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Hero Extraordinaire
Keio Profile Salute.png
"Some people say they have a sharp wit, well my sarcasm broke a force field once."
Player: @Keioseth
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Kyran Seth McIlroy
Kilo 3-Ten (K310), Rockstar, Keio, Ky, Seth, and Red
October 22th
Vancouver, Washington, USA
City Center, Millennium City, MI USA
Freelancer Garage, Freelancer Lalantos Base
Co-Owner of Freelancer Industries
Legal Status
Marital Status
Married to Leilani McIlroy.
· Known Relatives ·
Kara Sonnen-McIlroy (Daughter), Torin McIlroy (Son), Leilani McIlroy (Wife), Jason McIlroy (Brother), Eva McIlroy (Grandmother)
Physical Traits
Irish American
Apparent Age
160 lbs
Body Type
Fair Complexion with Freckles.
· Distinguishing Features ·
Scars on Cheek, Eyebrow, Chin, Various on Torso, deep black-purple scar on chest.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Telekinesis, Telepathy, and minor Precognitive abilities.
· Equipment ·
THINGs, Mark VII ACE Suit 'Lancer', twin "Shellie" Pistols
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts Training (Mother), Doctorate in Science, Various Engineering Degrees, Power Armor Technician (degree in Mechanical Engineering), AI Programing (Self taught)


Kyran Seth McIlroy has bulked up since first Blood Moon event, though he still maintains a fairly slender build and though he is seen with bright red hair his natural hair color is actually a Redish Brown. He stands around 6'1".


Keio is guided by his conscience and instincts and he is usually very altruistic. While he doesn’t mind cooperating with Law Enforcement Officials or Government Organizations, he doesn’t feel obligated or indebted to them. If the event rises in which doing the right thing requires either bending or breaking the established rules, Keio will not lose any sleep over it.

Keio does come off as rarely taking situations seriously, usually making jokes or just being sarcastic. This attitude serves multiple purposes for Keio, it is his way of coping for situations, it tends to discombobulate his opponents opening up their defenses, and it relaxes his teammates.

All-in-All, Keio is a good person, though he can be rather paranoid at times. His trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. Those rare few whom he trusts are like family to him and he would give his life to protect them.



A New Dawn

After Kara and her friends managed to defeat the vile Chaosiris, she was given a once in a lifetime chance. The Cosmic being, who Siris had taken his powers from, gave her a single wish. She used this wish to make it so that the Elemental never existed. She understood that this would lead to Chaosiris never being created and thus she would never exist but she wanted her family to have a happy life. The being recognized the sacrifice and did as she asked though changing the timeline somewhat for her.

As time rewrote itself, Dawn McIlroy and Torin Hunter met as they had previously at Sembach Air Force Base in Germany. Dawn was on assignment as an observer for UNTIL while Torin was a Powered Armor Technician for the US Air Force. The two worked together for a year and soon married, five years later the happy couple were blessed with twin sons Jason and Seth (Keio, now born several years earlier than the previous timeline). Torin retired from the US Air Force and joined his wife at UNTIL and the family was stationed at the CFB Comox in Comox, British Columbia.

As Seth grew up he developed telepathic, telekinetic, and some minor precognitive abilities and in 1991, the family moved to Windsor, Ontario to enroll Seth in the Ravenswood Academy. In the aftermath of the Battle of Detroit, both Dawn and Torin helped with the UNTIL relief efforts.

While there he had a fairly regular school life and discovered his passion for AI Programming, Mechanical Engineering specifically for Power Armor, World History, and Polakios. Because he was metahuman he wasn’t able to join the school Polaskios team which frustrated him but he understood the reasoning behind it. He also took up Tai Chi and Taekwondo while at the Academy. He would graduate in 1994 (age 15), earning a full scholarship to MIT.

Seth McIlroy: Agent of UNTIL

At the age of 18, Seth had earned several degrees and even a Doctor of Science, an academic research doctoral degree. He was recruited out of MIT to UNTIL and he worked in their Technical Corps, here he met Alenna “Allie” Sonnen, a very talented programmer and computer engineer. The two began a relationship and a year later Allie gave birth to their daughter, Kara Dawn Sonnen-McIlroy. The two were scouted and recruited by Captain Rasputin Keller and Dr. Albert Wei to aid in Project: NUANCE (New Unified Approach for Next-generation Combat Enhancement) which focused on equipping a small team of both humans and meta-humans with experimental tech to handle potentially dangerous threats. The members of the NUANCE team where given callsigns to ensure the member’s identities would remain secret, Seth’s was Kilo-3-Ten (K310) and Allie’s was 5-Charlie-Twenty-One (5C21).

