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Player: @littlegirlrai
Blowing kiss.png
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Abigail "Abby" Wade
Known Aliases: Devika Jones
Gender: Female
Species: Human; Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Dr. Thomas Wade (father), Valerie Doyle (Mother), Scott Doyle (Step-father), Sarah Doyle (l2)(half-sister)
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 129 lbs
Eyes: ghostly green (blind)
Hair: (natural) Brunette; (currently)dyed black and magenta
Complexion: Pale, Smooth
Physical Build: On the healthy side of thin
Physical Features: (tattoos):open heart-shaped lock on inner right wrist, Celtic pattern on left ring finger, Tiny treble clef with notes on outside of left ankle, tiny base clef on the outside of right ankle

(piercings): Bottom lip twice, Ears - two in each lobe and 3 auricle, bellybutton.

(scars): little scars around her eyes from venom, on both sides of her right shoulder just below her collar bone (in the process of healing/scarring), left bicep from messing up with a training katana, tiny scars on both arms from injections/needles as a child

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: As lead singer/bassist for Social Pariah (as Devika Jones) 2007 - 2008; Occasional appearances.

As Singer and Musician Rhapsody 2012-Current

Citizenship: American
Occupation: Student, Musician, Hero
Education: Student at MCU
Marital Status: Widowed Punchline (Dante Mironov)(presumed dead)

Engaged to Jericho

Known Powers and Abilities
(Mutation) Psychic attacks/blocks, Double Psi-blades, Telepathy, Teleportation, Slightly Telekinetic

(Martial Arts and Fighting Styles): Kenjutsu, Fencing, Geommu
(Musical): Sing (alto, with some soprano range), plays guitar (both electric and acoustic), bass guitar, violin, and piano, Song writing

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Psi-shields, Psi-swords, Guitars and Bass guitars, rarely carries Katanas
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Rhasp history.jpg

Through out the mid to late 80's Dr. Thomas Wade was making notable contributions to science. His works were published in many reputable journals. His field took interest in exploring the newly emerging mutant phenomenon. He met Valerie DeVoe at a social function. At first they seemed to have little in common. However, he was charmed by her and pursued her until she gave in. They dated off and on and finally decided to get married. On June 15, 1990 they were blessed with a baby girl that they quickly named, Abigail Marie Wade.

Abigail was a lonely child. Even though her parents did want the best for her they both had very busy work schedule. Much of her time up into her late toddler years were spent at her grandparents house. Abby loved her grandparents very much, but there were no other children there and the toys there were left over from her mother's childhood.

When she was five she started to display a talent for telepathy. It upset her grandmother to hear her granddaughter's voice with out the movement of her lips, but Abby's father couldn't be more excited. He suddenly took much more interest in her. At first it was exciting. She'd wanted to have more time with her parents. One of them was better than nothing and she thought his lab was really cool. There were so many machines and things that bubbled. To a young child it was a wonderland. Over time it didn't seem so great. While the machines were nifty she didn't like being hooked up to them. They patches were cold. And she didn't like him giving her so many shots. In her childish mind she justified it by telling herself she had her father's love. His testing led to her to developing a side mutation off of her original telepathy. She slowly began to be able to channel psionic abilities into solid forms (shields, barriers, swords, etc.).

This went on for years without anyone noticing. However. Soon after her 8th birthday her mother asked her about a bruise on her thigh. She told her it was from one of the shots her father had given her. Valerie may not have been any mother of the year awards, but she became livid once found out that her husband had been experiment on their daughter. Going into protective mode she took Abigail and moved them both into their own apartment. Though her mother kept trying to explain why Abby couldn't see her father any more the girl didn't fully understand.

While the divorce was in process Valerie came to a decision. She would pay more attention and be a better mother. Guilt ate at her. She moved her daughter and herself to Millennium City as soon as the divorce papers had been signed and all the logistics worked out. Since that time Abby has had very little contact with her father.

Little abby.jpg

A shy child in a new school Abby didn't make friends quickly, but her mother didn't spare any expense on her daughter's education. Abby when to all the prime schools with in the city and was allowed to do any extra curricular activity she wanted. She took interest in Music and the arts. She loved science and history. Despite everything she loved people, too. She was friendly and generous. It didn't gain her popularity, but over time it gained her a few true friends.

Her mother remarried. It wasn't the same as her real father, but she liked to see her mother happy. When she was 12 they gave her a baby sister, Sarah. Abby did all she could to make sure he sister didn't feel the same loneliness that she had.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

One afternoon Abby was out shopping with her mother and sister when a near by building blew up. Police quartered off the area to hold back the gathering crowed. The three watched as rescue workers did their duty. Her mother saw a business opportunity and went around offering out her card and legal advice. Abby rolled her eyes at her mother's ill timing, but tagged along. The fire spread to a parking garage. Fire fighters worked to put out the blaze. Abby was taken aback by a little voice in her head. It asked her to follow it. At first she didn't understand where the voice was coming from, but then her leg was headbutted by a rather distraught feline. Follow me. Follow me. Breaking away from her mother she started to follow the cat out of curiosity. The cat lead patted up to the side entrance of the parking garage. Hesitating Abby looked around at the commotion and weighed her options. Well aware that it may not be the smartest thing she'd ever done she followed the cat. It lead her to a woman and two children that had been missed on preliminary searches of the building. They were trapped by the fire. Unable to leave them Abby created a Psi-barrier to help them get out. There was much scolding from her mother and the authorities for running into a burning building, but the media dubbed her a hero. In Abby's mind she understood her mother's point-of-view better. She wasn't a hero; she was just a stupid girl who followed a cat into a burning building. This day also brought her her first contact with Dante Mironov.

