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Anger isn't pretty
Class Focus: Tank & slow extreme damage
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms 400
Personal Data
Real Name: Felroth
Known Aliases: Wrath
Species: N/A
Ethnicity: N/A
Age: Less than a year
Height: Varies greatly
Weight: Varies greatly
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Millenium City
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Incredible strength with potential for extra bursts. Expelling energy in powerful shockwaves, bolts of force and minor telekinetic crowd control
Known Abilities
Flight, minor telepathy, immortality
Minigun, rocket launcher, power armor


"I don't know my past very well, but I know that I was involved."

No one really knows how or when Felroth was born. All anyone knows is that one day he just existed, and swiftly created havoc in Millenium City. He was quickly given the nickname Wrath because he became angry at pretty much anything and everything.

He was of course quickly subdued, what with Millenium being the center for superpowered beings, but while thought dead from the assault, he later revived but was weakened.

Like his birth, how things went after that are left to mystery, because one day he returned but was instead focusing his anger solely on criminals and behaved calmly amongst civilians, going to great lengths to avoid causing panic, hostility or nervousity in his presence.

His intelligence developed swiftly at first but after reaching an adolescent's intelligence, his progress slowed but he has still kept developing overtime. Since, he has simply fought crime for opportunities to release his constantly building anger in small doses so that he won't harm civilians or heroes again. Though he does have friendly duels with them now and then.

What's Been Going On?

Felroth eventually became something more than just anger but it all seemed so unnatural to him. Particularly when people started to accept him despite his dangerous and unpredictable nature, and he soon found himself a group of people that worked in the shadows to help defend the world yet never really take any sort of credit for it. Felroth was swiftly invited into the group and though his reason for fighting remained the same, he felt it had somehow become more important that he did so.

Eventually he no longer desired the shadows and with the help of an alien friend, a holographic device was designed that allowed Felroth to take on the form of a male human, intending to use it to become known as a hero. This backfired somewhat when the device stopped working as the press were taking pictures of him after defeating a known supervillain and he was found out for who he truly was. Felroth expected the worst but while people were frightened at first, he was in fact the creature that had saved them from a hostage situation though he wasn't too pleased to see that newspapers and the like were reminding the world of his more destructive past, something he wished would simply go away. It still hasn't but more and more accept him as a hero and his fellow heroes have usually seen too much to care...though some are still curious about him to the point of it being a little annoying.

The group Felroth had been a part of disbanded not long afterwards and though he had his doubts, he was none the less one of the few that remained a part of it to the end. He was soon contacted by fellow members who had remained and something new was started with Felroth and two others in the leader roles with him typically handling the unnamed but so called heavy artillery team as well as working as an assistant in the armory and weapon developments section.

For what was first unknown reasons even to himself, Felroth stepped down from his position as a leader and allowed another to take his place however it wasn't long after that he left them entirely. Felroth the hero was no more.

Along the way, he met his good friend Ixio and along with him came a whole pile of others like Zion, Crimson and the like and after getting to know them, he always wonders how he ever managed without them.

Now with considerably more free time, Felroth begun to dabble in genetics, robotics and even some mysticism, all of which he piled together with his already existing knowledge of arms manufacturing. His intellect remained the same though, and he rarely understands what he does himself, as if he's doing it all subconciously or by instinct somehow.

Felroth eventually took a particular notice of Ixio, realising swiftly that while everyone he knew seemed to have some kind of supernatural power, his best friend, while having great skill with weaponry, had no real powers and it didn't take long for him to find that Ixio felt he was missing something because of this. Felroth wound up spending a great deal of time thinking of how to fix this issue but despite his efforts, the solution hit him like a lucky slap in the face while he was watching a documentary on black holes. Don't ask, he won't tell.

So began the work of designing Ixio's power armor in greatest secrecy, using practically all his skills and knowledge, with the possible exception of his knowledge in weapon construction. In the end, it turned out Felroth had a solution not just for his friend, but one that would benefit himself as well as the armor would partially drain the building anger within him whenever Ixio used it.

This resulted in his friend gaining powers very similar, if not downright identical to his own and Felroth himself got to enjoy having much more control of himself which in turn resulted in a greater mental capacity as well as greater psionic powers. He just hopes it truly fixed Ixio's issue.

That's pretty much it so far. Oh, he also built a toy robot. It hit Ixio in the face with a nerfball.


"I'm awesome incarnate!"

