Liberty's Shield

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Liberty's Shield
Player: LordWisp
Son, nothing is impossible, just improbable and I do that every day.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Luke Rogers
Known Aliases: Lib, Liberty's Shield
Gender: Male
Species: Formerly Human, he sure as hell won't tell those IHA assholes that.
Ethnicity: State born son of the Carolina.
Place of Birth: Farm plantation on what is now the North Carolina/ South Carolina border.
Base of Operations: Hero and UDF Captain, former PRIMUS Captain
Relatives: All dead, Except for his ex wife and son John, Two Step-children
Age: 178
Height: 6'7
Weight: 345lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: A bit rugged
Physical Build: Bulky but toned
Physical Features: Rugged good looks.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Since 1857
Citizenship: USA, working off word chasing alien scum.
Occupation: UDF armed forces currently, rank Captain
Education: Went to college in the eighties.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Might and Kinetic redirection
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Shield, Great bat of justice, heavy pistol
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

"People of the Union take heart, the Civil War has ended with the defeat and surrender of the South. Even those who refused to surrender and dared to attack our beloved Washington D.C. Claiming it on some grounds of payback for the march of our hero William Tecumseh Sherman, those dirty fed rebels the 7th Calvary lead by Luke Rogers has been stopped cold. The advance stopped in the streets of our capital and the Fed leader now awaits his imprisonment." -- News Article from the end of the Civil War. From an Earth now dubbed 6134 by Trans dimensional Researchers.


Early life, a war in Dixie.

The man known as Liberty's Shield was born as Luke Rogers to loving parents in 1835 in what was at the time the Carolina state, before it separated into two separate states. He was born to a plantation owner who were good to their "Slaves" handled them more as bonus farm hands. Luke spent many hours and days a week with the help picking the cotton and working it with them along side his father in the fields. Do to the way events on his version of earth played out before the modern age of earth they discovered a steam punk style of age. Which meant steam automated farm tools and equipment were coming into development in the 1800s.

Well as the wheel turn so does time. The events leading up to the Civil War on his earth was the same as this earth. The Iron Moguls and others in the North arguing with trade and rights to lands in the west with the South Cotton Moguls which lead to years of heated lobbying. Only when on Prime Earth when the North played the card to stop the South Moguls for taking their slaves with them to the west, as the North never wanted to abolish slavery at the start. The South one upped them and invested in the new fancy steam powered farm tools, tripling the output and income of any slave farm.

The North furious at this tried to enforcer other laws and penalties onto the south and war was building up. In 1857 some proto type medicine tech had come to pass, Luke already part of the armed forces decided the south doesn't have the resources to win a war and this call for a "Super Soldier" might be what his land needs to hold on.

He was one of thirty soldiers to sign up for the project, do to the stabilization by what medical tech they had all thirty pulled through with their primitive "Blood" of "Supers and Magic" cocktail. This platoon of Thirty were called the "Guardians" amongst their deployment in the Carolina Calvary.

The war began and the war raged as the par for the course Sherman still marched across the south to the sea burning everything in his path. With the death tolls of the Confederacy sounding Luke took the thirty super soldiers and roughly two thousand rag tag troopers who wanted to do one last desperate attack. They broke through the Union lines and charged for Washington D.C. trying to return the favor.

They managed to make it into the city and start heading for the White house, a desperate city battle raging. As his men and fellow super soldiers started falling and he saw the needless destruction in the city he gave the order for the remaining men to retreat and scatter. As his men staggered and vanished into the night he and the remaining twelve of the guardians held the line against the oncoming four regiments of the Union Forces for as long as they could. In the end Luke could not meet up with his men and the remaining of the supers laid dead around his feet when he was captured.