Over the next few months she struggled with the attention the press was giving her. In the meantime Dante was found to have connection to the bombing. When it came time for his trial Abby testified on his behalf saying that he'd saved her the day of the bombings. This gave him a lighter sentence and he was transferred to Miskatonic Psychiatric Hospital. Abby secretly started to visit Dante and they started to grow close. Unfortunately once her mother found out about this relationship it caused a rift in the family. Forbidden to see the boy she was falling in love with Abby ran away and started to stay with her friend, Karma.

social Pariah

Meanwhile, she'd formed a punk rock band with her friends Jess and Karma. At first they called it Muff Dive, but once they were approached to preform at Freedom Festival they were asked to change their name or they would become Social Pariahs. So, it seemed logical to them that they just changed the name of their band to Social Pariah. While in the band Abby went by the alias of Devika Jones and Jess went by the alias of Jasper Davis. They were a big hit at the festival and landed a record deal. With in a year of their debut at Freedom Fest they were on tour around the U.S. Their last show on the Tour was in Millennium City. During the show a fan climbed on stage and rushed Abby. Out of reflex she teleported (an ability she didn't even know she had) and exposed herself to the audience as being a mutant. It caused a riot and controversy that her PR worked to her advantage the best they could.

Around the time the tour ended Dante was released from the hospital. The two began to date and ended up moving in together. Their lives became a whirlwind of teenage passion. In the fall she had a Rolling Stone interview. Both her musical career and her romantic life where coming up roses.

However one day she found a notebook that made her question her relationship with Dante. She'd known that he'd been guilty of the crime he'd gone to trial for, but she didn't know that he'd taken more lives then just those people. Even more shocking to her was that he was still actively going out and killing. It disturbed her greatly, but he convinced her to give him a chance to explain his actions and to show her what he actually did.

The night he took her out on a 'raid' (as he called them) was one of the worst of her life. Dante was a precises and accurate killer. The ruthlessness and effectiveness he showed in taking out the VIPER soldiers made her wonder if he could ever turn those 'gifts' against her. He made sure she stayed protected until they reached the top floor where he realized he'd walked them into a trap. He hurried her out of the building, but Abby was sure she'd seen a child in the building. She tried to stop him to reason with him, bu he wouldn't listen to her. Forcing her telepathy onto him she dug into his mind to make him listen to her.

It put them in a vulnerable position allowing her to become captured by the Villain named Arachne. Dante began to follow her but in the end was phased and angry that she'd 'mind raped' him. Escaping he blew up the building.

Captured by Arachne, Abby was subjected to torture in hopes they would tell whee Dante could be found. She held her tongue. Dante did eventually realize his mistake and went back for the girl he loved. He managed to save Abby, but by the time he arrived she was on death's doorstep. He made a deal with a backstreet doctor called, The Butcher, in order to save her life. However, when she woke up she was permanently blinded.

Not knowing how to deal with her new condition, she left Dante. Karma came to pick her up, but they had a fight over whether or not Abby should forgive/return to Dante and Karma said she couldn't be Abby's friend any more. She left her friend sitting on the stairs of a Westside apartment building. Abby, not knowing where else to turn, called her father and made arrangements to go stay with him in New York.

She wasn't sure what to expect from her father, but they made arrangements and over the next year he was a great help to her. He forced her to push the limits of what she could do with her abilities and made sure that she learned how to fight properly with her psi-swords. As a fluke she figured out one day that she could see through other being's eyes. They worked on this skill and after a few months she didn't find it nearly as distorting as she had at first.

Feeling more capable with her new life she returned to Millennium City. She returned to Dante. However, she found him with another girl. It wasn't like they had been together while she was gone, but knowing he was sexually active with other people hurt her greatly. He kicked the other girl out and tried to explain, but she didn't really want to hear it at that time. Dante did, however, convince her to stay in Millennium City. He gave up his bad habits (including his promiscuous lifestyle) and took his time getting her back.


May of 2010 they ended up getting back together. Fall of that year they moved in together (again) and both started their first semester of college. There relationship was very up and down, but they truly did love each other. In June of 2011 he spontaneously proposed to her. They were married that November. Abby's father came to the wedding, but her mother refused to support her daughter's marriage to a criminal. They have their wedding rings tattooed on.

As part of the wedding pact, Dante had agreed to never go back to his vigilante life style. For the first few months everything seemed to be matrimonial bliss. However, one night Abby found out he'd gone back on his promise. He'd been going on raids and had become known by the name 'Punchline'. Upset they got into a fight. It looked like it was make or break for their marriage. She faced two options. To either accept him like he was and work on their marriage or to ask for a divorce and leave. She decided she didn't want to give up on him. It was at that moment the idea to become Rhapsody was born.

By the end of the next week she found herself in Micheal Gold's office trying to sell him on the fact she would make him money. She could fight, she could sing, she was generous. She was a sure hit. He signed her on. She spent most of 2012 making a name for herself and becoming re-established. So far everything is working out. She keeps the secret that her husband is Punchline and has successfully kept him from killing anyone 'innocent'. She has also made a splash in the music world.

((End of spoilers. To learn more please either read the stories or find her for RP.))


Rhasp powers.jpg

Psychic blocks - She can create psychic shields. It is very rare that she will ever use it to shield more than herself and one other at a time, because the more people she is trying to guard the more effort it takes. She will do what she needs to to do her 'job' but also is cautious not to over exert herself.


