Captain Ku'alia

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Captain Ku'alia
Player: @Bluhman
"Niki-ta n'ot fall t' ov'rlords so ea'sily!" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS (DEX/Warden/Brawler)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ku'alia Kezzeckscketketch
Known Aliases: Captain Ku'alia
Gender: Female
Species: Niki-ta
Ethnicity: Nikitan (Unknown?)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Earth's Moon/Sydney, Australia
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 83 (Young Adult)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 138 lbs (200 lbs in armor)
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Green/Teal
Complexion: Green, Scaly, Damp
Physical Build: Stocky, Long-armed
Physical Features: Retracting Antennae, Semi-feline facial structure
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: US and Australian honorary citizenships
Occupation: Galactic Explorer
Education: Officer's training
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Atmosphere adaptation, noncorrosive skin secretion, antennae senses
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Mining armor, Particle sabre
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Captain Ku'Alia is an intergalactic explorer, and one of the last surviving of the Niki-Ta race. Having only arrived on earth 6 years earlier, she has slowly been learning the ways of humankind and has disclosed considerable information about her race and her history.


Niki-Ta and Malvans

According to Ku'Alia's elders, the Niki-Ta lived on a hot planet with a thin, dry atmosphere. Due to rapid convection currents on their planet greatly affecting the density of oxygen in any one location at any given time, the Niki-Ta are genetically suited to deal with a huge variety of biome situations, including their unique 'hibernation' they go into when forced into a vaccum. Though they had long been an intelligent and highly-social species, their planet provided all the resources and protection it needed naturally. The most advanced technology that Nikitans had learn how to create were shelter and clothing; they didn't need anything else to survive due to the abundant supply of food and their steady position at the top of the food chain.

This would have some pretty horrible implications when it came to interplanetary relations. When their planet was invaded by The Malvans, the Nikitans were largely unequipped to stand up to their superior weaponry. Always on the lookout for new entries into their intergalactic arena, they enslaved the Niki-Ta, forcing the entire planet into subjugation by Malvan watchmen, and took the fittest of their tribe aboard their ships to train and condition into great fighters and skilled weapons-crafters. Ku'Alia is the child of one of the Niki-Ta who was taken aboard the Malvan ships.

Ku'Alia's childhood, as she recalled it, was a painful slog through a highly-ordained series of lessons and mentorships. In essence, New-Nikitan society was a farcry from the naturally peaceful flow of life back on the homeplanet, with Nikitan children, at onset of maturity, being put through a test determining values and personality. After learning all her skills and being rated in her test, she was classified as a Leader-type; members of Nikitan society who, at face appearance, were the ones in charge of controlling the workers and warriors in the new colony. In reality, however, they did nothing but take the full-brunt of Malvan negotiations, constantly barraged by requests from both their native people and their overlords to perform specific tasks. Naturally, being put under such stress doesn't leave any person or Nikitan happy. The pressure eventually lead Ku'Alia to flee from the colony with a group of other Nikitans.

Moon Landing

The Nikitan base on the moon; built around the crashed Nikitan Crescent scout ship.
Ku'Alia exploring the lunar surface. Niki-tan biology allows her to be able to survive in the vaccum of space without a full suit.
Ku'Alia's escape from the Malvans was cut short, however, as a Dreadnought was sent to chase them down. Though Ku'Alia and her crew were piloting a swift scout ship, the Dreadnought's guided lasers quickly pinpointed their finnicky target and left them for dead. With her ship badly damaged, Ku'Alia was forced to land on Earth's Moon.

With their ship equipped only with a few backup rations for 3 years, the remaining Nikitans set up camp on the barren surface of the sattelite. Not holding out for any help to arrive, Ku'Alia ordered her crew to convert the ship into a permanent settlement, and scout the moon for any natural resources, flora, or fauna. 4 weeks later, and many of the scouts had either returned with nothing, or had become hopelessly lost on the entirely nondescript surface of the moon. All seemed lost, until Ku'Alia looked up into the sky and beheld a blue planet in the distance. Naturally, where Ku'Alia comes from, Blue is the color of blood. An entire planet of blood, though a little macabre, struck Ku'Alia as a surefire way to find some sort of life. The rest of her crew was much too scared to consider flying to the blue sattelite, thinking it was a huge, planet-sized beast drifting in the distance. Ku'Alia was hardly dissuaded, and took a spare escape-pod to fly to the new planet.

First Contact

Ku'Alia's pod crash-landed in south-western Australia, in the midst of wide plains. Though Ku'Alia hadn't been dissuaded from taking a trip to Earth, the idea still had very badly shook her, and she was preparing herself for the worst. Taking her particle sabre in hand, she made her way across the plains, slowly gathering a quarry of slain dingoes and feral horses for food. During the following days, Ku'Alia kept in close touch with her crew, noting the developments taking place.

Ku'Alia crossing the Outback on foot.
A few days of rest and wandering east later, Ku'Alia arrived in the town of Bourke, initially confused by the strange field of cubic structures that lay before her. When locals began to approach her with no apparent arms, she eased up a bit, realizing that they posed little threat. Likewise, the locals were probably equally confused by the armored green alien carrying outback game and a laser blade. So confused, that they soon called in the New South Wales police to try and subdue Ku'Alia. Ku'Alia, now approached by mounted police and two SUVs, was now becoming more apprehensive of the threat these humans posed, but was still much too tired and outnumbered to consider fighting back. Sheathing her blade and dropping her quarry, she handed herself over to these new assailants.

