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"The Angel of Liberty"
"Department of Justice Sanctioned"
Anarchy Afterfight.jpg
"Every society has the criminal it deserves. An anarchist is one without need of governing parties to take action for order."
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Super Group
Liberty Initiative
· Other Affiliations ·
Citadel Protection Agency, Roy Enterprises, P.R.I.M.U.S, Cerberus Tactical Solutions, U.S Department of Justice, Young Liberty, Secret Initiative
Real Name
Veronica "Nica" Roy
Angel of Liberty
All-American Anarchist
Punk Crusader
March 7th
Detroit, Michigan
American, Canadian
Grosse Ile, Michigan
Hall of Anarchy, Liberty Complex, Liberty Casino Hotel
Adventurer, president emeritus of Citadel Protection Company, founder of Roy Enterprises, & Superhero
Legal Status
ASPRA Registered: Sanctioned
Former Criminal Record
Marital Status
Married to Natasha Roy
· Known Relatives ·
Domanika Jelen (mother), Dimitri Vincento (father; deceased), Trenton Vincento (Midnight Ruffian) (brother), Emily "Em" Crowning (Rebelle) (sister), Natasha Roy (Divael) (wife), Marc-Andre Roy (father-in-law), Jeanne Roy (mother-in-law)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
139 lbs
Body Type
Black/Blonde Gradient (Subject to Change)
Pale Gold (Brightens depending on level of Vril absorbed)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Various Piercings and Tattoos
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Vril-Ya Physiology, Vril-Energy Absorption
· Equipment ·
Multi-Tool, Shield of the Jelen, Vril Foci, The Anarch, A.I.D, Anarchium Catsuit, Initiative Identicard
· Other Abilities ·
Adept Martial Artists, Basic Shieldsmanship, Accomplished Tactician and Strategist, Basic Military Operator, Expert Acrobat, Indomitable Will, Professional Guitarist, Adept Marksman, Multi-Lingual, Basic Engineer, Adept Businesswoman,

Born into a pocket remnant of the Italian-American Mafia, Berenice Jelen experienced a hard life on the streets. Resorting to criminal delinquency and facing poverty, Anarchy quickly became spiteful and angry at the world, going so far as to reject any form of authority. Eventually, being coerced by Bacchanal, she took up arms in a war against the city government of Detroit. By the end of this war, Anarchy was given the choice of facing a life behind bars or going through a reformation program. As a symbol of freedom and the American Dream, a number of men and woman have taken inspiration from Anarchy's accomplishments. Aided by her allies, she has built a company known as Roy Enterprises from the ground up and become the leader of one of America's most prominent super-team, the Liberty Initiative!

Anarchist Tag.png

"When I stepped out of the spotlight, I took a personal quest of refinement focused purely on my philosophy - my way of life, as it were. I looked at the definitions and the beliefs it encourages. While you do that and you look at the world around you, you quickly realize that it's not possible. You're one little speck in a myriad of little specks who are all different and thus a satan to you. No one is 'truly' your friend or your supporter. It's circumstantial. You violate something that they hold close, there's a loss in faith or a distance formed. You have to be contemporary with it. You have to know what to avoid, what to put emphasis on, and what to say or do in the interest of mutual-ism. A natural set of rules and regulations that no one man or nephilim or angel or demon or whatever can make. Natural Law. 'That' is the Creator as far as I'm concerned." - Anarchy on her stance as a Nephilim and her relation to God.

As an anarchist, Veronica values the individual above anything else, though this does not mean she is selfish by nature. Instead, she advocates a sense of mutual, non-hierarchical community with all of her relations. Naturally, she sees the State as an unnecessary aspect of civilization but understands the necessity to tolerate their presence. Because of this, she operates in ways designed to avoid delegation without breaking the law. This is mostly done in her vigilante activities with her sidekick, Riot, and the affinity group, Anonymous Community of Anarchists or by her developed lifestyle based around self-autonomy. She does not hide her beliefs either, often speaking out on them should the need arise. Anyone that deploys means of coercion over another instantly earns her ire, provoking her not-so-subtle violent - and vulgar - wrath. Ironically, despite her natural dislike of certain types of people, Veronica would go out of her to help them if she deems them worth the effort. This desire to help stems from her view of the prison and judicial system as unnecessary.

Originally, Veronica’s work ethics pushed her into losing herself to putting almost everything else before herself for the sake of complacency. It wasn’t until later that she realized the folly of this view and fell into obscurity for a brief period to refine herself. The re-emergence brought noticeable changes in Veronica from her peers. Most notably, she is no longer reserved about speaking out against decisions she disagrees with. What else become noticeable is her strange advocacy of confrontation, struggle, and hardship; she claims that is the negative in life that strengthens one’s character. This is vividly observed in her mentorship of Riot, whom she treats as equal despite being only thirteen. Because of this, she almost chases challenges and sets herself into difficult situations for sport, saying that growing too comfortable will weaken her newfound sense of accomplishment and view on life. When it comes to helping another, she no longer provides handouts, saying that simple charity accomplishes nothing. Instead, she seeks to instruct and tutor those she helps with the means to live in poverty successfully, defend themselves, and how to be self-sustaining.

As wise as she seems at times, she is often victim to her addictions. Veronica is a horrible alcoholic and smoker, although she at least does not drink when on patrol or on active-duty for the Liberty Initiative. Casually, she is almost always seen with either a clove or glass - or bottle - of bourbon. She is also aware of her addiction although shows no desire to sate them, claiming them to be things she enjoys and part of her character. Another of her vices is her thrill-seeking tendency. Next to her need to challenge herself, she is prone to taking larger risks than necessary for sport. This habit is moderated for team-based missions or open-social events luckily. Some of these challenges are now constantly ingrained into her lifestyle, such as: living off-the-grid, forsaking a private vehicle, not carrying any cash on her person, and sometimes fighting crime with very minimum supplies. Others have implored her to not be so extreme in her period of refinement, but she argues that this is necessary and that they would not fully understand. One way or another, Veronica strives in chaos.

As a crime-fighter, Veronica willingly drops some of her more radical personality qualities for the sake of efficiency. A natural leader and tactician, she understands her peers and students look to her for decision-making. She will still look to them for input to keep a sense of equality, but she understands that split-second decisions are part of tense situations. Most of her teammates and peers trust her with their life but understand that her method of approach is sometimes very difficult to determine; she is a very deceitful combatant. This is observed not only in her strategies, but in her fighting style as well. She would quicker let her opponents think they are in control than outright overpower them if the chance is provided. She sees it as that much more insulting and memorable. It’s one thing to harm a man’s body, but another to harm their spirit and pride. Makes them less prone to repeated mistake. Another quality that makes her a force to be reckoned with as a leader is her seemingly deep understanding of how her allies powers work and by relation, their foes. She has demonstrated being able to take down situations by suggestion to her allies alone without lifting a finger herself.

