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The Perseverant
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PLAYER Astrosimilogo.png
Super Group link= of the World
Rank Field Leader
Current Affliations Circle of Justice - UNTIL
Former Affiliations Aegis of Justice

Real Name Sebastian Steinman
Known Aliases Geneva, Peace
Gender Male
Species Human
Place of Birth
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Sebastian Steinman (Genetic Template), Michael Steinman (Genetic Sibling)

Apparent Age ~30
Height 5'8"; 5'11" (Suit)
Weight 200 lbs - 350 lbs. (Suit)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Complexion Brown
Build Lean
Notable Features Oddly unblemished skin texture

Identity Public
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Owner and Lead Scientist at Force Ten Labs
Education Doctorate certification


The Peacemaker has a superpowerful central nervous system, grating him Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Super-intelligence. Genetic mutation grants him an enhanced Physical Condition and Regeneration. The Peacemaker has mastery or proficiency in most fields of science, theoretical and applied. He also has 'Inherited Memories' which include several decades' worth of training and experience in combat, linguistics, diplomacy, criminal psychology, and advanced scientific applications.
His scientific prowess has allowed him to construct the Combat and Reconnaissance Mobile Armor suit, Mark 5. The suit is equipped with a variety of equipment - scientific, tactical, and offensive. He also wields Multi-Orbs, a sonic disruptor, and can call upon the superbike Rocinante.

ProtectorsBox Template

The Peacemaker, real name Sebastian Steinman, is a Millennium City based metahuman who's been active as a superhero for the better part of a decade. Originally made to serve as a successor and counterpart to a hero from another world, he was sent to this universe just in time to witness the Battle of Detroit. Presumed dead then, he suddenly re-appeared during the Qularr invasion, initially with no memory of his origin - only his real name and his superhero alias. While struggling to come to terms with himself and the burden of his mantle, Peacemaker has become not only one of the most brilliant scientists and engineers among the superheroes of today, but also an incredibly powerful psionic - whose mastery of telekinesis, assisted by his power armor, makes him a powerful force to be reckoned with.



The first Peacemaker, Peacemaker Prime, was born on an alternate Earth. A young man named Samuel Steinman, he was exposed to a retroviral serum when the lab he worked in as an assistant was attacked by a powerful mercenary force which had been commissioned to retrieve the revolutionary treatment by a powerful group of international power brokers. Thought to have died, the young man awoke days later to find the serum had given him amazing powers of body and mind. Samuel Steinman was troubled, however, by the profound psychological changes that the serum had incited, and struggled with the issue of whether he had truly become an entirely different person when he had gained his powers.

With amazing powers and a new clarity of mind, the young scientist committed himself to fighting a global battles against all those who would harm or exploit the innocent. However, coming to terms with his new transhumanity was only the first hurdle Peacemaker Prime would face in his quest for world peace: the demonization and deification of his powers; global factions and governments desperate to preserve the status quo; the mercenaries known as the King's Hounds who'd accidentally created him; and the simple enormity of his task all put the odds against him. Prime quickly realized that, even with a burgeoning organization dedicated to helping him, he couldn't realistically lead the world to a better place. After considering other options but refusing to expose anyone else to the dangers of his life, he began Project Janus, designed to create a clone that shared his goals and abilities.


Project Janus

His first attempt was a failure. The clone, designated 'Michael', initially performed well and basically doubled Peacemaker Prime's ability to respond to injustices across the globe. Unfortunately, it was an unforeseen psychological complication that claimed him - Michael, though aware he was a duplicate, had the exact same memories as his creator, and playing second fiddle meant constantly having to repress what he considered his true identity. Eventually, he snapped. Without warning, he began a war against Peacemaker Prime and his organization. Now believing himself to be the true Peacemaker, he plotted to destroy his creator and pacify the planet through his rule. After wreaking havoc across the planet, Peacemaker Prime was only barely able to defeat

Despite the setback that Michael represented, Peacemaker Prime remained world's only superhuman, and he managed to usher in the era of peace and prosperity he'd been working towards after many decades of inspiring new generations to follow in his ideals. Once the world's problems were dealt with, Peacemaker Prime dedicated the powers of his mind to full-time scientific research, making leaps in knowledge unimaginable to most people. During research into the secrets of space and time, an incursion from an alternate Earth threatened his world, and encouraged him to again use his scientific knowledge to create a network of defenders across the multiverse. An improved process allowed Peacemaker Prime to create super-powered individuals who were similar enough to himself to be trusted but disparate enough to avoid the insanity that had taken Michael. After some time, a diverse and dedicated Peacemaker Corps was formed.

One among them, who took the name Sebastian, was sent to visit a world with a major timeline divergence in the late months of 1992. Sebastian, who would later become known simply as The Peacemaker, arrived in this universe in January of 1992. Throughout this time, he maintained a low profile, preparing the technologies that would allow him to be a powerful and effective crimefighter. However, the timeline divergence had been miscalculated, and Dr. Destroyer attacked Detroit in July, cutting the Peacemaker's preparation short by several months. As a result, he rushed to assist in the battle with only a very rough prototype battle armor; when Destroyer fired his orbital cannon, the Peacemaker disappeared, and was presumed dead by his predecessor.

