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Basic Data
Class Focus: Confidential
R & D: Confidential
Level: 40
Occupation: None
Personal Data
Real Name: Crimson
Known Aliases: Confidential
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 119 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type: Confidential
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Birthdate: Confidential
Nationality: American
Current Residence: Confidential
Religion/Faith: Confidential
Sexual Orientation: Confidential
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Known Powers
Flight, Ability to generate and manipulate flame. Although not very strong at all physically, Crimson is very dexterous as a result of her many years of dancing.
Training / Abilities


Crimson was born into a loving family as the only child, and as such was the apple of her parent's eyes. Though she was born in Australia, her family relocated to the U.S. shortly after to pursue the "american dream". This was short lived however, as just weeks before Crimson's 7th birthday, a devastating house fire took both her parents' lives. Miraculously, Crimson was found alive but unconscious once the wreckage had settled with no burns or serious injuries. She also had no recollection of anything that happened at all, and this had begun to raise a few questions...

Crimson was moved to an orphanage, as she had no other living relatives that could take her in. She was devastated at the loss of her parents, and it showed in her demeanor. She was often extremely introverted and very uncomfortable in social situations, and though usually timid and shy in nature, she was prone to having random outbursts of anger and mood swings. Because of her unusually withdrawn personality, it often led to her being picked on by the other children, and this did little for Crimson's confidence.

As she grew older, Crimson became somewhat of a recluse. Often hiding out in her room to practice at dancing which her parents encouraged her to do. However, many incidents had occurred which led to Crimson being forced from orphanage to orphanage, almost all of which had some relation to fire. Because of the unusual circumstances of which she was being moved around, it drew attention to her and made her very interesting to certain people.


Finally, when she was 19 after plenty of failed attempts at adoption and a whole bunch of moves from orphanage to orphanage, she was taken under the wing of who was seemingly a kind and warm hearted individual. After driving Crimson back to their "new home," she quickly discovered that his intentions were a lot more sinister than he had let on. He took her in with the intention of attempting to get to the source of all the problems in her life to use them for himself: her powers.

Crimson was born with the ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate and control fire. However, it seemed that the only way that these powers could be triggered was through extreme feelings of anger or emotional upset. Once these feelings had triggered a reaction, an outline of flame would erupt around her entire body, and she would be able to conjure immense fiery projectiles with such extreme heat that it would incinerate anything that came into contact with it. However, it would not be Crimson in control, but a completely separate entity, something that seemed to take control of Crimson's actions and body without her knowing as if she were some kind of vessel used to unleash it's fury. Crimson recalls no memory of what happens when this entity takes over. She likens it to being in a bright white room, too bright to see and too loud to hear, before waking up suddenly to what's left after the destruction has ended.

Initially, it seemed that it was a side effect to having her powers, that she would be perpetually left to endure the blackouts and loss of control, however, it was later discovered that while she was in fact born with her powers, she was also chosen as a host for a very powerful fire elemental hell bent on eradicating man kind and purging the earth of their taint. Crimson was unknowingly keeping the elemental restrained, and it was only when she became overcome with emotion that the elemental was able to seize the opportunity to take control of her. It wasn't until much later that this information was discovered, and with the help of a very powerful shaman, she was able to exorcise it from her, leaving her finally capable of having full of control of herself and her powers.

Crimson fled from the man, and fled from her home, fed up with all the people looking to do her wrong. She decided that because of her powers and her being different, that Millennium City would be the most logical step. A place for people like her to gather, where maybe she could find someone who would be able to solve her problem and make her normal, or at the very least prevent her from killing or injuring anyone else, despite it not being herself in control. She did find that person, and now with the help of her friends, has decided to utilize her powers and new found control over them for good, helping the other heroes of the city to fight evil.

The Changing of Times

((A constant W.I.P, this will be the section for the latest happenings with Crimson, forgive me if I'm a bit slow in updating it!))

Having disappeared from Millennium City for a full year, Crimson soon returned, having gone back to her birthplace of Australia for perhaps a bit of closure and rest, it served to do her quite well. Though she didn't find any answers regarding her past, she hadn't used her powers at all in Australia and they remained dormant for a time back in Millennium City too. It was perhaps the longest period she had gone without incident, and it brought her a fair bit of confidence, though her fears always remained a constant in the back of her mind.

Having reunited with friends and acquaintances upon her return to Millennium City, she also made a host of new friends.


Crimson is only short at a mere 5'4", with long flowing black hair and bright green eyes. The first thing people will notice about her is that she is strikingly beautiful with very soft, feminine features, and a slim, toned body from years of dancing. Despite this, she seems to be very humble in regards to her appearance, and will never try to use it as a way to get what she wants. This can also be seen in her choice of fashion, often dressing in clothes that are modest and yet still somewhat flattering, if only to make herself feel good rather than attempting to gain attention to herself.


Because of her solitary upbringing, Crimson as a result attempts to make up for it by being a bit more outgoing. Though she still lacks the courage to approach people, she will often do her best to associate herself with anyone that chooses to approach her. Due to the fact that she hasn't had much social interaction in her life, she feels anxious of one on one social situations, and prefers being part of a group where she can listen and speak when spoken to, rather than feel pressured to hold up a conversation. She is very sweet, and very pleasant to talk to, but is also very naive. She never stops to consider ulterior motives or the fact that people will often lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.

To anyone that actually does decide to persist with getting to know her, they will see that she is very insecure, and is almost completely incapable of making her own decisions. She can be very dependent on other people for reassurance and guidance, but will never admit this fact, even if it is painfully obvious to the people around her. She is very loyal and extremely compassionate when it comes to friends, and will usually do her best for them even at the expense of her own happiness.