Anarchist Tag.png

Standing at 5'7", this young twenty four year old woman is far from the mundane you would encounter in life. Her hair is always subject to change in terms of color but also features an undercut mohawk with patterned scalp, usually in checkerboard themed or featuring a single anarchy symbol carved in the hair. Her hair is silky and thin, obviously well taken care of and treated as the crown to her punk fashion sense. She sports various piercings and features a full-body tattoo scheme. Her make-up theme seems to be a natural urban grit featuring nude smokey eyeshadow, wispy pitch black eyelashes, and a unique lip makeup style. She colors the upperlip a solid color, usually black, a natural shadow color, or dark red, and traces the bottom outline of her lip with that color leaving most of her lower lip naturally colored. The makeup design is ingenuis to her youthful vibrance and brightly pale golden eyes. It accentuates her almond-shaped eye shapes and olive skin complexion.


Veronica embodies the expression of 'walking art gallery' with her full-body network of intricately designed art in ink. The most notable aspect of her ink network is its theme; a black rose garden with skulls among the vineyards. Some words and phrases or dates and names are cleverly formed with the vineyards across various points of her body, but mostly within the torso area. Her shoulders hold the most significantly distinctive artwork however. In the center of her upper-back rests a traditional skull with angelic wings that stretch from behind the skull to her shoulders. Woven around the skull in the vineyard are the names of various people. An anarchy symbol appears to have been branded upon her shoulder in a three-dimensional style that has a chain coming from the center to weave around her neck and connect to another matching symbol in graffiti art. The latter symbol is upside down however to form a V to represent her name, Veronica. Her eyelids have been given black script words Little Devil going from right to left. Her inner bottom lip has the word Resist. Her upper knuckles state Nica 1994 and her lower knuckles state Riot Life. On her neck the words Nov. 23, 2014 is on the right side with the words Roy Family on the left. On her face, just before each ear are the words Self on the right and Made on the left.

Beyond the ink-work and punk fashion sense is a very athletic framed woman, but not overly muscular. She still retains an feminine figure. The noticeable abs and biceps are not easy to spot behind the tattoos, but they are there. She happens to be on the midly top heavy side, but lacks a lot of curve to her lower body. Her wrists seem to have remains of healed burn wounds as well as a slight deformity. The left wrist is noticeably smaller than the right due to an injury years ago. Various other small scars and deformities are over her body, because no one in her line of work can go through life without scars.


  • Left Ear: Anti-Tragus, Lobe, Pinna x2
  • Right Ear: Auricle x2, Lobe
  • Oral: Tongue, Nasal, Snakebite
  • Surface: Brooch x2, Eyebrow, Belly-button

Anarchist Tag.png

Domanika Jelen, the Ha-Satan of the Vril Society, traveled to America in early 1990. It was then that she had an encounter with a man named Dimitri Vincento. By 1994 they brought their firstborn child, a daughter, into the world. Domanika named her Berenice after her own mother and the father thought it better to name her a more contemporary version of the name, Veronica. The latter ended up on her birth certificate and the mother suddenly disappeared shortly after the child’s birth. Over the years, Veronica became deeply infatuated with her father, a man of power, influence, and wealth, unaware the source of this was his status of Boss in the Vincento Family, a mafia. She demonstrated an unnatural aptitude for many things such as mathematics, science, reading, and business. Dimitri simply believed her to be born with a higher intelligence until she took an interest in boxing and gymnastics where she demonstrated such traits again. By the age of seven, she was not only showing a fiery brutality that matched her fathers, but she was pointing out where income could be improved when she caught onto things. Convinced she was more than human, Dimitri had her tested and they discovered her differences in physiology.

From that point on, Veronica was the pride and joy of her father, often placing her younger brother, Trenton, in her shadow. Dimitri’s best attempts at dolling her up were quickly changed to turning her into a force to be reckoned with. He began to pay for better boxing instructors, introducing her to knife-fighting, and showing her the entire scope of his business endeavors. This was because while she was an early-bloomer to her feminine appeal, she showed more interest in being a tomboy rather than a princess. While she could not be the boss or a made man, the family saw her as their ‘prize-fighter’. Finally, Trenton came of age that he developed enough to challenge her clutches from her father. While she was learning things from father himself, he was learning them through participation. He began to run small tasks for the Family mostly focused on the vice trade. He purposefully set up a major deal to fail when he tipped off the cops through Veronica’s phone and landed the Family’s caporegima and Sottocapo in prison. Outraged at her betrayal, further provoked by his drunken grief, Dimitri assaulted his daughter and put her in the hospital as a result.

Instantly, an immense level of animosity had been put between them and Veronica resigned to the fact she’d never see justice served. He was a mob boss, had cops and politicians on his payroll to enforce or turn a blind eye, and was in a seat of power. As far as the world would ever know, she was attacked by muggers on the street and left for dead. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became; angry at her father, angry at the corruption, angry at herself, and angry at whoever set her up. Returning home became impossible. The doctors were surprised at the fourteen year old's rate of recovery and when she was certain of her ability to operate, she snuck out from the hospital and ran from everything. It was the only thing she thought to do; to run away from her father, her friends, her life, and everything. It seemed simpler that way. For a year she lived on the street, staying away from places of monitoring, stealing food and supplies from corner stores, and squatting in condemned buildings. She wanted to go home more and more as time went on, and the more and more she grew angry at the world.

She then stumbled onto an event that would change her life forever; a political rally for left-wing radicals. The band, The Drowning Jocks, spoke to her current emotions and thoughts, the attending rally-goers wore attire she found appealing, and they seemed more than eager to introduce and preach to her without question. She felt oddly comfortable and then she met Christian Delrey, a member of the Maniacs. She lied about her age to everyone, got involved with their activities, and was offered shelter by Christian at his small apartment. Thinking it better than living on the streets, she took the man’s offer. Over the course of months, he seemed like a dream come true; he was compassionate, attentive to her, and willing to teach her more about what she saw at that rally. Later, she felt herself grown close to him. She was only fifteen at the time and he was twenty seven and she made her move to become intimate with him.

The next two years passed quickly. She was usually under the effects of drug abuse, mostly with alcohol, marijuana, pill-popping, or others and does not remember much about it. She remembers Christian becoming cruel to others, becoming abusive, and forcing others into working for him. By the time it started, her care for such things had become low because she couldn’t feel anything anymore. She loved him and she loved her drugs; nothing else mattered. Little did she know that the man she loved was no more, he became the founder of a terrorist organization known as the Black Parade Movement. Her role in their attacks were usually behind-the-scenes at first, playing the role of the spread of propaganda. Her final moment with the Movement was her demolition of the wall to a prison that released many fugitives back into the streets.

