Jumping Jack Blue

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Jumping Jack Blue
Player: @Sekimen
"You can wax on, wax off all you like. I'm still kicking your ass!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jack J. Johnson
Known Aliases: Jumping Jack Blue
Gender: Male
Species: Kangaroo Manimal
Ethnicity: Australian
Place of Birth: Sydney
Base of Operations: Millennium city
Relatives: Red Jake Boomer (Brother)
Age: 21
Eyes: Green
Hair: Yellow
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Acrobatic
Physical Features: Is a giant kangaroo
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Australian
Occupation: Pro fighter
Education: High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman speed and agility
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Gloves, bling, bike
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Jack and Jake, feeling a bit green in the desert.

Jake and Jack were twin brothers from Sydney, Australia with a love of surfing, crocodiles and mixed martial arts. The latter was more than just an interest though - they both fought competitively at a National level, and were about to enter their first International tournament in Los Angeles. They never arrived however - their flight hijacked by a small group of super-powered terrorists.

They, along with two others heading to the same competition, were initially overpowered, but after switching tactics to try and take down each hijacker individually, the four made a much more successful attempt at fight back, rendering most of the hijackers unconscious. Now pilotless, and out of control, the plane crashed on Monster Island.

Strange animal-men soon rounded up the survivors - the twins and their fellow competitors among them - and ushered them through the jungle and into several cramped cages in a dank cave. The next few days were a bit of a confusing blur. Mostly pain, and unconsciousness. Soon however, everything fell into place. The survivors had fallen into the hands of Dr. Moreau, and the four fighters had been transformed into Kangaroo-men...

Moreau was not kind to his manimal subjects, bullying them into obedience with shock collars and subjecting them to all kinds of experiments. It wasn't all bad though - with their new forms came new strengh and speed, far beyond what they possessed before. And there were the rumors. Those manimals that did not break under Moreau's tyranny whispered of a tribe of free manimals, of a gorilla scientist and a stag-man who led with compassion, rather than fear.

Jack stealthily infiltrates Mal Zver.

The truth to these rumours was soon realised - the Free Manimals of New Gornyj, and their superhero friends made a raid on Moreau's complex, freeing any captive they found there. The twins were among those that escaped. Their fellow competitors however, had become favourites of Moreau, and refused to leave.

The twins lived with the New Gornyj manimals for some time, helping protect the village, and learning how to work with their new abilities. The superheroes that passed through from time to time helped to keep them up to date with world events, and vice versa - passing news from Monster Island back to it's most famous former inhabitant, Dr. Silverback. Soon, he invited the twins to Millennium City, as he felt that they would be suitable candidates for UNITY.

It was with great sadness that Jake and Jack left New Gornyj, but they are ready to return at a moment's notice to help their newfound friends there, and thoughts of the fellow competitors and contrymen they left behind, James and Bruce, are never far from the front of their minds.

The younger of the twins, Jack specialized in Muay Thai before his change, turning it into Muay Boran after he was no longer eligible for MMA. His fighting style focuses on evasion and fast, precise hits. He is rather impatient and likes taking care of problems as fast as possible. But despite being in a constant hurry, he posses the wits and discipline required of a martial artist (as well as the snark).


Training at Carl's.


Jack is extremely agile and has great coordination even under conditions most people wouldn't (staggered, intoxicated, under great pressure). He can avoid mundane attacks and even dodge bullets when this agility is combined with a proper guesstimate. He is also very precise, landing most of his hits and being a force to be reckoned with in a basketball match. If he knew how to handle guns, he'd probably be a good shooter as well.


Jack is really, really fast. His top running speed is 101MPH and he is able to execute punches and kicks almost instantly.


Jack is just brimming with energy! He can keep fighting, running and jumping for a full day without stopping! He just keeps going, and going, and going...

Martial Arts Prowess!

Jack practices Muay Boran with great success. However, his style is not pure Muay Boran, but rather contains a few of his own trademark moves, mostly a result of his kangaroo abilities. He is more defense than offense-oriented, but he still has more wins than draws or losses.