Felroth is a weird person, and still learning how to behave in a human world. He's blunt, sometimes short with words and others he'll talk and take forever to finish. He's been known to behave childishly but also in a mature manner. In short, Felroth varies greatly in behavior, but has at least a stable weirdness that most everyone notices but doesn't seem to mind. Felroth also has nerdy tendencies with his interest in movies and shows, often known to quote them when the opportunity shows itself but this isn't limited to TV as he also seems fond of videogames. Despite his growing anger, or perhaps because of it, he has developed into the type of person that would never willingly let his friends be harmed and he's been known to go on revenge sprees for those he likes. Felroth is also learning from Ixio, which might explain some things.

Despite his rather hyperactive and sometimes ADD-riddled behavior, Felroth carries a darkness inside him that those he call friends simply cannot understand as he is not only the first of his kind, but also the only one of his kind, that he knows of at least and it's certainly not for lack of searching. This has left him with severe identity issues though he prefers to keep it hidden from his friends and has a tendency to swiftly divert subjects that fall dangerously close to it.

But make no mistake, Felroth has a short temper and can become brutally violent if provoked.

Powers & Abilities

"I just punch people until I stop finding it funny."

Felroth is nearly all about the melee with his extreme strength and tough body. His strength also leaves him capable of superhuman leaps which he prefers while traveling, though he's also able to fly but mostly only does so during really long trips.

Thanks to recent events involving Felroth's inventive mind and his friend Ixio, he has gained more control of himself and his anger builds more slowly than ever before. As such, Felroth has gained greater capabilities with his mental powers and ontop of being capable of telepathic speech and explosions of his own pure will, he has become able to contain enemies in force fields as well as releasing bolts of force.

Ontop of this, Felroth has become able to generate a board of solidified energy beneath his feet, letting him travel in a whole new way, though he currently lacks total control of it.

Felroth also employs the use of a custom made large minigun and rocket launcher, partially inspired by Ixio. Another inspiration from Ixio, though also from himself since he built the armor, he has made one for himself that allows him a greater protection as well as being capable of injecting him with a self-replecating serum he designed himself which gives him a very short but powerful boost of strength.

Among other things, the armor also has a visior with various different types of modes such as heat, night and ultraviolett vision, an internet uplink...and some of his favourite videogames and movies.


"Mmm, chilinuts."

Felroth don't have any real weaknesses, unless one can somehow manage to get the entire world to not be angry ever again. But he's easy to taunt and generally doesn't make very good decisions when on a rampage, and beyond that he's pretty weak for chilinuts. He may not be able to swallow them, but he enjoys the taste. It's like bubblegum to him. What? Did you expect more? Well there is more!

While not an inherent weakness, Felroth's armor drains some of the control Ixio provides him and is generally just worn in conjunction with Ixio wearing his in order to prevent a rampage. Severing this link may result in just that, an uncontrolled rampage, likely one worse than any previous episodes due to the armor worsening it.

Friends & Allies

"Sometimes I think my friends, few though they may be, are what keeps me going."

Ixio is Felroth's best buddy and though they haven't known each other long, he finds that Ixio was the first to treat him like the average friend, rather than something weird and strange to be curious about, though Ixio is prone to call him by the nickname Thingy, which is actually Fel's own fault.

Zion is, to Fel, a strange woman. He has yet to make up his mind about what to think of her, except that she is his friend. Also that the physical manifestation of anger feels that her wrath is something to be feared.

Skulls-Eye was not a person Fel was fond of at first. Antisocial and pretty much an asshole was his first opinion of the man. Resulted in a fight in which they both wound up damaged. However, time passed and Fel saw him differently. He isn't sure how it happened, but nowadays they seem to be buddies, though rarely will they meet without insults jokingly being thrown back and forth.

Blue Bruiser is...hyper, if nothing else. Fel probably hasn't met him without hearing something involving the word Justice. He seems very protective of Zion, which is a trait Felroth has absorbed and applied to all his friends, though he doesn't quite take it to the same level as Blue does with Zion. There's never a dull moment with Blue around.

Crimson is a pretty quiet person, from what Fel has seen. He doesn't know much about her but she seems to be very nice. While having no clue how she feels about him, he considers her a friend none the less.

Others on Fel?

"You never know what others think of you. Can just hope they're nice thoughts."

(Feel free to post your character's thoughts on Fel, good or bad. ^.^)

"Fel sort of freaks me out sometimes. But when he goes small you can't really not like him. Also quite handy to have around when your saving nerds." - Ixio

"Quite an interesting... thingy. He's saved me from an embarrasing encounter once before, but generally seems very sidelines to me. He still manages to be adorable sometimes, though. Felly want a chilinut?" - Zion

"Fel is a creepy looking little creature at first.. It could be the horns.. Or maybe those scary looking teeth, but don't be fooled. He's a cute little "thingy" with lots of heart and plenty of ambition." - Crimson


"Do you know what music is? Or art? Writing? It's freedom. I think that's why we enjoy it so much."

Sum 41 - Still Waiting.