Veronica was arrested and held in detainment for a total of two weeks before an official investigation was launched on her case against the State of Michigan. The beginning parts of the trail went horrible for the young sixteen year old, as they were pulling her runaway status, activities with a terrorist organization, and the deaths of three politicians into question. The evidence of her drug abuse proved positive on the test results and her defiance in the face of authority did not help her win over favor either. Then, the discovery of Christian Delrey’s latent telepathic powers was brought up in court and they realized Veronica’s actions were not entirely her fault; she had no proper memory of the events and a psychotherapist confirmed the grip of his powers over her mind.

Veronica was told to return to her father but he quickly countered her return with turning her over to state authority, saying she wasn’t fit to be a Vincento anymore and he’d have nothing to do with her. Miraculously, a representative of Tasca Academy stepped forth and petitioned to take her with them to their pubic school. They proposed her finish of school and commitment to community service could be considered reformity. Reluctantly, the court agreed and she was put in the care of renowned hero, Captain Valor. Her time at Tasca Academy was one of controversy; she was often causing chaos within the students or terrorizing the teachers. Her academic application remained just acceptable at best and was often caught sneaking off campus to return to the streets or outright disappearing during the weekends.

At first, the staff believed she was sneaking off to return to her drug abuse until another trusted student, Boy Wonder, tailed her to confirm or deny the suspicion. At first, it seemed she had been sneaking off to return to her drug-dealing friends, go get drunk at a friend’s house, or get another tattoo from her regular provider. Then the discovery of her father’s letter to her claiming that he was wrong and willing to accept her again raised further suspicion, especially since she didn’t seem to be returning to him - or even mentioned it in the first place. It wasn’t until one winter night that they learned she had been secretly working with a vigilante group that were hell-bent on taking down a criminal organization known as the Syndicate, who held North Detroit under their grip firmly.

It was then that they realized Veronica had taken to the crime-fighting life and questioned her about it. At first, she denied any involvement with it until they showed video surveillance brought to them by Mid-Knight. She was given the opportunity to train and learn how to be a hero under Tasca Academy’s secret hero-training program, Prodigy Force. The combination of what she learning under Prodigy Force, her personal tutelage under Captain Valor, and the vigilante leader, Street Sovereign, transformed the young woman into the vigilante known as Anarchy. She took her personal vendetta against her father alongside Street Sovereign while aiding the Prodigy Force with more public threats and quickly learned a plethora of things.

Tragedy was destined to strike however. One fateful night, her and the vigilantes she often ran with had the drop on the Syndicate’s leaders, including her own father. The operation was to be smooth but quickly became shaky once the cops become involved. Luckily, Anarchy was able to break off from the chaos that left bodies on all sides to chase after her father. A heated car chase turned to street-fight with her father’s most trusted men and it finally ended with him staring down the barrel of her pistol in an alleyway. The only man to ever see her actually pull the trigger was Detective James Roberts and was stunned in disbelief that he let her get away.

In a panic, she crawled back to Tasca Academy and tried to act nonchalant. It wasn’t long before news of her father’s death reached the news and she was questioned by her superiors in Prodigy Force. She reluctantly told what had happened and told them that she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Left without a choice, an associate team of Prodigy Force, the Viridian Assembly, had Tachki take her away from the city. Tachki, an ex-VIPER specialist turned manimal, had grown attached to the young girl during her training and took it upon himself to mentor her in private on occasion. He took her to Monster Island for a few months.

Her return to the city was a very reluctant one, thinking she would be arrested and she placed the others in danger by her actions as well. To her surprise, things were not as extreme. Instead, she was taken off of Prodigy Force and trailed as an adult before the court. With the help of her friends and peers, she was not found guilty of manslaughter since the evidence pointed to self-defense. Even Detective Roberts testified to her innocence and earned her respect. After the court, she spent some time in a small apartment working at a local chop-shop as a civilian. She thought to retire crime-fighter before another instance like that arose.

It wasn’t meant to be when Prodigy Force came under a lot of scrutiny from various villain organizations and the adults seemed disorganized. Under request of her former room-mate, she asked Tachki to petition her recruitment into Viridian Assembly where she met with someone she least expected. The bass player of the Drowning Jocks at the political rally years ago, Kami Viridian; her hero. After proving herself worthy to join she quickly worked with them to fight back the forces of VIPER, War-Breed, and others that threatened their community.

For the next year, Veronica was a back and forth case of hero-work and street rat, struggling to find out which path of life she preferred. It wasn’t until a betrayal within the ranks of the entire Coalition she fought with eliminated over half of the members and split the rest that her path was clear. She lost all but a few friends and the grief drove her completely away from contact with them all. Keeping her day job as mechanic at the local chop shop, she began to frequent clubs and bars she could sneak in with a fake I.D. At night, she would hit the streets every so now and then just to keep herself on her toes.

Then she met a woman in the club named Natasha Roy who she began to live with and grow close to her. Learning of her connections to the heroic community as Divael, the Masked Healer, introduced her to SUMMIT meets and welcomed her to a much larger playing field. She met Thundrax, Azunai, Blaspherion, Defender, Doctor Ka, and many other reputable heroes she saw on the television or newspapers. Quickly, she jumped aboard the heroic career once more and joined the Champions: Respond and Protect channel to aid her in this.

For the next passing years, the woman behind Anarchy rose to local fame with accomplishments from tackling Warblade alongside Chivalry; tutoring the teenage super team, New Vigil; fighting alongside Thundrax to fight back Zorasto; being chosen to represent Charity against an apocalyptic force; and fighting back the invasion of Destroid’s for the speculated return of Doctor Destroyer. She was welcomed into the Circle of Justice and received a medal of recognition when she saved the President. It was somewhere in this mix of chaos that she settled down with Natasha and became romantically involved with her.

Anarchist Tag.png

Anarchy's cellular structure is more dense, resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. She does not possess superhuman strength levels despite her enhanced cellular ability without her cellular structure charged with Vril energy. Without such charging, her physical capabilities are identical to a human of her height and weight who engages in regular physical activity. As a nephilim, she possesses an immune system whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood, but are believed to be part of or the source of her seemingly semi-immortality. Anarchy's body also stores Vril energy actively within her bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to her body's electromagnetic field. As a Vril-Ya, her cells function like a super battery, hyper metabolizing specific wavelength of radiation as fuel to enable living functions and/or superhuman abilities. The wavelength mixed with other energies enables her body to function on an identical level of a healthy human while the innate, in both raw and filtered states, through 'Foci' acts as fuel to enable all of her powers. Every time Anarchy uses any of her superhuman abilities, her body expends absorbed Vril and she is capable of utilizing this to various degrees through controlled circumstances. The existence and constant exposure to proven healthy radiation sources is not required for her to live and utilize her powers, but prolonged periods without exposure to them and/or utilizing her powers will Veronica to recharge in order to live and continue using them.