After his capture fear of a back lash for executing the man who riled up an army from the defeated and managing to make it to Washington D.C. Shield was taken to a small prison base in the Virgina foothills. He was locked in a prison cell with barely enough light that his healing factor would keep his eyes from suffering harm from the light from that one few inch slit just meant to keep air flowing. Sealed in solitary with no exercise time, just food slid in on a tray to be returned twice a day. Bread, water and a tiny amount of salted meat.

Minutes felt like days, hours like weeks and days like years as the years in this dark cell with nothing but a toilet and a cot. He was never once let out of the room in those thirty years in his cell.

As the years ticked by he went mad to sane to mad in an endless cycle. No contact and no light or change outside of his site of his small room of a cell. After a stint of failed suicide attempts he resorted to spending the remaining sixteen years in his cell in a near mind dead coma, simply working out and sitting.

Freedom and a new purpose

Well after thirty years in his cell in the year 1895 a new officer, to the prison Luke was confined to, was confused as to why they had a cell that by all records had never been opened for thirty years. This young recruit figured what could it hurt to see what was in this mystery box. On pair of escort guards and a much confused conversation with the shaggy beard Luke, combined with one pardon later Luke was now sitting on a couch in a small one room apartment in the city. His family dead or forgotten about him and the world remembers nothing either.

After a year of being unsure what to do with himself, he saw the world had turned the war over his side may have lost to political means but there were still plenty in the states who needed a defender, needed a good soldier, needed a hero, needed a Guardian. He reenlisted into the armed forced and was the founding member of the organization the USDI, United States Defense Initiative, a group of the best of the best of the states armed and civil forces.

The World Wars

The age of steam punk came to an end and the modern world took off. As the world drew close to World War 1, it finally dawned on Luke he was drawing into his eighties and he still didn't look a day over the day of the experiment back in 1857. With the best medical minds of the time figured the serum and its healing factor which was near regeneration in grade gave him a factor of agelessness.

As the great wars dawned on the world Luke took to the field for his country, leading men who upon the end of the war were offered positions in the USDI.

A series of events set into play the rise of Meta kind, first with the steam punk age before the modern age man kind's grasp of chemical warfare was better, the mass chemical warfare did a base line mutation on all humans. They didn't while mutate them set them up for future generations to be born metas with a trigger. A trigger such as the work done by the Nazis in world war 2. They invented a super soldier factory and in a mishap of this factory triggered the metas to be born into the world.

This was not before Luke Rogers as Colonel and the hero Liberty's Shield lead the USDI and US army over a crushing victory over the Nazi's super regiments and tank columns through his own admission "The best damn soldiers it has ever been my duty to serve with."

A finally battle with Hitler aided his men and a witch, by the name of Susan Hendricks the Blue Weaver, lead to them storming Hitler's bunker and finding the man dead in a ritual suicide. Although the war had ravaged the world that information was left under wraps so the world could heal.

Rise of the meta humans

Do to the events in the two world wars the meta human population sky rocketed from a few hundred around the world at 1945, to three thousand in 1955, to twelve thousand in 1965 to ending at last count one hundred and twenty three thousand world wide in 2002.

Groups like the UDSI and the Meta Human foundation helped meld the world with the rising meta human presence a rough bit of IHA style of hate in the early fifties gave way to passionate speeches given by Luke and other "Old" metas to herald the age from the new bloods.

Guardians Assemble!

The USDI saw an increase in work in the rise of super villains and super terrorist and world dictators rising like the "Father of Cyborgs" the evil African warlord Ericson also the up and coming Magi Abra Cadaver along with the mad doctor Professor Whitwig. So in the early of the year 1980 USDI gave Colonel Luke Rogers to take to the field as Liberty's Shield and make a super team to defend the states. Luke managed to negotiate that all super members other then those they want would be volunteers rather then soldiers. The White House agreed and the Guardians were reborn!

The founding members of the new guardians were:
Liberty's Shield, Luke Rogers.
Jarl Frey, godling son of Thor.
Gigantor, super sizer from the Bronx.
Eagle, Flight capable super archer.
Susan Hendricks the Blue Weaver.
Kid tech whiz Jack Steel.

