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The Economancer
Hot Investment
Change FIN.jpg
"Heads I win. Tails you lose."
Player: @Resterian
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Heads & Tails Clothing
Real Name
Jamie Hudson Grace
June 15th 1993
Detroit, MI
Millennium City, MI
Fashion Designer
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Oliver "Bastion" Millions Grace, Ellen Hudson, Robert Hudson
Physical Traits
White American
Apparent Age
95 lbs.
Body Type
Short, Messy, Dyed Blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Golden Lip Ring, Tattoo of a burning coin on right bicep.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Economancy, Flaming Currency, Memory Manipulation
· Equipment ·
MONEY! Nickel Dusters.
· Other Abilities ·
Creative mind, thinks outside the box. Good with a sewing machine.



"Call me a cliché, but my childhood was not a pleasant one. Regardless, it's the one I got and I'll be damned if I didn't learn a lot growing up. I only wish there were a few more happy moments along the way."

In the summer of 1993, Jamie was born into the arms of Ellen and Robert Hudson, residents of Westside and married purely for their child's sake. The family was under the constant strain of poverty and dysfunctionality. As an infant, Jamie was a frustrating baby, or more likely she was frustrating due to the arguing between her parents. Ellen and Robert's relationship was made on thin foundations and the only thing preventing them from going their separate ways was the screaming child in the background.
Going into school, Jamie's home conditions were no secret. Under the scrutiny of authority for any sign of bad behaviour and at the mercy of more privileged children, Jamie was stuck in the middle of social and legal antagonism. Jamie was intelligent, she had the potential to be a great student but chose to hang back in the shadows of lower grades. Growing up through the years, Jamie found her niche as someone to be feared. Petty theft from other kids and a few well-placed rumours about her neighbourhood granted her solitude from other children.
Her parents struggled to cope the whole time, when money came in, it went to essentials. Any spare cash fed dangerous habits for themselves. Their bond together lasted as long as their next high, Jamie slowly lost meaning as she grew. By sixteen, Jamie chose to leave. Having dealt with her parents' drunken stupors and drug addled insanity for years, she felt she faired a better chance at life on the streets. This also meant, quitting school altogether.

On The Streets

"My late teen years, those really define who I am. Nothing was tougher, I lost count of the times I considered going back to my parents. But every time I stuck to my choice and battled through each day. I was a criminal, no doubting that, but not out of malice. I needed to live, and at the time, there was no other alternative."

There were no true grand moments during her time on the streets, it was simply a long arduous time of going through each day trying to stay alive. The first year was scariest for Jamie. She was under no illusion that the darkest of the dark would be out to get her. She had taken what precautions she could against predators. A couple of knives, one plain to see, another hidden under a coat that wouldn't see a washing machine for the next three years.
Jamie encountered the sickest of the sick and drew blood with her knives on more than one occasion. She made friends too, the right friends. Over the years she developed a reputation, just like she had in school. She wasn't someone feared, rather respected as a woman who merely tried to stay alive each day.

"That Jamie girl, yeah, don't mess with her. She may not look much, but she'll cut you if you cross her.
That's what they used to say about me. I was glad for it, it meant that I could be homeless in relative safety."

During her time on the streets, there were two things that remained constant for Jamie. The first being that she always kept her eyes on the sky, because each day there would always be super heroes soaring above. And there was no greater dream for her than to be one of them. Even if she couldn't be super, being able to help would suffice. Second thing, the desire for money. Every fibre of her being needed money, it didn't matter where it came from. Money meant food and food meant living. There was no materialistic desire within her, it was far more primal than that. It could even be said that this primal desire is what kept her alive and what paved the way for her future.

Becoming a Hero

"Since becoming a hero, I've taken a lot of beatings. Nothing has even come close to the pain I felt when I gained my powers. But you know what? It was fucking worth it."