  • Supernatural Strength: Anarchy is able to physically outmatch other humans effortlessly on average. Veronica's strength calculations have set her at 1.4 ton limit in lifting weights.
  • Supernatural Durability: Veronica possesses a high resistance to damage. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great other metahumans. However, due to her more dense and resilient biological cellular structure she has withstood considerable blundgeoning damage in the form of hand-to-hand combat with metahuman opponents.
  • Supernatural Speed: Veronica is capable to react and move at superhuman speeds. While she is not capable of reaching speeds to classify her as a 'speedster', she has been able to run a mile in 73 seconds when under duress.
  • Supernatural Agility: Anarchy's agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. She can coordinate her body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity. This is more properly displayed in her free-running skills she uses to outmaneuver enemies she chases on foot.
  • Supernatural Stamina: Innately, Anarchy's body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicsl in her muscles (such as lactic acids), granting her extraordinary endurance and lung-capacity. She can exert herself at peak capacity for an hour without any rest and before showing signs of fatigue. This number is subject to change depending on the level of Vril-Energy stored in her body at the moment.
  • Supernatural Healing Time: Veronica's healing speed and efficiency is at the highest limits of human potential, enabling her to heal faster than other humans. The white blood cells and her biology are efficient enough to fight off any microbe, foreign body and others from her body keeping her healthy and immune to most if not all infections, diseases and disorders. Veronica cannot become intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or impurities in the air and is immune to terrestrial diseases. She is also highly resistant to hypnosis or gases that could limit her focus. It has been shown that Veronica can become intoxicated if she allows herself to, which suggests all other forms of detrimental effects can penetrate the biology if Willed.
  • Supernatural Mental Process: Her mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing her mind to operatte in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. This is properly displayed in her tactical genius; the ability to quickly process multiple information streams and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.
  • Supernatural Senses: Anarchy's sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are at the highest possible limits of human potential. This does not make her able to outperform the likes of other supernatural creatures.
  • Supernatural Longevity: It is speculated that Anarchy can live almost indefinitely if she is under continous exposure to Vril-Energy.
  • Supernatural Self-Sufficiency: With a certain amount of Vril-Energy absorbed, she can go without the need to eat or sleep for extended levels of time, as seen with her decreased appetite and sleeping consistency over the years. This is due to Vril-Energy passing through her cells and organs being converted to the necessary chemicals, nutrients, and other minerals given from eating or sleeping.

Anarchy's entire anatomy is naturally adapted to being what she is. Her bones are actually hollow like a birds, but the denser cellular structure prevents a loss of weight. Her body is virtually devoid of fat and possesses greater proportionate muscle mass than an ordinary human does. His eyes are specially adapted to see the True-Forms of angelic or demonic individuals, as well as withstand high-speed winds which would hurt the average human eye. She possesses a special membrane in his respiratory system enabling her to breath at high velocities or altitudes. Lastly, she has three glands that are tailored towards taking the passing Vril-Energy into her body through the bloodstream to synthesize into a purer, more potential version that she has learned to utilize in various ways.

  • Flight: When a certain threshold is breached by having so much intake of Vril-Energy that her humanity declines, Anarchy sprouts out black-feathered wings that somewhat sear the air around them. Her normal crusing speed averages around 50 miles per hour, though she has reached speeds up to 140 miles per hour in a swooping dive. This could explain why her bones are hollow like a birds and her eyes were adjusted to high-velocity winds.
  • Vril-Energy Manipulation: Once Vril-Energy has passed through her special glands and became raw, latent energy residing inside these organs, Veronica can assume control of it and utilize it in various ways. As listed above, this can be used to amplify her natural physiology, enables her self-sufficiency, and more. Most of Anarchy's chosen tactics involve supplementing her natural abilities but unleashing this energy in blasts or constructs is not in the realms of impossibility.

Anarchist Tag.png

Anarchy and the Eternals.jpg
  • Adept Martial Artist: Veronica is well-trained in various forms of martial arts, usually seen displayed against her enemies as her primary means of offense. As a young child, she was introduced into boxing to compliment her dirty and pragmatic fighting style growing up on the streets. Later she was trained in She-Quan by her mentor during reformation to not only hone her raw brutish striking power, but direct it into graceful precision. After some years into her heroic career, Anarchy picked up Krav-Maga and Pencak-Silat. She incorporates every area of combat in her methods. She excels in punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, hand techniques and pressure point fighting, grappling, blocking, parrying, trapping, restraining, disarming, ground fighting, and tricking. Similar to the principles of Jeet-Kune-Do, Veronica emphasizes execution and pragmatic application over flashy exhibition.
  • Basic Shieldsmanship: Under an intensive training regiment, Anarchy has learned to incorporate her family heirloom into her fighting style, though does not use it under normal circumstances. She has been seen using it to bash her opponents, use it to deflect incoming fire, and use it as a method of lifting opponents larger than her through leverage.
  • Accomplished Tactician and Strategist: Anarchy is able to formulate battle strategies and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to alter any strategy to fit the changing need of the situation. With a self-motivating drive to improve her efforts after founding the Liberty Initiative, she began dabbling into conventional and unconventional military strategies from varying sources.
  • Basic Military Operator: Under the tutelage of Alexis Garcia and Devon Jones (both PRIMUS representatives), Veronica is well-versed in all Armed force disciplines including intelligence gathering, escape arts, assassination, demolition, survival tactics, hunting, swimming, mountaineering, march/drill skills, map making and reading, decoding cipher and other secret code messages, reading and making wood craft signs and other secret code languages, disguising, interrogation, computers, explosives, communication systems, vehicles and electronic appliances used in armed forces.
  • Expert Acrobat: Her years of parkour, training and experience have made her an expert acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist. She often utilizes these talents in combat for both evasive and offensive purposes.
  • Indomitable Will: Veronica is a very strong-willed person, with an even deeper self-conviction to staying true to her beliefs. As a reminder to these beliefs, she went so far as to document it's point as ink into her flesh. Despite her alcoholic tendencies, often faltering at her own curiosity, and inability to deny herself a challenge, she has proven through history time and time again; Anarchy possesses an immense level of willpower.
  • Professional Guitarist: Stealing a guitar at the age of eleven is perhaps one of the best things Veronica has ever done in her life. It was once said that she seemed to be a savant with the instrument, though this is far from the truth. She plays by ear and can imitate most songs she has heard only once or twice albeit with some practice. She prefers faster paced songs but takes enjoyment with slower tunes too.
  • Adept Marksman: Utilizing .38 caliber pistols primarily, Veronica has demonstrated a very practiced aim and precision with firearms. This is further shown with her ability to utilize functions of her Multi-Tool Gauntlet's ranged capabilities.
  • Multi-Lingual: Given her living residence Veronica understands English. She picked up Italian during her time with the Mafia and has since taken interests in other languages. She currently can speak, read, and write English, Italian, Czech, Hindi, some French, and Enochian. The latter is one she only uses in the presence of angels however.
  • Basic Engineer: Veronica is known to be the mechanic to her family's vehicle repairs and upgrades. Her interest in mechanical engineering is best displayed with her successful creation of the multi-tool gauntlet and optimized customization of her motorcycle. She has worked on her other cars as well, but not to the same extent of her bikes.

