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The Gearhead
Gabby Gizmo
Player: WittyLogo.png
Super Group
'Reserve Member'
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Real Name
Gabriella Smith
Gabby Gizmo
Millennium City
Basement Workshop
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Robert Smith/Robber Baron (Father)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 6"
142 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Intelligence
· Equipment ·
Wrist Computer
Backpack w/ a Multitude of Gadgets
Cybernetic Hand w/ a Multitude of Tools Built In
· Other Abilities ·
Highly knowledgeable many scientific fields
Electronics design, repair, and operations


Gabby Gizmo (real name Gabriella Smith) is the daughter of ex-crime lord and super-genius Robert Smith, formerly the CEO of VilTek Industries under the moniker Robber Baron, with the headquarters located in an undisclosed location in Alabama. Though she was unaware of her father's villainous extracurricular activities, they both worked together regularly on a variety of different inventions throughout Gabby's childhood; the first project that they completed together was Stevie, Gabby's teddy bear that they completely converted into a robot. She has him to his day, and considers Stevie her greatest invention.

An unfortunate (and dangerous) product of Robber Baron's escapades was the regular attacks by both competitors and superheroes, some of which Gabby was drawn into, despite the best efforts of her father. He also brought her along on some of his rare charitable acts, such as saving the East Coast from an invasion of radical zombie surfers, or preventing a clone army of taking over Las Vegas, before the city even knew of the looming threat. It was during one of these escapades that Gabby lost her right hand, which she and her father replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. After seeing his daughter injured so grievously, Robber Baron knew he couldn't keep his business running, not while he was also the sole guardian of a young girl. He retired shortly after, passing his business along to his right hand man and purchasing a large home on the outskirts of Millennium City, where he could raise Gabby in peace and relative safety.

All in all, Gabby's quite aware that she had an unorthodox childhood, but she's not complaining. She wouldn't trade her experiences growing up for anything in the world, since it brought her closer to her father and sated the natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge that came with her budding super-intelligence, which she inherited from her father. Even though Robber Baron has retired, and the dangers that came along with his job are done, Gabby still has the itch for adventure, and has decided to take to the streets as the young superheroine Gabby Gizmo. It's also provided an opportunity for her to field test her more unusual gadgets, which she's certainly not complaining about!

The Bracen Institute

Gabby attended the Bracen Institute for young metahumans for grades 9 through 12. She was moderately popular among the other students, usually due to her positive attitude and her general politeness, though she certainly had a reputation for being a geek and a nerd, due to her tendency to go into long rambling episodes about whatever invention she was working on at the time. Gabby notably avoided any conversation related to her cybernetic hand. She performed incredibly well in her science and mathematics classes, though seemed to have some trouble grasping all manners of social studies (she claims that she found them boring).

In April of 2013, Gabby exposed Selina Aldiz' underground experimentations on the children alongside Blue Freedom, Miranda Mendez, and Charity Corren.

Appearance And Personality

At seventeen, Gabby looks like your average American teenager, with long blonde hair tied back into two pigtails and a healthy pink complexion, leaning towards pale due to long hours spent in her basement workshop building the new gadget of the week. She has brownish-green eyes, bright with life and eagerness for the next adventure. Freckles dotting her nose and cheeks add a bit of contrast to her pale complexion, and combine with the rest of her generally soft facial structure to make her look 'cute' or 'adorable', rather than pretty or beautiful.

Gabby frequently has a smile on her lips, with reflects her attitude and personality; there's hardly a time where she's not happy, or enjoying what she's doing. Everything is an adventure to her, whether it's an attack by space-roaches from beyond the stars or taking a trip to the corner store. She figures that you might as well enjoy life while you have the chance to live it. When she's interacting with others, Gabby's polite and hospitable, just as her father raised her to be. She rarely raises her voice except out of excitement, and is likely to avoid an argument rather than pursue it, unless it's related to some scientific field. She can be a bit oblivious at times, with her mind wandering to other subjects; the only time she has an easy time focusing on something is when she's working in her lab.

Gabby's well aware of how easy it is to cross the line into 'mad genius' territory, and definitely doesn't enjoy the comparison. As such, one reputation which she's not too fond of, is that she's a bit crazy; her inventions tend to lean towards the unorthodox or the useless, and tend to be things she only thought up just to see if she could do it. She's tricked other people into acting as human test subjects at times, though she's never seriously hurt anyone so far.