While testing out a new program Allie inadvertently hacked into a secured system in the NUANCE computers. It was here that she discovered that Keller and the chief science lead for the Project, Dr. Wei, were using research from another Project, Project: 4HM, to artificially induce super powers in normal humans without their consent. After selecting a target they would kidnap them, induce the super powers, mentally condition them, and then create a new identity for them before recruiting them into NUANCE. Not knowing who exactly to trust she shared the information with Seth.

Seth, who was deployed in the field with Keller and his brainwashed augmented humans, was less than thrilled upon viewing all the evidence. He told her to send the data to their superiors as well as too his parents (still members of UNTIL at this point) and get away from Dr. Wei. He’d try to disable the team to give UNTIL time to send someone to capture them. Dr. Wei, however, noticed the intrusion to his system and traced it back to Allie, he confronted her while she was sending the information to their higher ups and he tried to kill her. She was rescued by Craig Carson aka Thundrax (starting a lifelong friendship between Seth, Allie, and him) who happened to hear her scream as Wei attacked her.

Seth donned his newly invented Turbine Assisted Ionic Regulation Gauntlets (TASIR, pronounced like TASER) but Wei managed to get a call out to Keller before being knocked out by Thundrax alerting the twisted soldier to Seth’s knowledge. Keller activated the mental conditioning of the seven troops sending them to attack Seth. He barely managed to take them down with his TASIRs and went after Keller who ran into a nearby factory. By the time UNTIL showed up the factory had been all but destroyed and both Keio and Keller were near-death.

Keio made a full recovery though he was left with many scars, Keller whoever lost both legs and one arm, he was sentenced to life in prison along with Dr. Wei. The event left Allie shaken and she left UNTIL and began working with her father at his company, the Advanced Research Opportunities International (ARO Intl.). Seth and Allie never married though he was always a big part of his daughter’s life as she grew up. Seth stayed in UNTIL and joined his brother in Project Snakecharmer after NUANCE was shut down.

Over the next four years Keio had several adventures in Snakecharmer and messing with VIPER became his new favorite activity. He also met and aided a supergroup known as ‘The Independents’ where he met the AI known as INSCRIBE who became the basis for his and Allie’s original SCRI AI. During what would be his last year as an agent of UNTIL, the McIlroy brothers and their team, Lancer Team, aided several superheroes raid a former base of the villainous Dr. Destroyer which had been taken over by VIPER.

What had led the brothers to the site was actually the escape of former Captain Rasputin Keller or as he was now calling himself ‘Razikel’ and Dr. Albert Wei. VIPER had outfitted Razikel with powerful robotic limbs and powered armor and provided Dr. Wei with a new lab. The operation was used to create clones of superheroes and supervillains who were loyal to VIPER and would replace the originals. Lancer team split up with half going to destroy the cloning facility and the other half going to destroy the power plant. Seth’s half were sent after the power station but on the way they were attacked by Razikel. Seth told his team to continue while he distracted the villain.

The two battled their way through a skyscraper like building and in the finally showdown between the two the building collapsed tossing Seth from the building and killing Razikel. He had barely managed to save himself from death by somewhat cushioning his fall with his telekinetics but it still left him blind in one eye and with a badly broken leg, knee, and a broken back.

Stories from Millennium City

With a new implant in his back and a bionic eye, Seth transferred to the UNTIL office in Millennium City to be closer to Allie and Kara and to continue his work with the Independents super team. He continued this for four years and developed a good working relationship with the MCPD. When John Wheeler started up the special MARS team known as Meta-SWAT, Seth secured a spot on the team as their UNTIL Observer. Seth took part in the defense of Millennium City during the first month long Bloodmoon and thanks to his leap-before-looking attitude he helped in the creation of a new model of ACE suit created by Silver Eagle as well as earning the name ‘Rockstar’.

After Bloodmoon ended, Wheeler retired and left the team to Flynn T. Megantic, John ‘Hunter’ Blackclaw, and Silver Eagle with Seth staying on as the UNTIL rep. The team would recruit new members including Aeva ‘Sunspot’ Marone (later Aeva Megantic) and helped in the fight against the powerful psychic mastermind, Superior. After the apparent deaths of both Flynn and Seth, a massive force of superheroes rose up against Superior and defeated the arch villain. Flynn and Seth were rescued from the powerful psionic cloud created by Superior and reconstituted into their bodies.

