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The Great
Chocolate Chip Chelsea
Cheslea in rooftop cookie-action!
Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Chelsea Martin
Millennium City
U.S.A. citizen
Millennium City
Legal Status
Registered with PRIMUS
Marital Status
Too young for that!
· Known Relatives ·
Rex (dad) & Angela (mom)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
115 lbs.
Body Type
Blue & Brown (Heterochromia)
Fair caucasian
· Distinguishing Features ·
some freckles
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Heating up cookies, Heat powers
· Equipment ·
Cookie pouch, Cookie dough generator
· Other Abilities ·


Chelsea out on the town with her Haven friends

Early Life and the Forgotten

Chelsea found out at an early age that she was able to heat up cookie dough and make crispy, tasty cookies. She also realized she could heat up all kinds of food and bake them, with mixed success. Sadly, Chelsea is a bit slow mentally and it took forever for her to realize that she could also use her heat powers to do things other than bake cookies. Nevertheless, she was never without a lot of cookies and dough. Her and her mom went to a fabric store and began work on her superhero costume. She also found some neat insulated pouches to store her cookies in to keep them warm.

Her powers made her conservative parents worried. They loved their child and were very protective of her. After some discussion, she was sent to join the Forgotten after talking with one of their mentors, Jessica Deringer. The Haven proved to be a great place for Chelsea to finally meet others like her. The Forgotten were a wonderful group and she made friends with Gale and Angst. The three of them had lots of adventures and were protected by the faculty of the school. After demonic forces began to encroach on the Haven, many of the young wards were spirited away to safer places.

Exemplar Academy School year

Hanging out before class at the Academy school grounds.

Chelsea returned to her parents and lived a couple years home schooled until she met Isabella Ravencroft. Isabella offered her a scholarship to the Exemplar Hero Academy. Her family was not very wealthy, but the scholarship allowed them to send their daughter to a school and stay at a nice dorm while she received an education and training in her powers. With a large group of students and a middle school-style environment, Chelsea's mom thought this would be a great place for her to learn. She was able to get some of her first combat training classes and eventually worked on a project to create healing cookies with her classmates Cole and Hana.

In late August, 2011, the respected hero Azunai offered to make devices for other heroes on the comm channel. Chelsea was out of of her dough at the time and made a request of Azunai to make her an endless cookie dough machine. Azunai took up the challenge and created a wonderful personal cookie-dough extruder device for her. It allows a person to place a sample of the dough in one section and then duplicates and produces dough on demand when needed. Chelsea isn't sure how the device works, but so far it's working great and keeping her chocolate chip and dough costs down.

Robot Attack!

An evil robot threatens civilians and heroes downtown!

On August 29, 2011 Chelsea was delivering cookies downtown when she met upon a group of superheroes gathering around a building. Up on the building, a massive robot was climbing the structure and smashing into the sides, grabbing handfuls of people and throwing them down below to their deaths. This was the first moment of real horror that Chelsea had seen. Confronting the robot were Panzer, Blue Bruiser, Spirit, Jet Justice and others.

While the heroes lured the robot to the ground and battled it, Chelsea ran to help the civlians on the ground who were injured, dragging them to safety. At one point, the robot attempted to blast her, but Spirit created an energy barrier that deflected the oncoming burst from Chelsea. Chelsea administered the civilians some of the healing cookies which her, Cole and Hana had created for a school project, helping to stabilize them.

After the carnage ended, Chelsea was still struggling to cope with what happened. Spirit came over to comfort her when she needed it the most.

King Breaker Institute

Chelsea at the King Breaker Institute

The Exemplar Hero Academy eventually split into the X-pelled Mutant Academy and the King Breaker Institute, based on visions received by Illuminati that a war with the Kings of Edom was going to occur in the future. Many of Chelsea's best friends left for the Institute and Chelsea followed with. The team spent a lot of their time in combat training. Chelsea's abilities really took of during this period as she exercised and trained for months at their gym location.

There wasn't much schooling during this time, and after several intense battles, Chelsea's mom decided that Chelsea needed to start the next school year with more class training and in a safer environment.

Chelsea still sees her King Breaker family often and stops by the gym to say hello and deliver cookies.

