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"What's my power? Common sense, I guess."

Bullet Points
Player: @Saikyo-ryuHatman
Bullet Points overlooking the city (Outdated picture, need picture with her Vibora Carmesi long coat)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Christian Chamberlain
Known Aliases: BP
Gender: Male transitioning to Female¹
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Frank
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Michigan
Relatives: None
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Toned
Physical Features: Hidden Adam's apple
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public though outdated
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Full time hero
Education: Graduated in Physics, specialized in ballistics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Two specially customized intelligent pistols and various specialized ammo
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Bullet Points is a hero operating mainly in the continental United States, sometimes called in for various operations on a case-by-case basis from others within the hero community. Her status as a pre-op transsexual has been made public by two sources : Jordan Klipp revealing her biological gender and herself confirming it on a morning radio talk show. As a hero who is also part of the LGBT community, she is often called in for community work within certain circles, mainly to answer questions about the transgendered and other, more generic subjects concerning the LGBT.


PRIMUS has obtained information on the first appearance of Bullet Points. A VIPER attack on a government office in Chicago seemed to force her out of hiding, as she helped a hero defend said office and defeat the invaders. While response was swift, the office suffered three presumed dead : Christian Chamberlain, Katie Gardner and Jaime Karr. While Jaime Karr's body was found, it was suspected that VIPER grabbed Christian Chamberlain and Katie Gardner. They were presumed dead. From there, Bullet Points has registered as an official hero, which is now listed has her full-time job. PRIMUS has noted inconsistencies in her file, such as lack of an actual name and no listed relatives.

The ARGENT incident has given us the real identity of Bullet Points : Christian Chamberlain. It would seem that he hadn't been kidnapped by VIPER as we originally thought, but rather went into hiding. Bullet Points confirmed being a pre-op MtF transsexual on a morning talk show, responding to the Jordan Klipp allegation that she wasn't entirely a woman.

The ARGENT Incident

Early in her superhero career, it seemed that Bullet Points would be part of an attempt by ARGENT to endear itself to the American public via a series of vignettes and billboards showcasing various heroes outfitted with ARGENT-made weaponry and equipment. Bullet Points was the figurehead of this program with the catchphrase "ARGENT : Armaments for America". This advertisement went pretty well, renewing some of the public's lost confidence in the otherwise amoral company though some felt betrayed by this choice of endorsement.

An independent investigation conducted by Jordan Klipp has confirmed that it has affected her heroic duties once or twice as well as outed her as a male to female transsexual. Klipp's exposé on Bullet Points was the spark that lit a fire under the investigation team as it gave them every reason to investigate this deal and what nefarious plan it hid. At the same time, with their bargaining chip against Bullet Points gone, they severed their ties with her in a very public manner and as a peace offering, ended Vice President, Superheroic Relations Demian Marcos' employment.


Soon after the ARGENT Incident, a face closely connected to this case resurfaced : Demian Marcos, the ARGENT executive that blackmailed her into working for ARGENT. Since his plan to coerce non-ARGENT backed heroes in signing contracts to join up with ARGENT failed, ARGENT severed ties with him, naming him the sole person responsible for the entire blackmailing incident. He swore revenge on Bullet Points for ruining his career and, well, vowed he would ruin hers. Using what remained of his assets, he built himself body armor and a pair of firearms that would, without a doubt, kill her even if he did not have the greatest aim or reflexes. Bullet Points, working alone, defeated him and his mercenaries using guile and a very well hidden tranquilizer dart sniper rifle, taking out his henchmen, forcing a 1-on-1 duel. His augmented, artificial skills could not withstand the real deal and he was soon arrested. He is currently incarcerated in the Millennium City prison.

Draw, Pardner

Blackjack Douglas had been robbing banks for reasons unknown at the time and Bullet Points happened to be first on the scene. With an uncharacteristic overconfidence, she went in, easily disarmed his cowboys and found that the mad scientist's power armor was far more advanced than she believed. Her equipment was simply not suited for the task and she ended up failing hard, a concussion grenade stunning her long enough for him to grasp her hands and break them in several places using his suit of armor's enhanced strength. Many thought Bullet Points' hero career would be ended right there as it was her precise yet flashy gunplay that had gotten her this far.

Yet she showcased more willpower than most would in the face of adversity, spending an entire year in physical rehabilitation at Mercy Hospital, trying to regain the use of her hands. They are less precise and delicate than before but they seem to have healed almost at full capacity. Nothing less than magic would be needed to heal her fully.