Taking Ku'Alia back to Sydney for interrogation, they very quickly learned that Ku'Alia knew nothing of English, and they certainly had no technology that could translate what Ku'Alia was saying. Up until now, the Kualian language had been a complete enigma to humankind, so technology that could quickly translate what Ku'Alia could say did not exist. Not wanting to take any chances whatsoever, the Constable had her immediately disarmed of her equipment and sent both her and her equipment to the labs at Australia's Science and Mathematics school for studying.

Ku'Alia was to be watched over by Sonia Evelyn, an anthropologist and avid fan of science-fiction. Sonia decided that the best way to get a feel for what Ku'Alia was capable of was not to put her in a cell and study how she reacts to situations, but to try and treat her like an intelligent being. Sonia taught Ku'Alia the ways of human society, which Ku'Alia quickly got the hang of after only 8 months. Ku'Alia, now fluent in English and raring to get back to her colleagues, was soon brought in to the university's workshop to have her equipment returned. After she made a few repairs to her pod, still in the Outback, and after getting some fitting food for her kind, she set back for the earth's moon. Many believed that that would be the last they would see of Ku'Alia. Sonia, having distinct knowledge of Ku'Alia's settlement and her situation, knew better than that.

A year later, Ku'Alia returned to earth, warning people that she had detected a Malvan Dreadnought flying fairly nearby the Solar System. Her statements soon became global news, ensuring that The Champions got word. Ku'Alia was called in to give more detailed information about what she had seen and what she knew of the Malvans, to which Ironclad further refuted with his account. Still, The Champions were not convinced they were an immediate threat, and soon convinced Ku'Alia to stay on earth for a while in case any other threats arose.

Ku'Alia now spends most of her time on earth, having made residence with Sonia in downtown Sydney. She does, however, make semi-annual leaves to re-supply her colony on the Moon. Her fellow crew-members still haven't made any spotting of Malvan ships since the last incident, but they do remain vigilant. And of course, so does Ku'Alia.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■□□
C - ■■□□□
E - ■■■■□
A - ■■□□□
N - ■□□□□
Ku'Alia's personality is, on one hand, assertive and self-assured, which were qualities that allowed her to easily become a leader in her colony. On the other hand, she is also very conceited, and somewhat foolhardy; qualities that probably don't help out when it comes to leadership. Still, she proves to be quite considerate, and takes care to keep her fellow Nikitans protected and alive. Especially when forced into a tough situation, she does weigh her tactical options very carefully, and can ultimately clinch victory in even the most unlikely of cases. It's probably this quality that caused her to become so complacent in the first place.

Ku'Alia's knowledge and understanding of humans is fairly impressive, considering her 2-year learning window. Her english isn't the best (and she also has a strange Australian-alien accent), but she can definitely speak coherent sentences, and she knows how to carry herself considerably well in conversation.


Confidant With... TracIcon.png

Friendly Toward... BluhIcon.pngBarbIcon.pngMegaIcon.png

Acquainted With... ArchIcon.pngStarIcon.pngTorrIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... MontIcon.pngApopIcon.png

Foes With... OrlaIcon.png

Grudge Against...

Combat Specifications

What the captain lacks in agility and strength, she makes up in with weaponry, skill, and bravery.
Ku'alia's physical attributes are standard for a Niki'tan; she can lift up to 135 pounds and can run at a maximum rate of 30 miles per hour. She does not get winded nearly as easily as humans do, thanks to the effectiveness of her respiratory system.

Niki-tan biology is quite unorthodox. Though the respiratory system must have a fair amount of oxygen, Nikitan Skin can easily adapt to any sort of atmospheric conditions, thanks to its non-corrosive secretion. Though it feels and looks slimy to the touch, it does not come off with physical contact, and can protect Ku'Alia from considerable heat conditions, and even withstand the vacuum of open space. To add to this, her Antennae can be used to sense faint chemical variations in the air, allowing her to sniff out even invisible enemies. This requires a decently-dense atmosphere, however, and cannot be used while her helmet is up.

Ku'Alia's arsenal compliments her natural capabilities nicely. Her Armor, though normally manufactured for mining, serves its purpose for what Ku'Alia requires. The armor is sturdy enough to take even gunfire reliably, has a domed helmet that gives Ku'Alia oxygen in low-atmosphere conditions, and can generate a solid energy-shield over the arms. The armor is also fitted with Jets, allowing it to fly at speeds nearing 92 miles per hour, and also boosts her strength considerably. Her weapon of choice is her Particle Sabre, easily capable of cutting through even the densest of materials with little to no resistance. The Particle Sabre generates extreme heat, and instantly cauterizes wounds it creates. Her combination of learned techniques and powerful weaponry makes her a very deadly fighter when she closes distance.


  • Had a gauntlet chainsaw before Beam Swords became a legitimate set.
  • The color scheme she uses for her armor is largely inspired by Starcraft Protoss. The color scheme on the rest of her strikes me as something more SPORE inspired.
  • Alternate Musical themes:
    • HONK.png