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Player: @Bluhman
"What is life without a bit of... entropy?" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: General Combat/DPS (EGO/Vindicator/Avenger)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Paula Einheart
Known Aliases: MFS-ID#37821, "Apoplexy"
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated Malfector-Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Malfector Earth (Caloocan, Phillipines)
Base of Operations: Chiba, Japan
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 29
Height: 5'10
Weight: 132 lbs
Eyes: Glowing Lavender
Hair: Pink
Complexion: Pale Magenta with white plates
Physical Build: Amorphous
Physical Features: Mechanical glove on left hand, amorphous appendages, long, thick tail.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known/None
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: No citizenships (in this dimension at least)
Occupation: Malfector Sharpshooter/Assassin
Education: Malfector conditioning
Marital Status: "Indentured"
Known Powers and Abilities
Shape-shifting/phase-changing, regeneration, goo projection, weapon-crafting, boosted agility and accuracy.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Control glove, Malfector shifting armor, Laser-rifle blueprint, Beam-machette blueprint, Bio-gun blueprint.
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Apoplexy is an escaped assassin and sharpshooter from an alternate dimension version of Earth, which was taken over by an alien race known as the Malfectors. Having become highly conditioned and trained by their cruel and orderly regime, she has escaped to our dimension to try and get help.



Apoplexy was born by the name of Paula Einheart, to a family of 4 other siblings. Apoplexy is incapable of remembering much about her family, except that she used to work long hours mining minerals for the higher-ranked members of her society, pure-bred Malfectors. Apoplexy's description of a malfector is best described as "A giant, metallic jelly-fish of any color that floats through the air, eating rocks." Those who prove to be useful to them are said to be greatly rewarded, and granted some of their powers and riches in exchange for simple service.

The Einhearts were soon visited by a Malfector lord. Due to the family's excellent mineral output, the lord struck a deal with the family, saying they could bring in one of their children as a protege and teach them the ways of Malfector high society, giving the family a shot at success and economic advancement. The Malfector advised that the process would go smoother if the subject was younger, and so the Einhearts sent Paula to go. Paula, only being a young 7 years old at the time, seemed to be the perfect fit for the role. Though initially hysterical to be separated from the rest of her family, both the malfector and her parents eventually cajoled her into going. Her parents gave her the promise that they would see each other soon enough, but Paula never came back; she had soon entirely forgotten about them.


Apoplexy's altered form, donning the Malfector Guardian's Helmet
Paula's first step into becoming a member of Malfector high society was her mission briefing, stating her purpose was to protect both humans and malfectors alike from insurgences from the populous. Paula was given a clear goal; she was going to be taking in Malfector ways and techniques to keep her home and her people safe from forces both external and internal.

In the next step of her training, she was given the Malfector serum, transforming her into her current physical state. Now adapting the best traits of the two species, she would have to learn how to use her new body to shapeshift weapons, as well as how to use them effectively. This process went on for years, with breaks allowing for Paula to absorb minerals and information into her body; a process most Malfector-human hybrids find immensely pleasurable. By the age of 21, she had become a grandmaster in her art, capable of great accuracy, strength, and agility. Finally, she was welcomed into the Malfector Guardian Forces proper, and was given her ultimate medal of honor; the Malfector Guardian's helmet.

Donning the helmet, Paula's memory went black for a moment, only to emerge on our planet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Her helmet now missing and without the foggiest idea of where she was, she headed towards the direction of the falling sun, eventually arriving in Japan.

During her travel towards land, she had taken time to reflect on what had happened, and foggy memories began to form. Periods of extreme pain and euphoria intertwined with visions of men and women being cut down. A brief glimpse of people she had once knew, being flattened and slain by her sheer instinct. Putting two and two together, she figured out that her promises of bringing riches and honor to her family had been betrayed. The helmet had enabled the Malfectors to assume direct control of her body and use her as a ruthless weapon of extermination and enforcement. It still did not explain how or why she had ended up on this mysterious, new planet inhabited and ruled by pure humans, however.


Paula, disguised as a human.
Paula's arrival in Japan was noted as a fairly major discovery in biological science, given the strange genetic makeup of the arrival. Though given some international media coverage, she still was without a real job or position in the new world. At least, not until Seize, another human-malfector hybrid, arrived in Tokyo and began causing mayhem. Immediately recognizing the type of helmet, armor, and weaponry the attacker was using, Paula went to work to take down the invader. Seize had been sent to retrieve Paula from the foreign dimension, but he was simply not skilled enough to defeat Paula; she had spent literally half of her life learning how to use her abilities. Compared to her, Seize was only a rookie.