The crew roster would grow and shrink over the years Shield, Jarl, Susan and Steel would stay with the team through it all. The Guardians still are the premier super team on their earth, much of the team died or were wounded in the faithful battle in 2002 that sent Shield to this earth. The Guardians rebuilt and moved survived.

Love and an Heir

Much to both Susan and Luke's surprise they found neither one of them would age do to their powers and life. Despite the day and night of magic and tech head grease monkey soldier a relationship and marriage formed given birth to his son and heir John Rogers. Their marriage was happy up until him being stranded from his home in 2002.

The Guardians at Work 1980-1997

The Guardians had a seventeen year long stellar career track record. St oping Ericson and Whitwig's every mad attempt for world domination. Facing various super terrorist such as the "Red Fimbulvetr" a group of extremist communist terrorist backed by dissidents and outcasts of Asgard. Along with Abra Cadavers mad magic mayhem. They faced the "Leviathan" a massive two legged reptilian near indestructible creature that climbed out of the darkest ocean trench and survived a massive two day battle to bring it down.

Many Alien armies and invasion were repulsed. Investigation into it when they started getting FTL ships in 1999, indicated that their galaxy and neighboring galaxy suffered a massive cataclysmic war where ships were a rare resources and so where people. So the few evil aliens sun as the "Stellar Empire" and "Huxons" where utterly shattered with their lack of ships.

The Shadows reform. The rerise of the Third Reich

((The events detailed below are the results of an 8 monthish pen and paper campaign Shield actually was born in, in said universe lore my friends and I made for a pnp session.))

The events that lead up to Luke and Jarl being stranded from their dimension, blocked from return by an astral storm that destroys any that dare try to cross to their home dimension and planes was the rise to power of the reincarnated Adolf Hitler.

Hitler had learnt from his mistake and despite Luke, Jarl and Steel befriending a near indestructible alien relic hulk of a cyborg they could not prevent Hitlers plans in the shadows from unifying all of the worlds major players he could bend to his will. Even the Darkling army lead by the mighty Big Big the Darkling himself could not stop the coming storm!

It started with Warlord Ericson trying to beat the Guardians to the crashed ship hidden on a small island they found their Cyborg Hulk "Rose". After a long battle backed by UDSI troopers the Guardians beat back Ericson and reactivated and befriended Rose.

The next attempt of these evil plan, Professor Whitwhig backed by evil alien refugees harbored by Hitler tried to attack and take down the USDI sky fleet. A ferocious battled ending with a battle with a massive black dragon and Jack Steel, now playboy billionaire tech expert hacking sixty five of Whitwhig's drones forced back this evil plot! They saved the day.

On the next day they found Big Big the Darkling posing as Ross Geller in a store hiding from his "Bodies" fans, they brought the Darkling back to their base to befriend it and gathered his aid.

The last ditch effort to stop the plan was to raid Abra Cadaver's magic castle and face his magic minion army head on. The heroes made it inside and ended up fighting the Trio of Evil number twos. Whitwhig, Ericson and Abra Cadaver all at once, a long battle wagged just for the villains to escape with a small crate they fought tooth and nail to defend.

These evil master minds soon revealed their master Hitler back in the flesh to throw the world into war again for his mad regime only it was worse, he was eviler... but smarter.

Hitler rose to power on the hearts of evil men, robots and alien backing. A year long war raged across the eastern hemisphere. Men, Women and Meta died in droves on both sides ending with a finally assault on Hitler's final bastion the "Iron Fortress".

With the finally assault many of the Guardians died along side the USDI soldiers. But it was not any less painful even more so for the forces of evil. Ericson and his Elite cyborgs died at the gate, Whitwhig and his elite warrior bots died in mission control. Hitler made his last play and ran to the secret sanctum in it's core. As the surviving Guardians, Shield, Jarl, Steel, Rose, Plasma, Giest, Susan and Mister Face stormed into the sanctum they say Abra strike down Hitler and laugh. He was holding a staff pulsing with the power of numerous gods absorbed into it, he seeked to remake creation in his image.