July 2013, Little Italy once again descended into a fire fight between Purple Gang suits and Heroes. Jamie had encountered these fights before and knew exactly which side she stood on. She was not afraid, she did not hide in the shops like other civilians. She acted as a radar, watching for foes and pointing them out. Her influence may not have been super powered, but she acted as a brilliant coordinator and reduced casualties dramatically. This day was different to other days, however. When victory seemed assured the battle was far from over. True villains arrived, villains with all manner of malicious powers. Worse still, Jamie, an innocent bystander, was caught right in the middle of it. Knowing she was in over her head, Jamie tried to take cover in an alley, but instead took the force of several beams of magical and technological energy. Her cries of agony were heard by a hero named Bastion (@Wafflechan) who came to her aid and carried her to safety...only to be severely wounded by an exploding coin pouch. Jamie's powers awakened through the cocktail of energies, but without any control, Bastion was hurt. However, he did not hold a grudge and even asked her to become his partner in heroism. Feeling she owed him a debt, Jamie agreed, joining Bastion's side as Change, The Economancer.

Eternals Inc.

"You want to know something? Without the Eternals I'd be one dead superhero. They're my family and I wouldn't give them up for anything. They've helped me become the hero I am and have supported me through some of my hardest times. In every fight I will have their backs and I know they will have mine."

Bastion and Change spent time together as a duo, handling a lot of street level crime and making a name for themselves. They became more like siblings than partners, though Change would never admit to that. Out of costume, they were Oliver and Jamie. Oliver the idealist and bright light of the pair, Jamie the realist and avid fan of Anarchy. On their downtime, the pair took a trip to Club Caprice and as fate would have it, they met Anarchy! Jamie, of course, was completely composed as Oliver physically pushed her towards her idol. Anarchy, her friends and the heroic pair took the party to Anarchy's apartment where Oliver and Jamie revealed they were heroes. Eternals, Inc. was mentioned but the idea of joining wasn't. Jamie spent more time with Anarchy though now she called her Vi, and Oliver looked into Eternals, Inc. it seemed to be a good next step for the pair. Eventually Change and Bastion landed an interview with Stopmotion and by the end of it, they were members. It should be noted, however, that Change eventually left Eternals, Inc..


Events after joining Eternals, Inc. are widespread and complicated and so will merely be detailed in a list. Efforts have been taken to keep them in chronological order but cannot be guaranteed, some major Eternals Plot Lines have been omitted for ease of reading and timeline simplicity.


  • Bastion leaves on a mission in Canada, without Change.
  • Bastion goes missing while in Canada.
  • Marek joins the Eternals, claiming to be Change's uncle.
  • Marek gives Change one of the first coins ever made.
  • Change meets the Council of Nemoth and is given a silver coin as a gift. She wears this around her neck.
  • Change tries to find Bastion, but for a long time has no leads.
  • Change's business Heads & Tails takes off.
  • Change mysteriously receives a new phone and a text from 'Hollowed'.
  • Change buys a new apartment Downtown.
  • Change learns that Hollowed is a myth that supposedly knows everything but can only answer questions.
  • Change begins to investigate Isaac Rome, a businessman she suspects of villainy.
  • Change is captured by Avarice and is chemically controlled by him for several days.
  • Avarice does not do anything majorly criminal with Change's body.
  • Marek and Divael free Change of Avarice's control but Change is wounded by the chemicals.
  • Marek calls Change to the blimp and throws her off, telling her to yell "I NEED BASTION" at the coin he gave her.
  • Change meets Leviathan 'Where All Light Gathers' who interrogates her.
  • Satisfied with her answers, Leviathan allows Change to continue on her dimensional travel.
  • Change arrives at the Bay of Ergastulum, where she witnesses a lizard boy riding a whale.
  • The lizard boy meets Change and gives her a big hug, revealing that he is Bastion!
  • Bastion says he has been away for two years but for Change it has only been a month.
  • Bastion explains Ergastulum's economical system of memories as currency to Change, advancing her powers.
  • Change tries to convince Bastion to come home but he says he has not finished training.
  • Change returns to Earth, glad that Bastion is safe but also concerned.
  • Marek reveals he was sent to kill Change if Bastion failed the Test of Tou, a test that Bastion had to complete as part of his training.
  • Bastion passed the Test of Tou.
  • Marek is attacked and is left comatose.