Anarchist Tag.png

  • Vril Dependency: The concept of 'life energy' is taken to the literal meaning when it comes to the Vril-Ya Nephilim. Having no Vril around her or stored within her body makes her completely human. Prolonged absence can be fatal.
  • Near Mortal: Without her equipment and despite her angelic bloodline, Anarchy is just a woman. She can be knocked unconscious, make mistakes, be shot, beaten, and otherwise killed. Due to such, she does take various other precautionary steps to prevent things, but they aren't absolute.
  • Rage Trigger(s): When Veronica faces down individuals who willingly do genetic experimentation or enforces transhuman surgeries on others, she's almost unable to control her anger and is prone to tremendous outbursts of violence and rage.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Veronica was diagnosed with this mental illness and instructed to take antipsychotics. This does debilitate her in some regards. She will avoid certain stimuli or be prone to emotional shifts to depression or outbursts of anger.
  • Aquaphobia: Veronica is direly terrified of drowning and avoids large bodies of water as much as possible because of this. Thanks to the psychological effect she has shown the unexplained inability to swim. This is caused by the torturing treatment she was victim to within a well that slowly filled up while bound and hanging from a rope in her criminal days.

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  • Roy Smartgun Lightweight: Custom-Designed off of her company's Smart-Gun firearms line manufactured by her Defense department, the Roy Lightweight incorporates Anarchy's needs on the field. As her more trusted and efficient means of ranged offense, she has ensured that it's design comes with additional features and tricks, such as it's ergonomic grip and built-in silencer. It comes equipped with a magazine that can hold up to fifteen shots and has a .38 caliber ammunition type.
  • Smart System: A smart system is linked to a user's A.I.D, which is an optional feature that can be removed from a gun if one is savvy enough to figure it out. Due to the A.I.D's requirement for retinal scan to designate it's appropriate user, the pistol cannot fire unless a matching retinal scan is provided to an active A.I.D. This also allows a display of the ammunition, heat buildup, and material stress of the weapon.
  • Anarchium Cat-Suit: The basic foundation of the Anarchium Suit is a tight-fitting catsuit. The Anarchium armoring incorporates monofilament ballistic fibers, spider-weave threads, and ceramic titanium composite plates making it lightweight and flexible. Underneath the Anarchium Cat-Suit is her company's Jelentin liquid armor gel which is layered into the undersuit to protect the more vital areas of the human body. Thanks to the thermal fibers, insulating layers, and heat-retentive materials, Anarchy is mildly protected from the affects of heat or cold. It is highly resistant to tearing and constructed with a full body electrical shock delivery system layered into the fabrics. In contrast, the areas not protected by Jelentin suffer a lesser traumatic force reduction which causes welts and bruising.
  • Don Med Gon Karambit: Taking the design of the 599 FOX Karambit Black G10, Veronica - with help from others in other fields - designed her own Karambit that retains all similar features of a traditional blade. The ring for retention, the curved blade with an edge on the both sides and a wave feature for quick release snag when pulled from concealment. The grip, like her sidearm, has an ergonomic grip and the blade is longer than common Karambit's by half an inch.


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  • The Anarch: Anarchy's motorcyle at it's base is a Harley Davidson Travertson V-Rex, featuring all-terrain purposed, wide-rimmed wheels. Beneath the exterior is a machine of much complicated ingenuity. It is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine - geared towards the lower end for faster acceleration and with no exhaust pipes. The exhaust is routed through the hollow tubing used for the pipe framing of the bike. This makes the engine noise something akin to a soft and humming shepard tone. The back wheel and seating has been modified to extend further than other V-Rex's, which the rider lies on, belly down. With the brakes being centrally front-wheel powered and optimized to allow an extremely reactive performance, the back wheel has received a three-sixty rotational feature. It rotations on ites axes, seemingly for added stability in sharp turns or other maneuvers. This also allows for instant changes in direction. It also has an onboard computer linked to C.E.D.R.I.C and her A.I.D. It has three braces atop each other upon the side of the tank which can hold her shield if necessary and features a hidden deployed holster on the other side where a pistol can lie in wait.
  • Multi-Tool Gauntlet: Anarchy's multitool gauntlet has become her best friend. Mostly comprised of 6061 Aluminum Alloy, it's lightweight and streamlined appearance is almost as identifiable as her haircut. Listed below are the functions (which are subject to change) one can expect from it's capabilities.
  • Rubber Hornet Bolt(s): Two wrist bolts resting in a chamber that are deployed via the left barrel hidden underneath her wrist in a retracting compartment. To trigger its use, Anarchy must have her wrist bent back with a flat thumb against her palm. The trigger to the left barrel is performed by bending her index finger. Upon impact, the small capsule splits apart behind the head of the bolt which releases twenty small rubber balls. While they are not capable of severely injured someone, they have been proven to leave welts on skin contact.
  • Adhesive Putty Bolt(s): Two wrist bolts resting in a chamber that are deployed via the right barrel hidden underneath her wrist in a retracting compartment. To trigger its use, Anarchy must have her wrist bent back with a flat thumb against her palm. The trigger to the right barrel is performed by bending her ring finger. Upon impact, the small capsule splits apart behind the head of the bolt which releases an expanding white putty which begins to harden when exposed to oxygen, making it a rather adhesive concrete to her enemies, rooting them in place.
  • Vary-Purpose Zipline: A one hundred and twenty foot small zipline that is deployed via the center barrel hidden underneath her wrist in a retracting compartment. To trigger its use, Anarchy must have her wrist bent back with a flat thumb against her palm. The trigger to the zipline is performed by clenching her fist and releasing. A secondary closing of the fist causes the end of the zipline to deploy a grappling hook. A movement of the wrist to her left causes the zipline to deploy a large spike out of the grappling hook to embed itself into surfaces.
  • Deployed Tonfa-Blade: Her least used feature hidden in a retracting compartment on the outer forearm which deploys a three foot blade which is used to add a lethal component to her fighting style.
  • S.I.N Deployment Chamber: A compartment that houses Anarchy's S.I.N. See below.
  • Assisting Interface Device (A.I.D): The Assisting Interface Device (or A.I.D) was designed with the idea of having a hands-free device capable of smart-phone technology centered towards surveillance, emergency assistance, and wifi-access. Designed as a head accessory much like a blue-tooth, the A.I.D features innovative and state-of-the-art technology activated through verbal command. Capable of audio and video recording, taking snapshots on command, and more. Each A.I.D has a mandatory record of the user's retinal scan making it operate for one specific individual.
  • Surveillance Interface Node (S.I.N): A very small device that deploys out to one hundred and fifty feet away from the registered A.I.D. While in the air, the S.I.N provides a bird's eye view over the user's position. It can return by activating the small strip which has it's own electromagnetic field linked to the S.I.N