After this the Meta-SWAT program had all its funding cut by the city and with the help of Craig Carson and Allie, who had become the president of ARO International, Seth managed to keep the team together by privatizing it turning it into the Freelancers. The supergroup and company grew eventually changing its name to Freelancer Security Solutions and then to Freelancer Industries (FLI) after merging with ARO International and Lithium Labs. FLI’s main focus was on the production of non-lethal weapons for military and police organizations in North America as well as restarting the Meta-SWAT program by funding it for the city.

Seth currently operates out of the Freelancer Garage on the MC Docks and is currently married to Leilani Hau Kea who recently gave birth to their first child, Torin McIlroy. Allie operates out of the company’s dwarf planet base, Lelantos, situated in the asteroid belt and Kara is currently attending Boston University.

Family, Friends, & Allies


  • Kara Dawn Sonnen-McIlroy - Keio's daughter, mother is Alenna Sonnen, intelligent, registered hero, attending Boston University.
  • Torin McIlroy - His and Leilani's newborn sun.
  • Alenna 'Allie' Sonnen - Keio first love and mother of Kara, Co-Owner of Freelancer Industries.
  • Torin Hunter - Keio's father, former US Air Force mechanic, works for UNTIL.
  • Dawn "Lady Morningstar" McIlroy - Keio's mother and UNTIL Liaison.
  • Jason Orson Hunter (McIlroy) - Keio's twin brother and currently on assignment overseas with the UNTIL.


  • Flynn T. Megantic - Keio's first partner back when the Freelancers were still Meta-SWAT. Flynn is one of Keio's closest friends, the two of them love to give each other shit.
  • Hunter - Keio and Hunter are like brothers, they fight like brothers, they rag on each other like brothers, and they are both (probably) equally crazy. * [Hunter is way more crazy. - Keio]
  • Silver Eagle - A fellow techie, though leagues beyond Keio in ability, Keio and Eagle are birds of a feather if you don't mind the pun.
  • Craig Carson - Thundrax has always had Keio's respect and if anyone could be listed as his role model it would be Thundrax. He helped Keio finance the Freelancers as well as being one of the teams private contractors.
  • Lenora Carver - 'L' is Keio's go to mage, she is a trusted ally and an invaluable member of the Freelancers.
  • Razira - A long time ally and new member to the FLI team.


  • Wolfgirl - An ally of his from back when he was still in the MCPD and the Meta-SWAT unit.
  • Nate Carter - Keio has run into Carter in several missions over the years, good guy, Kara seems to like him well enough.
  • C.O.P. - COP was probably just as infamous with Siris' crew as Keio was with as many of the RENEGADE robots he felled.
  • Striker - Ever since leaving UNTIL, Striker has been a constant friend and like an older brother to Keio. He's a person that Keio has immense respect for.
  • Cameron "Powerglove" Martinelli - Cam is a dimension-hopper and one of the on-team medics within the Freelancers.
  • Akiko Shimizu - Aki can be very frustrating at times but Keio still counts her as a member of the Freelancers even if she left.
  • Kayleigh Ellis - The Second of the on-site mages for the Freelancers, she's not the friendliest person in the world but once you get past that she's a good person.



Ever since he was a young child Keio has had the ability to speak (telepathy) and move objects (telekinesis) with his mind. He also has minor precognitive powers that act as a early warning system.

  • Telepathic Link - He can link up to five mind together creating a stealthy psychic communication line.
  • Telekinetic Combat - He uses his mind to augment his melee combat to make punch, kick, etc. hit harder and can potentially fling the person being attacked away.

Martial Arts

He uses a hybrid style mixing elements of Tai Chi Chuan and Tae Kwon Do.

Improved Reflexes

Thanks to his precognitive powers Keio has reflexes that are above the average human, allowing him to do such feats as dodging attacks and even once dodging a bullet.

UNTIL Training

Keio has received extensive training through UNTIL in close combat, firearms, and melee combat.