17 years later, a visibly disoriented but otherwise healthy man in armor assisted in the efforts against the Qulaar. How the Peacemaker survived Destroyer's destruction of Detroit is currently unknown even to him. In the post-invasion cleanup, he was referred to UNTIL. He knew only his name, that he was not from this Earth, and that his singular goal was to protect the innocent as the Peacemaker. Although initially suspicious of the Peacemaker's sudden appearance, UNTIL assigned him to their science division, having him work in collaboration with PRIMUS bases across the United States while he slowly recovered his memories and his abilities.

Over the years, the Peacemaker would learn from both his experiences and from his father's memories, which slowly returned to him over time. He went from being a juvenile and occasionally reckless powerhouse who relied on technology and weaponry, to a seasoned crimefighter who began to refine his psionic abilities, as well as dedicating himself to social improvement. As it stands, the Peacemaker is now a hero whose greatest challenge is to find his place in a world constantly on the brink between good and evil, while dealing with both the victories and the mistakes that his father has left him.

Current Exploits

The Peacemaker slowly rediscovered his capabilities. While working with UNTIL, The Peacemaker built the first iteration of his indomitable power armor, and as his memories returned, so did his knowledge on how to improve it. Likewise, the Peacemaker's offensive capabilities shifted from a dependence on gadgets and advanced weapons to an increasingly powerful dominance over his inherent telekinetic abilities. The Peacemaker now exists as a renowned hero who, while sometimes absent on long missions, remains true not only to his new home on the Champions' Earth, but also to all those that call it home as well.

As he grew in power, he began to take on - and attract - bigger threats to world peace. From his earliest exploits in the rough neighborhood of Westside, the Peacemaker has gone on to collaborate with his colleagues in thwarting threats and plots of planet-threatening size. His initial combat capabilities, once limited and inexperienced, have now evolved in order to be able to take on high-level superhuman threats. He's helped foil the plans of dangerous villains like the parallel-universe tyrants, the Dark Templars; the megalomaniac telepath Superior; the fanatical Xeno-Terrorists; the nefarious minions of VIPER; and even darker and more powerful forces than those.

The Peacemaker also began to form increasingly strong alliances with his fellow costumed superheroes. The Peacemaker was a founder of the Aegis of Justice, was on the shortlist for Chivalry's Silver Lance team. The Peacemaker joined the Protectors of the World after they stopped a world-ship from reverting the Earth into a primal age, and they have since been his closest companions - recently, he was promoted to Field Leader in charge of securing their headquarters, the Barlowe Building. The Peacemaker was also recently able to survive an assassination attempt from Arc-Angel, one his many nemeses, though it left him injured for some time. At several points in time, the Peacemaker has retreated from his colleagues in the Champions Universe to undertake missions of critical importance across the Multiverse - including reuniting with the rest of the Peacemakers, as well as investigating the gradual weakening of the dimensional walls between worlds.

The face behind the mask.

Personality and Appearance

The Peacemaker's personality has shifted over the year, thanks in part to the slow appearance of inherited memories from Peacemaker Prime. At the time of his arrival, Sebastian, while as competent and professional as any skilled operative, had a much more juvenile and brash personality that matched his more junior level of experience. However, as he ingrained himself more deeply into the world of crime-fighting and as he began to recollect his inherited memories, he became more serious and eloquent, while still retaining a youthful passion and optimism.

Normally rational and calm, the Peacemaker is by no means detached emotionally. While this gives him great determination in stopping those who would threaten the innocent, it's been one of his greatest weaknesses as well. If he's aware that those who are close to him - or those who are vulnerable in general - are being hurt, he'll make sure that the transgressor knows how displeased he is. While the Peacemaker isn't as brash as he was before, those who prod him enough will find that, despite his ideals, the Peacemaker has the spirit of a righteous fighter.

The Peacemaker appears, often to the surprise of those unfamiliar with him, as a boyish young man seemingly in his early twenties - an appearance that has changed little in over a decade. He stands at a modest height of 5'8 and, a caramel complexion, and has slightly long hair that is now respectfully styled more of than not. When in his suit, his height increases three inches. The armor usually covers the entirety of his body, and it's appearance has changed as Sebastian upgrades the suit.

While the Peacemaker originally designed his suit with a stealth-oriented and monochromatic midnight blue motif, he rarely does stealth work anymore, and has changed his suit to further reflect his embracing of the hero lifestyle and his role as a symbol for justice. Nowadays, his suit commonly carries a bromze-and-blue scheme, with his emblem covering the suit's emergency exhaust port.

Powers and Abilities

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The genetic modification shared the Peacemaker and his predecessor activates one central function - subconcious biokinesis, the ability for his brain to alter his body's basic biology. A potentially versatile superpower, in the Peacemaker's case, it resulted in the following abilities.

