Mind Puck

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Mind Puck
Player: @Dark_Sol
Class Focus:
Power Level:
Research & Development:
Personal Data
Real Name: Puck (goes by)
Known Aliases: Pan, Robin Goodfellow, Hob, Will-o'-the-wisp
Species: Satyr/Faun
Age: Very Old
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200'
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Faerie?
Occupation: Sommelier, Prankster, Drunkard, Singer, Pan Flute Virtuoso
Place of Birth: Litochoro, Greece
Base of Operations: MC, House of Thorns
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known/All Faeries
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Member of the House of Thorns



Puck and Mouse, art by Skunk

In his natural form, Puck stands a little under six feet tall, with the shaggy legs and cloven feet. Deeply tanned, his hair is wild, streaked red and brown and a pair of curled horns frame the sides of his head.

As a fae, he possesses the ability to glamour himself, essentially a form of illusory shape shifting with countless possibilities. Often glamours are utilized for mischief, because he’s never been terribly shy of going about in his natural form.


Puck has been with the House of Thorns since it’s beginnings, though never in a formal capacity. He has served an advisory role in the past – having never shown an interest in power grabbing, some see him as a trustable confidant.

He also fulfills the role of sommelier for the house and club, being an unabashed wine aficionado.

From a power perspective, most of his abilities are illusion based, though he also seems to have some ability to exert dominance or control over individuals who have consumed copious amounts of wine. Generally used for mischief.

Drawn into being by early faith, when the Faerie realm was as close at it had ever been to the earthly one, the faun’s early activities are well documented (if sometimes exaggerated, and mis-attributed, there are other fauns, after all). As the tides inevitably turned, and the Faerie realm pulled away, he chose to remain, not only because he found “mortals” endlessly fascinating, but, at the time, he had far fewer enemies on Earth.

He’s enjoyed every minute since.

Mental Powers


Crazy Mind Tricks.



And lots of it.

Vinyl Collection

Records, not outfits...

Rumours! Gossip! Slander!

Cytheria: Puck, he's a funny guy a bit of a trickster. I do like 'im though, but he seems mysterious. Definatly alot to Puck I don't know.

Rosepetal: Yes, we've met. A number of times.

Ellenoire: A jester, but underneath it all he means well, his exact view on the house seems still very unclear to me. Perhaps its just work for lack of another task.

Eshtarra: He's the kind of guy our mothers warned us about. Actually, he is the guy our mothers warned us about.

Skunk: Puck preffers the taste of stolen cookies over the taste of cookies that he would have to ask for, any day.