Ultimate Guardians

Chelsea enrolled for the Winter Semester starting in January, 2012 at the Ultimate Guardians Academy. She already knew several of the students from Halloween events and delivering cookies to their Tower frequently. She's looking forward to getting to know more of the Guardians.

Chelsea has been getting much better schooling. She gets her homework done on time and even gets to spend some free time watching anime in her dorm room. Alexxia Moon, one of her mother figures at school, has been making sure she stays out of trouble.

Challenge of the Warmonger

The Ultimate Guardians have a showdown with the Warmonger

In 2012, the Warmonger came to Earth and issued challenges to some of Earth's teams. The Ultimate Guardians were one of the teams which was to have a herald of the Warmonger, named Arrgon the Liberator. Chelsea was with her team as they stood to face the challenge. The ensuing combat, Chelsea worked to use her thermal bubbles to protect her teammates. The battle was fierece, but eventually they overcame Arrgon.

The team still refused to allow anyone to touch the herald, but Sascha got the bright idea of having one of the team's servbots work as a host. Very quickly, a robot came from headquarters to grab the spear and hold it. It twitched and its optics turned red. "I surrender," it proclaimed. "The Guardians win!" it added before dropping the spear.

Sascha sighed, just as a 14' tall red-skinned figure appeared behind him.

"The first of my four challenges is complete. You did not disappoint" the Warmonger said. He seemed to speak to an unseen figure. "Observe Captain, the fallacy of evil. In this case, the struggle was justified for both sides. Not all conflict is bad. Strife is a necessity."

Chelsea felt bad for Arrgon, as he was forced to fight, since his people were enslaved by the Warmonger. Chelsea realized that there is a lot more out there to understand than just the things around her on Earth.

An Unfortunate Owwie

Chelsea is injured while heroes take on Xileres

On April 10, 2013, Chelsea was on her cookie delivery route near Westside and ran into a woman who wanted her help. Chelsea offered her a cookie, thinking that that just might do the trick. The woman didn't accept, but asked Chelsea if she had a communicator to talk to other heroes. Chelsea sure did! Cheslea always keeps her communicator nearby for keeping in touch with heroes and informing them of her cookie routes.

The woman then had Chelsea say some things on the channel regarding the fact there was a necromancer in town causing problems and that the woman next to her was named Xileres. It was at that moment that the woman pushed Chelsea off a ledge. A surprised Chelsea fell quite a distance and splatted onto the pavement below. Chelsea went unconscious but her Guardians monitor triggered an alert back at her headquarters. The Guardians Luminaire and Zuh'Xirth came to her aid, as well as several heroes on the communications channel. Her friend and vigilante ace Anarchy whisked Chelsea away from the battle to be delivered to the Guardians Towers. In her absence, the heroes drove away the evil Xileres.

Chelsea recovered fine, having some broken bones. The best part though was that she got to eat lots of ice cream while in the med-bay.


Chelsea continues extra training with the Guardians. Much of the training has been done using a high-tech Danger Room, which offers holographic simulations of events. She's been able to participate in many different team activities and has been practicing using her thermal shields to protect her team mates.


Chelsea is somewhat mildly mentally disabled, having a lower IQ than most. She is, however, very outgoing and curious. She can be very cluelessly brave and is loyal to her friends. She has watched lots of TV growing up and has a very heroic mentality as to her abilities and using them responsibly. In her own words, "With gweat cookies, comes gweat wesponsibility."

  • A Dorkable* (Trope) - Chelsea is pretty outgoing and sweet, but has a poor grasp of knowledge and even some common sense. She tends to blurt out anything on her mind no matter how inappropriate they may be and she tends to take longer than most to learn social cues.
  • Dumb is Good* (Trope) - Not smart at all. In fact she's mentally disabled. But she loves people and can learn simple things.

Powers & Abilities


Chelsea can warm up cookie dough in her hand and bake it! What a superpower!

Though lately, since hitting puberty, she has been finding that she can also warm up her whole body and radiate some heat. She's also been seen using heat to send out and warm up things away from her. Her parents have been worried about her growing heat abilities and thankfully the faculties at her academies have been able to help her. She is looking forward to learning new tricks and techniques to help improve her baking or stopping crime in Millennium City.