Telekinesis: The serum modified his nervous system to be able to influence the motions and positions of the fundamental particles of the universe, atoms in particular. This resulted in him being able to control kinetic energy. Although originally weak, his telekinetic powers have grown thanks to both arduous training by the Peacemaker and technology in his suit that amplifies his telekinetic powers. These make up the bulk of his powers, and include:

  • Flight - The Peacemaker can fly at speeds approaching Mach 1, though anything faster requires the aid of his jet boots.
  • Force blasts - The Peacemaker can generate kinetic blasts that range from the power of a gust of wind to a salvo of missiles.
  • Force shields - The Peacemaker is an expert at telekinetic defense, and can generate, with enough concentration, nearly impenetrable shields.
  • Autokinesis - Besides flight, the Peacemaker can modify his own body's kinetic energy in essentially any way he can imagine. He can rapidly change his acceleration without causing damage to himself, giving him supernatural agility, specially mid-air. He can also charge his body with kinetic energy, with the purpose of making him a living missile and being able to make his physical hits more powerful. While this might normally be dangerous, the Peacemaker also uses his telekinesis to spread the impact of any attack equally over the surface of the enemy's body, or focus the energy into less vulnerable areas. In this way, stopping power and knockback is maximized, while harm done to bone structure and internal organs is minimal.

Another thing to note about his power: Peacemaker's telekinesis seems to vary depending on his concentration - the more focused he is, the more control and strength he has when using this power. Although he is yet to be seen doing this, the Peacemaker could theoretically enter a state of hyper-concentration where he'll be able to channel and control an immense amount of kinetic energy.

Super-Intelligence: Though not his most prominent power, The Peacemaker's enhanced intelligence is his greatest asset. He is an expert in every applied science, and proficient in all others - most notably, he's a world-class engineer, biologist, chemist, and physicist. He is able to memorize and recall massive amounts of data, and perform large calculations in his head within seconds, making him a sort of living computer. This, combined with his creativity, gives him the ability to invent powerful technologies with which to enhance his powers and protect the world from evil. He also seeks to use his gift for technology to help improve the lives of day-to-day civilians.

Telepathic: He can also read and control minds due to his brain's ability to read and transmit neuroelectric signals, but he doesn't use these abilities often. Although he understands the moral ambiguity which surrounds the invasion of the mind and usually avoids mind reading, the Peacemaker often uses his telepathy in an empathic form, trying to reduce his enemies' desire to fight and increasing the morale of his companions. He's also not beyond using his abilities to discern when someone is telling the truth or otherwise.

Enhanced Muscle Capacity: As a result of the serum's cellular augmentation, Steinman's muscles were enhanced. He can now lift heavy weights with ease and can run faster and jump farther than the average human. These abilities are augmented by his suit. The Peacemaker has been shown to lift motor vehicles and run at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Durability: Peacemaker's cells gained a reinforced structure at the cellular level. Although this makes him hardier than the average human, the defense is not flawless and anything beyond small arms fire can seriously hurt him. Furthermore, he has an incredible amount of stamina, requiring only a fraction of the rest and nourishment that a normal human might require, and his natural lifespan is far longer than that of a normal human's.

Regeneration: Aside from durability, the Peacemaker also has the ability to regenerate wounds at a very fast rate. Most serious injuries would take a couple of days, on avergae, to heal.


While Sebastian Steinman himself is a formidable metahuman even outside his armor, he's a far cry from his power as the Peacemaker without it. While still being able to regenerate, he's able to take and deal far less damage, aside from being deprived of the suit's numerous technological advantages.

While more conventional weapons will have a hard time doing major damage to Peacemaker, more advanced weapons can often cut through his armor and expose his less resistant skin. Peacemaker can regenerate vital organs, even to the point of being able to repair significant brain damage. However, if those vital systems are consistently damaged for a period of time, it may cause Peacemaker to go into severe condition, or even kill him. Severe cranial trauma can also knock him out for extended periods of time. He has little knowledge regarding any sort of magic, leaving him vulnerable to any hexes, curses, or energies which defy ordinary science.

Peacemaker uses a sort of entropic energy derived from the space-time continuum to power his suit. Although it's perhaps one of his greatest boons, the energy is extremely volatile and Peacemaker finds it harder to regenerate from injuries caused by the energy. Additionally, while the suit is protected against such an occurrence, should enough simultaneous damage be done to the suit's central power system, the suit's containment system might fail and overload, releasing a shockwave of entropic energy that could cause devastating damage in a moderate radius.

The Peacemaker's most prominent psychological weakness is his fear of manipulation. The Peacemaker is aware of the great power he holds, and nothing destroys his composure or calm quicker than the possibility that someone or something might use him or the things he has made to prevent him from protecting others - or to hurt them. Fear of becoming powerless - literally and/or figuratively - also has the capacity to distract him if it enters his realm of possibility. While this is part of why his mental defenses are so refined, it also occasionally creates in him a strong paranoia when dealing with powerful telepaths or any form of reality-altering power like magic. When fearful of this, his focus will be less sharp and his thoughts more clouded.