Though the collateral damage of the battle was impressive, the Japanese officials were greatly relieved to have the threat removed, and soon gave permission for Paula to become a public defender in case the nation ever was threatened by villains again. Given her lack of other options, she readily accepted the deal, adopting a name that stood out as a direct opponent to the heartless tyrany and exploitation of the humans in her home dimension: Apoplexy.

Due to the low activity of her job, she has taken quite a bit of time to further master her abilities and re-integrate herself into humankind's society. She is now adept enough to transform herself into a fully-human form, and has become a well-respected fencing instructor and athlete in the local area. Still, some seem to complain that she might be slacking or even might have adverse health-effects, given the steady rate of deaths that have been happening in Chiba.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■■
C - ■□□□□
E - ■■■■□
A - ■■■□□
N - ■■■■■
Probably thanks to her foggy memory of the last 5 years as an assassin, Apoplexy seems to be genuinely optimistic and thankful for her current position. A creative, playful, and energetic being, she places great value on the freedoms of herself and others, and is overall very accepting of the customs and mannerisms of peers. On the flipside, her biggest pet peeve is when anybody tries to restrict anything, whether it be language, dress, habits, laws, or even asking Apoplexy to do simple tasks.

Her fusion with Malfector DNA makes her very biologically strange. She is capable of using her slimy body to eat away at any material, even metals as tough as steel. According to her, she finds mica and obsidian to be the most delicious of anything she's ever had, while she finds traditional earth foods to be passable, but somewhat dull. She has admitted on a few occasions that she finds human flesh absolutely scrumptious, but is actively resisting the urge to perform semi-cannibalism.


Confidant With...

Friendly Toward... BarbIcon.pngImpaIcon.pngTrolIcon.pngSecrIcon.pngMachIcon.pngTorrIcon.png

Acquainted With... TracIcon.pngXenoIcon.pngKualIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... IdatIcon.pngZeppIcon.png

Foes With... BluhIcon.pngGourIcon.png

Grudge Against... ArchIcon.png

Combat Specifications

As a blob, Apoplexy can creep and leap and glide and slide (across the floor)
Apoplexy's physical capabilities are impressively boosted by her genetic modification. She can lift up to 252 pounds, and can keep fighting consistently for up to 5 hours. She is also fitted with plates of Bio-Armor, which are flexible enough to shape-shift along with her and still remain hard enough to deflect fast-moving projectiles. Even without the armor, she is amorphous enough to simply shrug off most attacks, and her unusual form also makes her extremely resilient to heat, poison, and radiation effects.

Her infusion with Malfector DNA has turned her into a veritable living weapons-platform. For one, she can phase-change and shape-shift, allowing her to turn into a puddle to fit into even the oddest of locations. It is in this melted form that she can move the fastest, thanks to the fact that she has very low friction and mass in this state. She can easily slip out at speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour in her puddle-like form, and even glides effortlessly over the surface of water.

Her goopy composition also means that she can regenerate, particularly by simply taking in surrounding matter. She also takes advantage of this by simply projecting goo, letting her pelt her enemies with small parts of herself. Given that she can will these flying droplets to turn into serrated shards, this proves to be a spectacularly effective tactic when it comes to taking on hordes of enemies.

The big reason Apoplexy has the ability to shapeshift, however, is that it enables her to use Weapon Blueprints; small microchips installed in her Control Glove which enable her to 'will' weapon shapes into her hands. Her blueprints include a Laser Rifle for far-ranged sniping operations, Beam Machettes for quickly slicing up enemies up-close, and a Bio-handgun, capable of firing rebounding pellets that return to the user for a quick regenerative boost.

Her biggest weakness comes to play when forced to wade directly through liquids. Though she can surface most liquids in her puddle-like form, being knocked into a liquid can cause her to dissolve. Until the pool of liquid she is knocked into can get evaporated (if it ever even is evaporated), she will be stuck in the liquid indefinitely. On the flipside, if something is already dissolved in the liquid (saltwater, for example), Apoplexy's form is robust enough to stay together to resist any decomposition.


Apoplexy's original look, entirely independent of her current design. Comes with: arms of robot and knight, torso of swordsman/superhero, legs of clown/knight, and head of Persian assassin/biker.
  • Her initial design is wildly divergent from her current one; she was initially meant to be a huge blend of other hero designs.
  • SPOILER:Apoplexy is actually still wearing the Guardian's Helmet; it's now embedded in her brain and she's actually still a pawn of the malefectors. Explains why she's still eating/killing humans in Japan, don't you think? Only problem is that signals crossing over dimensional boundaries tend to get a bit... Jumbled.
  • Alternate Themes:
    • (old): HONK.png