Vril-Ya Equipment

  • Shield of the Jelen Family: The Vril-Ya Society are known to empower technology with Vril much like Magi-Tech found throughout existence. This application also extends into weaponry and armaments. The Jelen family descends directly from one of the original pure Vril-Ya that escaped the great deluge and have tried their hands into various things while having a minor presence throughout history. One of these things was shield making. The shield met its creation during the medieval period and was originally made for jousting bouts. Designed as a heater shield, it is made of ash wood, leather, and gesso; it also possesses a bouche (mouth) for where the lance would slide through. The shield carries two Vril enhancements -- one that is passive and one that is activated. The passive renders the shield virtually indestructible (not the user) and tarnishing its exterior is quite difficult. The activated is triggered by the phrase read off of the shield in Enochian symbols, "Blood is as Vital to Life as it is to Family".
  • Rod of the Vril: A hollow tube of silvery metal that stretches up to four feet long, decorated with a knurled collar and a few sliding switches a third of the way along its length. Inside the rod are wires, crystal beads, and metal baffles set in the walls. The switches and collar can connect different wires to each other or change the position and angle of the baffles. The rod's only innate purpose is to reduce the fatigue of using Vril when channeling or shaping the energy. However, seeing as how Veronica is not an energy projecting combatant, she has mounted a forty five centimeter blade onto a socket shaft at the end, with an additional two feet worth of added length to the pole, effectively transforming it into a reaching weapon designed off the concept of a Glaive.
  • Vril-Crystal (Prima Materia): Appearing as a faceted ball of transparent quartz, this crystal absorbs Vril passively just as she does, but in raw aetheric form rather than converted into other elements necessary for her to survive and achieve her self-sufficiency.

Friends and Allies
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Name: Jessica Dawn
Abilities: Super-Speed, Cosmic Energy Manipulation

Jessica Dawn was born on June 16th, 1989 in Lakeland, Florida. Jessica was privileged with a great upbringing and an above average education, with an out going, charismatic and bubbly personality. Now, she's Veronica's best friend, fellow Liberty Initiative member, and has played a central player in motivation.


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Name: Natasha Roy
Abilities: Spell-Casting, Elven Physiology

Natasha Roy was born on August 1st, 1988 in Québec, Canada. A small blog about "The Masked Healer" was brought up on internet shortly after Divael's first appearance, and it's actually the creator of this blog -- the first person the half-elf ever saved -- that named the heroine Divael. Now, she's Veronica's wife, real estate agent, and residential doctor of her team

