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The Blue Blur
Blue Blitz
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Super Group
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Real Name
Elizabeth Grant
Blue Blitz
April 20, 1996
Portland, Oregon
Millennium City
See Above
Paper Delivery Girl
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 5"
120 lbs.
Body Type
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Nothing Special
Powers & Abilities
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Superhuman Speed
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Special Costume
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Throwing Stuff


Elizabeth Grant is the younger child of a speedster from Portland, Oregon. Like her father and older brother, Red Rush, she was born with the innate ability to run at superhuman speeds and, when she was old enough to start her career, joined her father as his sidekick, the Blue Blitz. While she never was (and still isn't) as fast as either of her older relatives, she made up for it with boundless energy and a desire to be the best hero that she could be. Together, they fought the small-time criminals that cropped up throughout the area, including their father's nemesis, the sinister Speed Demon.

Everything changed, though, when Speed Demon and her father fought in an epic confrontation that ended with her father dead. Stricken with grief, and the realization that the fights they were fighting were very, very real, Elizabeth sunk into a fit of depression, putting aside the hero life for years while she struggled with the loss of her father. It was during that time that her mother uprooted the family and moved them to the newly-constructed Millennium City, seeking a new start in a new city for her and her children.

Over time, Elizabeth began to return to her old self, tempered by the experience with Speed Demon and her father, and even put back on the tights and got back to fighting crime. Blue Blitz hit the streets of Millennium City with the same exuberance that defined her sidekick career, helping to stem the tide of the growing gang influences and even developing her own gallery of small-time villains that she's bothered time and time again. She's more careful than she was before, though, less willing to take big risks, a leftover from dealing with the death of her father.

In the present day, Elizabeth's main struggle is in splitting her time between her personal life and her hero life, balancing school and her job as a paper delivery girl with fighting crime. It's becoming more and more common to see the Blue Blitz speeding down the streets, though, as Elizabeth approaches the end of her school life and prepares to throw herself completely into the hero business.

Appearance And Personality

Blue Blitz is a seventeen year old girl with long blonde hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, blue eyes, and the body of a sprinter, slender but toned with most of the strength focused in her legs. She stands about five-and-a-half feet tall and weighs in at about a hundred and twenty pounds. She doesn't stick out from the rest of the crowd in any way, shape or form, having no abnormal or outstanding features worth mentioning.

Blue Blitz is an energetic girl more than anything else, frequently on the move and throwing herself completely at whatever project she's working on at the time, until her attention shifts to something else, usually in the span of a few minutes. She generally approaches life with a happy-go-lucky attitude, treating most things as they come and rolling with the bad as well as the good. Of course, she's careful to invite as few of these bads onto herself as possible, with varying degrees of success. She loves life and tries to live it to as full of an extent as a seventeen year old can.

Being the younger of two siblings, Blue suffers from 'annoying younger sister' syndrome: she does everything in her power to bother her brother Red Rush, and has refined this ability to near-perfection. From pulling pranks to tattle-telling to teasing him over ever little thing, Blue Blitz is very much a jokester, and this sometimes extends to people even outside of her immediate family - especially bad guys. While she tries not to let playing pranks get in the way of fighting crime, sometimes she just can't help herself, which can draw out fights needlessly.

Allies & Enemies

Allies: Unaffiliated

  • Red Rush: Blue Blitz' older brother. Along with her father, Red Rush is one of Blue's biggest role models, and the kind of person she aspires to be. She'd never admit it, though.

Enemy: Quick Devil

Powers And Abilities

  • Super Speed: Blue Blitz' main power, and the one that all others derive from. Drawing upon an undefined energy, Blue Blitz can run at superhuman speeds, topping out at Mach 1, though she requires some time to build up to that. This energy manifests physically as lightning arcing across her body when moving at these incredible speeds. She's usually the fastest thing on the battlefield, moving like a blur from criminal to criminal; her favorite thing to do is to run through and tie all of their shoelaces together and watch while they trip over their own feet.
    • Inertial Dampening: A secondary power related to her superspeed, Blue Blitz' body is protected from the negative effects of moving at incredibly high speeds, with the protection growing the faster she moves. This also provides a small degree of extra durability, meaning she can take more hits than the average human.
    • Super Endurance: Blue Blitz can remain active for longer periods of time than the average human, allowing her to keep up her speed without tiring herself out immediately.

Weaknesses And Quirks

  • Trip And Fall: Tripping and falling while running at high speeds is incredibly painful. Blue Blitz has had it happen a few times during her hero career and she does not recommend it to anyone else.
  • Hyper Metabolism: Even though Blue has a superhuman level of endurance, she still burns through energy at a hyper-accelerated pace. She needs to eat often and usually in large portions to keep her food energy topped up, though energy bars can provide a quick burst in emergency situations.

Skills and Equipment

Blue Blitz doesn't call upon very many skills or rely much on equipment, aside from her costume. Most of what she has comes from tiny tricks she's picked up, instead of skills she's specifically trained:

  • Throwing: Blue Blitz is pretty good at throwing things, something she picked up from her job as a paper delivery girl. Utilizing her super speed, she can even toss them faster than the eye can see, usually to distract or knock out criminals that she can't reach on foot, for whatever reason.
  • Reinforced Costume: Blue Blitz' costume is designed with her powers in mind, and made out of a material that can stand up to moving at superhuman speeds without ripping or tearing. This also extends to the average wear and tear of being a superhero, mostly nicks and cuts from debris.



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