A savage battle raged in which Susan and the Injured Steel had to carry the injured Susan out of the fight. Giest was cut down with a lance of power. Mister Face managed to hit Abra with a flurry of sharpened nano molecular knives only to be paid back ten fold. Reality started to crack and tear in the sanctum the power too much. Plasma tried to fire a blast of charged plasma to stop Abra only to be crushed by untold raw force. Jarl himself then lunged to be smacked aside. Shield tried a back attack to be thrown into the wall, Rose tried a valiant all out assault only to be torn limb from. As Abra stood gloating Shield picked himself up and did his last desperete attack and throw his shield at the staff breaking it in two! But the resulting back lash of energy threw Jarl and he through the folds of space the two men waking up in a gutter in west side, sore and confused in the year 2002.

1990 to now

Stranded with no way to return do to something they called the "Astral" storm, he let his mind be settled when a seer after many days managed to get some visions of his wife and son living and moving on with their life as it took six years to get the vision. He decided it was time to do the same as they believed he died in battle. Oddly enough in a feat of dimensional engineering above Shield's head it appears to have landed not just in a parallel time line but one of an earlier date than when he left.

He synced up and convinced PRIMUS to let him work with them as a Sanctioned hero. In his career on "This" earth he made many friends and enemies. Even so far as to meet up with a group of aliens chasing an evil empire of aliens that the term "Casual Genocide" describes them. He decided earth has enough like him in their army so he might as well spend his time helping this UDF save people from these aliens. Resulting in him getting called off world time to time to fight in military campaigns. He reached the rank of Captain in the UDF. Such crowning achievements as taking a fifteen man team with bombs into an Eclipse Union dreadnought and sabotage four it's six wings full of shield generators from the inside. Recently having been given the rank of Admiral.


Shields powers are confirmed as below:
Enhanced Reflexes.
Enhanced Speed.
Super Strength up to twenty five ton max lift without strain.
Has Magnetic control.
Has picked up Kinetic Manipulation. The full extent of it seems unknown even to him yet. Able to absorb kinetic force and redirect it into numerous shaped attacks. Max control was estimated around 400-600 tons of redirection and absorption


Hero's and Villain's comments about Liberty's Shield

"That man is as stubborn as a mule and as gentile as a jack ass. But again he is a soldier with all the stubborn will of an Jack-Ass" - Unnamed PRIMUS Colonel about Shield

"Who is your sidekick Thundrax, The Mad Trucker?" - Foxbat

"He loves cookies and is a gweat hewo. He has weally good advice too! He helped me make sure I got my homework in on time. Thanks!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"He just Crocodile Dundee'd a Bull Shark. You know I figured get the shark cage and a spear gun but no. No, he just took that to a whole new level" - Linden

Rp Hooks and facts

Has a thick Southern Drawl, understandable but with a hint of culture flavoring to it. Almost as if he took a bit of a blunt edge to once a man of high living.

Has two versions of his evil self 30 "Proto Shields" and the Anti Villain out to take over the world Liberator, Both public knowledge.

May talk rough and annoying but is a big soft and a sap, likely to help anyone at anytime despite the implications and or harm risked to himself. YES even nasty tabloids.

Made a bit of a name for himself in Hero Games and Racing scenes on earth. Is now a budding A class racer in a wide spread interstellar racing league, focusing on bikes hover and wheeled.

IS REALLY heavy and do to laws of weight and gravity likely to crack weak wood floors if not fall through, please feel free to use this at your disposal.

Was a Sanctioned hero who did end up working for PRIMUS up until putting that on hold to play a more "Active" role in alien invasion prevention. So is still in high regards with PRIMUS and has a hell of a good track record working for them.

