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"That's a neat trick, mind if I borrow it?"
PLAYER @willthisdo
Super Group N/A
Rank N/A
Current Affliations
Former Affiliations

Real Name Connor Lynch
Known Aliases Polymath
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate Confidential
Place of Birth Colraine, Northern Ireland
Current Location Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives Confidential

Apparent Age 18
Height 5'11 (180)
Weight 79kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Complexion White
Build Athletic
Notable Features Confidential

Identity Normal
Citizenship American, British, Irish
Marital Status Unattached
Occupation Student, Bicycle Courier
Education High School



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Connor Lynch had a fairly mundane upbringing, he grew up in Ireland under the loving care of his mother and father. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about Connor he was a decent enough student, reasonably popular, liked to stay active playing sports with school yards friends, just your average ordinary kid. This lasted up until he entered his early teens, as he began to suffer from persistent migraines and repeated bouts of a high fever. This persisted for a month or two with doctors unable to find a diagnosis until one day out of the blue it all stopped. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth the Lynch family went back to their normal everyday lives but fate had other plans in store for them.

Conor began to excel in his studies, effortless obtaining 100% in all his tests and even progressing on to tests for the older students with near identical results. Not to mention the fact that his sporting ability saw a rapid increase with him quickly becoming the star player on his team regardless of whatever of the fact me may never have ever tried the sport before. The school called in his parents for a discussion about the future of his education, they said he was gifted, that he was beyond their ability to teach and recommend he pursue alternative forms of education. His parents started to send him off to various other tutors and each one seemed to find the boy to be even brighter and more brilliant than the previous mentor described, seeming to match even their own extensive knowledge. Eventually this began to aroused the suspicion of one especially intelligent engineer (who was in fact a power armoured hero) saw him write a fairly advance computer program flawlessly despite not supposedly knowing the coding language. He contacted some of his friends from the super hero community and after some tests it was discovered Connor was in fact a mutant and was stealing the knowledge and skills of those around him. His parents were a little disappointed to find their child was not in fact a genius, Connor on the other hand was ecstatic this was more than he could have hoped for he was a superhero! And what's more this diagnosis came with an invitation to attend Ravenswood academy! Where he would rub elbows with other powered individuals like himself and learn to BE a superhero!


There is very little difference in the attitude and personality of Polymath in and out of his costume. He is happy go lucky thrill seeker absolutely in love with the new lifestyle his powers have granted him. His powers are easy to hide, require no training and improve his day to day life immensely. Connor was quite the hero fan boy as a kid and with the revelation of his powers and transfer to Ravenswood's hero training program he couldn't be happier. He throws himself into every aspect with gusto, be it training or on the field, and because everything comes so naturally he tends to excel amongst his fellow amateur heros. This has lead to him having a certain degree of overconfidence and a slight proclivity to leap before he looks but so far he has managed to claw his way to victory with skill, will and a whole load of luck.

That said Polymath has a deep routed insecurity due to his powers, feeling they fail to make him super in any real way. He trains with people who can fly, bend steal, just beams of heat and force, read minds, etc. and all he is able to do is be really really good at a lot of different things. This in part has lead to his rather reckless attitude in super heroics with Polymath feeling the need to prove he is capable of handling whatever threat or danger his fellow superhumans can.


Polymath has the latent psionic ability to absorb and mimic the knowledge, skills and mundane abilities from the minds of the people in his immediate vicinity. The power is involuntary, the length of time he spends with an individual seems to increase the length of time for which he retains that knowledge with approximately one hour needed for him to retain the knowledge and abilities indefinitely.

There seems to be some form of mental block though as although he seems to have near perfect recall of all physical skills he has learned through his powers, knowledge, mental abilities an skills seem to suffer from a rate of decay no matter how long he spends in someone's presence. But it has been shown that he is capable of extending the time he holds this knowledge through usage. For example upon picking up the ability to speak a foreign language through this power, should be continue to access this knowledge and put it into use, speaking or translating the language he will continue to hold the knowledge. Basically if he doesn't use it, he loses it.