Mark VII ACE Suit "Lancer"

The Lancer is a command build for the Mark VII ACE Suit it features all of the normal functions of the Mk.VII ACE:

  • Body sheathe of synthetic muscle fibers which can increase the reflexes and strength of the user.
  • Bullet-resistant armor with 'psyweave' technology.
  • Internal Robotic Medical System (IRMS).
  • THINGs (Thermal Imaging Nightvision Goggles)

The Command Variant Additions:

  • Direct neural link to SCRI and the Freelancer Database.
  • Telepathic enhancer.

Lancer Custom Mods:

  • TASIR (Turbine Assisted Ionic Regulator) Gauntlets allowing for greater close range attack power.
  • Heavier Armor.
  • Shard of Rai Kel'tho Las to act as a battery for powers.


  • Two Custom Castor Hall M1911 A1 GRPs (Global Response Pistols)
  • Two U-SHL Shellie Blaster Pistols
  • MP5K-PDW Submachine Gun
  • Spas-12 Shotgun (with folding stock)
  • H&K G36C Assault Rifle (with exchangeable parts for a Sniper Variant)
  • Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (a DMR/CQB variant of M14)


  • Numerous Throwing Knives
  • Tactical Folding Knife

Enemies: The Renegades



Name: ESC (Experimental "Senka" Clone) SN: #44948 "Chaosiris"
Abilities: Super Strength and Electrokinesis augmented with Magic
Rank: Team Leader

Siris is a partial clone of Seth McIlroy and Raz Keller, having mixed traits from both donors. Appearence he looks like McIlroy but with hair color and skin color matching that of Keller. while easily capable of taking on multiple heroes thanks to ingrained military and martial arts training from the computer that created him, he prefers to work behind the scenes often strategically moving his pawns to distract interlopers while he gets what he needs.



Rhino Tank

Name: Tankred Anders
Abilities: Power Armor Pilot
Rank: Field Leader

He spent many years going in and out of detention facilities as a career criminal then he ran into Lt. Seth McIlroy. Tank and his crew had just robbed a jewelry store when they crossed paths with the young man who managed to foil the escape. While in prison he was approached by a man calling himself 'Siris' and in return for being set free he was to work for this mysterious man. Tank accepted under the condition that he could go after McIlroy. Siris gave Tank a powerful suit of armor and thus Rhino Tank was born.



La Llorona & La Mala Hora

Name: Rona & Mala
Abilities: Chaos Magic and Weapon Creation
Rank: Magical Shock Troops

The 'Twins' are Chaos Conurbites who are made of personified Chaos Magic. They were created by Siris after a visit to the magical planes and theft of a powerful magic scroll. They tend to cause massive amounts of collateral damage and while they have never killed anyone they have maimed and nearly killed several Heroes that have gone up against them. While they are insanely powerful this is undermined by the fact that they have the mentality of schizophrenic 10 year olds.




Name: Max Collins
Abilities: Military Training and Duplication Power
Rank: One Man Army

Max spent most of his life either as a soldier or a hired mercenary both of which benefited from his ability to create multiple copies of himself, up to 6, effectively turning him into a one-man strike team. He doesn't talk much however and is often used as backup for the twins.

In Prison



Name: Ken Yamato
Abilities: Ability to see Blind Spots and Hide in them
Rank: Assassin

Possessing a interesting super power allowing him to see any and all blind spots in a person's vision, Sorrow has made quite a living as an assassin. He is also very knowledgeable with most security systems since cameras can still see him. He typically uses bladed weapons during his assassinations since he can get up behind his targets without them seeing him, though he has used sniper rifles from time to time.

In Prison


Southern Cross

Name: William "Bill" Roberts
Abilities: Super Intelligence, Mecha Pilot
Rank: Tech Expert

The very first criminal that Seth McIlroy ever stopped, Roberts is a 'redneck genius' hailing from the small town of Clint, AR. He has multiple mecha suits ranging in size from 4 meters to his massive Super Southern Cross which clocks in at a massive 200 meters tall. All of his suits are loaded with all manner of weapons from mounted machine guns to plasma cannons to missile batteries. He rarely goes out into the field however and usually is in charge of creating and managing the Renegades robot minions.


RP Hooks

  • Keio is sort of infamous with UNTIL personnel because of the events involving his unit and his former CO, Rasputin "Razikel" Keller.
  • Co-Owner of Freelancer Industries.
  • Teaches a free Tai Chi Chuan class at Carl's Gym.
  • Former member of the special MARS Meta-SWAT unit.
  • Co-Owner of several Nightclubs in California, most notably the "Four Winds".