Psi-blades - As the main spotlight of her offensive attacks she wields two psi-blades. The skill she has gained with them did not come easily. She's spent years training not only her mind, but her body. She is constantly practicing and improving in the arts of Kenjutsu, Fencing, and Geommu. She knows that an unskilled hand can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Telepathy - Telepathy is her oldest and strongest ability. In general she doesn't like to dig deeply into other peoples minds. For one it is invasive, for another she doesn't always like the information she receives. However, it is through this skill that she 'sees'. By tapping into those around her she can 'see' through their eyes. This usually doesn't involve digging too deeply, but she can still catch surface thoughts. Another aspect she uses her telepathy for is to shield her mind from anyone trying to use psychic attacks on her. While she's not as strong at blocking people out as her father, she grows better and stronger the more sue uses her telepathy.

Teleportation - She can disappear and reappear at will. This is her main method of travel when she is Rhapsody. It is something she very rarely uses otherwise. She uses her telepathy to connect with minds in the area to know where she is going and make sure she doesn't unpleasantly teleport inside of something.

Telekinetic - This is a skill she is still working on and there for it is weak. She can slightly move stuff with her mind, but it is taxing on her. It is very rarely used unless absolutely needed.

Psionic Projection -

Psychic Navigation and Location -


Rhaps Equiptment.jpg


Rhasp weakness.jpg

Screenshot 2013-03-26-13-47-20 2.jpg

Blind - With her telepathy she can usually get around pretty well. However, she is blind and without help has no eyesight. If she is alone or her mental connections to others are being tampered with she is literately lost in the dark.

Dante/Punchline - She has a soft spot to him to the point that she's willing to ignore some of the darker aspects of him. Though she is a hero she will do what she can to cover his tracks and clean up after him in hopes that he will not get caught or in trouble. This includes risking herself to pull any innocents out of the way of harm he causes.

Depression - Even though she is usually pretty up beat about her life, she does have a good deal that she's dealing with. At times everything builds up and gets to her. Though she's is functional, her disability sometimes makes her feel broken or insignificant. Even when she's told that she's wrong and people love her it doesn't seem to help. Part of it is also that she gets lonely. The only person who she is really close to is Dante. He tends to chance most other people away. Either others in her life don't approve of him or his jealousy gets in the way.

Monophobia -

Psychic Suppression - While her telepathic walls are pretty strong limiting most other psychics from getting in to her mind, she isn't always successful against those who can suppress her powers from connecting with others. At times she can beat past this, but on the occasions that she can't it leaves her stumbling in the dark. She has some minor training in blind fighting, but it is very limited. Rhapsody without her powers is more or less dead weight.

Secret Identity - Rhapsody has a interesting multilayer secret identity. It is not publicly known who Rhapsody really is, however a few vans have figured out that Rhapsody and Devika Jones are probably the same person. It is not publicly known and usually just a theory on their part. They would be correct. However, even they do not know that Devika Jones is just a stage name for Abby Wade. It is a well guarded secret and with with the complicated conflicts her personal and hero life could have with each other she'd like to keep it that way. She'd really rather not have to hunt her husband. She'd also like to keep her privacy at least somewhat intact. On top of that she has family she has to worry about. She's pretty sure that her father (Dr. Wade) and Dante could take care of themselves if worst came to worse. This doesn't hold true for her mother, step-father, or little sister.

Friends, Allies and Acquaintances

Rhaps Friends.jpg

Eternals, Inc.

Anarchy friendbutton.jpg
"For the beginning I felt like I had a connection to Vi. I feel like we understand each other in ways that perhaps others can't. I really wish I could go out and party with her at some point. "

"What a fucking sweetheart? Really, is there anyway not to like Emma? She's probably one of the nicest people I've ever met."

Colosso friendbutton.jpg
"He is a big man with a big ego. Luckily for everyone involved he really is one of the good guys. He puts his efforts towards helping others achieve their dreams and does what he can to keep Millennium City safe. I am honored to have him as one of my best friends."

Natasha friendbutton.jpg
"Nat almost always seems kind of quiet. Most of the time I only really ever see her around Vi. They make a cute couple. I'm also really glad that she's stepped up to help so much in the magic department. I know I don't know anything about magic and am glad that we have someone that does."

Dom friendbutton.png
"Don't let his size fool you. I probably have bigger respect for him than anyone else on the team. I know about his past, but he's been like a second father to me. He's been there when I didn't know where else to turn. He's my proof that villains can be turned around."

EvolutionPrime2 friendbutton.png
Evolution Prime
"I wish I knew more about him. Unlike others on the teem I didn't pay too much attention to heroes growing up."

Harrier friendbutton.png
The Harrier
"Even though I just met Chance, I have to say I already really like him. He's open and friendly. It is really nice to a new musician friend."

Jericho friend button.png
"What a charmer. I know I shouldn't trust him, but I do. I've dealt with men that have the same reputation as his before and can usually handle myself. I am not one to be played, but one way or another this one has worked his way under my skin. From the beginning I've felt drawn to him and can't really explain why."

LMG friendbutton.png
Little Miss Gunbunny
"She is interesting, to say the least. I'm open mind, but sometimes I am not completely sure to take her all the time. She's friendly, but so skittish. I'll have to admit her cultural ignorance can be amusing at times. "

Moth friendbutton.png
Metro Moth
"It is rare to meet someone with such enthusiasm. He is missed."

Mr5th friendbutton.jpg
Mister Fifth
"What an awesome dude. He (almost) always seems so laid back and zen. Far out. I mean, really, we should just call him 'The Dude'."

Pulsar friendbutton.png
"Amber is like a little sister to me. I feel like she's family and can't help but lover her. She's got spunk and drive. She's cute as a button. Some day she will be a force to mess with. Even though she's young I am glad that she's my friend and a member of the Eternals."

Quint friendbutton.png
"So beautiful: both inside and out. Still she lacks a faith in herself that she should have. I have never met a model that has such a lack of ego. She really should smile more. If there is a way I could make her happy I'd try."