All jokes aside is a humble bumble, very likely to sputter out an apology if he so much as thinks he offended someone, southern mannerism fun times.

While not a gunslinger or super crack shot is a Combat Marksmen in skill.

HAS numerous military vehicle, weapons and tech certifications in military forces both State Side and Space Side.

He is a grease monkey nerd.

Will sit by and tolerate a lot in a bar, but don't ya go disrespecting no lady in-front of him ya hear?

Loves to play pool, and poker variants, texas hold em and all sorts of card games.

Loves to Fish.

Misses swimming.

Has three racing bikes, two made third being made.

Has won three gold cups and five silver.

Tropes that apply to him.

He is a space marine[1]

Very proud to be a regular joe turned super soldier[2]

He did start as a Farm Boy [3]

His the the I'm not a hero, I am just a guy with powers doing my job, think nothing of it. [4] [5] IS the embodiment of the thrope all part of the job [6]

He is an officer and a gentleman [7]

Is a paragon [8]

He is the Captain [9] with command badass [10]

Has nerves of steel [11]

His body is nigh indestructible [12]

When it comes to battle field command he is an excellent commander and able to pull together even helpless battles with tactics and able to turn even green recruits into model of heroism and bravery through words and actions. Leads from the front hates to be tied to a desk. He gives rousing speeches [13] when the chips are done making the average man feel like a super hero or with the resolve of dare to be badass [14] or the honor it has been to fight by their sides [15].

He himself is the embodiment of the Heroic Second Wind [16].


(A brief fancy ic story to describe powers known but not all the origins.)

Friends and Allies

Cenjarti Parker
Parker, one of Shield's closest friends and confidants

Captain Cenjarti Parker, born to a small unaligned mining colony on the border regions of UDF. During a flare up when Eclipse Union and United Defense Force Fleet movements had escalated in a full out war effort. Pirates from inside UDF space and beyond the border decided now was the time to ramp up their game and take some loot. The pirates decided to raid in UDF space would risk running afoul of standing planetary defense forces on alert so they gathered a fair sized raiding fleet and headed out of borders.

The pirates target was the home of at the time, Miner Cenjarti Parker. The standing forces of the independent colony were normally more than enough to repulse pirate raids but not in the numbers they descended upon the colony at this time. With the nearest aid from anyone with any forces do to the Eclipse Union war effort raging around being three weeks out at least Parker decided he would not let the colony suffer under the grip of the pirates.

He started a one man guerrilla warfare campaign, while only killing fourteen of the pirates, the sabotage he did to their equipment and vehicles and even a few ships with IEDs forced the pirates to abandon their grip on the colony and leave. The one man war he waged had split enough blood and racked up enough of a cost to the pirates that their fragile alliance shattered and they disappeared into the void. Shortly after this he signed up with the UDF to take the fight to those like pirates and others out there who would hurt the innocent.

Parker is a jack of all trades, certified in use of all UDF military and engineering tools and weapons. He also has certs for all vehicles, mechs, and battle craft; but this jack of all trades nature has made him master of none.

During Parker's time as a diplomatic guard to earth he befriend Shield and the two men became close friends and battle brothers. It was by Parker's coaxing and convincing Shield decided to put his earth work on the back burner to sign up with the UDF. Parker served as Shield's supervisor and friend for several months before Shield's actions and heroics earned Shield the rank of captain and a ship. At which time Shield chose Parker to be his first officer. Parker has now been promoted to captain of his own ship, the UDF frigate Halbred.

Parker is aging man, going into his late forties. He is a kind but silent man, he believes the best stress relief for the hard job Shield and he serves in is humor. Shield has dubbed his friend "The Space Jester."

