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PLAYER User:Jade Defender
Super Group NexU.S.
Rank Watch Leader
Current Affliations
Former Affiliations

Real Name Unknown
Known Aliases Alex Doe
Gender Male
Species Tirithian
Birthdate Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Oasis 1, Great Lakes
Relatives Unknown

Apparent Age believed to be 20
Height 6'2"
Weight 225lbs
Eyes Glow Golden
Hair Black
Complexion Sun-kissed
Build Olympian Athletic
Notable Features Sharp, Warrior-esque bone structure, piercing eyes, proud demeanor.

Identity Secret
Citizenship Special status from PRIMUS for US citizenship.
Marital Status Single
Occupation Dedicated hero
Education Ravenswood Academy


Superhuman Strength (337), Invulnerability and Super Constitution (315), Super Dexterity/Reflexes/Speed (177), Superhuman Hearing and Vision, Hyper-Sonic Voice (150Decibels), and Unassisted Gravitonic Flight (550Mph), (Mach 84 flight in Vacuum of space).
X 4.0d MkII Nano-Fiber Polymer Uniform (Kendrium Flex-Fiber Weave, *the MkII designator indicates the custom craft for Exarch, with Solar storage nanobyte technology).

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Background and Origins

Valance Myr'Em 'disappeared', what humans might call, "ages" ago in Tirithian recorded history. A Celestial Cartographer and Scholar of Tyrith, Valance traveled often with the Prodigy Kalek Zor'Em, and indeed was with the wandering scholar during his discovery of the Earth System. Valance would not make the return trip however, and was fated to remain on Earth. The team of explorers that traveled with Kalek were separated during a skirmish with Earthlings upon their visit to the enstranged planet.

In 1729 CE (Earth date), Baltimore had just been founded, and North Carolina had just been recognized as a royal colony, these other-wordly travelers discovered men who had prophesied their arrival, and these men hunted them diligently. In fear of further discovery and concern of breaching Galactic First Contact laws, Kalek fled the world of Earth, before he had recovered all of his scattered crew.

Valance has yet to piece together everything that happened afterwards, but knows well that he became a resident of VIPER during the turn of the 20th century (1900's). He knows too that while under their 'care' he was extensively experimented upon and his DNA stolen: used to fuel their Super soldier programs; the men drunk from the promise of godlike heritage to their members.

It would not be until after WWII that their goals could come to fruition. With their breakthroughs in genetic editing and research into alien DNA, VIPER finally created a Hybrid life-form with that of humans, in an effort to grow the perfect soldiers. This research was in its infancy with only three viable prototype life-forms out of batches of hundreds of Genetic Samples, during the events of Project Snakecharmer in 2014.

UNTIL and heroes from across the globe unified to infiltrate and assault the African VIPER base, and bring a stop to Vipera and the Supreme Serpent. Heroes at the confrontation recovered a youth of approximately 13 years of age from the laboratories at the facility.

The youth would be registered with PRIMUS and released to the care of Rowan at the Ravenswood Academy for rehabilitation and training to utilize his superhuman capabilities for good rather than the nefarious plots of VIPER.


The hero Exarch, has graduated from Ravenswood Academy with top marks in his field, and is excited to move from extensive training exercises to real scenario's. He is eager to do his part and make his mark on the world, by helping the heroes of yesterday fight the battles of today!

Recently recruited by the enigmatic Doctor Mentality, Exarch has been appointed the head of a superteam of heroes, who's mission is to safeguard the Earth from Extraterrestrial Threats. The youth does not feel he is ready to lead heroes into real combat, but is ready to prove his place to the superheroic community and deliver the best in everything he is to making the difference for the Global initiative Next United Superhumans NexU.S.


Exarch tested for over a year in a PRIMUS research facility to estimate his Superhuman Strength. In a pinch he is able to swiftly lift upwards of 10 tons, and can exceed this when he applies himself; testing into lifting over 25 tons. Outside of testing in a few emergency cases Exarch was fairly sure that he exceeded these limits, but no instrumentation was on hand to measure by how much.
On the ground, Exarch has been clocked at sprinting at approximately 80mph, though he usually "cruises" at about 55mph for safety-sake of bystanders. His eye-hand coordination is remarkable and his reaction time is startling. While unable to keep up with famously fast heroes, Exarch's agility is a force to be reckoned with, allowing him to deal out titanic blows with blinding speed, and accuracy.
Self Propelled Flight using what UNTIL researchers have proven to be a controllable burst of "gravitons", Exarch is capable of up to sub sonic flight within an atmosphere. Researchers have clocked him at approximately 200mph casual flight speed, but can reach up to 550 mph when he presses himself. In times of desperate need, Exarch was proven capable of short bursts of velocity excelling even these numbers but never have instruments been readily available to test these speeds. In the vacuum of space, He has proven to be able to reach over Mach 80 speeds, often disappearing in the blink of an eye!
Exarch's voice can be a powerful weapon, like his muscles throughout his body, his vocal capabilities too share superhuman levels. PRIMUS researchers have tested his common speech (though he maintains this low a level through conscious effort) is roughly 65db. However, when placed within a facility that can measure the acoustics of objects, Exarch repeatedly tested at over 155db! well into dangerous territory for any human being! As dangerous as this is however, he has found a much more humane method of utilizing his strength of speech; in a powerful breath weapon, strong enough to overturn a Viper tank! This gale-like force has been measured at nearly 48 knots (55mph) and scores a 9 on the Beaufort scales!
Exarch's body is highly resistant to conventional weapons including ballistics, blades and ordnance. However, despite his virtual 'bulletproof' physique he feels pain and can be wore-down with consistent attack. Standard small arms are of little threat to him, but advanced military grade and some space-tech weapons have been known to inflict harm. Exarch's bio-regenerative nature helps him recuperate and recover swiftly from harm and allows him to fight well beyond Normal limits. PRIMUS tested the limits of these reserves by having Exarch Sprint at 70mph for nearly 20 hours straight, before he finally needed to rest.

Skills and Training

Exarch has conducted thorough training and received a top tier education from his time at Ravenswood Academy, and has earned the following skill-sets.

  • Bureaucratics
  • Deduction
  • Interrogation
  • Oratory
  • Paramedics
  • Persuasion
  • Science - Biology
  • Science - Chemistry
  • Science - Physics
  • Tactics
  • Teamwork
  • Basic Combat skill training
  • Basic Defensive maneuvers training

Additionally, Exarch has completed his Provisional heroic licensing with his graduating class and received his Federal heroic Sanction, providing him the following skillsets.

  • Criminology
  • Knowledge: Law

Fringe Benefit: Federal Police Powers

Exarch is a fully legal and registered hero with PRIMUS, UNTIL and is a member of UNITY.


OOC Information

Tyrith Language Primer:
'Em (Ehm) = Family / House
Kine (Keen) = Childe / Kin
Droz (Droesch) = Know / Understand
Krea (Cray) = Converse (formally speak)

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