She's also named her powers:

  • Easy Bake Oven - Warming her whole body up! She has been able to use this to keep herself warm and also warm up the area in a swimming pool around herself. This was the first of her powers and she initially used it to bake cookies in the palms of her hands. Now, she can emanate heat from all over.
  • Rain of Cookies - This is when she takes some overheated cookies and begins throwing them at the bad guys.
  • Rising Dough - When she gets warm enough, she can take to the air and ride the thermals underneath her and glide some distances. She hasn't totally mastered this yet, and occasionally falls out of the sky, so she tries to fly low.
  • Hot Feet - The first power trick Chelsea learned in order to project her heat from away her body. This power warms up the ground underneath someone.
  • Warm Bubble - Another of Chelsea's newest tricks which she learned with student help. With some concentration she can envelop someone in a warm protective bubble. She likes to use this one a lot when she is helping support a team of other heroes.
  • Hot Tray - Chelsea's newest ability. She can create a thermal circular tray of heat and use it as a shield. She can change the temperature to be really hot or just warm to the touch. Sometimes the shield can be so hot, it gives off enough thermal radiation to make a foe step back from the heat.


As Chelsea is mentally disabled, she's not too good at a lot of things, however, she does have a few trick up her sleeves.

  • Baking Cookies - When it comes to making cookies, Chelsea has years of experience and she does it daily. People sometimes ask her to try making other types of cookies, but Chelsea holds fast to her delicious love of chocolate. Chelsea generally delivers four types of cookies: delicious chocolate chip cookies, carob chip cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, and dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.
  • Endurance - Cheslea has a crazy amount of energy and endurance. After training with the King Breaker Institute, this became even more apparent as she could spend hours of time running laps around Carl's Gym. This allows her to keep up with her friends and gives her the stamina to go the distance on long cookie routes.

Project Cookie

Kagome helps Chelsea try on the new Project Cookie Armor!

Project Cookie is a top secret (ok not so top secret) project to create a Gundam Princess armor suit for Chelsea. Kagome (Skarlet X) and Maggie (Magnitude) took up the challenge of helping Chelsea look armored AND cute. Chelsea submitted her design specs in crayon and the girls worked on the actual armor.

Project Cookie has a very easy interface with chibi characters that tell Chelsea what to press to do which function on the armor suit. Project Cookie has the following features:

  • Helps support Chelsea's weight as she walks
  • Armed with a cookie launcher which can launch fresh low velocity cookies for friends or overburnt cookies at foes!
  • A cute and easy to use HUD
  • Uses Chelsea's thermal energy to power the suit
  • An attractive, cute design (pink is a must!)
  • Special compartments for cookie storage
  • Titanium shell, with microstrands of Kendrium
  • Mecha wings for looks and aerodynamic stability
  • Hi-tech GPS and navigation built into the easy HUD.

Chelsea wanted some cute, easy to use characters to help guide her in the use of her suit. Chibi characters in her HUD designed by Maggie include:

  • Chibi-Maggie : Suit Functions tutorial/help
  • Chibi-Kagome : In-Flight HUD / Navigation
  • Chibi-Tomonari : Combat Tutorial
  • Chibi-Galahad : Combat Targeting assistance
  • Chibi-Alexxia : Morale Booster / Combat reassurance
  • Chibi-Bloodryn : Diagnostics / Warnings


Chelsea travels around Millennium City quite often to deliver cookies. She occasionally meets some great heroes and loves making friends and acquaintances.

School Friends

Chelsea playing "Pirates!" with friends at a slumber party.

Haven Friends

  • Alison - A friend she hasn't seen in a long time, but one of her closest friends from her young childhood at the Haven.

Exemplar Hero Academy Friends

  • Hana - Her close friend at the Exemplar Hero Academy. Hana is her BFF! Hana is a technomage with a demonic parentage. Her father is one of the teachers named Greyfire.
  • Aradia - Misty is another of her closest friends at the Academy. She is a cat girl of sorts and has a very fun tail.
  • Amnesia - Cole is another close friend. He has mental and illusion abilities and is a very nice guy.
  • Alina - Hana's sister and she's also a vampire. She's very sweet and pretty.
  • Max - Max is Hana's sister. He's also half-demon and usually a very fun guy!
  • Silver Wing - Adriana is another friend of hers who has robotic limbs and is also a cat girl. She's very sweet.
  • Blackblade - Brian is another great friend of Chelsea's. Him and her have been helping train and work out lately.
  • Raid - Very snarky classmate who also is kind to Chelsea.