His major vulnerability has been abruptly deactivating his suit, usually managed through powerful EMPs. Since his suit is linked to his nervous system, his suit malfunctioning often causes the Peacemaker to go into seizures and even lose consciousness. As a side effect of the sudden shock, his powers are left diminished and his regenerative factor slowed severely, a weakness which has been used before in attempts to kill the Peacemaker. The supervillain Borealis once ran an EMP through Peacemaker's armor so powerful it left him knocked out for a day.

Armored Suit



Though powerful on his own, the Peacemaker's ambitions require more than just his innate biological talents. The biggest threats to world peace are powerful enough to threaten his existence, even with all his enhancements. The Combat And Recon Mobile Armor suit is the answer which levels the field.

The armor has been under development since Peacemaker Prime became a superhero on his Earth, and as such it is the result of decades of staggering advances in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and chronotechnology - the Peacemaker's greatest feat of scientific prowess. The suit itself is powered by an odd but powerful energy siphoned from 'the Quantum' - the energy that underlies the fabric of time and space, and weaves itself between the universes. Proper harnessing of this energy endows the Peacemaker with limited teleportation capabilities, usually to a predefined 'gateway' and with great strain to both the wearer and the suit.

The suit's primary function is 'agile protection' - a revolutionary combination of nanomachines and microscopic alloy segments allows the suit to be both nearly impenetrable and flexible enough for combat. This construction also allows the suit to rapidly shift appearance, allowing for the suit to remain dormant in the appearance of regular civilian clothing. Protection goes beyond bullets and fists - the suit is weather-resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures, and is filtered and ventilated to maintain a sterile and cool environment within. The suit amplifies the Peacemaker's enhancements through exomuscles and kinetic conduits allowing for powerful displays of telekinesis, telepathy, speed, and strength. Specialized kinetic conduits allow for faster flight, while jet propulsors can accelerate the suit to supersonic speeds for global travel. Similar conduits can absorb what would otherwise be harmful kinetic and electrical energy.

Furthermore, a suite of gadgets, technology, and scientific equipment make the armor a mobile laboratory and command center, and it allows the Peacemaker unprecedented awareness of tactical and environmental data. A high-fidelity visor with 360-degree vision capability provides info, vitals and a wide range of visual spectrums for tactical scenarios. The communications system which can tap into a wide range of response and tactical channels makes sure the Peacemaker can respond to the needs of his colleagues efficiently.

The most powerful aspect of the armor is it's neurological uplink, a system which allows the Peacemaker to control the suit and all its workings with just his thoughts, giving him reaction times virtually identical to that of someone not dependent on power armor, and the ability to instantly be aware of all the data the suit has at its disposal. It also assures that only he is ever able to use the armor, barring that someone with an incredible technological mind were given the opportunity and time to bypass this.



Mark V

Unsatisfied with his departure from the original design goals of the C.A.R.M.A. suit, the Peacemaker returned to the original design motto that his predecessor had originated: 'agile protection'. The Peacemaker's latest suit was the result of testing with armors both heavier and much lighter than the Mk IV, and his difficult but successful integration of those armor's features in one ultra-sleek armor which harkens back to the Mk I. Shunting the cape and the heavy shoulder pads, as well as the Multifaceted Ordinance Projector, the Peacemaker designed his suit to best complement his innate telekinetic and athletic abilities rather than rely on weapons systems. It allows him to outmaneuver enemies while still allowing him to hit hard and true, and reflects his desire to stray from the overly-weaponized suits which he came to build in response to larger threats.

In Use


Exploratory Armor

When the multiversal Peacemaker Corps began operating more discreetly on their assigned worlds, at Sebastian's recommendation, a newer and versatile loadout for Peacemakers across the Multiverse was commissioned. Far more subtle than the CARMA line of power suits, the Exploratory Armor is a modular outfit comprised of two main components. First, an underarmor plating whose design borrows from that of its predecessor, the ExoArmor. Second, a thick overcoat; seemingly made of leather, but in truth made from a mimicry metamaterial that is highly resistant to most conventional forms of damage. Both components are threaded with specialized microtechnologies that endow the unassuming apparel with a number of utilities, though their deployment is limited by the Exploratory Armor's Electromagnetic Capacitor power source. These include kinetic barrier generation; sonic frequency generation; electrical discharge; and some light and heat generation capacity. This flexible and portable hardware has been a favorite of the Peacemaker's since he began piloting the CARMA armor remotely.

In Use



'No more getting caught off-guard.'