Raven friendbutton.png
Raven (Poe Allen)
"I haven't met anyone else who has ever made me feel so charmed and pissed off at the same time. Half the time I can't figure out if I want to punch him in the face or pull him in closer as a friend. Edit: A part of me will always love him, but in the end we just wouldn't be able to work out together. He's too black and white and by the books. He can't see in shades of gray."

Rocko friendbutton.jpg
"Troll really is TROLL. He's usually such a fun and interesting guy to be around. I know that the past month hasn't been easy for him, but if I can help I will. I really hate to deliver bad news. Poor guy!"

Shaman friendbutton.jpg
"He is respectful and his power is impressive. The only bad thing I could say about him is that he can be a bit impulsive at times."

Silly sally friendbutton.png
Silly Sally
"I am good with clowns. Vampire Clown? Kind of creepy as shit, but Sally is really fun and super nice. I won't want to piss her off. I don't want to have a pie thrown in my face let alone a whole truck of them at my head."

StopMotion friendbutton.jpg
"Caoi has an ego to rival Michael Gold's. That is not an easy feat to accomplish. He can come across as kind of a douche at times, but I know he really doesn't mean it. He is blunt and at times doesn't have a filter, but he is also a loyal friend. In the end isn't that really counts? "

Tempest friendbutton.jpg
Tempest (Michael Croix)
"It seems like we have common interests in our philanthropic endeavors. I wish I had more time to talk with him outside of 'work'."

VS friendbutton.png
Vespula Sting
' "I don't know this buzzzness man very well, but he seems like he will bee a good addition to the team."

Heroes Inc.

Britt wings.png
Britt Ashdown
"I've only met her a few times, but she's full of snark and wit. I know she has a bit of a reputation for being a bitch, but I actually think she seems to be a really fun person. Verdict: I like her."

IE friendbutton.jpg
Independence Eagle
"He has been very helpful. I've never seen him fail to conduct himself with anything but dignity. My style my clash with his, but I am glad that he's on my side."

Zero friendbutton.jpg
Zero Line
"You know. I like him. He is surprisingly funny. Quite a character."


Karma friendbutton.png
"Karma truly is a bitch, but I miss her. Our relationship has been a rocky one, but if there was anyway to earn her forgiveness (other than ditching Dante) I would do it in a heartbeat"

"Eva has spunk. That is for sure."

Punchline friendbutton.jpg
Punchline (Dante Mironov)
"Those close to me say I have heart. However, I was lost until I found Dante. I may have heart, but he gave me the spirit to have it count for anything important at all. Perhaps our relationship isn't perfect, but I do love him. I'm doing the best I can to save our marriage, but if that isn't possible then I don't know what I would do if he wouldn't at least stay a friend."

Stitch friendbutton.jpg
"The kid has issues. He's done more then his share of things that generally just aren't okay. At least he knows and will admit he needs help. The problem is that even though he asks for help, he doesn't always follow through with what he says he's going to do. I really want to be able to help him, and if I can't then I sure hell hope that someone can."

Wyatt friendbutton.jpg
Wyatt Inverno
"We have a working relationship and are casual friends. I'm sure he could show a girl a howling good time, but we really are JUST friends. He's fun to hang out with. It is too bad our lives take us in opposite directions so often"

Rogues Gallery

Rhaps baddies.jpg

Arachne (unknown)

Screenshot 2013-03-24-21-41-49.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Chains and Poisons/venoms

Occupation: Evil-Scientist working for VIPER

Likes: Experimentation, Finding new 'test subjects'

Hates: False hypothesis, When people mess with her operation/spoil her tests

Info: She is the member of VIPER that is responsible for Rhapsody's blindness. While the singer usually doesn't hold a grudge, if she were to go out for vengeance against anyone at all, it would most likely be Arachne.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Mind Games (Cassandra York)

Screenshot 2013-03-24-21-39-57 2.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Mental Manipulation

Occupation: Agent for Psi

Likes: Getting her way

Hates: Rejection

Info: Doesn't know where she came from or what her real goal is, but this villain has the potential to do some real long term damage. Even though she does little real physical damage of her own, she's proven herself to be able to cause ripples into Rhapsody's life outside of hero work.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Proxie (Katie Crenshaw)


Powers/Abilities: Replication, Tech

Occupation: Thief

Likes: Thrills and Dr. Wade

Hates: Rhapsody

Info: "Bitch tried to drop a crane on me!" The thing that makes Proxie a real threat is that she's a double...tripple...no more trouble. There can be more then one of her at a time and she can keep multiplying the 'fun'. Rhapsody really has no idea why Proxie has a beef with her but the multiplier has become more then a little thorn in her side.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Rhasp album.jpg

With Social Pariah

As Rhapsody

In The News

Rhasp news.jpg


Rhaps issues.jpg


Rhaps soundtrack.jpg


1. "Blindness" - Metric

2. "Running Up That Hill" - Placebo

3. "Protege Moi" - Placebo

4. "Love is Blindness" - Jack White

5. "Sick Muse" - Metric

6. "Rose" - Nana soundtrack

7. "Until We Bleed" - Kleerup Feat. Lykke Li

8 "Only This Moment" - Royksopp

9. "In This Together" - Apoptygma Berzerk

10. "I Love Rock And Roll" - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

11. "Where is My Mind" - Pixies

12. "Touch of Grey" - Grateful Dead

13. "Illusion" - VNV Nation

14. "Wicked Games" - Chris Isaak

15. "Fade Into You" - Mazzy Star

16. "Catch and Release" - Silversun Pickups

17. "19-2000 (Soulchild remix)" - Gorillaz


Rhaps Tropes.jpg


Screenshot 2013-03-26-13-45-12 2.jpg

Mad Scientist Beautiful Daughter - While Dr. Wade isn't exactly crazy, he does go a little mad in the pursuit of his scientific goals from time to time. This really doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Abby/Rhapsody turned out to be pretty damn cute. She may not make it anywhere near the top of Maxim's hot 100, but she's turned a few heads and touched a few hearts.

