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The Feisty
Taking A Bite Outta Crime
Foxhound (left) and Dobergirl (right) are too cool to look at explosions.
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Super Group
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Real Name
Sandra Addison
Boston Terrier, Foxhound
January 25, 1991
Millennium City
Central Millennium City
Cherry Rose Apartments
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Charles Addison (Grandfather)
Andrew Addison (Father)
Trisha Addison (Mother)
Derrick Addison (Brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 11"
125 lbs.
Body Type
Light Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Slightly Exaggerated Canine Teeth
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Augmented Strength
Augmented Durability
Augmented Reflexes
· Equipment ·
Protective Bodysuit
· Other Abilities ·
Mixed Martial Arts Training
Machine Maintenance Training
Acrobatics Training


Sandra Addison is the second child of former hero Andrew "The American Bulldog" Addison and his wife, the non-powered Trisha Addison. Like with her brother Derrick (AKA the Foxhound), Sandra was trained by her father from a young age to live the life of a crime-fighter, learning mixed martial arts and taking acrobatics classes with the understanding that, one day, she would develop powers like her elder relatives. She woke up every morning, excited and eager to see if they had finally arrived - she would try to break cinder blocks with her bare hands, or ask her friends to punch her. Unfortunately, all that ever got her was hurt. Much to hers - and everyone else's - disappointment, it looked like the lineage mutation wasn't in the cards for poor Sandra. Andrew called off her training, unwilling to send his daughter into the fray without any powers to protect herself with.

Sandra wasn't willing to give up that easily, though. She had been raised to believe that she'd be a hero one day, after all! She took her training into her own hands after that, doing odd jobs here and there to work up money to pay for the next lesson and applying what she learned to petty crooks and criminals throughout her neighborhood of Boston. She managed to keep it a secret for a few years, until her brother caught her sneaking back into the house after a long night of hard work. Knowing that nothing he could say or do would change his sister's mind on being a superhero, Derrick decided that he would help her out for awhile, teach her the proper methods... under the condition that Sandra told their parents. She grudgingly accepted and, after a long and argument-filled admission, she began operating as Foxhound's sidekick.

The next few months were grueling, but Sandra managed to pull through. It was an eye-opening experience, learning just how much she didn't know about what she was doing, and how poorly she was doing the things she did know! Foxhound made sure to put her through all the paces to make sure that Sandra was the best she could be with what she had. It was in the last few weeks of their regime that Andrew and Trisha revealed they were moving the family to Millennium City, where Trisha had just been offered a new job as a real estate agent. While Derrick was somewhat less than enthused, Sandra saw this as an opportunity to finally strike out on her own again!

After taking time to settle into the new apartment, Sandra took to the streets once more, dubbing herself Boston Terrier after the city she was born in, as well as keeping in theme with the rest of the family. She mostly stuck to the poorer sections of the city, using her new training to help with outbursts of gang violence and robberies and things of that nature. One of her rare excursions into City Center, however, lead to a meeting that would one day end up changing her career forever: while lending a hand in preventing a jewel heist, Boston Terrier met fellow dog-themed superheroine Dobergirl. The two hit it off instantly and started to work together as a team more and more, bonding over each outing. It wasn't long before Boston Terrier came to consider Dobergirl the best friend she had... which made a traumatic experience that Dobergirl suffered all the worse for Boston Terrier.

Feeling useless and incapable after she was unable to help her friend, Boston Terrier turned to an ex-villain by the name of Doctor Court for a solution. Court, who also served as Dobergirl's doctor and provided her with a good deal of assistance throughout her career, offered to augment Boston Terrier's body, increasing her strength, durability, reflexes, and senses to a degree far beyond that of a normal human's. Telling herself that she was doing it for her friend and knowing that it was really all for herself, Boston Terrier agreed. After a grueling six-hour procedure that left her less than human, but all the stronger because of it, Boston Terrier is ready to use her new-found powers to protect the city in a way she never could before.

Appearance And Personality

Boston Terrier is a young, athletic woman with light brown skin and brown hair that frames a pretty face and bright green eyes. She prefers to wear casual clothing like t-shirts and blue jeans over anything else, and is usually visibly discomforted when she has to dress up all nice and fancy. She has a very up-front and in-your-face attitude that tends to get her in trouble more often than not, though she's shown in the past that she can serious it up when it's called for. She likes to joke around with her loved ones and she loves parties and will use just about any excuse to throw one together. She's fiercely loyal to friends and family alike and will back either one up without hesitation, even if she knows that they may not be in the right.

Boston Terrier loves her career as a superhero and she prefers to spend more time in costume than out of it. Her costume is an all-black bodysuit with a paw print on the chest, accessorized with brown leather boots and gloves and a belt that carries some handheld equipment. She has a habit of biting off more than she can chew, usually getting herself injured more than she could have avoided if she weren't so cocky. She refuses to back down no matter what, however, and usually wins her fights through sheer perseverance, if nothing else.

Allies And Enemies

Allies:The Addison Family

The Addison Family is composed of Boston Terrier's grandfather Charles, father and mother Andrew and Trisha, and brother Derrick. All of the men in the family have superpowers and a wide berth of experience in using them to carry out justice, as well as an array of skills that range from equipment upkeep to crime scene investigation. They're the first ones that Boston Terrier turn to when she needs help with a case that she just can't bust, or some extra muscle on the field when usual partner Dobergirl isn't there on the scene with her. Working together, there's not a problem they haven't been able to solve yet!

Weaknesses And Quirks

Skills and Equipment



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"The best partner you could ever ask for! She's got tons of heart and determination and she comes from an awesome legacy filled with great people. I know I can count on her when things get tough and I'll always have her back when she needs support." -Dobergirl

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