Still, if she wasn't going to be in perfect condition, she would find a new way and that came during a change of scenery. While on a visit in Vibora Bay, she seems to have adapted her own combat tactics with some of Redsnake's Vibora Carmesi. While far from a master, she has integrated several aspects of the style into a deadly form of melee/range hybrid combat. She also picked up on how to dodge a punch rather than take it in the face. We have investigated this further and found nothing beyond a mutual respect in this relationship, with perhaps a bit of hero worship from Bullet Points towards Redsnake, having adopted his colors for her usual trenchcoat as a way to remember who formed her new identity.

It soon became apparent that the robberies performed by Blackjack Douglas were to fund a research project of his. Something so abominable yet... strange that it could only be conceived by a mad scientist who thinks he's a cowboy. Hearing tales of the Magnum Mage, Robert Caliburn, he sought to create the ultimate revolver. Stealing Ignaetium crystals, radioactive materials and a large amount of Questionite, he fabricated his abomination and loaded the chambers with magi-technological rounds of a composition unknown to us. The gun remains in possession of UNTIL. As he was getting ready to test his weapon on Monster Island, Bullet Points tracked him down for round two of their showdown. This time, she came prepared and used live rounds to short-circuit his armor's energy reserves, elbowing him in the face for the final blow. His power armor has been confiscated and he has joined the many other super criminals locked up in Stronghold.

Other Activities

Bullet Points was welcomed into the Aegis of Justice by The Peacemaker alongside Raiju. With backing from Mr. Indomitable, PRIMUS has removed limitations on Bullet Points' superhero firearm license as well as smoothed things over with UNTIL so that she could operate overseas. So far, she seems to have done well, falling into the shadows until the group disbanded. UNTIL has sometimes employed her for work that required a public face and zero casualties.

As a full time hero, Bullet Points often offers her likeness to most causes she deems worthy, partly in an attempt to atone for her stint at ARGENT. She has visited high schools and various community outreach programs to give her time and her experience to those who would otherwise have no contact with an actual transgendered person. This has raised the ire of certain political groups also involved in the community who see Bullet Points as a pro-gun advocate due to her heroic work with firearms. On the other side, various religious groups oppose her very existence as a relatively high-profile transgendered person. So far, she has yet to respond to any of their statements.

She also decided to film short vignettes explaining gun care, maintenance and most importantly, gun safety. For enthusiasts, it tends to be the gun care and maintenance videos that get the most views as she tends to give very careful information and tips for those who truly care about their weapons. The safety videos were made because she felt certain gun owners were far too careless. She prides herself on her low casualty count and uses it to warn others about the dangers of mishandled firearms. Many gun enthusiasts like to watch her videos because she tends to showcase her custom modifications which go above and beyond what is available on the market. More specifically, the Right Target custom modification is an incredibly complex computer that analyses targets and decides whether or not it will allow the gun to fire depending on pre-programmed targets. With no mental defenses as well as her increasing usage of live rounds rather than rubber bullets, she felt it was a better idea to install a failsafe in case a situation calls for it.

Recently, encounters with a monster made of amorphous human flesh and various other supernatural means such as an otherworldly violinist and SUPER AWESOME DINOTRUCKS~ (Ed. note : Okay, who let Patti edit this entry you KNOW she's excitable about internet things!), she has been seeking different types of rounds, such as an ice round, a fire round and for the most dire of situations, an anti-magic round. She wishes to consult with various members of the superhero community on this as the ethics of using these as live rounds in addition to the actual development of such things. She already has empty bullet-capsules, remnants of her sonic/toxic bullets, that could be used for such purposes.


¹ While Bullet Points is male until she officially transitions and changes her non-heroic name as far as the government is concerned, in order to keep constant with the gender themes she inevitably comes into as well as in an effort to condition any agents interfering with this hero, we have decided to use female pronouns when referring to Bullet Points.

² The Right Target custom model for the SM-4 does NOT officially exist. While getting information out of ARGENT has been difficult, they were all too ready to deny that the model used by Bullet Points is something that they actually sell. They also specified that whatever she did has no longer any bearing on them as that contract was rendered null and void after Demian Marcos' arrest and the reveal that it was signed under duress.


Here are the physical, psychological and power descriptions of Bullet Points.