Dye Hard - Abby would be perfectly fine with her natural hair color, but she knows she has to sell an image. Even when not all her hair is dyed, she usually has some type of unnatural streaks in it. At the moment it is dyed black with pink at the tips (to match the appearance of her psi-blades).

Stripperiffic - Rhapsody is 'family' friendly, so any wardrobe malfunction would be purely accidental. That doesn't change the fact that in the recording business sex sells. This carries over into most of her costumes. She is well aware that low neck lines and heels are not the ideal wardrobe for fighting crime, but at least she can use her cleavage as a distraction, right?

Obliviously Beautiful - While Abby has always been an attractive girl, she's never seen herself in that light. Growing up she was rather sheltered by her mother and hovered on the awkward/shy side. She was the kind of pretty that the other pretty, but popular girls like to make an outcast out of. So while she doesn't really think she's 'ugly' she doesn't really know how beautiful she really is.


Hates Being Alone - She hates being alone on two fronts. The first is the emotional front: She is afraid to lose any more people she is close with. Part of her covering for Dante is that she doesn't know how she'd live without him. The other part of this is that with no one around (and without Boomer) she is blind and lost in a dark world. Even though she isn't alone, she often ends up feeling isolated and lonely.

Rhapsody hosp.jpg

Nice to the Waiter - As a Rock Star this isn't always anticipated, but she's lived on Westside and knows that the 'little guys' work just as hard, maybe even harder, for the money they make. She's going to make sure to be polite to them and tip well. After all they are just trying to get by, right?

The Heart - Abby hardly has a mean bone in her body. She is a fighter, but more then that she is a lover. She tries to show compassion and understanding to everyone: Even the 'bad guys'. That isn't to say that she's going to let them get away with murder, but she may at least try to seek understanding as to why the murder happened.

Socially Awkward Hero - Despite having fame and a smooth onstage/interview persona, Rhapsody/Abby is often a little awkward in social situations. At least part of this is due to her blindness. She can't always pick up on visual communication cues. This lack of communications sometimes comes across in ways that make her look bad or off. Another part of it is that she usually really is herself and can be a bit 'dorky' at times.

Atomic F Bomb - Rhapsody tries to be family friendly and positive. This can sometimes be difficult for her since she has a mouth (and vocab) that could make a sailor blush.

Morality and Philosophy

Graying Morality, Rule Of Empathy - She tends to consider at the whole picture and not just what is in front of her at the moment. Life has taught her that things are very rarely black and white, but a myriad of shades of gray. Sometimes good people do bad things. She has her own code of ethics she follows, but she isn't going to automatically hate someone if they don't follow it. She will normally do her job as a hero, but at the the same time she will seek understanding. If someone is doing something wrong, but for the 'right' reasons she may be willing to let them slide.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Even Mooks Have Loved Ones - One of her biggest struggles she has with what Dante does is that she can't help but think of the families of people he kills. Surely that VIPER agent had a mother, father, maybe siblings or offspring...someone who will miss and love them.

Technical Pacifist - Her seeing even baddies as deserving some respect has lead her to a no kill clause. She may be willing to knock people out or injure, but she tends to not willingly kill. Though she has blood on her hands she didn't like the feel of it and knows that taking life is something she wants to avoid. However, when it comes down to it, even though she may deny it, she would kill if she felt she had no other choice. She would kill before being killed. Even in that case she would feel guilt and remorse for her actions.

Combat and Skills

Blind Seer - While she may not be able to see into the future her blindness has given her psychic senses a boost. As long as her mental waves aren't being obstructed she usually has a pretty good idea of what is going on. That doesn't mean she digs into anyone's personal life. She avoids it if at all possible...

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Read - ... because a mind really can be a terrible thing to read. It is one thing to know if someone hates her music. It is another to know if your significant other has been unfaithful in the past and to see vivid memories of the event. Abby is wary of digging too deeply unless she feels it is required of her. Even surface memories can be unpleasant at times. It could range from anything from knowing someone ate a bad taco and is having stomach issues, to that investor can't keep his eyes off her tits, to something the person is feeling guilty or nervous about. In any case she tends to like letting other peoples private information stay private.

Combat Clairvoyance - It isn't that she has precognition to see what is going to happen next, but that when/if she is connected to someone's mind while she is fighting them that she can 'read' their next move. It makes it seem like she's a little more badass than she really is.


Trigger Phrase- Unknown to Abby her father has a trigger phrase placed on her. If he says 'Not too shabby Abby' she will tell him the truth. In effect he has made it where she can't lie to him or hide parts of the truth. He also has embedded an anti-suicide lock on her. No matter how depressed she gets she will never be able to willingly do harm to herself.

Secret Identity - In some sense she's been living with a secret identity since she was 17. In her first band, Social Pariah, she never went by her real name. She always used the state name Devika Jones. To this day she keeps Abby and Devika separate with very little to connect them. The second stage is her persona as Rhapsody. She does her best to keep that secret and separate from either Abby or Devika.

Background and Events

RhapPDB copy.jpg

Date Rape Averted - In Abby's case it was Karma and Jess that saved her from almost getting Date Raped at a party their Junior year of High School. Karma carried her home and put her into bed, while Jess stayed behind to beat the crap out of the guy. It was this event that caused her to feel the need to pull out of school and to start schooling on her own terms.

Blood On These Hands - Despite the fact she has the code of 'thou shall not kill', she has accidentally killed in the past. It is an event that she is not proud of and often gives her nightmares. The only person who knows this truth about her is Dante. She has lied about it or kept it a secret form everyone else.