-- "No other man I rather trust my back to on a battle field, and wring his neck back on the ship other than Parker." -Shield about Parker

First Officer Rakneth
Rakneth, Shield's first officer

Rakneth is an aged officer who serves as Shield's first officer on the bridge. In his mid going on late sixties the man is rarely seen with out his walking cane. Despite numerous offers to grant him cybernetics to maintain his strength Rakneth vehemently refuses by saying, "The day my body can no longer perform the job on it's own is the day I retire." Rakneth has be relegated to mostly a support and advisory role taking command of bridge ops when Shield is planet side fighting with the Marine compliment onboard the ship. His wisdom is unrivaled and a good sound of reason to Shield. But don't count this old gun slinger dead in a fight, many boarders who happened to get past the ships internal defenses have met their end at the barrel of this man's revolver. Oldened and wizened he spends most of his off time in his quarters reading or simply reflecting.

Black Rose
Black Rose, Commanding officer, friend, comrade, racing buddy... Lover?

Black Rose is the Admiral of the Fleet of the UDF and fairly new to Shield's personal life. Up until two years ago the two had no idea the other existed but that changed when one day Shield along with a few earth heroes ended up getting whisked to her personal command ship in a fleet engagement in which the Eclipse Union were preparing a full out invasion of earth with their new proto-type Dreadnaught at the point of the formation. To Rose's anger she could not pierce the shield generation of the Dreadnaught long enough for a solid shot despite how many ships fired on it. It looked as if this ship would be herald of destruction.

Luckily for everyone Shield and the heroes with him were more brave than smart. They quickly whipped up a plan and borrowed a drop ship with a payload of explosives. After a tense two hour spec ops operation Shield and the other heroes managed to sabotage 66% of the dreadnaughts shield generator and blew off four of it's "Wings" with the crippled ship no longer able to carry the fleet alone Black Rose and the UDF fleet hit with renewed vigor sending the heroes back to earth for a round of well deserved drinks. Actions like these and others caught Rose's eye and she promoted Shield to captain.

The two joking refer to Shield as Rose's "Personal Attack Dog". The two have become close friends seen many times at bars and entertainment sports zones, like races and all together hanging out and bull shitting. This has lead many to believe they are close friends off the work place, and rumors of a possible love affair. She is snarky, a smart ass and a tease. With a vivid sense of humor and very much don't tempt me attitude.

Chancellor Zerinth
Chancellor Zerinth, benefactor and man watching from the shadows.

Chancellor Zerinth head of the UDF armed forces and unofficial head of the UDF senate. he is an ageless man from a dying race of creatures key to the founding of the UDF. He has watched in grow from a few fledgling colonies to a galactic power. He is as old as any sane creature can be. A former clan lord turned parental guardian of a federation of free peoples. For reasons even unknown to Shield something in his track record or what have you that has earned the eye of this man with a power grasp far beyond Shield's wildest dreams.

Their friendship still baffles Shield to this day, it started when shortly after his promotion to rank of captain the Chancellor himself was there to present the rank to Shield over one of the admirals. They two have become friends and even further their friendship as the kinetic redirection power Shield inherited from the Project Chimera the Chancellor himself seemed to share. This has lead them into a Mentor and Pupil friendship. The Chancellor himself constantly orders Shield to take command and tactics training form the UDF General of the Army and the UDF Admiral of the Navy. The man seems to have taken a very hands on eye to Shield and his advancement in the UDF. No one knows what sparked this or why. People just pass it off as the Chancellor taking a hands on approach to monitoring the UDF's best soldier at their disposal. If there is a deeper goal the only three who know would be the Chancellor, General of the Army and the Admiral of the Navy not a one of them is talking. Shield has a theory but he doesn't want to think about it.

Off the job friends, cape friends

Katerra- The target of Shield's harmless flirting advances, but good friends regardless Katerra

Thundrax- Shield's little liberal buddy he calls him Thundrax

Feel free to add your own hero to this list if they know shield and I forgot them. As of right now these are the only two players left who were his friends all the others moved on to other games.