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  • "Veronica can seem abrasive, or even rude to some. But I know better than to think her for how she sometimes act. She's been through a lot and in her shoes I'd fully understand why I don't exactly trust and want to be friends with everybody I meet. What, however, impresses me the most about Nica, is how she keeps going. She didn't stop before, I don't think she will stop going forward any time soon." She pauses, as if pondering. "... I think I've helped in making Veronica a better person, and in turn, she did the same for me as we kept frequenting one another. Being her legal guardian, I'm here for her, but even if I hadn't that role I would still be there, for I genuinely care for her. To me, she's familly, and much more." - Natasha Roy (Divael)
  • "I think she's a great hero and a better friend. She may not realize it, but she's a role-model and inspiration for me. She helps me better myself, which is more than I could ask for. Divael is a lucky girl, period. I owe most of my success to her and the team." - Stitch
  • "Heh, Vivi's probably one of the most open and honest people that I've met. I always find myself having a laugh and good time with her around and I admire that she's not afraid to be herself. I know she's had a tough life and likes to do things for herself, but I'll always be there for her if she asks for help in anything. She's also not very good at keeping her surrounding in mind." *Snickers, that last comment sounding like he's teasing* - Tyson Goodman
  • " Vi? Yeah, I've known her for a good while, She's got huge T-.... personality. {Clears throat} Anyways, She's a good girl to have around when things get in the thick, and hey, I know she's got my back. She's fun to hang around, Had a tough upbringing, but she came out on top, Suppose that's what matters the most. Glad to have her around, and lucky to call her a friend. Now!... only if I could get her to listen to some better music and stop wearing those saggy pants like some kinda ghetto teenager." - Wolvesbane
  • "Nat's Kiddo? Talk abuut ah'n 180. Heh. She's nawt bad in ah foight, if our spar vus any indication. Ah'n she dun't whine about her past. Thot's guud. Ah'n ah suppose she's ah pretty une, yeh. Nawt as pretty as me, uf cuurse. Still, she's gut spunk. Koinda reminds me ' o' my daughter." - Gary Lelik
  • "Nica's tough. There's no denying that. She took a few held-back hits from me in my armor, sure. There's more to it than that, though. She's seen a lot. Done a lot. Experienced a lot more than I have. At the same time, I... feel like it weakens her, though. Makes it harder for her to move on. All in all, she's pretty cool. She's still only the second-most badass 18-year-old in MC, though." - Trouble Maker
  • ”Ah, Nica. I’d call her ‘dear’ but she doesn’t like that. *smirks* She’s either swearing, flirting or teasing when she isn’t kicking ass. And sometimes, she’s doing it all at once. *laughs* No, seriously. I like her. She’s rough around the edges – and likes it a little rough - but has a good heart and I like her the way she is. Hope she’ll have a long and happy life with her achieving whatever she sets her sights on. Which she probably will.” - Steven Heck (Black Knight)
  • "Veronica worries me. In numerous ways, I'll be the first to admit. She'd cut me to bits if she wanted to, but I'm certain the thought has never crossed her mind. Why? Because she's a friend. Family, as she calls it, but there's indeed more to it than that. Through the highs and the lows, Vee strives to protect the ones around her. If you do get a chance to meet her, try and take a few tips. She's wiser than you'd expect at a first glance. Heh." - Slick
  • "Nica? Yeah i know her, got a massive attitude at times and doesnt really seem to give a fuck about anything but she's always good for a banter or two, and we usually disagree about a ALOT of things but hey...Can't agree on everything. I consider her overall a decent person even if she hides it well at times. Not to mention she's a natural when it comes to modeling." - Kastor Ironbreaker Ignatius.
  • "She's tough, she's psychotic and she's eighteen years old. Won't bloody deny, she'd definitely kick my arse in a fight. Good to have on your side and you'll be quivering in fear if you're on the receiving end of her 'wrath'. Oh, and she doesn't get angsty about her past. I like that." - Snowtalon
  • "I sympathise a lot with the kid. We both came from shitty homes with parents who couldn't care less about us and we're both messed up in a wonderful way because of it. If I were her, I'd lay off the tats a little, though. She's got more ink than a printer cartridge." - All-Star
  • "Vee's one of the best heroes I know. Hell, I'd say it's a toss up between her and myself for 'best superhero of our generation'. She might not see herself as one, but she definitely walks the walk." - Canadian Fist
  • "First and foremost, I would like to mention that Veronica is perhaps one of the most selfless people I have met. For one, most of her earnings go towards varying charities; she also helps orphans and tends to be the first on the field, taking fire or blows for the rest of her team. Though she will likely attempt to punch me later for saying so, Veronica is a hero. Her disposition may lend her towards something more akin to an Anti-Hero, however. Good is not always nice - I know this fact personally." - Crow
  • "Vee's soooo~ cool! I mean, she's strong, cool and selfless, she cares so much for others and she's always willing to help out. I really wish I could be more like her, it's because of people like her that this world can change for the better. I wanna be a person like that one day!" - Jet Girl
  • "I like her short hair and she weally stands stwong like a warrior-pwincess! I hope to gwow up and be as stwong as her one day. She also took care of me when I got hurt, helping me to safety! I love Aunt Vivi!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea
  • "Good at what she does. More friendly than expected. Very dedicated to her home and making it a better place." - Violet Mask
  • "The whole... you know, punk... thing had me worried at first, but she's... uh, much nicer than I expected her to be. She seems very professional from what I've seen and more people could stand to... well, be more like that. I'm very thankful for her help and the help her team is providing to mine." - Charity Corren
  • "She's good at what she does and she has an honest desire to help out. Even if she thinks her powers are 'magic' or some crap like that." - Blue Freedom
  • "She can be a serious bitch, but I have a lot of respect for someone who tries as hard as she does to make a change." - Ryder Williams
  • "She's a child... another rebellious youth in over her head. This Anarchy has allowed her newfound fame to inflate her ego and cloud her mind, believing she can do anything and even going so far as to reveal herself to the public as if not caring the dangers one puts themselves and their loved ones in... Such things are an omen to an impending downfall." - The Revenant
  • "Found out we shared some common ground, after a while. We don't like the whole routine of 'fixing' people. Still, I kinda found myself working against that point...As expected, she finds odd ways to say 'thank you.' Despite her history and (at times) maturity, it's hard not to think of her as a kid, maybe even a younger sibling. And not like I've got much room to say anything, but she's a bit of a work-a-holic. Oh, and she keeps callin' me 'Double-Slap.' The fuck does that even mean?" - Reynold Graves
  • "Oh shes funny. Loves pushing my buttons. To be honest had she been anyone else and did the jokes she did to me, I'd probably punt them into nothingness. But...shes good people. A bitch with a heart of gold. Yeah... hehe. Sounds the type. If I were to do something that would require me taking someone to Tartarus with me to go fight legions of people who deserve a horrible end. She'd be up there. Girl can fight." - Persephone
  • "Ronnie? She's great. She's like a big sister. I would love to hang out with her, have a sleepover. What do you mean she's in college and won't have a sleepover? What do you think dorm rooms are for?" - Ebony Shade
  • "Still getting to know her. She's got a good head on her shoulders and her talents never cease to amaze me. Thanks, boss, for taking me in." - Day Nine
  • "Don't know her terribly well, but I hope she is up to the task of being the self appointed 'Public Face of the Vigilantism'. When you want to spearhead something, you are then held accountable for what follows, good or ill. So far what I have seen is that she is too quick to run off and not one to wait for answers. And that bothers me. Lead by example, if that's what you are wanting others to do. She has an obvious amount of talent: I just hope she applies it sensibly, and responsibly." - Sparrowhawk
  • "Honestly? I like her so much! She's Strong, She has a great leadership, when she gives an order, you can ONLY follow it, it would be bad to act selfishly! Veronica taught me what a family is and I am glad to be part of her family, I hope fitting the big sister role well. I Love her Tunes too, I bought all the compact-disks but I prefer Live music. Hey Veronica, Thank you for being You" - Vjara'Yeyin Luar-Ke
  • "She buys me food and is really nice to me! She has silly hair and is covered in tattoos but it works for her!" - Impsblood
  • "We find Anarchy to be...a very interesting human. young, but she is very...serious and focused, without being...overconfident or condescending. A shame that...more humans are not like her."/"Vivi is really cool! She's always giving Charity and I great advice to help with leading our group, and she's helped us train our members more than once. She seems like she's lived much more than someone of her age, you can see it in her eyes." - Galactigal/Samantha, respectively
  • "The kid's good, I'll give her that. Ran into her at the MCPD Assault Course the other day, she'd make a good soldier if not for that 'Screw the man!' thing goin' on. Still, I'd rather have her on an assault team over some straight laced hero who'd be too scared to get their hands dirty." - Citizen 13
  • "I suppose badass would be quite the accurate description for her, eh? Definitely not innocent nor sweet, it still riddles me how someone can not be fond of chocolate." - Black Ice
  • "Met her a couple times now and the girl's got personality. I can see why she is a great leader, but I bet she's even more fun to have a beer with. Speaking of, I need to see if she'd like to hit up a bar sometime! Also....she can really rock a short plaid skirt." - African Violet
  • "There is so much I could say about Veronica. She's been my friend even before the start of, life. I've always felt close to her, and even the first day that I met her, I seemed locked with how caring she was towards me, if blunt. I love Veronica like I do a sister, and I would allow my soul to snuff out just to save her life, as I would with few other friends." - Miasma
  • "Anarchy? Damn this Woman have the guts, always caring about the others... And those eyes... filled with determination, i like this girl, good guitar skills, This girl seems to carry an huge past. She's engaged to Divael, they make the perfect couple in my opinion, the Sage and the Knight. Hey Veronica, Keep yourself like this!" - Quintessence
  • "Nica? She is a tough girl, I think everyone will agree on that but she can be everything and its contrary, reckless and sensible, nuts and dead serious, coarse and educated... I don't always know how to approach her, I know that sounds stupid because I really like her, I think we are friends and all and on top of that I'm twice her size, but I tend to watch my words with her. I'm sometimes walking on eggshells, maybe I shouldn't. You scare me Nica! Ok I may be exaggerating a bit." - Katerra
  • "Hi slave"*winks followed by laughter* - SoulStar
  • "She shoved her boobs in my face in her hot tub, and we've been besties ever since! I love this ball of crazy to death, and we've always got each other's backs! Mess with her, you gotta deal with me, too! She's the reason I feel like I belong here in this city. Growing up not depending on anyone else in my life, I've grown to depend on Veronica, and I hope she knows that she can always depend on me when she needs it too. Love ya Vee!" - Stellar
  • "Veronica is the only woman on earth who could rock that haircut. Don't even try." - Strobe
  • "I'm gonna get the b*****." - Deviant
  • "Vi is is what awesome is made of. I can see where some people may be afraid to approach her or find her questionable at first. Once you get past that she has a caring heart, a deadly aim, and more then enough cool to go around" - Limerick
  • "I've liked her since I've met her. Circumstances haven't allowed us much time to hang out, but at some point I really want to get to know her better. It seems like we would have a shit ton in common." -Rhapsody
  • "You would never imagine it by looking at her when she fight, but she is a super friendly and lovely person! She is a huuuge inspiration for me and many other young heroes and... and i truly like to dance with her!" - Pulsar
  • "Flatterin' that this sheila thinks she can best me. She may have gotten one lucky knockdown blow on me, but I had my tricks up my sleeve. Veronica is just another ankle-biter tryin' to act tough for her friends. Because I gave ya a reality check young lady, you aren't all that you think you are. But still, it is adorable as all 'ell." - Killshot
  • "Chaos is a dual faced mask like Veronica. The great thing about Anarchy...? It's more honest then the what scions of Order can afford to tell you...Anarchy is reading between the lines of a fractured world...and that is how I would moniker her.." - Cerebella
  • "It's comforting to know I am not the only crazy person around here. I just hope she won't attempt tattooing her tongue again. Still, the world would be worse off without her." - Jangala

