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Silver medal T.png
The Ravenous
Halfblood Mage Hunter
The Imp!
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Bethany King
Impy, Imps, Impthing, Halfblood
May 21, 1990
Flat Lake, Michigan
Millennium City
Millennium City
Guard, mage hunter, courier
Legal Status
Several minor trespassing and vagrancy charges
Marital Status
Dating (Scripture)
· Known Relatives ·
Jack King (Father), Eliza King (Mother)
Physical Traits
Human/Demon hybrid.
Gluttony demon
Apparent Age
Body Type
A bit chubby
Red and Black
· Distinguishing Features ·
Horns, red eyes, tufted tail, claws and green skin.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Teleportation, shapeshifting, magic sense, demonic resilience.
· Equipment ·
Dual enchanted fighting claws (Misery and Despair)
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled in close combat fighting, decent understanding of magic and spell casters.


Impsblood is a shapeshifter, but prefers her "normal" form. This form has green skin, is short and curvy with red eyes, slightly pointed ears, red hair and a long tufted tail as well as a triple row of bony horns. While out adventuring she wears some revealing blue and black armor to cover her chest and waist over black tights cut to expose her body.


Before her transformation, Impsblood was an unfortunate young woman. Always unlucky, always late and always seeming to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The woman that would become Impsblood was working a dead end job and failing out of college when she was chosen for a little magical experiment by an unhinged small time warlock. A ritual was cast to forcefully bond the soul of a small servant demon with hers in an attempt to make a more effective and obedient servant. This plan backfired rather horribly when the resulting being ended up being only partially merged and even less obedient with the added benefit of being more dangerous. The warlock ended up being poisoned and nearly killed by his new creation who escaped into the city.

Confused and unable to return to her old life she began calling herself Impsblood and became a hunter of wicked mages and those that would abuse magic and magical creatures. She has been in trouble several times for her actions and is not well trusted but is still a registered "hero" and helps out where she can. Despite previous misgivings she has come to embrace her new life and doesn't know if she could ever go back to being what she was before.

Unfortunately for Impsblood, her creator still had an interest in her. Signs of his presence that she couldn't ignore began to pop up in the city. She was forced to investigate these circumstances, finding that Marius the Darkcaster had become much more than a simple dabbler. With the help of her friends, Impsblood was able to unravel his plot to steal an ancient demonologist's tome and put a stop to his plans, with Marius being banished into the Netherworld by the power of the very wizard he sought to steal from.

After this incident, Scripture stepped in to help the unfortunate woman. With her patience and guidance, Impsblood was able to merge her identities fully to become a single being.


Impsblood seems to just say whatever is on her mind. If it doesn't make sense or makes her look foolish, she doesn't care and is quick to move on to another topic just as quickly as she started the last. She loves to get under peoples skin and seems immune to the criticism of others unless she can use it to gain sympathy and make other look bad. She describes herself as annoying and seems to take pride in being unusual.

Very rarely this annoying personality cracks and she seems much like a confused, sad young woman. Around people that show her even a bit of kindness she can be very loyal and devoted and she tries to reign in her usual behavior. She used to suffer from terrible nightmares and had difficulty sleeping, at times bursting into tears for seemingly no reason.

Since the merging of her human and imp halves, she's become much more tolerable and less scatter brained.

Powers and Abilities

-Teleportation- Impsblood is able to teleport rapidly from place to place and is capable of longer jumps if she concentrates. She sometimes loses focus while teleporting and ends up places she didn't mean to go.

-Shapeshifting-She can shapeshift, but finds it uncomfortable to be out of her natural form for too long. While shapeshifted she can become shorter or taller, heavier or smaller but can't become any stronger or more durable. She also isn't very good at replicating male forms.

-Magic Sense- She also has a sixth sense for magic and magical abilities and can follow magical trails left by spellcasters. This sense seems to have a decent range, but it's full limits haven't been tested.

-Demonic Resilience- Despite being somewhat fragile pysically, Impsblood doesn't react to injuries the way a normal human would. Even serious injuries don't slow her down as much as they should and she recovers quickly. She also has a tendency to always return to her 'natural' form, regrowing lost limbs, horns, etc and is difficult to transform against her will by magic or other effects.

-Gluttony Aspect- Impsblood is able to eat almost anything, even poisonous and dangerous things, with little to no negative side effects. She is able to chew through most metals as easily as meat and is rarely ever sick. Her favorite things to eat are things with value, like precious metals.

-Claw Fighting: Skilled in the use of hand held claws. She first started using them when she escaped her former master and has found them to be effective for getting in close and harming targets when paired with her teleportation abilities.

Impy searching for something! Maybe.