Rogues Gallery/Trophy rack

Admiral Nexus of the Eclipse Union 7th Fleet


Admiral Nexus is a cruel and evil man from a family of high ranking political power in the Eclipse Union, born on the planet Sigma 4 and raised in one of the tallest city spires on the planet. One of the elite, one of the best, one of the powerful he was given the honor of a normal birth over a cloning tube as a medal of honor for his father after a glorious military campaign.

Nexus proved himself to be as skilled and as merciless as his father, he quickly rose to power and fame in the academy on a wave of slain rivals and murdered allies who spoke against him. Graduated at the top (and only) member of his officer's training class he was in short time granted command of a the seventh Eclipse Fleet.

The man has a powerful suit of power armor on top of his already great physical capabilities do to conditioning and heritage. What many would consider peak human levels outside of the suit. He is ruthless and brilliant.

No card or tactic is too low for this man, he will win by any means. If it means ramming one of his own ships and order it to over load it's core and engine it is well worth the cost to disable some upstart UDF's captains ship so the rest of the fleet can open fire on the target. Nexus will not be stopped or slighted by anyone. And an injured and gagged civilian with a bomb is a perfect delivery system to blow away the opposition.

This man's death toll for enemy forces is quite high, a model of an Eclipse Union officer with power and sway man can only dream of, with his civilian and ally death tolls trailing in a close second and third.

"What do you mean I have no regard for life? You impotent upstart, I highly value the worth of my life!" -- Nexus to Shield over a broad line communication after Nexus sacrificed a heavy frigate to disable Shield's ship.

Proto Shields

Proto Shield.png

A new strain of the best of the Eclipse Union cloning soldiers. For centuries these human like aliens refused to take DNA strains from the aliens they faced with powers for fear of "Corrupting" the "Pure Strain". For centuries they were limited in their super soldiers to just "Peak" levels, they not having any strains or races with powers close enough to the "Purity" to be considered for sampling into the fold of the glorious Eclipse Union.

This all changed four years ago when they discovered Earth. Humans billions of them, while not an exact genetic match close enough to be considered adding into the "Fold" of purity genetics wise, and more to the glee of the Eclipse Union leaders. Years of watching and waiting for a chance to slip infiltrators to the planet to get key metas with the best powers. A few failed attempts unable to recreate the powers of the unfortunate heroes they killed were unable to gain much from their genetic code.

Well one day after attempting to raid a popular genetic lab for meta advancement and help with controlling their powers their raid was stopped by who at the time was a simple hero still trying to get his head around the over whelming amount of aliens. Shield faced off against the Eclipse Union infiltrators in the lab with some help. They managed to stop four of the five not before the last latched onto Shield from behind and almost broke his neck. In the struggle that followed the infiltrator managed to take all the genetic material needed to start making clones and teleported out to the stealth ship in orbit that slipped off into the stars.

Eight months later the first squad of Proto Shields appeared in Millennium city with a high grade bomb payload meant to level a city block. A fight broke out with Shield and several of is friends versus these proto shields. They had taken his base line abilities and upgraded them. If it had not been for a recent experiment he would have been drastically over run. With Shield and his friends they were able to force the Proto Shields to retreat and disarm the bomb. But to this day for over a year he has faced this proto shields time and time again and their genetics keep getting better. They are battle hardened, the best of the Eclipse Union's training, cloning and outfitting. One is more then enough to give a high powered hero a run for his money.

"You're obsolete old man, throw it in. You are a relic of a piss poor time. You are nothing compared to the wonder that is us, we are new and you are the trash of the past. Now just hold still and let us put you out of your misery." -- Proto Shield clone "Splicer" to Shield.

Atrox Plaga High Captain of the Eclipse Union 2nd Fleet


"I don't know of no man more dangerous in the regions of anyone's known space other than Atrox." -- Shield about Atrox Plaga

Atrox Plaga is a dangerous man with an ambition only out paced by his skill. Old as many modern records even the best Intel groups in the galaxy fail to know about this man or what his origins are from. All that is known is that he arrived in the Eclipse Union forces somewhere from 500-2000 years ago. Who ever he was who ever he is no one knows. All that is know who ever pries to close into his past disappears. Even other high rank Eclipse officers.