  • Has Teleportation Sickness, meaning that the shock of teleporting tends to make him nauseous and usually violently ill.
  • Plays the violin.
  • Favorite Drink - Lemonade.
  • Favorite Tea - Earl Grey with a spoon of honey.
  • Favorite Food - Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas.
  • Favorite Alcoholic Beverage - Rum or Whiskey.
  • Favorite Video Game - Super Mario World.
  • Favorite Movie - Big Trouble in Little China.
  • Favorite Song - "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven
  • Favorite Bands - AC/DC, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Dropkick Murphys, Daft Punk, Rise Against.
  • Favorite Sports Teams - San Diego Chargers (NFL), Boston Celtics (NBA), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Boston Bruins (NHL).
  • Favorite Board Games - Chess, Risk, and Arkham Horror.
  • Favorite Book - "Another Fine Myth" by Robert Asprin
  • Favorite Poem - "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Tennyson

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that...

...he may not actually be human.
...he once traveled back in time to stop a super villain from changing history.
...he once was kissed by the hero known as Mr. Grimm
...he sings in the shower.
...he sings while flying around the city.
...he may be addicted to ibuprofen.
...he once inadvertently blew up a building on the West Side of Millennium City because a pretty girl asked him for an autograph while he had a grenade armed.
...he may be a thief.
...he was seen at a club dancing with the host of a Horror Movie Show.
...he was accidentally transported to a different dimension because he read a sticky note left in a book at the MCU library. He came back battle worn, with a sack of gold, a bra hanging off his shoulder, and a lipstick kiss mark on his cheek.
...he was in a short term relationship with Sapphire.


Have an opinion about Keio? Leave it here.

"He's a rock star." - Phalanxer Yellowjacket X
"No, he's not my brother, but yes he is my family. I look out for him, and he looks out for me. That's what family does. That, and he's a great wingman." - Striker
"Brash, brash, brash! Every time he steps out in that suit and comes back in tatters, I'm that much closer to figuring out how a heart attack feels. Still, I adore him. Just don't let that get out or he'll go all sorts of swagger." - Mercy
"Probably the biggest strain on Meta-SWAT's engineering team to have ever been sworn in. That said? You can't fault his enthusiasm." Skylance
"Awwww jeeez man, not another freaking work-ticket for Keioseth! I'm gonna need another box of Hot Pockets, a size 16 spanner, and a box of tissue for all the crying..." - Phalanxer Yellowjacket X
"He's certainly optimistic and is quite passionate about what he does. Though it seems like every time I see him, he's got himself hurt in some way. I still remember the day when I saw him needing to be literally ripped out of his own combat armor. That being said though, I really, really hope that what he says about him being lucky holds up. I don't want to see him hurt beyond what can be healed." -- Darius Phen
"What can I say? He's my brother, and a good kid. Got a good head on his shoulders. Pity he won't drink with me more often." -- Jason McIlroy
"Keio is, without a doubt, the toughest, pound fer pound, bastard in the city. An' it's not 'cuz he gets hurt. Everybody gets hurt. It's 'cuz he WILL. NOT. STOP. Lissen, He gets hurt, he'll come back. You have the team he built get their fundin' cut from the city? He'll rebuild a lotta it on his OWN. Fucker is relentless. An' that's why he calls the shots." - Hunter
"Keio's a guy I can joke around with even when the situation really doesn't warrant it. You need an inappropriate pop culture reference when the world's about to be destroyed? Keio's your guy!" - Avro
"At first, I didn't really think much of him, he seemed to be a bit of an arrogant douche. Now that I know him better, I would have to say that I'm half wrong. *she laughs* But seriously, he's a fun guy, and if Hunter trusts him, then I've got no reason not to." - Lightwave
"Keio was one the very first heroes I met when I started off as the Peacemaker. He's one of the best team players I know, a natural leader, a brilliant technologist, and is absolutely the most implacable guy I have met who doesn't have the benefit of unbreakable skin or a suit of armor. And a good friend." - The Peacemaker


"Currently owes his life to..."

...Giga Gal.
...Dusk Owl.
...Silver Eagle.

Personal Soundtrack


Live Action

Actor: Liam Hemsworth


Reno [From Final Fantasy 7]: For his laid-back attitude and hair.

Spiderman: For his witty reprises and attitude during fights.

Myself: My sarcasm is amplified through Keio.

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