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Player: @Kherai
Class Focus: Offensive melee combatant
Power Level: 34 currently
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: 鼬舞 Mai Sukanku
Known Aliases: Skunk, Stripes, Mai-Chan
Species: Cybernetically enhanced antromorph
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: Unknown. She doesn't know her real age, but claims to have seen 21 summer seasons.
Height: 5,5
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black and white stribes
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Secret location within the alpes of Toyama
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: In relationship
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Martial arts
Known Abilities
Supernatural speed.
Katanas, a miniature pocket dimension

Skunk's Attributes
  Statistic 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100  


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Moral compass and codex

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Interests and passions

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House of Thorns

Current Associates in alphabetic order

A cute girl, who is slightly smaller than Mai. Mai doesn't know much about her, but she seems sweet. (Same character as her alter-ego Magyk)

Rose's wayward and unruly slavegirl. Mai likes this girl without knowing too much about her. Cy is fond of grooming Mai. Something which she appreciates.

Why is she always masked? Mai respects Elle's strong physique and likes her friendly demeanour.

Sarah's like the big sister Mai never had. She's kind and caring, which makes her special and there's little Mai wouldn't do for her if she asked.

The strict and stylish Sensei of the House. Mai doesn't know all that much about Sensei, other than him being close to Rōshi. Mai respects and abides to his authority.

Milly, a strange but also sweet girl. She seems a little bit helpless and Mai hopes to be able to aid her some how.

Kim is also from Japan, even though they haven't talked much, Mai had fun the day she went shopping with Kim and Sarah.

The exalted Rōshi of the House of Thorns. Mai hold Lilith in highest regards. Rōshi's wisdom, strong mind and warm heart makes her extraordinary and a perfect rolemodel for the rest of the house, in Mai's mind.

A terrifying oni. What is an oni doing in a house of heroes? Mai will have to trust Rōshi's judgement on this one.

Skinny hooded male. He smells strangely familiar...

Puck's mischievous nature makes Mai believe that this guy rarely does anything without a hidden agenda, but overall he's a nice guy and a friend in need.

Mouse is nice and fun, She also is smart and handy with technology. She has helped Mai on several occasions with everything from DNA tests to PSP games.

Mai has quickly grown fond of and befriended Muddle. She lives with Muddle as her roommate, sleeping in a basket beside Muddle's bed. Mai hasn't seen Muddle much around the last week, but assumes she is busy somewhere for good reasons.

Cytheria's harsh Sensei. Rose scared Mai deeply on their first encounter as Rose's punishment of Cy took Mai by suprise. Rose's personality has grown with Mai's, though since she have showing subtle signs of softer sides at times.

Robert the heavy metal oni, who likes noise and dislikes real music. He seems friendly in human form, but as oni he is terrifying. A scary guy in Mai's mind.

Miss Smith is always well dressed and well mannered, but appears to distance herself from many of the House members. Miss Smith seems hard to get to know, but Rōshi seems fond of her, which makes her alright in Mai's book. Camellia saved Mai's life, but much to Mai's embarrassment, Mai still hasn't found the right way or time to show her gratitude.

Mai's got a weak spot for the sweet, but needy French girl with the flaming hair.

The talented artist and former snowboarder has made a huge impression on Mai. Mai's really happy with their new friendship and feels honoured by the way that she has been treated by Shay and her two room mates, Tisiphone and Meri.

Tanie is a former villain. Mai only talked with her very briefly once. She didn't show much remorse about her past nor much enthusiasm about redeeming herself. Mai didn't like that, but believes that Tanie is in the house for a reason.

Althea is a friendly girl. Mai hasn't seen her around much, but once she bought Mai brunch and they had themselves a nice casual chat about this and that.

Streetwise Fox woman, Kitsune-San was the first person in Zeta Force, befriending Skunk. She and Skunk share similarities in orgin, both being genetically engineered automorphs. Vixen introduced Skunk to the wondrous world of chai tea.


Senskay: The masked woman lured her in an ambush where Mai got stabbed and injured.


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  • Some genetic tests claims that Skunk isn't Japanese.

Mind Puck: Mai's a sweetheart. Very well intentioned, just worried that's going to get her in trouble someday. Also, secrets. She's got some.


  • Skunk doesn't drink alcohol, but has been seen drinking pineapple juice when visiting Club Caprice.
  • Skunk likes J-Pop.
  • Skunk has a deep fear of demons and ghosts (Oni's).

Theme songs

Volbeat - I Only Wanna Be With You

OOC Notes

I'll note which data is pulblicly available and which is confidential once I get time to write a more complete bio for Skunk.