A relatively tall blonde (natural) with blue eyes, she takes great care of her hair and it shows as she is able to style it in various forms possible. There are two things that most people notice when first seeing to her - her abnormally tiny chest and the fact that she always wears a choker or a scarf. Of course, the most astute of you will know the reason for this - She's hiding her Adam's apple. Fortunately, other than her height genetics were nice in that regard in that she has a more androgynous figure than most men. Still, she takes extra caution not to attract attention to those areas when possible.

She has discussed the possibility of getting implants when she gets the operation but honestly believes that since she's a public figure, it would only tarnish the few positive things her image has, even though implants would make her figure look more feminine.


Some would call Bullet Points a mess psychologically but all of her issues stem from her insecurities about her gender identity disorder and how she would have been perceived. Most of her academic career was spent in ballistics because she wanted to seem manly by liking guns. She soon figured out she legitimately enjoyed firearms and the complex problems they presented but that's neither here nor there. From assessments of people who have known her prior to her transition, she always did seem distant, like she wasn't really there but her work was very precise, almost laser-guided.

We still do not know what led to a hare-brained plan to fake her death and come back as a female superhero and perhaps unlocking what led her to this path will allow us to truly understand what makes her tick.

Even after being outed, she was still anxious over passing in the eyes of the average joe although that has diminished somewhat with the reassurance that she does somewhat pass, even going as far as to wear a very short skirt in a cheerleading incident that we will pass for the benefit of those reading this file (it involved the Warmonger incident, more specifically, the tournament).

Interestingly, she often feels inadequate compared to other superheroes mostly because unlike them, she is nothing more than human and is often the target of ridicule because she uses guns and yet does not have a large casualty number. Again, the Warmonger incident did not help as she definitely felt the lack of actual powers and her gun limitations. While the technology behind her firearms is astounding, it remains well within present-day range (though with some super-science) and thus, often enough not enough to have an effect on the supernatural or even the superhuman. This does have an effect on her psyche, making her believe that she should not interfere in situations that, had she more confidence in her equipment, she would otherwise ace. This is partly why PRIMUS had difficulty with her registration.

Keep in mind that even if she believes herself not up to the task, it does not make her a coward as she has countless times dove in guns-first at risk to life and limb. The problem lies more in taking care of planetary threats or threats that cannot be solved by just shooting them.


Few would classify a gun-toting superhero as having powers but her amazing accuracy under duress as well as her innovative mind should count. Few heroes have made a pair of pistols look so menacing when they have an accurate rate of around 99% and the technological systems placed inside ensure minimal collateral casualties.

After the incident with Blackjack Douglas, she has somewhat retrained herself, depending less on various firepower and more on getting in close, mixing up blows (though her strength is weak, she has a good ability in using her own momentum for leverage as well as firing point-blank) and pistol shots to eliminate her former inability to fight hand-to-hand. While she isn't classically trained, she has been to Redsnake's dojo and adapted certain aspects of Vibora Carmesi in her usual tactics.

The SM4-RT

The SM4 is a specially-made ARGENT pistol developed in part by Bullet Points when she was a superhero on ARGENT's payroll. Originally, ARGENT offered it's standard GEM Laser Pistol model but she deemed it too inaccurate and teamed up with their firearm designers to truly build something that she could use in confidence. It is an extremely elegant pistol that can be customized to the owner's most precise specifications, with even the caliber of the rounds used able to be changed without changing the overall make-up of the gun, with recoil being compensated for with intricate computer systems developed by ARGENT themselves.

Over the years, her own research and development has crafted them in one of the most versatile tools of heroism on the planet but due to the bad publicity surrounding her stint at ARGENT and their reorientation towards more military-grade firearms, very few are in active circulation. Typically, the hypen-two letters format denote which modification is chiefly placed into the pistol. For example, a SM4-XA stands for "eXtra Ammo", allowing the use of a SMG clip rather than the typical pistol clip.

Teaming up with a few people she knew from college, she developed the programmable RT custom, allowing for much more possibilities and customization than ever before. If there is a problem that the SM4-RT cannot fix with the proper customization, it would be hard to find. The onboard interface is genius in it's simplicity, allowing for thousand of voice commands within the field and much more delicate modifications when in maintenance mode.