King Breaker Institute

  • Araucaria - Arau is half-gold dragon and a doctor. She's a bit quiet but very smart and helpful.
  • Kimiko - She's a big Pokemon fan! And Chelsea loves pokemon!
  • Crimson Moon - Andreas is a great guy who looks out for Chelsea all the time.
  • Bolt - Bolt is an archer girl at the Academy. She is Max's boyfriend and also helped protect Chelsea during a downtown mission to fight demons.

Ultimate Guardians Friends

  • Caroline - Caroline is an old friend of hers who now also attends the Ultimate Guardians Academy
  • Skarlet X - Kagome is a new friend she has at the Ultimate Guardians
  • Silver Wing - Adriana is her new roommate at the Academy.
  • Tomonari - Awesome friend at school who has a spirit wolf named Galahad. Both are fond of cookies!
  • Kid Harrier - Des is a great friend that she's met while attending the Guardian's Academy.

Teachers and Mentors

Chelsea training with the Ultimate Guardians

Exemplar Hero Academy

  • Greyfire - Teacher at her school. He's very friendly and helpful
  • Shadowblader - Another one of the instructors at the school. Very enigmatic and mysterious.
  • Isabella Ravencroft - Headmistress of the Exemplar Hero Academy. She's sweet and very caring to Chelsea

King Breaker Institute

  • Will (Hellion) - Another teacher who helped Chelsea out a lot. He assigned her, Hana, and Cole the Healing Cookie project.
  • Tahira - A nice demon lady who dated Will. She also teaches students.
  • Illuminati - Isaac was a wonderful and quite serious teacher. He had visions and was very friendly to all students.
  • CCU - Mr. CC, as Chelsea calls him, is quite the enigma. She doesn't know what to make of him, but he is a nice guy.

The Ultimate Guardians

  • Alexxia Moon - Alexxia is one of the teachers at the Guardians Academy. She is a very caring woman.
  • Lya - Lya is Chelsea's new mentor at the Guardian's Academy. She is pretty and cool!
  • Sascha - Sascha is a cool Soviet Bear teacher at the Academy. He is a great leader.
  • Nocran - Nocran is a Cryon and one of the leaders of the Ultimate Guardians.
  • Tessi Midoree - Another Cryon and a good leader of the Guardians.
  • Som3one - A mechanical being, and a very kind one. Chelsea has learned a lot from Kazara.


Chelsea showing her support for Thundrax at a rally
  • Spirit/Winterstar - She helped and protected Chelsea. Chelsea really looks up to her as a hero.
  • Captain Quasar - Television personality who Chelsea loves watching while she eats breakfast in the morning.
  • Thundrax - Thundrax is awesome! Lately she's gotten to see him alot at the gym where she and her teammates practice.
  • Anarchy - Vivi is an awesome woman that Chelsea looks up to. She also helped escort her to safety several times.
  • Ophidia - Sam has cool green skin and reptile eyes! She also seems to love cookies and is very nice to Chelsea.
  • All-Star - Another kind hero that Chelsea looks up to.
  • Liberty's Shield - Chelsea likes this guy! He's very friendly to her and looks out for her.




  • Powers - Intelligence, technology-related
  • Dislikes - Chocolate, nice people, happy people
  • Threat Level - Low to Medium

Believe it or not, Chelsea has someone who wants to do her harm. A boy around her age noticed that Chelsea was getting a lot of attention for her cookie deliveries and decided to be the big boss in the cookie trade. Thus, Snickerdoodle was born. Snickerdoodle's identity is not yet known, but the boy seems to be very intelligent, petty and jealous of Chelsea. He was able to acquire or build a bunch of poorly built robots that help him to harrass Chelsea.