Chapter One

  • Change worries that Bastion is in danger, and calls upon her fellow Eternals to help on a rescue mission.
  • Professor Smash, Divael, Anarchy, Desecrated Dreams and Change arrive 'Where All Light Gathers'.
  • Leviathan interrogates the group but eventually allows them to pass.
  • The group arrive at the Bay of Ergastulum, which is in the middle of an epic battle.
  • Change despairs as she catches sight of Bastion's hoodie floating in the water, breaking off from the group.
  • The remainder of the group work to defend themselves against battleships offshore.
  • Change is knocked further from the group by a stray missile.
  • Bastion appears riding a tidal wave and knocks over a ship, saving Change from certain death.
  • Bastion is extremely exhausted and close to death, however two dragons arrive and begin to battle.
  • The group attempt to subdue the dragons, but another one arrives.
  • Re-grouping, they flee the battle, along with an unconscious Bastion.
  • Bastion recovers while Marek remains comatose.
  • Bastion gradually returns to his human state and reveals his true powers of mimicry.
  • Bastion moves in with Change.
  • Bastion struggles with personal demons regarding his perfect memory due to his powers.
  • Change returns to her investigations into Avarice under a vigilante disguise.
  • Change is ordered by the authorities to cease her investigations after her vigilante antics get violent.
  • Change is suspected to be the vigilante but nothing is proven.
  • Bastion reveals more about his training in Ergastulum and the 'Grace' family and offers Change a way to increase her powers.
  • Through the coin Marek gave her, Bastion and Change confront Shinju, a member of the Grace family.
  • Bastion is sent away and Change is forced to fight a shadow of herself.
  • Change's shadow is substantially stronger than Change but is plagued by guilt.
  • Change shows that there are some things that she cannot be held responsible for and her shadow surrenders, though Change nearly dies in the battle.
  • Shinju is satisfied with Change's performance and adopts her into the Grace family.
  • Change becomes a Vashra and is now technically Bastion's sister.

Chapter Two

  • Change helps mentor for Rising Star and confesses she's had a crush on Mister Fifth who agrees to go on a date with her.
  • Change takes a break from heroism to focus on Heads & Tails.
  • Change returns to her heroic duties just as Bastion goes missing. Again.
  • Change along with several members of Eternals, Inc. join Mister Fifth and Strobe for a party.
  • The party ends with Mister Fifth becoming Negative Fifth due to consuming a drug and battling the Eternals before fleeing.
  • Change prepares to confront Negative Fifth, ready to do whatever it takes to get Mister Fifth back.
  • Heads & Tails is attacked by an unknown criminal, one worker dies during the attack, several others are left in critical condition.
  • Dressed to Distress begins, with Stopmotion, Vespula Sting, Black Knight and Quintessence helping Change find out who attacked Heads & Tails.
  • Mister Fifth is recovered, however he is still in the Negative Five state.
  • Mister Fifth and Change reconcile and resume their relationship.
  • The Eternals celebrate Christmas! Change gifts every Eternal with a custom made coin with the Eternals Logo and their name engraved in the metal.
  • New Year rolls by without any sign of Bastion. Change anticipates the possibility she will be dragged into whatever situation Bastion is currently in.
  • Change is promoted to Director of Staff Services within Eternals Inc.
  • Change and Professor Smash are dragged into an underground arena and forced to fight two extra terrestrial monsters.
  • The monsters are defeated and Novick, a villain linked to Bastion, joins the battle, killing Professor Smash.
  • Bastion storms in along with Mister Fifth. Bastion proceeds to attack Novick while Mister Fifth recovers from hyper-dimensional travel.
  • Change, Bastion and Mister Fifth fight valiantly eventually rendering Novick incapable of combat.
  • Bastion nearly kills Novick, but instead gives his life to revive Professor Smash.
  • Change's grief over losing Bastion causes her to contemplate killing Novick, but instead she chooses to burn a coin into his eye socket until it fused with his flesh, allowing her to burn him in future at any time or place.
  • Change, Professor Smash and Mister Fifth returned to Eternals Tower with Bastion's body. Despite stopping Novick, this was no victory.
  • Bastion's body shows no signs of decay, but no signs of life either. Is he truly dead?

