forces Group. It was with the 10th that Keller saw action in the Gulf War, as well as Operation Restore Hope. Keller additionally saw service in numerous other operations within Africa, Europe and Asia throughout his tenure. It is also from the 10th that he was eventually recruited to the CIA's highly secretive SAD/SOG division.

It is at this point that Keller vanishes all but entirely from public record for over twenty years. What little information Primus has been able to acquire from the Department of Defense indicates that the man was part of a significant number of field operations of a variety of natures.

Due to his name showing up in several redacted records received from DoD archive, we believe that Mr Keller was part of one of many experimental super soldier programs that became active within the United States Department of Defense following the infamous Battle of Detroit. The details of this project however are of a highly confidential nature. Despite repeated requests for Primus personnel to have access to more clearance on its history, little more than the prior mentioned documents and a dossier provided by Keller himself upon Primus registration exist within the database.

The only thing we can say for sure is that Keller left the CIA sometime in mid 2012, for reasons as of yet unknown. Approximately six months later, Cassius Keller was hired by a specialized paramilitary organization. The organization, known as Initiative Black, was formed and contracted to the U.S Federal government to assist in combating a growing list of paranormal threats encountered by law enforcement in the field.

According to interviews with IB officer Doctor Solomon Stroud, Keller was recruited as part of the first wave of Initiative Black personnel during its infancy between 2013 and late 2015, where he came highly recommended by several members of the board of directors. It was during this time that he often acted as the field commander for the unit that the organization grew from, which has since evolved into the Strategical Initiative Response Division.

It was also during this time that he began going by the alias of “Warhound” due to a brief attempt to assimilate a costumed crime fighter organization into the organization's ranks. While the attempt failed, the alias has stuck and despite his usual disdain for the “hero” community, he has shown no intention to relinquish either the identity or the alterations made to his field equipment anytime soon.


Psychological Profile

Superhuman Physiology

Mr Keller has previously undergone a number of biological and neurological enhancements that have increased his physical and mental capabilities many times beyond that of a normal human. While access to specific details and background of the program that gave him these abilities is still, Primus has been provided information about the enhancements themselves and what abilities they have granted him. The vast majority of the subjects enhancements were gifted by specifically tailored surgical implants. The implants were often bio-genetic in nature, with much of the technology used to both create and administer them developed based off of technology recovered during conflicts with a number of invading extraterrestrial entities. We have categorized the following information based on the specific implant, and included the effects it has on Mr Keller.

Personnel should note that we have no way to confirm whether or not the following information covers the entirety of Mr Keller's enhancements. On the contrary, what we know of the program and the subject's history makes it highly likely that it doesn't.


The carbossilator is a small bio-engineered organ inserted along the base of the subject's spine, adjacent to the stomach and liver. Its primary functions is to filter a number of carbon and ceramic based nutrients included in the subjects diet, and to secrete hormones that not only allow the subject's skeleton to absorb said nutrients but to also use them to influence several very specific mutations.

As a result, the subject's skeleton is altered exponentially. Not only is the skeleton's strength increased multiple times beyond that of a normal human, but the hormones also trigger a number of growths to further enhance the subject's resistance to physical trauma.

Chief among these growths are plates of similarly strengthened cartilage between the subject's ribcage to further help shield his internal organs from harm. The subject's limbs, spine, and ribs also grow a number of small ridges that allow for greater anchoring of tendons to the skeletal structure. The chief goal of this is to increase the kinetic force that the subject is capable of physically administrating in closer quarters combat.


The hemamplifer is named for increasing the hemoglobin content in the subject's blood, making the subject's blood stream more efficient at carrying oxygen to different parts of the body. This has multiple benefits, including not only allowing the subject to require less oxygen to keep the body functioning, but also significantly increasing the amount of strenuous physical activity the subject can partake in before undergoing a state of fatigue.

The organ is located beneath the heart, and is connected to both the respiratory and circulatory system.


The coaguler is named for its purpose of generating specialized bacteria that assist in the reconstructing of damaged tissue. It is a collection of small glands located along the lining of the rib cage. The bacteria that it releases into the blood stream allows the subject to heal from injuries several times faster than a normal human, but it also allows the subject to regrow tissue that a normal human would be incapable of.

This allows the subject to recover from an exceptional amount of trauma, including and up to excessive brain damage and third degree burns. Furthermore, it reduces the subject's aging to a third of its natural rate. It also makes him highly resistant to a number of pathogens and toxins.


The synamplifer is a surgically implanted node in the base of the brain stem that triggers the growth of a microscopic membrane along the nervous system. The membrane mutates the subject's synapses to allow for the more rapid transfer of electronic and chemical signals throughout the body. This allows the subject to react to physical stimuli and process information far faster than a normal human. In fact, judging by what Primus Agents and associated personnel have seen in the field, as well acquired documents from the U.S federal government we have reason to believe that the ability of Agent Keller's brain to process physical stimuli is by far the most heightened part of his physiology.

While the numerous other enhancements have put him far down the totem pole in physical ability compared to many super human's encountered by the agency, his reflexes and physical reaction time are among the highest we ever seen. Mr Keller, according to record, has using this ability managed to survive physical confrontation with numerous foes in the field that should have been every right proved overwhelming opposition.

Optical Enhancements

Numerous optical enhancements have been made upon the subject to drastically improve their ability to operate in low light conditions. The subjects eyes have been substituted with bio-engineered replacements. While for all intensive purposes the eyes appear to be human, they are different in a number of ways. First and foremost is the inclusion of a “tapetum lucidum”, a thin layer of reflective tissue that increases the amount of light available to the eyes photoreceptors. Additionally the pupils of subject's eyes are capable of contracting and expanding to a greater degree than that of a normal human, allowing them to adjust to a wider variety of lighting conditions.

Auditory Enhancements

The subject has had extensive surgery preformed on the ear canal, ossicles, and membranous labyrinth to help resist inertia and improve the subjects sense of balance and ability to visually track movement while in motion. Furthermore, a small sensory organ has been surgically placed behind the eardrum to allow the subject to consciously filter out and enhance certain sounds.

Specialized Training and Education

Psychological and Physical Limitations



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