Jade Dragon

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Fist of the Dragon
Alexa Wu Yang
"Train hard, fight harder!"
PLAYER @iMessiah
Super Group Nex.U.S
Rank Yellow Sector
Current Affliations Westside Martial Arts/U.N.T.I.L/P.R.I.M.U.S
Former Affiliations

Real Name Alexa Wu Yang
Known Aliases Jade Dragon
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate 4-9-92
Place of Birth San Fransisco, CA
Current Location Millennium City
Relatives Unknown.

Apparent Age 28
Height 5’7
Weight 152
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Complexion Asian-American
Build Lean, athletic
Notable Features

Identity Alexa Wu Yang
Citizenship Yes
Marital Status Single
Occupation Instructor at Westside Martial Arts
Education Homeschooled


Chi manipulation/Adv Martial Arts
Light armor, stretchy under suit for ease of movement.

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Background and Origin

The Jade Dragon is a fierce close quarters combatant, channeling her chi with deadly proficiency. She is able to react to an assailant near instantly, almost as if she know's what's coming, and she uses a blend of various styles of martials arts she calls "The Way of the Dragon Fist."

- Early Years

Growing up in a family devoted to martial arts, Alexa learned from both her father and grandfather. Showing great aptitude for chi manipulation she was also taught techniques to hasten her body’s healing, as well as powering up her attacks to a devastating degree. When she received her pet dragon from her grandfather, this potential rose even further.

Able to use the dragon as a chi fountain when she runs low, and even fuse with the creature to reach an ‘empowered’ state. Like this all her abilities increased dramatically, but her chi is drained rapidly, and should she overdo it it will leave her completely drained, exhausting her. It could even kill her.

- The Tournament and the Six Fists

Alexa was not directly involved in the tournament herself, due to her status as Fist of the Dragon not yet being official. With the current Fist going into retirement, Alexa’s grandfather taught her the techniques of the dragon in secret, thus breaking with the tradition of the Fist being a man.

- Millennium City

After moving to Millennium City, Alexa would take up the name of Jade Dragon, using her devastating combat prowess to combat the criminal element of the city, particularly The Cult of the Red Banner. However she also does her part in culling the ever present gang war that consistently ravages Westside, where she is primarily located. In addition Alexa has consistent run-ins with The Coiled Viper, a mysterious man belonging to the Blackblades, a collective of martial artists who believe weapons are the true path of martial arts. Many of the Blackblades are fanatics, and view themselves superior to the Six Fists due to their differing ideology.


Martial Arts Master - Proficient in several styles of Kung Fu, and having mastered a few Western martial arts as well, Alexa’s style is fast, powerful and brutal.

Chi Manipulation - Dragon Style uses chi to fuel the devastating strikes she delivers. Chi is also used to hone her reflexes, to the point where she can react near instantly to an assailant. She also is able to speed up her natural healing.

Dragon Dance - Fusing with her draconic companion, Alexa can perform the Dragon Dance. In this state her abilities multiply exponentially, and she becomes a truly terrifying opponent. Her Chi is rapidly drained in this state and if kept up too long will exhaust her at best, or kill her at worst.

Dragon Fist - Alexa’s signature attack and the most well guarded technique of her lineage. She powers up her fist which crackles with green celestial fire, and along with the incredible physical force exerted, anything hit will also get burned.

Thousand Talons - A series of palm strikes delivered faster than the eye can see, aimed at vital areas to grind down her opponents.

Soaring Dragon - A Butterfly kick hitting in a crescent moon around her, burning attackers with celestial fire.

Dragon’s Flight - Assisted by her draconic companion Alexa bursts forward in the blink of an eye, delivering a powerful kick upon arrival.

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- Publics Perception

Alexa is generally viewed as an honorable hero, and can often be seen doing food drives, and distributing medicine to the community. Though other heroes sometimes find her uptight due to her strict adherence to her code and honor.