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  • Veronica Roy's total Net Worth is estimated to be around 61 Million placing her in the Top 20 Richest of the State of Michigan.
  • Veronica is not a fan of transhumanism or genetic tampering. She has been offered cybernetic replacements in case of the worst or been asked to accept a serum or such to allow her to overcome slight shortcomings. Both have been refused and she intends to keep it that way.
  • Veronica is a heavy alcoholic and has a day of the week where she purposefully goes out to get drunk. Her choice(s) of drink include mostly Jack Daniels Single Barrel's but favors Crown Royal Black, Black Velvet, and Devil's Proof Vodka.
  • Veronica is bisexual and is attracted to well done ink work on a person's body, elves, unique or well maintained hair, and men or women with a dominating personality.
  • Anarchy and Divael founded their own duo band named Ungeneric. The first album, Irritations, saw its final production in April of 2013. It puts emphasis on their own alternative views to certain key topics of interest that's nature irritates them, obviously. The second album is currently being planned and is rumored to hopefully include other featured artists.
  • Anarchy is the founder and chairman of the Citadel Private Protection company and the owner of Anne's Italian Dinner and Coffeehouse, Giovanni's Strip Club, Marcel's Jazz Entertainment, Anarchist Cosmetics and Fashion, Blissful Experiences Spa and Treatment Center, and various others. She only manages Citadel Protection however.
  • Anarchy owns two unorthodox pets in the forms of a young alligator named Jade which she has had, for the time being, provided a personalized section of her apartment too. Her other pet is even stranger, due to the fact that is, in fact, attached to her skin in the form of a tattoo. It can actually remove itself from her skin upon magical incantation and take the form of a squirrel she has named Brent.
  • Anarchy's hair is always subject to change in color. She has some strange obsession with hair and absolutely must (at some point) get her fingers in all of her friends hair and constantly suggest them letting her style it. Her own hairstyle has changed over ten times since she watched and learned how to do hair styling at a Westside barber shop. It is also very well taken care of.
  • Anarchy is incredibly uncomfortable with the thought of pregnancy and all of its details. While she will not avoid or treat those she knows that may be currently pregnant at the time with disdain, she makes it well know that she is not a fan. Members of The Aegis Associate have seen her get sick and throw up after one woman's water broke in Caprice.
  • Anarchy actually has a very low taste for sweets and candy. She absolutely despises the taste of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter for example. However, she has shown to have quite the taste for red velvet cake. Very strict with her diet, Veronica has become a vegetarian and switched to living as healthy a life she can with food choice.
  • Anarchy does not have the ability to swim due to her extreme fear of drowning thanks to suffered from aquaphobia. Despite certain individuals best attempts at teaching her how to swim, her mental condition and fear prevent the knowledge from retaining a foundation to sink into her memory.
  • Anarchy has become quite the collector of a very specific type of artifact. Taking a keen interest in antideluvian items and the history associated with it, she has procured a certain number of artifacts. She desperately wants one item in particular but fears the odds of finding one is near impossible.
  • Anarchy is openly a fan of My Little Pony. Her favorite pony is Rarity, which is rather odd due to her usual disposition. The enjoyment of this show stems from when she watched the program alongside her daughter who introduced her to it.
  • Despite the common knowledge of being married to Natasha Roy, the tabloids and a few others have been rather persistent in finding out about Anarchy's other affairs. This is due to the fact that she used to get around. She has heard others believe she is having affairs with various others she is often seen with on tabloids.
  • Anarchy was never provided the opportunity to experience high school, but she was sensible enough to ascertain her General Education Diploma and complete at least one year of college. She decided it was best to cease her official educational pursuit however due to business taking up too much of her time.

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  • Domino Mask As Anarchy, Veronica has worn a domino mask in various renditions and as far as she's concerned it is too iconic to her now to let it go.
  • Delinquent Hair It's no secret that Veronica's hair is iconic to recognizing her on the streets. After all, she's had the same haircut for half of her life.
  • Tattooed Crook Veronica has gone full-body with her tattoo with only room on her scalp and majority of her face left untouched by black and white ink.


  • Action Mom Veronica has adopted, plans on having one of her own, and serves as something akin to a Denmother to younger female heroes (some of which live with her).
  • Smarter Than You Look Veronica appears as your common delinquent teenager that runs the streets giving a finger to the police, but she is actually quite intelligent.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch Veronica is very keen on inadvertently making herself one of the best friends one can have in life, but she also possesses quite the abrasive disposition.

Morality & Philosophy

  • Darker and Edgier Veronica's scope of morals are best defined as an enigma (even to herself). This makes her appear an edgy or darker persona.
  • Chaotic Good Veronica is absolutely a Type 1 Chaotic Good character, valuing freedom but still operating within a set standard for good.
  • Guilt Complex Due to the mistakes Veronica makes, she's always expressed she feels it is her responsibility to taken credit for the results.

Combat Skills

  • Combat Pragmatist Rules of Engagement? Only if the situation (training or sparring) is calling for it. Otherwise, expect foul play, people.
  • Fights Like A Normal Despite having her Vril usage and other pieces of equipment, Veronica actually prefers to fight as if she were a normal human, using actual skill.

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