Chapter Three

  • Change steps down from the Heads & Tails investigation, ending Dressed to Distress and prompting a media frenzy.
  • The press take camp outside Change's home looking for the scoop as to why Change has stepped down and the rumoured death of Bastion.
  • Novick is interrogated by Change, Rhapsody and Jericho.
  • Change mourns for two weeks, she does not attend to her heroic duties for two whole weeks.
  • In a press conference she explains the full situation to the public, why she stepped down and Bastion's current state.
  • Change goes to New Jersey to help investigate a rising crime wave.
  • Alongside fellow Eternals, Jangala, Bluebird and Fortune, Change conducts a raid on a mob warehouse, successfully bringing down two superhumans; Coldkill and Thumbhead.
  • Change returns to MC to find Bastion passed away while she was gone. She grieves openly, wearing a black version of her costume for a brief time.
  • Change's home is broken into and torn apart. An icicle piercing a photo of Change is left at the scene.
  • Allowing for police to investigate, Change moves into a room within Eternal's Tower.
  • Submerging herself in her duties in Heroes Inc. she signs up as a squad leader for the impending battle against a global threat; King Quantus.
  • Change takes leadership of a Ranged Squad against King Quantus.
  • The first battle takes place at Sakura Park, together with many members of both the Global Defence Force and Eternals, Inc. four of Quantus' Elite fighters are defeated.
  • After achieving victory over King Quantus alongside her fellow heroes, Change makes the move to go independent, removing herself from Eternals, Inc.
  • Vanishes from Millennium City entirely for over a year.

Chapter Four

  • Returns to Millennium City, after spending a year focusing on her civilian life.
  • With the disappearance of Bastion, Change's Vashra heritage has abandoned her along with all the benefits it brought.
  • Using her Econo-Memoria, she erased her memory of that very ability, deeming it something beyond her responsibility and judgement.

"I swear this job NEVER gets old!"


Change in uniform full color 2 by chou roninx-d71c74d22.png


  • Economancy - Her primary ability and namesake, Change is capable of moving money with her mind. There are limitations to this ability, but also limitless potential:

- Monopoly money is not valid.
- 'Trade' (furs for food etc.) does not apply to her powers.
- Alien economical systems can apply, provided Change has knowledge of them and how they work.
- Primarily sticks to small coins of multiple currencies.
- Credit and Debit card holders beware...

  • Econo-Ignis - Her secondary ability and main offensive outlet, Change is capable of causing coins to explode or burn at a temperature high enough to create blue flames.


  • Coin Cannon - Used on one occasion during the pursuit of Negative Fifth. As a red herring Negative Fifth brought down a meteor that would collide with Rio de Jeneiro. With this technique, Change constructed a huge cannon made of coins to create a concentrated blast of molten metal. Needless to say, Rio de Jeneiro is still standing today.
  • Burning Bond - A play on two meanings, the burning bond is a creation of two coin-chains wrapped around Change's wrist then set ablaze. These chains can be used as weapons but are primarily used to bind targets. While the chains can be broken, Change rebuilds them quickly, in fact breaking them can even allow her to rebuild them and trap her target in the new chain.
  • Rain Money - Change's iconic technique and perhaps most favoured method of attack. Change raises a large number of coins above and area and, surprise surprise, proceeds to make it rain flaming money!



  • The Nickel Dusters - An invention of her own, Change has a pair of bracers embedded with nickels. The nickels have held their value and can be ignited at will, providing Change with a BURNING punch. She wears these while in civilian clothes and under her gloves when in costume.
  • Body Armour - Change's costume sports some lightweight armour, capable of withstanding heavy impacts and gunshots.
  • The Scarf - Change's scarf is made of dyed metallic thread. It can withstand roughly the same damage her armour can and is fireproof. WARNING: Getting hit by the scarf will hurt.