While satisfied with the combat capabilities of the Mark V, the Peacemaker still faced a problem that had plagued him from the earliest days of the CARMA line - a high dependence on advanced technology, and his subsequent vulnerability to electromagnetic interference. As such, Peacemaker made the ExoArmor Mark I suit shortly before encountering the supervillain Highsticker. It employs a minimal amount of technology, like HUD overlay, sonic vibrator gauntlets, and kinetic amplifiers. However, it's designed to operate at a normal as a standard set of armor in the case of EMP exposure. Fixed armor plates reinforce a hardy pseudo-leather material that is puncture-resistant. Due to the bulk of Peacemaker's offensive capabilities while in this suit, aside from the sonic gauntlets, consist of 'multi-orbs', which can be read more about in the 'Other Gadgets' section. Obviously, however, this option leaves the Peacemaker at a fraction of his regular power, implacability, and capability.

In Use


S.C.O. Prototype

'Design elements not final.'

The Standard Combat Operations armor was a prototype suit designed by the original Sebastian Steinman to be a placeholder for the standard C.A.R.M.A. suit. It was also a sort of "canvas" for experimenting with several aesthetic elements; most notably, the suit's coloration is a bright combination of yellow, blue, and red. It used standard (but still advanced) technology, was heavier and less armored, and did not have most of the features present in the C.A.R.M.A. Mk I. It still allowed, however, for a higher degree of protection, strength, and agility. This is the suit used by The Peacemaker at the Battle of Detroit and the Qularr Invasion of Millennium City. He later put it back in storage in preference of the C.A.R.M.A. suit.



Mark I

'Cool and blue.'

The Combat And Recon Mobile Armor is The Peacemaker's foremost suit of armor. It's features are listed above. It is an improvement on the S.C.O. in many ways; it's constructed using a mixture of nanomachinery and layered alloy plates. Not only is it able to not only utilize more advanced technological systems, it's also lighter and extremely more durable. It's design is much sleeker as a result, and is a darker shade of blue instead of multicolored. Chances are, if you saw the Peacemaker back in his earlier days, he'd have been wearing this. A side effect of it's construction is that small design changes can be made on the spot; Want the suit to be yellow? It's yellow, right then and there. Want different shoulderpads? Blink and they're gone. The Mark III is the direct successor.



Mark II

'Going all out.'

The C.A.R.M.A. Mk I on (very harmful) steroids. The Chronosuit is designed to infuse itself and it's user with quantum energies, increasing it's power tenfold. The technology in the suit has been augmented to be able to withstand and channel such grand amounts of power, resulting in the weapons systems being overall much stronger. There is, however, a trade-off. The quantum energy used in the suit is excessively dangerous and corrosive. Any normal human would be lucky to last an hour; not even The Peacemaker can wear it for long without suffering damage. And while the suit is stable, if anything were to cause it to overload, the consequences could be catastrophic, entire city blocks wiped out by the resulting energy surge. The suit is only to be used as a last resort.



Mark III

'Laser beams, at last!'

Based on the deigns of the Mk I, it features a more lightweight and durable design, thanks to a new alloy-nanomachinery structure which allows for more efficient armoring. The suit now looks somewhat different, with a slightly brighter color scheme, and different armor configuration. One of the more notable additions to the suit are the new ion-beam gauntlets. Their power can be changed on the spot; the beams go from producing light burns to burning through heavy materials. The suit in general also increases the power of all the previously-installed systems, with the suit also drawing influence from the Mark II Chronosuit; The Peacemaker has made it so the smaller amounts of quantum energy produced is not enough to make the suit dangerous.



Mark IV

'Just... throw everything on there. Everything.'

Designed to combat the new generation of threats which threaten the Earth, the Mk IV suit debuted upon Peacemaker's 'retirement from retirement'. New armor configurations have changed the layout of the armor, providing additional protection with minimal loss of mobility and lightness. Although most improvements are not immediately obvious, the big addition is that of the Multifaceted Ordinance Projector. With the Mk IV also came a massive aesthetics overhaul. Now eschewing the traditional sleek and monochromatic design, The Peacemaker harkened back to the days of the classic heroes, combining his trademark dark blue with mahogany accents, incorporating the peace sign into his costume, and even going so far as adding a cape, specially designed to act as cover in times of need.

In Storage

Tools of the Trade

The Peacemaker about to let loose with his ion-beam gauntlets.

Peacemaker has a variety of gadgets in his suit and belt that allow for a wide range of operations. These include but are not limited to:

  • Ion beam emitters in his palms, used mainly as a ranged energy weapon.
  • A built-in bio-engineering suite, including a multi-purpose syringe which extends from his wrist.
  • A compact focused sonic blaster that he can brandish, which emits sonic waves that can range from from annoying to atomically disruptive.
  • Multi-orbs, small spherical devices that can generate a variety of effects upon detonation, such as EMPs, kinetic burst, and a flashbang effect.
  • A stealth-field generator that cloaks those in a small radius, in exchange for shutting down all other suit systems while in use.
  • Several tools meant for engineering and technical support on the fly, including a plasma cutter which can extend from his gauntlet, serves well as a weapon.
  • Electromagnetic and radiation analysis equipment.
  • Hologram projectors built into his gauntlets.
  • Various interface modules, for connecting the suit to networks, computers, etc.


