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Leilani Hau Kea
Player: @MallyBurns
"Ride the ice."
Character Build
Class Focus: Elemental magic
Power Level: Under 40
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Leilani Hau Kea
Known Aliases: Lei, Li-li, Frosty
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Mutant
Ethnicity: Half Samoan
Place of Birth: Apia Samoa
Base of Operations: Downtown MC
Relatives: Weston Godfrey III (step brother), Living parents names unknown.
Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112
Eyes: Lavander
Hair: Black
Complexion: Polynesian
Physical Build: Atheletic
Physical Features: Fox tail and ears
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Dual citizen United States/Western Samoa
Occupation: Surfer and professional Maulu'ulu Dancer
Education: Some College
Marital Status: Married to Keioseth
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
23 surf boards, Ice armor and a flower in her hair
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Some would tell you Leilani is Nafanua reborn, goddess of wisdom and war, others would say she is a demon spawn and should be cast out, or maybe she is the pe'a showing the way again. But everyone agrees there is something special about the young girl. Lei would rather run from the traditions and responsibilities her Village would heap on her. Preferring an easy life of living off her fathers vast American wealth and chasing the next great wave all over the world. She has stayed in some of the finest hotels the world has to offer making her home out of waves and a large collection of surf boards. Having grown up in Apia, Samoa she was taught the high language as well as the barbarized street language of the island. English comes easily to her but sometimes she struggles to find the right words to translate her native tongue for those who do not understand.

History and Background

O le mafuaaga lenei ua iloa - "This is the known begining"

Traditions Expectations and the little fox girl

Born in Apia, Samoa little Leilani was named by her adoring father. Sure she was a mistake for him but it did not make him love her any less. He was a man almost obsessed with Hawaii so he named the little pretty child "Heavenly flower of the snow". Her mother would have much preferred a traditional Samoan name but out of respect for the man the name stood. Both of her parents agreed she could not have his last name nor was she able to take the name of her village heritage due to her bastard birth. None of that mattered as she grew up. Lei chose to listen and learn on the island in her mothers village till she was a teenager of 14. Growing up in a small fale near the beach she learned to love and respect the ocean, often swimming out past the coral reef to play in the waves. Unlike most children in her small village nothing was asked of her other than to stay out of the way and listen when the elders spoke.
Lei's mother was a talented natural healer so talented in fact that often times she was asked to visit the far villages to lend aid. Many times Lei went as her mothers assistant watching her speak over the ill and transforming their pain though prayer and poultices. The young girl learned basic wound care from her mother and many prayers meant to aid in the healing of others. Most of the villagers were at first afraid of the girl but expected her to follow in her mothers footsteps and take her malu becoming another much needed earth woman and healer in the community. Unfortunately Lei had no innate talent like her mother.
Soon enough Lei's mother was so famous and well respected that the aiga matai stepped down and she was promoted to the honorable role. News of this sent little shock waves though the islands as traditionally the role was held by the most respected male only. Soon her little village became known as the backwards ones.
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Basic Fa'a Samoa

Eat food offered to you even if you are not hungry.

Listen to village elders and help your aiga.

Do not stand and eat or walk while eating.

Remove your shoes before entering any structure.

"I will be there in an hour" in fact means I will be there when I get there.

Community property most items are shared within an aiga. Anything left laying around can and will be picked up and used by others.

Relax everything worth doing is worth doing slowly.

Sunday is spent doing nothing anyone could consider work. Food is to be prepared the day before and everyone takes their ease after church services.

Current Events

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Quotes about Leilani

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"Lei? She's probably the nicest, sweetest chick I've met so far. I mean hell, she's willing to go out with a half-demon, that's gotta say somethin' about her. She's also pretty freaking handy with that ice of hers." - Hellion/Quintin

"When I gwow up I wanna be cool and surf like her! She's very sweet and has cute cat ears and a fwuffy tail! She's so nice!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

Theme Song:

Sweet Leilani
Henehene Kou 'Aka - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

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