  • Oh God it hurts! - Change is human through and through, she possesses no healing factor or enhanced defences.
  • Please don't hurt them! - A common weakness amongst heroes, holding a loved one or civilian at gunpoint will get her to dance to your tune.
  • Get out of my head! - Mental defences? Nope.
  • RAGE! - Change's quick temper and fiery heart can lead to her making rash decisions that can put her and her allies in danger.



Physical Attributes
Magical Attributes
Mental Attributes
ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ӿ ѻ
Chaotic Good
ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ

Emmshin teamc 012 by emmshin-d77dbax.jpg


Anarchy friendbutton.jpg
Anarchy "I've always been a huge fan of Vi and were it not for her, I'd never be in Eternals Inc. While we don't spend as much time together as we used to, I still regard her as one of my best friends and greatest allies."

Colosso friendbutton.jpg
Colosso "Michael. He's a big character (pun intended) and a pleasure to work for. I'm always amazed by how he can maintain his positive attitude while leading such a large team of diverse individuals. I do worry about him sometimes though, with his head slapped on so many cereal boxes, the safety of those he cares about could not be more precarious..."

Rhapsody2 friendbutton.png
Rhapsody "I do like Rhapsody. She's one of those people always trying to do the right thing. I think she's going to be a great mother. Heck, maybe in a few years Nika will take over and be the next Rhapsody.

Natasha friendbutton.jpg
Divael "I do love Divael, she's got a great heart and powers that have saved a great many lives, mine included. We don't talk nearly as much as we should but I know I can always turn to her for assistance when I need it."

Jericho friend button.png
Jericho "Charming on one side, intimidating on another. I've seen two sides of our 'James Bond' and I wonder which side symbolises the true Jericho. Regardless, him and Rhapsody seem to have great chemistry and if that sort of bond translates to teamwork while on duty, who am I to judge?."

Mr5th friendbutton.jpg
Mister Fifth "Fifth...he's a great many things but for me...for me he is my kindred spirit. Despite what he is, I love him dearly, perhaps more than he realizes. His serene smile and steady hands are a source of comfort and stability for me. If ever my fiery spirit blazed beyond my control, I know Fifth could calm me."

Pulsar friendbutton.png
Pulsar "Amber is a bundle of smiles and joy within Eternals Inc. She has a brightness to her presence that spreads to everyone. When things are at there worst, I know Pulsar will be the one to keep us all smiling."

Rocko friendbutton.jpg
Rocko "Rocko odd one. I have no idea what to think of him. He's big, green and yells a lot. He also loves...some sort of green doughnut. Despite his imposing appearance he's a good man. In honour of our 'Supatroll' I say...troll is TROLL!"

Silly sally friendbutton.png
Silly Sally "I actually really like Sally, I'm not sure why. I don't see her much but when I do, I treat her like a little sister. I'm not sure if I should or why I treat her that way but she doesn't seem to mind, or even notice. Plus it's so cute when someone honks her nose."

StopMotion friendbutton.jpg
Stopmotion "Caio has recently become a good friend to me, someone I can talk to about things I'd never discuss with another soul. We've both lost someone dear to us and perhaps it's that understanding that has brought us together."

VS friendbutton.png
Vespula Sting I'll never forget the day Vespula Sting poisoned a detective with laxatives. He does everything so dramatically I have to wonder if he views life as one big comedic TV show."



Change in casual wear by chou roninx-d71bm7l22.png
  • Delinquent Hair Taking inspiration from Anarchy, Jamie dyes her hair. For one, she hates her natural white hair. She is also of the stern belief that blue hair looks "FREAKING AWESOME!"
  • Scarf of Asskicking Change has always had a ragged brown scarf around her neck during her life, however, her current scarf is a duplicate of the one she had as a teenager. Crafted from a metallic fibre, it acts as some seriously stylish neck armour.
  • Power Tattoo Her tattoo of a burning coin was inked in for free by Anarchy. It doesn't have any special properties but, Jamie likes it all the same, if only to advertise her awesome powers on her right arm.