Character and Motivations

Protectorate, The Champion - The whole reasons she got into the hero business in the first place was that she found out her husband was a vigilante. Not only does she want to protect him to keep their marriage 'safe', but she also wants to go out of her way to make sure he doesn't hurt any innocent people along the way. It is hard enough for her to accept that he kills VIPER, it is nearly impossible for her to accept that he accidentally kills some poor kidnapped scientist that just happened to get in the way.


With Friends Like These - Most of her relationships are stained or difficult. Her father used her as a guinea pig when she was a child, her mother barely talks to her, Karma ditched her the night she was blinded over a disagreement, and her husband is a destructive vigilante. Rhapsody is bound to get hurt at some point in the crossfire. She is willing to forgive, but really with friends like these who needs enemies?

A Friend In Need - She will always be there for a friend if they need her. Even if the help isn't exactly requested.

Psychic Link

  • Dominion: It isn't often she meets a telepath that teaches her so much. Despite his past she trusts him and they have established a mental link.
  • Dante/Punchline: She assumes that it is still there, even if she has no way to test it. Only time will tell.
  • Dr. Wade: Her father and her share a very special bond. He's made her more of what she is today then most people realize. While training and learning her powers they formed a link.

---Dr. Wade/Father---

Forgiven But Not Forgotten, For Science! - A section of her powers originated form her Father experimenting on her as a child. He's since then made up with her and explained that he was trying to do it for the good of science, the further, and for her own good. While she can forgive him and allow their relationship to mend, she hasn't forgotten what she went through. Needless to say that if she is ever a mother her children probably won't be spending too much time alone with Grandpa Wade.

Daddy's Girl - Since she's come back into his life, Dr. Wade has been nothing but doting on his daughter. When ever she's hurt or has a problem he is usually one of the first people she runs to now. She respects his genius and secretly likes that he spoils her.

---Punchline/Dante Mironov---

First Love, Starter Marriage - Abby met Dante when she was 16. Maybe it wasn't exactly love at first sight, but it wasn't long before there was clearly something unexpected between them. She has no doubt that there really was love between them. There is still a part of her that loves him, that is in love with him, but the strain of keeping up with him and seeing him in a downward spiral just became too much for the relationship to stand. They were together off and on and off, then back on, for seven years, but only married for just over two. She misses him, but he grew too out of control to handle.

Rhapsody and Punchline

Skewed Priorities, Secret Keeper, We Do Not Know Each Other, Obstructive Vigilantism - Dante wass the main chink in her heroic armor. He goes against so many thing she believes in, but since she loved him she was willing to look the other way and lie to protect him. Keeping him by her side was a bigger priority for her than stopping him from killing 'bad guys'. Even though she knew his secret identity she used to lie and say she didn't. It isn't something she's proud of by any means, but it was what she feels she has to do to keep him out of jail. However, it didn't keep him out of jail forever. When he was finally arrested by Raven she came clean to the Eternals and let them know the truth.

Sympathy For the Devil - Even though she doesn't agree with his methods she understands why he does what he does. She has sympathy for why he feels the need to kill and be destructive.

Undying Loyalty - There was a time where she would follow him to hell and back. Now, she misses him and would 'save' him if she could, but it is hard when the first person she'd need to save him from is himself. She has learned the hard way that you cannot save someone that doesn't want to be saved.

What Does She See In Him?, Bastard Boyfriend, Crazy Jealous Guy - No one ever really understood why Abby was with Dante. She really did get to know the real him. The heart under all the trouble. Even if he was a bad boy and a delinquent she could almost always see the good in him. However, He was always jealous. Even when nothing was going on. Once their marriage became strained and she had an affair he started to turn violent. He's hit her (thought felt terrible about it) and tried to strangle her (thought he now doesn't remember it). Abby feels to some degree this was her fault for adding fuel to his fire, but at the same time has grown a little afraid of him. He is one person she doesn't think she could bring herself to fight. She may be able to fend him off a little, but even now she'd still never be willing to really hurt him. If she can't smack some sense into him, then her only other option is to flee.

---Raven/Poe Allen---

Crush Blush - When she met him He was the only person other than Dante that could made her do the crush blush. She finds it rather upsetting that she's met someone else who can make her feel completely stupid around them. Until Raven came along she never really questioned the happiness of her marriage. She still had no doubt she loved her husband, but had to ask if love was enough if there was more stress than happiness?

388px-Raven and rhapsody sm by chou roninx.png

Fire Forged Friends, Slap, Slap, Kiss, [ http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FinishingEachOthersSentences Finishing Each other Sentences] - The relationship between Raven and Rhapsody developed to be a rather odd one. On one hand she thinks that he can be a real dick. He was hunting Punchline and it didn't seem anything would sway him from that path. While she can understand his view and to some point admires his dedication, she just can't agree with him. Her attempts to reason with him have failed. His view point is strictly black and white while hers is filled with a wide assortment of grays. This leads to sometimes heated disputes. Then there is the other hand. Even though she feels guilty for it, she can't help but be attracted to him. When the go out and fight, as puts it 'perps', she can't help but feeling alive. Rhapsody knows that 'love' is technically all chemical, but there is still part of her that is still a romantic. It tore her up when she realized that she's developed a mammoth crush on her husband's worst enemy.

Witty Banter - They can shoot witty banter back and forth at each other. Sometimes it is friendly, other times not so much, either way it is probably amusing to anyone over hearing them.

One Thing Led to Another, Wall Bang Her - A mixture of events took place. Part of it was feeling stressed and unhappy in her marriage, part of it was love and lust, part of it was loneliness, and part of it was the heat of the moment, but one thing really did lead to another. Rhapsody and Raven had an affair. Things were delicate for awhile, then there was that one night where he wall banged her in an alleyway. Good times. Good Times.