Allies And Enemies

Allies: New Vigil

Gabby has recently joined the teen super team New Vigil, after discovering it was run partly by Charity. Of course, due to the mindwipe that Charity received during the incident with Selina Aldiz, the pink-haired psion barely remembers Gabby, though that doesn't seem to bother her. She likes most everyone on the team so far, though she thinks that Black Ice is a bit of a grump.

Powers And Abilities

  • Super Intelligence: Gabby's main claim to fame, and the driving force behind her other abilities. Gabby's intellect is far superior to that of a normal human's, allowing her to think on multiple levels and thus perform multiple complex activities and mental equations at the same time. She can also almost immediately comprehend and recognize complicated formulas and blueprints, frequently deducing what they mean or represent in a matter of seconds.
    • Enhanced Memory: A side effect of her enhanced intelligence, Gabby can memorize and store various of bits of information into a mental 'databank', for accessing at a later time. Ironically, having such a vast amount of knowledge available to her at once tends to leave her a bit scatter-brained, as she finds her mind wandering over to one subject or another.

Skills And Equipment

Gabby's picked up most of what she learned from her father, who's even more intelligent than she is, though she's taught herself a few other things. Her devices are many and varied, being the main source of her crime-fighting capabilities.

  • Handywoman: Gabby is a mechanical genius, capable of fixing most if not everything she comes across. Some devices take more time than others, of course, but it's rarely taken her more than a week to figure something out. She can also mentally 'blueprint' machines with surprising accuracy, deducing what components are most crucial and shifting her firing focus to those.
  • Wrist Computer: A miniature computer that Gabby wears as a bracer, attached to her right forearm. It has many functions, including performing a variety of scans, wi-fi access, and data storage. She can also use it to direct her robotic minions, and serves as her communicator and personal digital assistant.
  • Raygun: Gabby's main crime-fighting tool is a raygun with multiple settings, powered by an internal fuel source that rarely needs changing out. Her favorite functionality seems to be the freeze ray, though the gun also has a heat, dizzy, and shock setting. She upgrades it from time to time, increasing the power output or adding new settings.
  • Backpack: Gabby's backpack stores most of her devices. It's deeper than its size would imply; Gabby has been seen dipping almost her entire upper body into it at times, and pulling out things that are far larger than it should be able to carry.
  • Armordillos: A trio of robotic armadillos that Gabby considers her second, third, and fourth greatest inventions. The robots can curl up into balls and spin at great speeds, storing the kinetic energy generated and utilizing it to create shells of pure energy around themselves. They use these shells as both protection and to bore through whatever Gabby points them at by focusing the shells into razor-sharp blades of energy.


  • Aside from Stevie, Gabby also has a pet Basset Hound named Doc. When her and her father adopted the animal, it only had three legs - they worked together to build a cybernetic replacement for the missing one.
  • Surprising no one, Gabby has a large collection of sci-fi novels, enough that she's had to devote an entire wall to a bookshelf just to hold them all.
  • She thinks Star Wars (both trilogies) were average, at best, and dislikes all of the Extended Universe material.


Comments from Gabby's superhero peers go here!

"DUDE! Not only is she a fellow geek but she's an uber-techie like me! You know what the best part is? You know, aside from all the awesome that she is, I have someone to build gadgets with that's my age!" - Kara McIlroy

"A teenage genius that isn't some arrogant prick, but in fact a lovely normal lass, that's quite a rare thing, innit? Doc is amazing as well, let's hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as Miss Pussycakes." - Black Ice

"Gabby has proven to be a wonderful asset to the team, as well as good friend. I always look forward to hearing about her latest projects." - M.E.D.I.C.

"She's on the comms sometimes and I don't have a single clue what she is talking about. Like, at ALL. Her dad is kinda hot for an old guy though." - Lash

"Gabby is totally awesome. In fact, she saved my life! After contracting a horrible virus, she turned me into a popsicle with her cool tech stuff and then unfroze me later to deliver an antidote. I will always be forever grateful for her help and always ready to help her whenever she needs! Yay Gabby!" - Heartbeat

"Gabby is really fun to hang out with, plus she is really smart! It's nice to see such gifted people on the team. Not to mention she's great at inventing things! Now if only she'd let me use that hair color changer someday..." - Bee

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