The Peacemaker has always had an AI at hand to assist him in tasks that prove too cumbersome, repetitive, or mundane. Some things just don't justify the time they would take away from his crime-fighting. Recently, however, he was inspired by Keioseth's SCRI platform and the Protectors' MOTHER AI to give it a name - and a personality. The recently christened VIRGIL (Virtually Intelligent Research Gathering Information Logarithm) has now essentially taken the role of digital surrogate for Sebastian, not only handling the minutiae of his day-to-day operations, but also serving as a backup for the Peacemaker's collected knowledge. He has even constructed a facsimile of Sebastian's likeness and personality to use as his interface with other people. Perhaps most prominently, VIRGIL is advanced enough to fluidly and intelligently control the CARMA suit in the Peacemaker's stead, as well as being able to remotely pilot both the Rocinante and the Protectors' VALRAVN jet.

The Rocinante

The CARMA Suit was designed to act almost as a wearable fighter jet, negating the need for the Peacemaker to use external transportation in any environment. Nonetheless, as the possibility of operating outside of his suit slowly became more of a reality, the Peacemaker designed and commissioned the construction of a transportation platform that could also take and deal out hefty damage regardless of the Peacemaker's current status. Thus, the Rocinante was born. Looking not unlike this, and styled in his usual mahogany-midnight motif, the Rocinante has a variety of features, including VTOL flight capabilities, a speed limit of Mach 1, a multi-orb launcher, and two front-mounted kinetic cannons.

Enemies of The Peace

With Thundrax and Sparrowhawk vs. Invictus!

The Peacemaker's been an implacable force for good in the world for half a decade, and as Churchill once noted, that's territory that comes with enemies. The Peacemaker has inherited the nemeses of the friends he fights with, with the likes of Invictus, Killer Chrome, Viceroy and the Warmonger among them. However, there's a particular set of foes that have it out for him specifically...


Arc-Angel, alias 'Michael', was the first 'son' of Peacemaker Prime - in a sense, this makes him an older but nonetheless identical brother to the Peacemaker. The victim of an imperfect cloning process, Michael went insane and tried to destroy his creator, eventually being banished into the time-stream. He hopped from world to world, including a stop at the Champions Universe, before taking control of a primitive world which he would then rule for millennia.

While Arc-Angel had everything a good supervillain could ever want, he was still consumed with an irrational desire to kill his 'father' - and resolved to do so by erasing him (and his descendants) from the history of the multiverse. The particulars of this involved him pulling information from the Peacemaker's computer, and he unleashed a web of thefts, conspiracies, and alliances in order to distract Millennium City's defenders. The culmination of this was an alliance of supervillains called the Shadow Manifest that wreaked havoc on the City of the Future while he made off to change reality - it took a union of heroes travelling to very point in time that the first Peacemaker was born to defeat Arc-Angel.


"New Crusade"

Matthias Mueller is one of Arc-Angel's 'beneficiaries'. Growing up in a military family in the early 1900s, conquest was Mueller's ideal of pure power. A staunch patriot, having fought as a Lietenant in the German army during World War I, it was then odd to his contemporaries that Mueller disappeared without a trace in 1937. He only ever reappeared in 2015, having been pulled from his time by Arc-Angel and shown a world where his ideals held no ground. Seeking to lead his nation to its 'promised glory', Mueller accepted Arc-Angel's augmentations - which carried the side effect of mental instability - and his gift of the Mk III CARMA suit. With that in hand, he attempted a takeover of the Reichstag that was foiled by a diverse team of heroes. He is currently in UNTIL Custody.



The warrior known as Campaign is a ghost, with no name, face, nation, or cause linked to him. In his brief time operating openly, he has shown to be extremely dangerous, having led the invasion of the Caribbean island of Agua Azul, foiled only by the fortunate presence of half a dozen members of the Protectors of the World, Thundrax among them. He's equipped with a heavily upgraded version of the Peacemaker's S.C.O. armor, with his firepower now standing on par with any of his other armors. Cybernetics comprise an unknown portion of his body to give him superhuman strength, speed, and endurance; he's equipped with a number of close-to-medium range ballistic weapons as well as a superheated Questionite knife; and his right arm is equipped with a Hyperkinetic Bombardment Rifle, which fires kinetically charged tungsten rods in a manner similar to a railgun. The sheer force of these projectiles is enough to tear apart military vehicles, and their accuracy makes him a threat at any distance. His ultimate goal? A world ruled by conflict, where he stands as Soldier Supreme.

Active Threat

"The Walrider"

The human race has long told of creatures who wield power over them at night, paralyzing them - sometimes to the death - with fear as they sleep and dream. Mares, Alps, Truds - the lore is so expansive and muddled that its nearly impossible to tell whether the Walrider is a more ancient being, or something more recent and mundane that has taken up the mystical mantle. What's for certain is that 'he' is extremely dangerous. A rash of Sudden Death Syndrome cases across Millennium City has called attention to the powerful nature of the Walrider's dream-weaving, and having attempted to plunge the Peacemaker into and endless nightmare, the Walrider has demonstrated an ability to hold dominion, however fleeting, over even the most well-protected minds. It is not yet known whether the nightmare lord has a physical presence in our world - as of now, he remains elusive, being able to strike when you're least prepared.