  • Hot Blooded Much like the burning nature of her powers, Jamie herself is a passionate force to be reckoned with. Whether it's her business ventures in Heads & Tails or a villain on a rampage, Jamie doesn't hold back.
  • Socially Awkward Hero Despite her courageous nature and general fiery determination, Jamie struggles with a lot of social interactions. Lavish parties render her a mere wallflower and approaching someone she has a crush-- And she's gone...
  • Humble Hero Jamie is no glory hunter. She wishes only to make her mark on the world as someone who made it a better place, nothing more. Her view is that success is marked by how many lives were saved, not by how loud the grateful crowd cheers.

Combat and Skills

  • Personality Powers Jamie's power stemmed from her obsession with money. Before she became a hero, every coin she held meant a chance at surviving another day. To her, money is more than just purchasing material goods, it is a resource to assure survival. With her powers, she can use money to assure the survival of others in the face of danger.
  • Playing with Fire Let it all burn! Jamie's all about fire and explosions!
  • Elemental Punch With the Nickel Dusters, Jamie's foes best fear the burning blue fist she can deliver.


  • For Great JusticeTrue to her life-long dream as a bringer of justice, Jamie is a classic hero and will do everything in her power to uphold the law and order, no matter where she is.
  • Good Feels GoodChange has always lived her life with the idea of passing away knowing she was a positive influence on the world, that she helped make it a better place. Doing good for the world is a core part of her existence.
  • Screw the Rules! I'm doing what's right! Jamie often comes up against the authorities for defying orders or ignoring some laws in her efforts to stop villainy and protect the innocent. She's not popular with the MCPD or PRIMUS despite her record as a successful heroine.



  • Jamie has a cupboard in her kitchen that she tells nobody to open. The truth is the cupboard is filled to bursting with coins and people who open it may get crushed under the weight.
  • Her necklace is a coin from a realm called Nimoth.
  • Jamie has had many hair colours. She was born with black hair before dying it dark green. She then dyed it blue and purple before finally dying it light blue.
  • Jamie's eyes used to be green, however upon gaining her powers they became light yellow. It took her a while to notice the change.
  • While Jamie often makes elaborate hand gestures while fighting, her powers do not actually require her to use her hands at all.
  • Jamie can reach speeds of around 60MPH through the rapid combustion of coins attached to her boots.
  • Jamie's flight capabilities are limited to two options. Rocket forward in a straight line extremely fast, or hover awkwardly.
  • One of Jamie's pouches is a bottomless bag Divael gave her for Christmas.
  • Change can play piano and guitar. She used to sing for her fellow Eternals at events or meetings.
  • Jamie's faceclaim is Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
  • Jamie's voiceclaim is Riven from League of Legends (Cristina Valenzuela).



1. "Burn - Ellie Goulding" "We got the fire, and we're burning one hell of a something."
2. "The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy" "Setting fire to the sky. Here it comes, this rising tide."
3. "Paper Walls - Yellowcard" "Here I stand, won't turn back again."
4. "Save You - Kelly Clarkson" "I wish I could say to you; it's gonna be alright."
5. "Price Tag - Jessie J" "You can't put a price on a life. We do this for the love so we fight and sacrifice."
6. "Let the Flames Begin/Part II - Paramore" "What a shame we all became...such fragile broken things..."
7. "It's Time - Imagine Dragons" "The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell."
8. "I Burn - RWBY OST - Jeff Williams feat Casey Lee Williams and Lamar Hall" "Come at me and you'll see, I'm more than meets the eye."
BONUS TRACK! Song for Bastion. "Teru no Uta - Tales From Earthsea (Studio Ghibli)" "I long to spread my wings and fly into the light."
BONUS TRACK! Battle Theme. "War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch" "Cause I got ten in my pocket that'll bend ya locket!"



  • "Fiery and feisty. My kind of girl." - Strobe
  • "Just when I thought I had heard of every superpower there was... Like most, I'm not sure she can handle the power she has. But so far, so good." - Captain Adamant

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