Bullet Points' typical loadout for the SM4-RT is as follows :

  • RT onboard computer.
  • Grappling Lancer (under-cannon attachment that allows for a grappling hook to attach, detach, fire and reel in with clever finger commands on the trigger once properly set-up)
  • Dual-clip (allows for the usage of two different type of rounds - a typical Bullet Points loadout will be Kinetic Ordnance (aka KO rounds) and live rounds)

Other customization options include :

  • RF - Remote Firing, allowing one pistol to be fired through uplink with the other.

Social Network

Here we detail Bullet Points' social network as much as possible. Her particular mental condition tends to have her be withdrawn from the superhero community as a whole but she has made some long-lasting friendships with her former Aegis of Justice members.

Comments from other sources

This is where you write things about this character if you so wish.


This is where you write rumors about this character if you so wish. Yes, I know how dangerous this can be as this is pretty much anonymous compared to the rest. I trust y'all to PDB responsibly. No intro.


Mr. Indomitable - Even with the Aegis of Justice's disbanding, they have remained close friends throughout. With Bullet Points coming out of the shadows after taking care of Blackjack Douglas, they have also renewed contact.

The Peacemaker - Even with the Aegis of Justice's disbanding, they have remained friends, with Bullet Points often relying on him for major events that she cannot attend like the various SUMMITs.

Anarchy - Recently, she has bumped into her twice, with the girl's ability to make fast friends out of anyone and saving Bullet Points from being flown off a FUCKING DINOTRUCK YEAAAAAAAAH~ (Ed. note : GODDAMMIT PATTI!) definitely made BP consider her someone she can depend on.

OOC Section

Be warned that anything beyond this is either speculation about the character, potential RP hooks or anything having to do with potential plotlines involving him or several other characters. Please be mindful that these are, naturally, not to be used unless to plan something OOC.

In A Nutshell

Bullet Points is pretty good at guns, computers and making astute observations that nobody gives a fuck about. She doesn't kill people voluntarily. She has a penis but unless you paid attention to tabloids you likely don't know that. Her hands were reduced to paste by a dude in power armor and a cowboy hat but she got better.

RP Hangouts

  • MCPD Buildings : Being a gun-toting superhero, she tends to favor the company of law enforcement in order to keep the MCPD up to date on firearms she finds in the field as well as to verify if her own comply with her license. She has built up a certain level of trust within the MCPD post-ARGENT.
  • Swingin' Around : Her main form of travel, her SM-4 (RT) pistols also have grappling hooks installed so she could, quite literally, drop into a conversation.
  • The More You Know : She often does volunteer work or goodwill work for LGBT associations as well as just appearances for various public instances. You could very well see her there.

RP Hooks

  • While it is known that Bullet Points isn't packing the right set of equipment, many are still unaware of that fact. While she doesn't advertise this, it is still quite public and some heroes may not be entirely comfortable with this. Working as a superhero while transitioning takes a heavy psychological toll on Bullet Points, often leading to bouts of self-doubt (especially as a non-powered hero in a world of superpowers) and mood swings. (If you want to know how known it is, think Kayo Police. Anyone who knows her likely knows it but anyone who doesn't and sees a picture of her would be none the wiser.)
  • Bullet Points has escaped ARGENT's clutches and dealt a blow to the image of the company. ARGENT was naturally able to avoid the problem entirely by pushing the blame onto a scapegoat : the VP of Superhero Relations Demian Marcos. Still, her time working as the center of a publicity campaign and on their design team has allowed her insight on their practices, and at the same time, ARGENT may want to deal with her in a more permanent manner.
  • No matter how daring her stunts and how efficient she is, Bullet Points remains wary of social contacts. Perhaps an interested party would take her out of her shell and help her overcome her social fears about being accepted. This has started being alleviated somewhat, with only positive comments of the few times she has recently went to Club Caprice. Of course, were they checking her out as a woman or a man in a dress?


  • Did you know that Bullet Points was inspired from post on the Champions Online official forums way back into beta, where people were still fiending for beta codes? A simple sentence made it happen : "I'm probably gonna roll a cross-dressing Punisher for the lols." Originally supposed to be a comedy character, that angle was dropped when the character was instead made into a transgendered person.
  • Did you know that the actual retraining portion reflects an actual change in the character's build where it concentrated less on AR/Gatling and more on the gunsligner-style builds? Since this coincided with the introduction of Vibora Bay by a few months, a mini blurb was thus put that she merged Vibora Carmesi with her pistolera antics, which was even more true with the addition of Parry to her build.

Theme Song

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