Useless Trivia and Inappropriate Pop-culture References!

Jack knows about a lot of stuff. Mostly useless, obscure trivia which proves to be just what the team needs to help take down a villain! Where does all this knowledge come from? Television, video games and the Internet, of course!


Jack has been doing a great job making friends since he arrived in Millennium City!

He has helped Liberty's Shield stop evil alien clone guys in SPACE! As thanks, he got an awesome SPACE SUIT for it! Ever since then, he has been buds with Liberty, even getting a job offer to work for the UDF (which he courteously declined).

During this space adventure, he met the great Paladin(@Sephoma)! The holy man with a "bendy stick up his ass", which makes him more laid back than your typical Templar-esque Paladin. He's totally an awesome guy to have around!

Jack also met a completely non-suspicious vampire called Desmodus(@Sprawler), who completely and utterly sincerely called Jack his bro. They've been bros ever since.

He's also friends with the angel Aelith, the slightly-real Mnemovore, the impy Impsblood, the easily flabbergasted Lycan and the catty Katerra.

His idol and greatest hero ever to exist is Diverboy Edge.

He is dating Moonbeam right now.

As far as his brother, Red Jake Boomer goes, Jack carries the burden of being the younger and smarter of the twins. He still loves his bro with all his heart.


Dealing with some bad dudes.

Jack has been doing a great job making enemies in Millennium City since he arrived!

Right now, the gangs of West Side, most notably the Cobra Lords and the Cult of the Red Banner have it out for Jack. This is primarily due to the Roo making frequent patrols through the gangs' territories and beating them up while yelling "Grand Upper!"

The Dogz seem to have a similar issue whenever Jack is in Vibora Bay.

Purple Bruce Basher, one of the Roo Manimals who still serves Dr. Moreau has attempted on multiple occasions to defeat and take Jack back to the Doctor, "where he belongs". Jack has managed to fend off the evil kangaroo so far, but for how long will he be able to?


Jack with his idol, Diverboy Edge.

Jack is a pretty good person to have around. He likes to protect the weak, fight the bad and generally be a showoff in the process. He's rarely down and tries his best to stay positive. He does have quite a few triggers and isn't one to shy away from giving a speech about righteousness, justice and what it means to be a good guy if he thinks it's necessary (or would look dramatic).

He doesn't like arguments between "good guys" and he has big authority issues. Following the rules? That's not much of a problem. Following orders? That just might be...

Jack rarely, if ever, talks about himself beyond (usually jokingly) stating how amazing he is. He doesn't like introducing himself as a kangaroo and likes it best when people just call him "Jack". If pressured to talk more about the kangaroo part of him, he'll be quick to change the topic.

What You Should Know!

Jack is a Kangaroo Manimal from Australia who has recently moved to Millennium City. He likes to fight, meet people, fight, hang out, fight, go drinking with friends and punch and kick bad guys! You can find him at Carl's Gym most of the time, or you can just yell on the Champions' Response and Protection channel and hope he's online.

Other than that, little is known about the Roo. He has mentioned that he has a brother called Jake and he has been seen visiting Father Elk on Monster Island as well as Dr. Silverback in Millennium City.

He is also a YouTube celebrity and goes by the moniker of "The Ranting Roo," who complains about video games online.

How You Can Talk to Him!

Are you a Manimal from Father Elk's village, or do you hail from the Great Land of Australia? Feel free to meet up with Jack!

Do you need the streets purged of bad guys? Do you need a bad dude to save the President? Does someone require a lesson in asskicking? Jack's the guy you need!


Jack and Jake dancing away in Ren Center.

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"He's a kangarooooooo!!! And he drinks and buys people drinks! He's the coolest kangaroo person I know!" -Impsblood

"SO F*Bleep*ING COOL!" - Skull

OOC information

The base costume was the work of Geisha-Deconstruct, so full credit goes to them. I only put the clothes on all the other costumes!

Obligatory theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvlM9J80ujg