Imp Brained: Despite her personalities being merged, Impsblood can be a bit erratic.

Infernal Blood: Being part gluttony demon, Impsblood has a voracious appetite and can eat almost anything... and does. Attempts to exorcise her leave her in intense agony and can possibly even kill her. She also suffers prejudice for being a demon for people that realize her true origins.


-Misery and Despair: Dual fighting claws. These weapons are enchanted so that the wearers blood creates a poison that causes weakness and lethargy in those affected by it. They are unnaturally sharp and good at punching through magic defenses and the tough skin of supernatural beings.


-Marius Darkcaster: The man who made her what she is today. Marius is a demonologist obsessed with grafting demons to peoples souls or transplanting demon parts onto people. He has become increasingly twisted with time.

-Father's Cult: Recently, Impsblood has been dealing with a group of demonic cultists that answer to a person they call 'Father'. She is disgusted by the evil taint they carry with them and their methods and seems very willing to do what it takes to destroy them.

Important NPCs

-Jarret Davis: Actually the superhero known as Ultima King, Jarret is a powerful spellcaster that gives Impy tips now and then. He runs a used bookstore called Out of the Way with his 'friend' Barghest, an extradimensional who knew what Impy was right away.

-Brunhilde 'Hilde' Faust: Brunhilde Faust is a surprisingly competent thirteen year old wizard who sometimes alerts Impy to rare and unusual items rumored to be in the area. She has an extradimensional workshop inside a playhouse in her family's backyard and is being mentored by her great grandfather's spirit (Seymour Faust), which is currently residing in a finely crafted fake skull gifted to him by Scripture. Her parents know of her supernatural dealings and do their best to stay out of it.

Friends, Allies and Aquantainces

-Lycan: Poochy! A drinking buddy. Impsblood thinks Lycan is very cool.

-Riptide: Another drinking buddy! Impsblood meets a lot of people at bars because she's a heavy drinker...

-Alex Henderson: Former teammate. Impsblood is currently upset with her and not talking to her.

-Astraea Ling: A friend who she's been through a lot with. Impsblood thinks she works too hard.

-Aelith: Strangely enough, Aelith is Impsblood's closest friend. She likes the angel's fluffy wings and shiny eyes.

-Scripture: Though Impsblood originally wanted to maim the young woman, she has come to like her quite a bit.


-Can eat almost anything. She seems to eat impulsively, just picking up whatever looks "good" to her at the time and eating it. She seems to have an unusual sense of taste and enjoys eating many things that should be inedible She enjoys this ability because it's weird.

-She is afraid of mages. She fears they will try to trap her or abuse her in some way. This fear most likely stems from the way she was treated by her former master, the man who "created" her. She is quick to flee from spellcasters or even attack them if she thinks they mean her harm.

-Often refers to herself as an Impthing, as she doesn't like being called a demon, halfblood or half demon.

-Collects action figures. This is partially because of Particle Man, who she thought was a living action figure (or possibly a tiny robot) at one time.

-Story Arcs: - The Wayward Servant (complete)


Thoughts and Comments

-What other heroes think about the confused little imp-

She's really not that fat. - Avro

Where did this annoying moron come from? And why won't she stop disturbing me? - Alex Henderson

Impsblood may act strange, but she is a good person at heart. I hope she finds her way home one day. - Astraea Ling

Impy's adorable. She's like a little sister. I try not to sexualise her. - All-Star

One of the maaaany pretty faces in MC. Met her in Sherrera's. Seemed nice enough.- Snowtalon

Impsblood makes for good company on and off the field. Also she makes me feel less self-conscious about my own eating habits, that girl has the appetite of a void-whale. Zelara

She's a fat pudgy little monster who could probably eat a multimillion, no, a multibillion dollar company into bankruptcy. Blue Freedom

Now that the issue of payback is out of the way, Imps is a pretty awesome person. She's kind, funny, and generally uplifting. Oh, and she's handy to have around in a fight! Canadian Fist

Impsblood is very... hm, hungry. Though she does take direction well and can work in a team environment, which I appreciate. Not what someone would initially see as a typical 'hero' but they do come in all forms... - Sparrowhawk

Impsblood is a fine friend and loyal to the end. It was wrong of Marius to have this life forced upon her so violently, but she has done the only thing that can be done and accepted it, and that takes a strength that few will ever have or know. Scripture

"Impsblood is one of those people, that despite things, can let you enjoy the smaller things in this stressful life we lead. Be it her giggle, eating habit, puffy cheeks, or just easily amused attention span, she's pleasant company and a nice friend." Anarchy

"She's cool people, probably should get that appetite of hers in check. Sill, kinda fun to have around when you've had a rough day." Blockade


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