RPHooks & Trivia

  • Chelsea is a big fan of Sapphire and Justin Bieber. She can get very edgy if people make fun of either of her favorite pop stars.
  • She has become sort of a rising star in the Special Needs community.
  • She has a pet "Cute'lar" firebug. It's very small but after a mission with the Ultimate Guardians, it became attached to her.
  • Chelsea's main cookie delivery route includes Sherrara's Bar, Carl's Gym, Westside High School, The Citadel, The Silver Guard Tower, Grace Memorial High School, MCPD Police station, and the Rennaissance Center.
  • She wants to be a princess and have her own castle one day.
  • She LOVES tails. She can stare at them for hours and if you have a tail, she might try to pet it.
  • Chelsea is unable to pronounce the letters R or L very well. She also has difficulty with big words and sometimes makes a word up instead.
  • She is a huge Pokemon fan. She will play Pokemon with anyone and watches the cartoon and its re-runs often.
  • Chelsea has no fashion sense. She often mismatches clothes and socks and shoes when going out.

Chelsea's Diary

Chelsea keeps a diary of all the fun stuff she gets to do every day. Sometimes it's getting to meet a neat hero, other times it pretty mundane stuff. Here's a peek into some of her exploits.


Thoughts & Opinions

Have you had a delicious cookie delivered to you for your heroic efforts? If so feel free to leave an opinion here about Chelsea!

"I saw her in Sherrera's recently and I thought that she was just so cute! I really do hope that she will be okay though, because this is a really dangerous business that we are all involved in." - Spirit/Winterstar

"Isn't she a bit young to be in Caprice?" - Mira

"She is sweet kid! Is very nice that she is not afraid of horns and tail!" - Surova Grimwish

"Cute Comrade. Maybe offer too much hugs, but cute." - Real Soviet Damage

"Cute kid. Real cute. I'm glad she decided to register with the Academy." - Friendly Fire

"I sometimes feel like i'm Chelsea's guardian angel and I'm glad I feel like that because...well Chelseas cute and very love-able plus she makes very good cookies! - Crimson Hawk-formerly Crimson Moon-

"I don't know if she's really got any powers, but if excessive cuteness could be a power, she's a heavyweight. She makes good cookies, has pinchable cheeks, and the most adorable voice!" - Lightwave

"Chelsea is really a nice person through and through. Heh, now that I think about it, she's sort of like a little sister to me. I'd gladly help her out if I can!" - Tomonari

"*chuckle* She's such a sweet little pup! It's not just her cookies either." - Galahad, Tomonari's spirit wolf

"Adorable little tyke with a big heart. Too bad she's got such childish taste in men. I mean, how do I rank beneath Justin Bieber on the 'crush list', huh?" - All-Star

"Sea monsters, lava monsters, destroids, and countless of other threats. Stopped by my direct intervention. Has she ever once brought me a cookie? No! We even went to the same academy. She's made an enemy for life! FOR LIFE!" - Blue Freedom, though from the tone, she was probably joking.

"The girl's brought a smile to my face everytime she walks into a room with her chocolate chip inspired tights and tray of cookies. Now, let this be kept from her but, I actually hate chocolate. It's nasty as he-. . .kids may read this. Right. I don't like chocolate. Bottom line. But, I guess the package of adorableness rolled up into Chelsea makes that nasty taste in the mouth disappear when her eyes light up. Everytime. . .I am losing so much street cred right now. . ." - Anarchy

"Chelsea makes the best cookies around town, and how can I resist to her smile and happy mood? I'm always instantly infected with her contagious joy whenever she's around." She giggles softly. "Lets just say that this little girl is one of the reasons I find fighting the good fight so important." - Natasha Roy

"Cute kid, and an excellent baker! I still remember her when we first met, she just has an inate talent for lighting up a room no matter what the mood is."-Night Spider

"Probably the most outgoing and cheerful person I know! Chelsea is an adorable kid, great cook, at least when it comes to cookies. I'm just a bit worried sometimes, she's still so young, I know there is a real army of heroes in town ready to come to her help anytime but that also makes her a target... I wish we could keep her safe and away from a life of danger but like many of us she has been blessed, or cursed, with super powers, and she doesn't have choice on that matter." - Katerra

"We do not like cookies." -Galactigal

"I've seen her around on her cookie delivery route, that's one brilliant superpower to have. Always been curious whether she makes brownies as well." - Black Ice

"I wonder if her cookies really do light on fire?" - Wolf

"Chelsea is adorable. I still haven't had a cookie...are they really that great?" - Stitch

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