Active Threat

The King's Hounds

On Peacemaker Prime's world, the King's Hounds were an extremely dangerous and secretive PMC who would fight for any cause - as long as the pay was sufficient. One day, a shadowy coalition promised the mother of all payouts for the acquisition of a serum being developed by the United States. The resulting operation became infamous as a foreign black-ops incursion on U.S. soil, and nearly sparked a World War. That was only prevented by their attack having exposed a young scientist with pacifist ideals to a powerful mutagen. In a sense, the King's Hounds were responsible for the creation of Peacemaker Prime.

The Peacemaker presumed they didn't exist on this world, but the Agua Azul Incident saw their appearance on the world stage. The soldiers they brought out then were tough and well trained, but no match for the superheroes that stopped them - but what secrets and threats does this rogue militia hold here, where heroes and villains are the order of the day?

Active Threat


Peacemaker's reputation and status as rising force in the world of technological advancement has not gone unnoticed. Across the world, many maladjusted scientists have felt scorned by the cut-throat world of scientific enterprise, both corporate and governmental. This resentment extends to those who they feel do not take full advantage of the technological advancements they've devised - and the Peacemaker, who has always been very conservative with which technologies he shares with the public, is at the top of their list. Banding together under the leadership of the powerful technopath Tycho Simmons, their goal is simple: to use technology to elevate themselves to global positions of power, and create a true Technocracy - with no regards as to cost, ethical or otherwise.

Active Threat

Opinions From Others

Many of the Peacemaker's greatest allies in one photo.

"A man of enormous character and a top of the line super. His leadership against the Dark Templars was outstanding. I could go on and on with my praises for this man. He's one of the great hopes of the new generation of superhumans." - Thundrax

"When he's not getting drugged and kidnapped, Peacemaker's one of the bravest guys out there. Not everyone can make a peace sign look intimidating" - Avro

"I've met'em a few times. And... One of those times, I MIGHT'VE used his doped-up body as a pommel horse.... Might've kicked him ten feet... Yeah, I'd like ta meet'em when he's able ta chat sometime." - Hunter

"He, like many wealthy men, has taken it upon himself to help the less fortunate. Good intentions. But then, you know what they say about good intentions." - Mr. Blank

"When this guy says he fights for peace... he means it. He's definitely a friend." - Bullet Points

"It's terrific to work with someone so even keeled. Anyone with his kind of know-how is bound to be full of surprises." - Aura

"Kind of a nerd, but he's alright. Definitely a handy guy to have around, and a nice one at that." - All-Star

"A bit on the reserved side when we have met up, but he's reliable and a team player to a fault. I can appreciate what he brings to the table." - Sparrowhawk

"The Peacemaker? He's an honest to goodness hero who can do more than just blast criminals, aliens, and all that. He's another shining example of what it is to be a hero." - Canadian Fist

"Peace is pretty badass! He knows what he's doing and knows everything you'd need to know about tech and mental stuff. Also, sweet costume." - Dobergirl

"Peacemaker is an impressive combination of experience, powers, and abilities. Given some time, there's little that he can't do, and that's what makes him such a useful ally. I'm glad he's a member of the Protectors." - Razira

"Capable. A good ally." - Fletch

"Didn't think guys with a Hippy Sign could fight, I am apparently wrong." - Skull

"Sebastian's a great asset to have on any mission. He's pretty easy on the eyes to boot." - Artifist

"Sebastian comes from a rare breed of men as brilliant as they are compassionate. He's an asset on the battlefield, an equal in the lab and a friend everywhere else. I'm honoured to have met him." - Captain Collider

"Poor, poor Peacemaker. He is clever, capable and trying sooo hard. Unfortunately for him, I don't particularly care for the rules of the game he's so good at. That must be so frustrating, to always be one step behind..." - The Doctor

"Intelligent and adaptable, and apparently incredibly open minded. He just went right along with hoisting a talking cat up to a magic portal of doom. I imagine that would be a stumbling point for most folks." - Cait Sith

"I have few friends that I can just sit down and talk shop with but Sebastian is one of them. He's my go to guy to bounce ideas off of and a great guy all around." - Keioseth

"Friend of the family, powerful ally, and an incredible scientist. He's a bit of a dork, I think we can get him to come out of his shell and it'll be good for him." - Keioseth II

"He has an almost a-dork-able quality to him, but don't let that fool you! He packs a hell of a wallop, and he's definitely more than capable of holding his own on the field." - Tesseract

"He's sweet and caring, I've never met a man who gave so much of himself to the cause. When most heroes finish up and call it a day, he's pulling overtime to make sure everyone gets the happy ending they deserve" - Imp

"A kind enough man, but capable of taking the fight to his opponents when called for! A vast array of powers and skills makes him highly adaptable on the battlefield." - Tartolmec