He appeared in the Eclipse Ranks one day and climbed his way to the top of the Second Fleet, the most prestigious fleet aside from the home world defense fleet. He over throw and executed the former admiral for incompetence taking command and making himself a new rank, "High Captain."

His skills and exploits have awarded him the finest and first choice in Eclipse Union new technology and ships. His exploits are beyond belief in many cases. The Gammal Star incident of 8,956 UDF standard calender. In which Atrox's severely out numbered and out position fleet, on a ratio of out numbered 4 to 1 was fleeing from two UDF fleets, one lead by The Admiral of the Fleet herself. They chased Atrox into system and managed to pin him in a situation between ship deployment and sensors grids there should have been no escape in sight with out being tracked or jammed by interdiction fields.

When the UDF ships closed the trap and moved into optimal weapon ranges front running torpedo boats reported Atrox and his fleet had just vanished. Not a sensor trip or a ship escaped by any track even the best "Sub hunting" methods failed to flush him out of the net he had somehow escaped the impossible.

This is just one of untold feats of Atrox's tactical genius and skill. His skills do not just pertain to naval engagement he is master of the Lightning War with planetary invasion. Often known of looting and burning a planet while shattering it's orbital defenses in times before any major response fleet can arrive in system to stop him. Most reinforcement fleets have to worry about evacuating civilians from a dying world brought to environmental cataclysm but Atrox's method of "Strip mining".

A death toll untold and planetary victories tracking into the triple digits leave a bloody wake behind this man.

Not only is he a tactical master mind, he is a fearsome warrior in his own right, a full combat cyborg with the best power armor technology at the Eclipse Disposal. Now augmented by it seems a mutation of the healing factor taken from Shield, what ever mutation happened it affected this full cyborg and his suit to give him regenerating armor.

The two men share a mutual deep hatred wishing to see the other torn to shreds, polar opposites of the same coin, they will probably wage their battle till one of them is destroyed to the last atom. This fued stared when Shield leading a handful of earth heroes were responsible for the destruction of Atrox's new proto dreadnaught.

"Evil? I am not evil, Shield, this is just good business practice." --Atrox to Shield early in their fighting record.

Professor Jeremiah the Fourth

Professor J.png

A dangerous field researcher for the Eclipse Union, the "Fourth" clone of the original. He had been operating on earth in secret for four years kidnapping the occasional meta for experiments and breeding data. This is the fivth incarnation as this mad man fights to the death when ever cornered, trusting to be re cloned. PRIMUS was accounted for one of his deaths when he threatened to release a Neurotoxin and they bombed his facility to prevent it. The Second when he tried to stand in front of a trio of Abrams tanks gloating his superiority while holding a detonator to another bomb. And the remaining two to Shield in climatic fights in his labs. The multiple re cloning process has driven him near mad, but the Eclipse keep with his work as he 'was' one of their best minds.

One of the few Earth Bound villains not in strong hold or fallen, Bio Bomb

Bio Bomb.png

Bio Bomb was a small time lab searcher in genetics, (Where does Shield keep finding these nut jobs), who after accessing the Qu'larr data with the information of the beacon attack on Millennium City hatched a mad plan to control the race of aliens via genetic manipulation and mind control. Many attempts thwarted by shield and many hatcheries shut down this mad man always seems to be able to escape, with cockroach like survivability; (Pun intended.)

Photo Galley

Scanning a water world for a crash merchant trader
Average day on the bridge, when the navigator takes the ship too close to an asteroid
The failed rescue of colony Gamar 2
Shield's first ship in deep space, ship's shielding covering the weapon mounts. Thanks vio for doing it!
Shield's current cruiser, not 100% on reference picture but close enough