Although Crimson's powers are incredibly strong, her lack of control over them deters her from even attempting to use them for any kind of good, as they have only seemed to cause her trouble in the past. She simply sees herself as an ordinary person with an extraordinary problem, and is often quick to dismiss herself as any kind of hero. Any good deed she does herself is usually justified in her mind by the fact that it's something anyone would have done if they were in her shoes, rather than some kind of righteous or courageous act.


Crimson may be extremely powerful, but her lack of control makes her incredibly dangerous. When in fire form, she will often attack with such fury and rage that her attacks are seldomly focused, making it easy to take her by surprise with a little bit of foresight or quick thinking, particularly when technology is in use. Prolong use of her powers also exhausts her tiny body completely, and she will often fall unconscious as soon as her powers "burn out".

Her small and fragile form also makes her extremely vulnerable to physical attacks, however this is only when in her usual human form, as the flames that surround her body once she's changed are intense enough to soften attacks, as well as strengthen her physical form.


Ixio and Crimson met on a quiet night in Club Caprice. Though they had an awkward meeting and what seemed like a very shaky start, Ixio was instrumental in helping Crimson deal with her powers, and one of the few who even risked his own life to protect her. They are now very good friends, even if she does find his bionic eyes and his dirty shirts a bit creepy.

Crimson knows that he has trouble considering himself a hero from his lack of super powers. Never the less, she always does her best to remind him of all that he's done for her, and really does consider him her hero, whether he believes it or not. She loves him like the brother she never had, and would do anything for him if he ever decided to ask.

King Voodoo is another who was heavily involved in helping Crimson deal with her powers, even to the extent of battling her in her fire form after Alex took control of her to use her as a weapon. To Crimson, Dominic is a protector and one of the few people she feels totally safe with.

Crimson may feign disinterest, but she really does admire the vast amount of knowledge he seems to have when he has conversations with people, even if she's not sure what they're talking about. She loves how affectionate he is with her and how protective he is, feeling a lot more confident and comfortable when he's there with her whether they're out in the city or in Club Caprice with their friends.

They have recently just gone through a break up, and so the impact on their friendship so far is a little unclear.

Blue Bruiser is a bit more of an acquaintance than a friend. It's not that she doesn't like him, but more that she has a bit of trouble relating to his eccentric nature. She does admire his determination for maintaining justice, and really does deep down find him quite endearing in a weird way, but finds herself struggling to find common ground with him, and is never sure what to say or how to act around him.

Zion is Blue's ex-sidekick. Crimson feels slightly intimidated by Zion's somewhat dry and indifferent nature, but really admires the fact that she's able to put up with Blue and his antics. Lately she has been getting to know Zion a little bit more, and considers her a good friend, even if it still does get a bit awkward sometimes. She knows that Zion would be around for her if she needed it, and tries to be there as best she can for Zion as well.

Felroth is the manifestation of all the anger in the world, and there's no doubt he looks the part. However, much unlike his intimidating appearance, Crimson finds him to be quite a lovable little creature, and is fascinated by him in the "mad scientist" kind of way considering his inventive nature.

Platinum Fatale is Ixio's boss and when Crimson thinks of her, she thinks of the word tough. Tough in appearance and demeanor, Luci is everything that Crimson isn't, and so she seems to look up to her quite a bit, even if it goes mostly unspoken. While they don't get much opportunity to talk together often, they do seem to get along fairly well when they do.

Rezz and Crimson started off very shakily, after Rezz mistook Crimson for a spy looking to bring down The Ministry of Order which Rezz was a leader of. Eventually though, the misunderstanding was cleared up, and though Crimson was wary of him at first, they've now gone to become close friends.

Crimson finds him very intriguing, and always enjoys the time she spends with him. Despite his large and intimidating stature, she seems to think that deep inside is a very troubled soul, which only seems to fuel her fascination with him. Crimson also finds him hilarious, in that despite his refined nature, he is as socially awkward as he is, and coming from Crimson, that really says a lot.

Have Your Say

The cold hard truth about Crimson, from her friends to her enemies.

"Even though she thinks my eyes are creepy and has a knack for getting herself into trouble, she's still an alright girl. And besides, she's smokin' hot." - Ixio

"What can i Say? She is charming, good looking, smart and kindhearted. And i love her more then my own life. I love how she is able to put me in my place just with one look. I love how she leans against me when i need comfort... Because of her, i want to be a better person." - King Voodoo

"Crimson sells herself short, I think. She's always the damsel in distress, but she's always head-on-top when it's all finished. She has more strength and determination to see things through than most other heroes." - Zion

"Crimson is a troubled woman in some ways. Not the mental kind. I mean...she's got issues. With her powers. Or so I've come to understand. But I've hugged her and she's so soft and warm, it was very nice. I don't think I've ever seen her treat anyone badly. She's the kind of girl you want to take care of just to see a smile. Even I feel that way." - Felroth


  • Crimson suffers from Insomnia and has a tendency to sleep at random times of the day or night, never really having a proper sleep pattern. This causes her to disappear on occasion during the day as she sticks to her reclusive ways, finding somewhere isolated to sleep or be alone.
  • Wears a necklace with a heart shaped locket, containing a photo of her parents.
  • It took Crimson many years to discover that her powers were causing her "blackouts", due to the fact that she had no memory of them when her powers took control.
  • Body count: 6
  • Crimson is incapable of getting drunk, as any alcohol is immediately assimilated into her system.

Theme Songs

         "The flames will rise and devour me,
                Oh to breathe in fire, and know I'm free"
                           Thrice - Firebreather


RP Hooks

  • Was in The City Eye as a result of the elemental possessing her causing massive amounts of damage to the city before being exorcised from her.