Distressed Dude, Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - Part of the problem with the relationship, was that Raven was almost more stressful to be with than even Punchline. In the 7 months she knew him, he was kidnapped three times. She felt like he didn't know how to watch his back. In the six months they were seeing each other, there was at least two to three months of that were they were apart for one reason or another. (either he was being held captive or mad at her for events related to Dante). With so much time apart she began to question how solid their relationship was and if he was really worth the stress. It isn't that she doesn't care about him, but the time apart gave her the cause to analyze how good they were together.

The One that Got Away - Poe was very dear to her. She was willing to give up a lot for him, but in the end it wasn't enough. Their is love and lust there, but in the end they are just too different to ever really work. He is black and white while she is shades of gray. He is lawful where she is chaotic. He is by the book where she can give some leeway to forgiveness. It saddens her to lose him, but this was a lesson in heartbreak that maybe it was good for her to learn.

---Colosso/Michael Gold---

There is Only One Bed - For a long time Abby was staying with Michael. He didn't want her to be staying alone while pregnant, and really, she didn't want to be alone. The problem was that he only had one bed. Their was a brief argument about who would sleep on the couch before Abby suggested that they both shared the bed in a platonic fashion. However, the paparazzi is not kind and soon there were pictures and rumors, when really, nothing was happening between them at the time.

Friend With Benefits - WTF?! How the hell did this happen? Crazy honry pregnancy Hormones, that is how it happened. For about a week and a half Abby and Michael had a brief sexual fling. However, for both their sakes it is over.

Not Staying For Breakfast - The 'relationship', if you can call it that, was really not about anything but sex for Abby. She was confused on many different fronts and Michael seemed like a simple deal. He was horny, she was horny, they could solve each others problem. It was usually something that happened then she would go about her business with her 'itch' scratched and more focus than she had before. She was probably the only person who bugged out on Michael directly after sex.

Better as Friends, No Sparks - Abby was really surprised when Michael said he actually had feeling for her. Knowing him well enough to think he was probably confused (the poor guy he'd been through a lot), she turned him down as gently as possible. She really does value their friendship. He is one of the best friends she has. If she thought he would have seen their fling as anything more than just sex then she wouldn't have gone through with it. She just has ZERO romantic feelings about him. It made her feel terrible, but they really are better as friend.


Red String of Fate, Love at First Sight - It is difficult for Abby to actually have love at first 'sight'. However, she has felt an unexplained pull to him since their first meeting. An attraction that took her breath away. In that regards, in some ways for her, it was love 'before' first sight. Her attraction and
Abby and Jerry.jpg
want to be near him has nothing do do with his looks. Yes, now that she has 'seen' him she finds him handsome, but even if he weren't she doesn't think it would matter. All that matters is this gravity that keeps pulling him closer to him. The scientific part of her calls the romantic part of her a fool, but she can't help but wonder if they are two halves of the same soul. She has never felt this deliriously happy and in love with someone before....not even Dante.

Secret Relationship - For now they are keeping everything hush-hush. Jericho is still trying to adjust as a member of the Eternals and it is so soon after her other relationships fell apart. For many reasons they feel that others wouldn't understand or judge them poorly for being together. He isn't a rebound or a replacement for her. She really is truly, madly, deeply head of heals for him. They just don't think others would react well to them being a couple at the moment.

Let's Wait Awhile - They have agreed to take things slowly. It is sometimes hard to hold back, but after she rushed things with Raven and ended up in a mess with Michael, Abby really just wants to take things one step at a time. They have kissed, but are still holding out on the sex. This time she just wants everything to happen in its right time and place. They have the time and there is no reason to rush their romance.



Team Pet - Her cat, Boomer, (if anyone were to pay attention) is a link between her identity as Devika Jones and Rhapsody. He was Social Pariah's unofficial mascot on their only tour and he has also been seen with her as Rhapsody. He is an important tool for her as well as being a 'symbol' to associate with her. If she wants to keep up the appearance of having eye-sight in uncertain social situation she will take him with her and use him as a 'seeing' eye cat (she will use his eyesight to see the world around her).

All Guitars Are Stratocasters - Rhapsody does have a Fender Strat. It looks good on stage and she has an image to uphold. However, electric Guitar isn't here primary instrument. She does play it for some of her songs, but more often then not she plays Bass Guitar. Her base is also a Fender. This doesn't mean she won't play other guitars or actually thinks all guitars are made by Fender or Gibson. She will play anything handy that sounds good.


The Rock Star - On stage Rhapsody gives of the persona of being the typical wild rock star. It isn't known to the public but this is her second try at fame. Her first try was with the band, Social Pariah. They were doing well and had just finished their first mini-US tour when Abby was blinded and Karma/Abby had a falling out. Rhapsody has two Rolling Stone interviews. Off stage she promotes mutant/human equality, being unique, and donates to various charities. She is noted as being surprisingly sweet and at least a little bit of a flirt/tease.

Face Of The Band- She has been the face of both Social Pariah and on her 'solo' career as Rhapsody. Though she can be socially awkward in her normal life, she's developed a side of herself that functions well on stage and in interviews. It is a part of her that is pulled out by the thrill of performing. It isn't all an act, really.

Slave to PR - She has to watch herself and her mouth. As a celebrity and a hero she knows she has to set a good example and provide a positive message. This can get hard for her when her life isn't going like she wants or when she has to watch her tongue not to throw out a string of curse words.

Wake Up, Go To School, Save The World- Normal life is hard for her. She isn't stupid, but at times she struggles to keep up in school. She has Dante, but beyond that most of her relationships are strained and it is hard for her to make new ones. It is always too complicated. However, the more she sings or fights crime the more of an escape she gets from it. The easier it gets. Perhaps she isn't to 'Saving the world' status yet, but she's still young.