"Maybe it's time to update the look? A peace symbol, really?" - Ada Clover

"I've watched Peace over the many years and seen the good he's done. It's great to be on the same team with him now and see how awesome he is in person." - African Violet

"I have worked with the Peacemaker for a long time and he is someone I can really count on. He isn't just a super heroic partner but a friend, too! He can count on me any time!" - Cosmic Glory

"Bra, his icon is a peace symbol, but he doesn't smoke any herbs? It's really confusing. I just want to let him know that, should the drug policy ever change, I might know a guy who knows a guy. Peace." - Jinn

"I've been glad to see that Sebastian isn't on the eccentric side of scientific genius. It's an absolute asset to have his brains on and off the field." - Captain Adamant

"I uh... haven't personally known Peacemaker that long, but I knew of the heroic acts he's done. He seems like a good man. Very smart too. He must have more degrees than a thermometer." - Gold Rush

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See the Protectors of the World page for more art including the Peacemaker!


  • Unbeknownst to many, the Peacemaker was actually present at the Battle of Detroit, and his entry point into this timeline was in 1992. He is still unable to account for the 17 or so years in between then and his reappearance.
  • Sebastian Steinman has always been recognized for his brilliance, but after some time, awkwardly realized that he didn't have any actual collegiate degree. To fix this, he presented several dissertations on advanced topics to the doctorate committee at Millennium City University, who quickly realized it would be futile to assign any coursework and summarily awarded him with a Doctorate of Science degree.
  • Subsequently, Steinman frequently collaborates with the research teams at the university, and has taught several guest lectures on topics regarding science and the study of metahumans.
  • He briefly retired and began a research company called Aquarian Age Technologies (also known as AAT), dedicated to putting his intellect to use in resolving global issues. Unfortunately, the venture was sabotaged by vengeful criminals, and the company was eventually handed over to a friend's similar operation.
  • If none of the above tipped you off, Steinman is a world-renowned scientist, specially for his work in metagenetics, nano-engineering, and a field he dubbed kinetogenesis - the study of artificially inducing kinetic forces and fields similar to the ones he uses naturally. He regularly appears at conferences, scientific conventions, tech expos, and the like - though, as with his academic obligations, not for very long. Then again, in a world like this, he's got a fair amount of competition.
  • Though AAT might be gone, the Peacemaker still makes his home in a single-story Westside warehouse that was acquired while the company was expanding, a compound he refers to as Geneva Base One. Only a portion of it serves as a space for living and hosting others - the vast majority of its floor space is a state-of-the-art laboratory and workshop that he uses to create his armors, or when the facilities at the Barlowe Building or other friendly labs aren't sufficient.
  • Though initially not the most marketable hero, the Peacemaker has received a fan following in correlation to adopting a more colorful image, and his increasing prestige. Posters, t-shirts, action figures, and other merchandise were commissioned and distributed by Aquarian Age Technologies. The profits go to charities for the hungry and displaced. Thanks to a deal struck by Sebastian and others, these sales still continue even after the dissolution of the company.
  • He's fond of rock music from all eras, and occasionally blasts it through his suit's speakers as a diversionary tactic.
  • Rumors exist that, as of this writing, he has never been in a romantic relationship. When prodded about the subject, the Peacemaker only makes vague references to the amount of time he spend either in a lab or in his armor.
  • Those rumors have been challenged recently by a recent and notable proximity to his teammate, Keioseth II.
  • He's an avid fanatic of space and considers space expansion to be one of humanity's top priorities. Ironically, he never finds the time to explore it unless he's dealing with some cosmic threat.
  • As of this writing, holds the world record for "most green-skinned girls rescued from unhealthy lifestyles". Long story.

Author's Note (OOC)

Hi all! Astrosimi here, and I hope you've enjoyed reading about Peace. The Peacemaker is a character whose basic concept has been with me since I was very young, but whose current form has changed drastically over the years. He was originally envisioned as an inter-dimensional traveler, arriving at worlds devoid of justice and using his magnificent powers (which, in my youth, consisted of whatever I thought was cool) to combat tyranny. The final product you see before you was arrived at thanks to the infinite patience the wonderful CORP community displayed while I developed the Peacemaker within their ranks, as well as the examples they set of well-rounded, interesting characters. Peacemaker's principal influences can be said to be Superman and Captain America, in terms of personality and concept, and in more functional terms, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and the Jedi, among many others. He's essentially grown alongside me and him and his lore, which exists even outside of this one MMORPG, will probably stick with me for a while.

Any criticism or comments on the character, his background, or the page is certainly welcome. Furthermore, if anything on this page looks like it could provide for good RP with one of your characters, please feel free to contact me either here on the PDB, Steam, or the CORP Forums: My screen name is Astrosimi in all those places.

Thanks to Pallas001 for the big help in making this page look nice and providing permission to use her commissions, and to FrozenViolet for making sure this page didn't get left behind with the old PDB.

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