RP Hooks

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Eternals feb 2014.jpg
  • Abby is a student at MCU. Maybe you have seen her around campus.
  • She attended a private High School between Downtown Grosse Point for freshmen, sophomore, and half of her junior year. Perhaps you remember her from school.
  • Though she has tried to keep her three identities separate she is a Rock Star and does get media attention. She has CDs out and Magazine covers.
  • She lives in Westside (by choice). Thus much of her philanthropic focus is on that section of the city, not all of it, but enough to get noticed. This is also the section of Millennium City she is most likely to patrol.
  • Rhapsody is involved in several charities. A big part of her heroism is giving back to the community in more subtle ways...
    • She visits the children at Mercy Hospital at least once a month if not more.
    • Once every other week she likes to volunteer at one of the soup kitchens in Westside.

...Maybe you have seen her at one of these places?

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Rhasp trivia.jpg


  • It is not public knowledge that Rhapsody is blind. Her mask has little mesh screens over her eyes to hide/protect them.
  • She recently admitted that she was Devika Jones. However, she has not publicly made the connection with her real identity, Abigail Wade, as of yet.
Rhapsody by avionetca-d73y468.jpg
  • It became public knowledge that she was married shortly before Dante's 'death'. There are rumors going around that she is dating various people:
    • Colosso/Micheal Gold (She denies any romantic or sexual connection)
    • Fellow Rock Star, Wyatt Inverno (She denies any romantic or sexual connection)
    • Dr. Wade (She says 'eww, gross' and then denies any romantic or sexual connection)
  • She has two albums out so far titled 'Sword Dancer' It was released May 2012. Her second Album 'Visionary' just came out 2/23/2013.
  • As of yet she doesn't tour, but she will travel to perform at benefit shows or concerts for charity.
  • She preformed at Freedom Fest 2012 and 2013.
  • She is managed by Gold Enterprises.
  • She has been an Eternal for about two years.
  • Grammy Awards Won...
    • 2013 Best New Artist
    • 2014 Best Alternative Music Album


  • She wasn't able to keep going to a normal High School due to her connection to Social Pariah. However, she worked with the school system to be able to finish and get a HS Diploma on her own time.
  • Has a phobia of being alone for prolonged spans of time. She can live alone, but if given the option she would much rather live with someone else.
  • She is currently a fourth year student at MCU. Her major is psychology; her minor is Russian.
  • Despite her up and down fame, she tried her best loyal to Dante. He's one of only three people that she's had sex with and one of only seven boys she's ever kissed.
    • She first met Dante on September 4, 2006
    • They started to get to know each other by mail January of 2007
    • They started to date August of 2008
    • They broke up in December 2008
    • They got back together May 2010
    • Engaged on June 15, 2011
    • Married on November 9, 2011
    • June 2013, Dante arrested
      • Abby was willing to give up everything to testify for him.
    • August 2013, Dante released from jail under 'mysterious' circumstances.
      • She still loves him even though she sees him more rarely.
      • Asked him to get psychological help as a condition of keeping their marriage. As of yet he has refused to seek help.
    • December 13th 2013 Dante was taken fully into UNTIL's BRUTE Squad custody. As far as the everyone in the world knows Dante is dead (with the exceptions of Abby and the rest of his squad).
      • His 'death' officially ended their marriage. She doesn't think she'll ever be allowed to see him again.
  • Abby isn't ready for kids, but whoopsie, pregnant.
  • She actually isn't all that fond of the color pink. Some days she misses the way she had her hair when she was in Social pariah. Mostly her natural Brunette, with a little bit of green-blue in the bangs.
  • Even without her eye sight, she now considers herself 'handicapable'. She is grateful for how helpful Dante and Boomer are on a day to day basis. However, even though she is normally positive about her condition, she does have bad days where depression will hit her and she will feel 'broken'.
  • Even though she has learned a trick around her blindness:
    • She learned how to read braille
    • can, if the need arises, make her way around with a cane.
    • Has the apartment she shares with Dante in Westside, her penthouse down town, and her father's apartment in NYC all committed to memory.
  • Owns a guitar signed by Joan Jett that Michael Gold gave to her for a 2013 Christmas gift.
    • As Part of the same gift he also introduced her to Joan Jett.


  • I created the character before I knew what to do with her. Most of her back story came out of a dream that I had.
  • Real life casting and singing voice choice: Anne Hathaway.


  • Music influence/style:
    • Devika Jones and Social Pariah - a mixture of Sonic Youth, Sex Pistols, The Pixies, and Joan Jett
    • Rhapsody - a mixture of Florence + The Machine, Metric, and Joan Jett


Rhaps reviews.jpg

"Rhapsody is a great girl. She has a big heart, and it belongs to the people of Westside. She is a brilliant artist, and an amazing role model. For a rock star, she is down to Earth. She doesn't even require all green M&Ms. She is available for shows. Give me a call and we will talk. At this time, we are not booking shows in venues that hold less than two hundred fans." - Colosso

"Yeah, I'm tapping that." ~ Punchline (Dante Mironov)

"Not anymore." ~ Raven (Poe Allen)

"OH SNAP! ~ Colosso

"Rhapsy is the best. Simply the best. I cannot explain how much important she is for me, she is the big sis' i never had, she is the girl i wish to become, she is the most beatiful person i ever met. Mess with Rhapsy and you will mess with me" - Pulsar

"Rhapsody is an incredible woman, the way she smile can wipe away all your words and thoughts in just a sec... and there is nothing sexier than a good looking girl with a real fine brain. No surprise i feel drawn to her" ~ Jericho

"Sometimes I follow her to book her boyfriends. Easy arrests." ~ Vespula Sting


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